Feb 13th, 2014

In January of last year Nintendo announced its intentions to bring Game Boy Advance titles to the Wii U Virtual Console. In today’s Nintendo Direct, they announced that they will finally begin releasing them this April!

The titles that were specifically mentioned were Metroid Fusion, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and  Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3. It should be noted that two of these games were given to Nintendo 3DS ambassadors during the ambassador program, so it’s likely we’ll see those games end up on the Wii U virtual console sooner rather than later.

Do you have any GBA games you’d particularly like to see on the system?

  • David Trail

    Can’t wait for the gba games on Wii U. Never played the Mario a d Luigi games and never completed Metroid Fusion.

  • Magnus Eriksson


    • Daniel Gonzalez

      New console is needed.

      • Arthur Jarret

        I really want the Nintendo Fusion.

        Then we can get games like Super Mario Fusion
        Warioware Fusion
        F-Zero Fusion
        Starfox Fusion
        and Metroid Fusio… oh, wait.

  • MetroidZero

    Metroid Fusion & Metroid Zero Mission = Instant Buy.

  • WiiUPS4

    I already have fusion on 3ds

    • David Trail

      More will come.

      • WiiUPS4

        I hope so at this point

    • Jon

      yes but like 95% of the world, we do not get GBA games on our 3DS

  • rp17

    I only hope this means Nintendo is actually going to start releasing VC games in quantity!!!

  • Nicolas Dorion

    I doubt they will do so, but if they just tweak it a little bit, they could bring back the Kirby’s Amazing Mirror multiplayer, which was honestly the fucking coolest thing

  • Donaald

    But many people will miss out because Nintendo hasn’t enabled eshop in MANY countries…

  • LopsidedPasta

    Finally, an official announcement. But I would be 3x happier if they would just announce Gamecube games already! PLEASE!

    • Jon

      Gamecube was something they never announced. Would be nice but I doubt we’ll see them for a long time.

    • ZeldaFan83

      GCN games are complicated to emulate on the Wii U because of the different coding involved. I’m sure they may be working on it but I wouldn’t expect it for a few years. Nintendo moves slowly from system to system. You would hear about N64 games first then maybe GCN games.

      • Re4wii2008

        I hear alot of people say Gamecube games don’t need to be emulated on Wii U, mostly because there so similar to Wii Games and the actual game its self could be put on the eShop without the need of emulation while alot of people are speculating this is why where not seeing N64 games on Wii U cause of difficulties emulating the game on the gamepad screen and maybe thats why they didn’t announce them today? but take that with a grain of salt because I have no proof behind that.

        • SP-937-215

          The Wii architecture is like the GameCube with performance and feature upgrades. The homebrew community has created workarounds for the GameCube controller and memory card ports. Both can be emulated by USB/SD card and Wii Classic Controller via Bluetooth.It will only be a matter of time before Wii Mode is understood well enough to enable GameCube ROM backups to play from SD card (probably not USB for a while). I already have the homebrew channel on my Wii Mode with several homebrew apps installed. Regretably, the Wii version of Netflix does not work, but GBA emulators and Virtual Console backups from every system I’ve tried work wonderfully. I was playing Minish Cap and Oracle of Seasons onmy Wii U weeks ago. I keep hoping that Nintendo will catch up to what the hobbyists are doing in their spare time. From the look of things I will be playing GameCube games on my Wii U before Nintendo even launches this feature that they announced almost a year and a half ago.

  • Jon Neale

    Advance wars, Pokemon ruby/sapphire, metroid zero, castlevainia aria of sorrow! All ready got minish cap, fire emblem, mertoid fusion.

  • Steve

    Bring Pokemon Emerald!

  • Lil J Moore
    • Daniel Gonzalez


    • Snowspot

      I’m not convinced they will look so great on an hd tv screen…

  • readypembroke

    I want Warioland 4!!!!

  • Will the3rd

    Can someone explain me why do they last too much in launching the games? I mean, ok that you don’t want to released all GBA games at once as it would flood the eShop and confuse newcomers but, why after one year of its announcement and with only three games announced? Copyrights or something like that (for Metroid??)?

  • Jon

    I was actually quite impressed with the 3 titles he showed…. considering how the VC titles are usually garbage now. Maybe this might be the start of a good thing

    • WiiUPS4

      I agree that the three wii u games look awesome but they need more ..These little bits are not cutting it

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    Metrioid Fusion.

  • Skelterz

    About time but i doubt it will do a great deal they take a mayan calender to release games on the E=shop

  • Ducked

    Nintendo 64 and GameCube virtual console would be much more interesting. Nintendo really is doing little effort to save it’s dying console.

  • Kuromad

    Please giev:
    – Zelda Minish Cap
    – Mario Kart Super Circuit
    – Advance Wars
    – The good Castlevania GBA game. (forgot name)

    • ScrewAttack

      oh advance wars would be awesome, especially if it kept online play.

      • juancamiloarq

        Be sure none of the games will have online features.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Castlevania Aria of Sorrow

    • Spookoyo

      + Mother 3: English translated version

    • readypembroke

      Warioland 4!! and the Super Mario Advance games too! all of them!

    • Nate

      Ninja Five-O! One of the more underrated gems in the GBA library

  • The Clockwork Being

    Superstar Saga? Won’t be playing that already have 2 copies at home.

    • David Trail

      I don’t so I will be getting it for Wii U. Didn’t play it on DS.

      • The Clockwork Being

        Oh it was on Game Boy Advance. But since this is my favorite Mario RPG I will probably get again 😛

  • William Martinez

    Metroid fusion caught my attention 🙂

  • Roman

    Too little, too late.

    If their current “support” of virtual console titles is any indication, we are in for a slow, disappointing trickle of games.

  • Golden Sun series already!

  • Shota

    dammit already have the original and 3ds ambassador version of metroid fusion.

  • Donald Estep

    I have absolutely no interest in playing gba games on my wii u. Why is this even on wii u instead of 3ds?

    • HungryMetroid

      I don’t mind gba games on the wii u but it is a weird choice. I guess they’re trying to boost its sales.

    • rafael

      I cant wait to play Zelda Minish Cap on the Wii U…i guess there are more people in this planet besides you :p

      • Arthur Jarret

        I can already play it on 3DSXL and the original on GBA.
        On 3DSXL it already looks very pixelated. I think MC looks gorgeous on the small GBA SP (later version, backlit like the micro) screen. I wouldn’t want to play them on a 200″ screen.

        Donkey Kong Country Returns Tropical Freeze (urgh, really – six words for a title, with the final part making no gramatical sense? Just call it DK: Frozen tropics instead!) X and Mario Kart 8 on the other hand…

        • SinkyChan

          Uhm I don’t think Returns is part of the title!

          • Arthur Jarret

            Wow – good catch. Seems I was wrong there.
            Still… tropical freeze doesn’t make sense… a freeze that is tropical?

            Can’t wait to play it though – it looks really challenging… I’m a bit tired of breezing through 2D games like NSMBU, Rayman, Puppeteer etc.

            We may have gotten an overload of 2D games so far, but I’m excited for DK just because of the challenge that’s usually not found in a main studio 2D game (Indie games, on the other hand…)

        • Tim van Broekhoven

          U have a big tv sir.

          • Arthur Jarret

            I’ve bought an Acer H6510BD beamer last month (and am unable to shut up about it since). 3D, full HD, 1:10.000 contrast and 3000 Lumen (which ensures a good image even during the day). I was choosing between that and a PS4 as a christmas present to myself – and I’m very happy with my choice.

            Of course – I still plan to pick up a PS4 this year.

          • Tim van Broekhoven

            Wow, sounds nice 😀

          • Arthur Jarret

            It’s pretty awesome – for 700 euros it’s actually relatively cheap too (try to find another beamer with even close to those specs for that price).

            A downside is that a lot of ‘friends’ seem to visit me these days – They just ‘happen to be in the neighbourhood’ every week… (because it’s perfectly plausible that a guy from Sittard who works in Maastricht just happens to be in Eindhoven every week, you know?)

            It’s starting to cost me serious game-time… 😛

  • Mjeku

    Holy crap I’m so excited for Mario and Luigi! It’s one of my all time most favorite games! It is so much better than any of the sequels. Let’s hope my others show up, like Advance Wars, Golden Sun…


    pokemon pinball and mario golf

  • PaisaPK

    MOTHER 3 English please

  • HungryMetroid

    hopefully we’ll get more than one release a week.

    • Nope.avi

      Probably get one release a month.

  • Adrian Brown

    Super Star Saga is an incredible game, fun as hell. That’ll be the first game I get when they come to VC

  • WiiUPS4

    Time to get new leadership..This is not cutting it anymore

  • Carlos

    Wii U is base console. Fusion means future consoles will have at least the power of Wii U. This mean when the new Handheld Console comes out it will be stronger than the Wii U and so will the next Home Console.

  • RetroVintage


  • MachoMadness

    Looks like the ambassador program games.

  • Elitepwnsface

    The games i already received from the Ambassador program. How about something else please. Well Superstar saga is not included in the program so that will be pretty sweet.

  • wober2

    RELEASE ALL THE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yen

    For those that didn’t know or are saying that the GBA VC line up isn’t too impressive, go watch the Japanese version of this direct. They might not all be available to American VC but it shows better potential for what they might bring.

  • SuperSonicBrawler

    Still don’t understand why they chose to put GBA games on the Wii U before the 3DS. I didn’t buy a Wii U to play old handheld games. It makes far more sense to have old handheld titles on your current handheld’s eShop. At the very least they should have prioritized getting N64 and GC games up and running on the Wii U first.

    • oontz

      Two words… “Cash Grab”

      • Nope.avi

        3ds would’ve been an easier cash grab for GBA titles :

        • SinkyChan

          I should of read these before I posted my post.. I thought I was the only one who thought this bahaha

        • DarkYoshi

          I already play lots of GBA games on my 3DS from the Ambassador Program. Are you talking about more?

    • Nope.avi

      It’s Nintendo…. How long has it been since they’ve made a decision that makes sense?

      • Arthur Jarret

        25 years ago.

  • Clipo


  • Michael

    Bring me GOLDEN SUN!!!

  • oontz

    This is getting sad.

  • devmiles

    this april, why such a long wait? common…and why not a bunch at the time..give us something to choose from instead of just a few games. this is getting really sad..

  • Fire emblem + Pokemon.

  • Green

    Okay I’ll take FF tactics Advance, FF6(3),FF4, FF1,Mario and Luigi, Golden Sun, Fire Emblem,Pokerman Emerald, Mario gold/Tennis, Metroid Fusion, and Castlevania sorrows <3. Oh did I mention I like Final fantasy, and Jrpgs? Xd

  • Anthony Ank Mudshark Owdienko
  • Nate

    GBA is my all-time favorite portable system to this day!

    Metroid Fusion
    Metroid Zero Mission
    Mario Kart Super Circuit
    Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga
    Zelda: Minish Cap
    Mega Man Zero
    Castlevania Circle of the Moon, Harmony of Dissonance and (especially) Aria of Sorrow
    Ninja Five-O
    Super Advance Wars
    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
    Golden Sun
    Super Mario Advance 4 (Super Mario Bros. 3)

    What else is missing?

    • Tim van Broekhoven

      Advance Wars

    • Blue Hernandez

      All pokemon games.

  • Anthony Ank Mudshark Owdienko
  • SinkyChan

    I’m gonna’ get blasted for this, especially since I am an ambassador on the 3DS, but.. I think GBA titles would be best suited for 3DS.. I don’t know. I Guess I’m not TOO Thrilled about this. What I am hoping for is N64 (AT LEAST) titles on Wii U, and I know everyone wants GC titles.. I agree, but if it doesn’t happen, I’m not gonna’ kill myself over it.

    Wii U -> Console
    3DS -> Handheld

    I think it should stay that way in terms of VC. (Also, multiplayer support would be cool too. I know it’s doable…)

  • audi lover

    I don’t want gba games i want GameCube games what’s wrong with Nintendo instead of listening to fans they do the opposite and release stuff for a 10 year plus old handheld im sick of it wii u for sale 22disc games and 30downloaded

  • The_Last_Metroid

    Metroid: Zero Mission please!

  • Prizm

    My favourite metroid games were the GBA games and the SNES one. But y’know, they are a bit old now and could use a HD remake…. I dunno, at least Nintendo is trying to do something to get out of their rut…

  • Ryan Mickley

    Megaman Nt Warrior Please!

  • DrNope

    Metroid Fusion & Zero Mission