Mar 27th, 2014


With the full announcement of Gameboy Advance games coming to Wii U virtual console this April, many people wondered whether these titles would support multiplayer in those that have them. Nintendo of Japan has updated their announcement page stating that all upcoming GBA games are single-player only.

While that’s probably not the answer people wanted to hear to this question, it was unlikely to begin with since the GBA was a handheld that’s being emulated on the Wii U. Does this affect your decision to buy any of the titles that were revealed in the trailer yesterday?

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  • Miguel Angel Barrueta Hernánde

    im still getting metroid on day 1

    • Jon


  • jjbredesen

    It makes sense, and i don’t think we should rant about this, some games such as Mario Kart will be affected, but i think most GBA games can be played in single player no problem, the pokemon games are fantastic and even better with multiplayer but you don’t NEED it to enjoy the game, i would like to have multiplayer, but it is understandable that we will not get it, as it will be extremely hard to get it to work.

    1. You would need to bring you Wii U with you and 2. there is no GBA games that are online, so its sort of useless.

    • SolarGalaxa

      You wouldn’t need to bring your Wii U with you. Ever heard of the GamePad? It has just enough local storage to do things like these.

      • jjbredesen

        Nah, i don’t think it would be possible, and remember that Wii U can only have 2 gamepads.

        • SolarGalaxa

          Well, in this case, it could have up to four. Mainly because what the Wii U would be streaming to it is really simple.

          Also, there is no hardware telling the Wii U to deny extra GamePads.

  • Richard Branches

    GBA was a single player device, so, why do people have to complain about that?

    • jjbredesen

      Because there are a lot of fantastic local multiplayer games, such as Pokemon and Mario Kart.

      GBA was a fantastic multiplayer device, did not like that you needed a cable, but i guess they did not have wireless tech in those days that was fast enough.

      • Jon

        I wouldn’t really call it a fantastic multiplayer. With pokemon X&Y and the GTS and pokemon bank and all that, I don’t see much of a point to pokemon online. Also, Mario kart… maybe but lets face it, people are going to be playing Mario Kart 8 online. I rarely used the multiplayer features with my own GBA… This is not that much of a blow if at all.

        • Zeemis of the Light

          Yes, actually it is. There are more titles than you’re considering, such as Four Swords Adventure.

      • readypembroke

        Some games used the Wireless Adapter.

        • jjbredesen

          Thats true, and it worked ok, but it was a bit glitchy in my opinion, but then again i have only used it a couple of times with my friend.

      • Gregg

        Not only that, cables NEVER dropped your connection and killed your game….

    • Luciano

      That’s right,no problem with that.

      Just give my Mario & Luigi Super Star Saga as soon as possible.

      • CoolDude5

        Oooh Superstar Saga… Did anyone else Multiplayer with that game? Me and my brother played the game 2 Players on the Gameboy Player. Bros. moves were a little challenging at first tho…

        I hope they have the same feature with Wii U’s GBA Virtual Console!

        • Shane ♓

          Did you even read the article?

    • Dark-Link73

      Because people are never pleased with what they’re giving. We’re always expecting to receive more than we should. While there may be times in which we have the right to have a certain level of expectation, for the most part, is just a misguided sense of entitlement.

      This is one of those cases in which Nintendo is dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t.

      • Mario

        So what you’re saying that Nintendo will get hated regardless of what they do? …I guess that makes sense.

        • Dark-Link73

          Yeah. Ever since the SNES I remember people and the media always complaining about something Nintendo did or didn’t do for every console and handheld since.

          • GABRIEL GARCIA

            Hi Nintendo haters, why don’t U show us all your hate in a race ??? U guys can be the coopalings 😉 and then we’ll see.


        • Richard Branches

          they are already hated, and they’ll always be hated until the end.

    • Nicolas Dorion

      Clearly you have never played kirby’s amazing mirrors with 3 other friends

      • Richard Branches

        And I never will… I don’t think I will even buy a GBA VC game, I was just giving my opinion. that’s all.

    • Gregg

      It most certainly was not a single player device

    • Raetah

      Golden Sun.

    • StigtriX

      I played the multiplayer games included with the Mario and Donkey Kong titles in addition to Mario Kart, Four Swords(Zelda), Street Fighter, Pokémon and others. GBA was not exclusively a singleplayer device.

  • memk

    Don’t get angry anyone. It’s extremely hard to emulate a GBA link cable. Emulators that were dedicated to it (Ex. NO$GBA) still haven’t perfected it, and they have been at it a lot longer than nintendo. They eventually gave up though. They got it working at least. It’s just not perfect.

    • SolarGalaxa

      “Extremely hard”? Not when your the company that created it. Not when you have BILLIONS in the bank just sitting there doing NOTHING.

      Nintendo, stop being greedy, and actually spend money to do things that are not half-assed.

      • memk

        I don’t believe you understand how to link gba’s together do you? First it will take years. NO$GBA didn’t come out till 2009. Second, it’s not worth the resources. Third majority of gba games were single player anyway.

        You must also realize that the Wii U doesn’t have a gamecube inside of it, nor a gba. I say this because those two consoles had similar technology to make them work together.

        Billions in the bank is to even get the licenses to push these games to the VC and make more games while doing so.

        • SolarGalaxa

          You don’t understand what I’m saying. Nintendo is the one who CREATED the GBA link, and thus knows the ins and outs of it. Because of that knowledge. Nintendo should be able to pull this off.

          I understand that due to the lack of multiplayer games it’s not worth the resources, but Nintendo does have the capability to do this.

  • Lil J Moore

    What about pokemon. Those need to have online at least. We can’t em all then

    • Jon

      first off, Pokemon wasn’t even announced and considering how Red and Blue have not been released on the VC. I doubt you’ll get them for a very long time if we even get them at all. Secondly, with Pokemon Y&X and the pokebank with the GTS, you can already get all the pokemon through all the generations.

  • CoolDude5

    Aww… some of my fave multiplayer games were on the GBA, like Kirby and the Amazing Mirror and Sonic Advance 3. They should have it to where 1 Player uses the Gamepad and 2 Player uses the TV/Controller each as separate systems.

    It would be just like using GBA Player on the Gamecube linked to a Gameboy Advance!! Even games like Pokemon would work if you turn around, just like in the Gameboy Player Commercial!

  • darkcreap

    Local multiplayer would be awesome, but I think most games will not need it.

  • Tim van Broekhoven


  • Jorge Chávez

    As a software developer, you have to push forward… sometimes
    you are required to go back to old code and make improvements and
    tweaks. But involving code from more than 10 years ago would be a nightmare to enhance. I don’t see the value or profit in doing that having newer version of code with. From gamer perspective, it would have been incredible! but reality sometime lowers our expectations: people in those project are gone, the tech is obsolete or difficult to extend/maintain, the documentation is obscure, etc. etc.

    • Zeemis of the Light

      As a person who owns a Wii U, I won’t be buying this because of that very reason. As a gamer of both old and new, why bother buying a game that won’t have all it’s core features intact? I do see your point that it may take more effort to port a game like this to the Wii U with multiplayer and more features. You also need to see my point that I could just as easily go to Google and find the rom and play it for free… So we ask ourselves, “why even bother porting”? Someone may like this, yes, but most won’t. That is more money being wasted on effort porting than not. Nintendo seriously needs to get with the program.
      Some GBA games will be bought just for the fact that people want to own a copy, but the fact that -all- multiplayer GBA games won’t be able to played to their fullest is just unacceptable to the masses and will deter people from buying.

  • C4

    Advance Wars MP at least works with one device up to 4 players, as far as I remember.

  • MetroidZero

    Well since a majority was single-player..

  • SmashFinale

    But… but… Kirby AM. 🙁

  • ActivesiN

    meh, im still going to get some of the games

  • helpo
  • Christian Schoff

    Not at all.

  • If I would consider to get some games (which is unlikely as I stated in a post earlier about this subject) it would not change my decision whether or not I would buy titles.

  • Yen

    As disappointing as it is, I rather they spend their effort on making new games awesome, so not a huge loss? I see VC as a feature meant to give younger gamers a chance to try older generation games rather than for older gamers to relive their childhood. I mean, my GBA, plus DS still works, so I can still play my old GBA games, so I don’t NEED to buy the same games again.

  • Fred

    Advance wars should at least be multiplayer you can do that with passing 1 GBA around

  • Fred

    i was hoping for 2-player multiplayer with one guy watching the TV and the other using the gamepad

  • Ultrasyd

    Well, I don’t want to ask for too much, but here, we have a Gamepad. In many Wii U games, one can play on the Gamepad, the other on TV. That would have been cool …

  • Ace

    This whole thing is a missed opportunity… they could release a Multiplaying GBA game (Lets take Mario Kart Super Circuit for example.) and have one player play on the Gamepad and the other playing on the TV… But I suppose that requires too much work or something. ‘Sigh’

  • anthony optimo

    Little disappointed with that annoucement but hey, I still want Advanced Wars.

  • Niknique

    Sonic Battle would’ve been awesome with local multiplayer on the Wii U but alas I guess it’d be too hard.

  • Soltera

    I’m just not that excited for GBA games on the Wii U. Instead, I think GameCube games would have been a really nice addition, and well worth the price tag, especially if the games were in HD.

  • devmiles

    HD nintendo HD ever heard of HD? and proper remakes? spend some time, even double the price and people will buy it.. i ain’t taking this, no effin way..

    • The Unkown

      “HD nintendo HD ever heard of HD? and proper remakes? ”

      The GBA games on Virtual Console were never meant to be remakes. The Virtual Console service is about re-releasing classic games, not giving them an HD-Remake makeover.

  • Oni

    advance wars with no multiplayer? sadface

  • Rocky Math

    I don’t care a about GBA games give me GC games or N64 games. Start listening to your fans Nintendo you fucked up enough.

  • Gregg

    I still have 2 GBA-SP. It’s awesome, and the games are available on EBAY and garage sales everywhere

  • Cyberus

    Nobody had a link cable anyway

    So it’s no different than before

  • Potemkin

    The reason why Mario Kart 64 is considered one of the best in the series, is because it improved greatly over the SNES game. Sure, the drifting and controls feel chunky compared to the latter games, but keep in mind that they were based on previous games improving controls and implementing new mechanics.

    As for VC games, I fear Nintendo’s focus is a bit off. They clearly do not know what to target in the market. (hardcore gamers, casual gamers, family or kids).

    At least the Nintendo of old times had a clear idea of what they were aiming for with their other consoles….

  • Nate

    I still assume Advance Wars will still allow for alternating multiplayer locally. Maybe they will just have to pass the controller or something.

  • Will W

    It’s not a big problem; I’m sure this will get blown out of proportion, though.

  • yes they finally did it. I hope to see “fire emblem” and “fire emblem sacred sword” in the future.


    Hi Nintendo haters, why don’t U show us all your hate in a race ??? U guys can be the coopalings 😉 and then we’ll see.

  • Oni

    can you play these GBA games on the TV as well or is it just on the game pad?