Aug 5th, 2014

Last night’s Hyrule Warriors presentation contained lots of new information, including the fact that Ganondorf will be a playable character alongside other previously announced characters, like Ghirahim, Zant, Impa and more. Additionally, the chain chomp was shown off as a new weapon to be used against your enemies.

As for the costume options for the newly announced Ganondorf, there will be a few. Those who register their copy of the game by October 23 on Club Nintendo will unlock a new costume set. Other costume sets for the character were announced, but they’re pre-order bonuses from individual retailers instead of being something you can unlock.

If you missed the presentation last night, you can catch everything that was shown off in the video above. We’re compiling a huge list of everything we know about Hyrule Warriors so far, so be sure and check back later today to see that mega post.

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  • Epicstuf
    • I’d kill to play as Groose

      • Epicstuf

        Me too. Nintendo, listen to your fans cries!

        • Jared Lytle

          I would kill to remove groose as a character entirely.

          • Epicstuf


      • Ducked

        I’d hunt for duck to play as Groose

      • I’d kill you to play as Groose.

        • I’d kill Groose to play as you <3

          • Re would I Groose as kill to play U?
            Coming 2016, delayed to eternity. Please understand…

          • I’m buying an Xbox

          • Xcellent choice.

          • Playing on that station, Wii will have hours of fun, I Xpect

          • Just gotta make sure to Xscape

          • Something something netscape

  • linkzero65

    Ganondorf looks as BAD-ASS as ever. and that gentelman makes me happy!

    • Jared Lytle

      One of his weapons is L’Oreal, also tis glorious indeed.

  • ActivesiN

    Ganondorf is a beast, easily going to be my favorite character

  • Fred

    I’m disappointed to find out that some of the costumes are pre-order bonuses because on Wii U I decided to go digital only. It’s just so convenient I”m out of storage for discs, all my games just sit on my external hard drive, and it’s harder for my kids to ruin discs or loan out games that I can’t get back.

    • steveb944

      You could preorder, get the bonus, buy digital, register reward with digital copy, return physical copy. No?

      It’s a ‘bad’ move, otherwise just sell the physical copy and lose a few bucks if the DLC is worth it.

      • Fred

        Wow, no thanks. I’m too lazy for all that. I used to try and pull stunts, but I didn’t usually find it worth my time. I’ll have to look at the DLC and the (hopefully) pre-order special packs and decide if they’re worth having to have a disc.

    • abe

      not sure its preorder only, not alot of dlc is preorder only

  • Afo

    how can people call this a dynasty warrior clone. Its a hack an slash game from the dynasty warrior developers. New charachters, new story, new combos, new weapon and the overall feel of the game is diffrent. Oh well people are jealous of a great game

    • Arthur Jarret

      They’re calling it a warriors spin-off themselves. Troy was also quite different, but was still stamped and advertised as a different-theme dynasty warriors.

      So, dynasty warriors clone isn’t too far off from that, although I’d personally have preferred using the touch screen for multi-character gameplay, requiring tactical positioning of multiple generals like they did in the excellent Samurai Warriors Chronicles for 3DS (my favorite 3DS launch game)

  • Logan Wayman

    I wanna see Hyrule Warriors Ganondorf in the new Smash Bros!

    • J_Joestar

      Smash Ganondorf really needs a movelist overhaul.

  • iamserious

    Holly S4it!! This game is soo awesome!

  • EmperorIng1268

    Ganondorf looks like Zangurak from The Last Story

  • disqus_QNIAqtNpHo

    amazing number 2 on my Christmas list!

    • 00EpicGamer00

      Ahh, Christmas. The best holiday for kids, but the worst for parents, lol.

  • Kirbyomega

    Am I right in saying that Wii U Daily will tell us when they know which stores have pre-order bonuses?

  • JCdude

    Somebody needs a haircut…