Oct 2nd, 2012

Nintendo started sending out Wii U promotional material to game retailers back in August, which included empty display boxes for the console and games. Little by little, these display ads have been appearing across stores in North America, and now gaming retail juggernaut GameStop has started promoting the Wii U as well.

As the photos below show, the boxes show off the Wii U and the two SKUs: the Basic and the Deluxe set, with a ton of games on display behind it as well. For the first time, we get to see the retail Wii U console boxes in real life. Over the next few weeks, more and more GameStop stores will start promoting the Wii U with display material. But if you’d like to pre-order a console, you’re of out luck — they’ve been sold out across the US for a while now.

Nintendo has slowly started advertising the Wii U, first with a small billboard spotted in Japan. Later this month, fast food chain Burger King will be rolling out a Wii U campaign where customers can get a Nintendo figurine with an order of a Kids Meal. The full Wii U advertising campaign is expected to kick in about a month before launch on November 18.

GameStop Wii U


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  • FishFan03

    Oh yea booooooooooy!!!!!!!!!! Getting closer to launch day. Preordered mine at the Gamestop by my house on the day Nintendo announced release date and pricing.

    • 16 BIT RYE


      • PACMAN

        The other companies hated the wii but it was fantastic and successful. If the other companies do like this console it must be something quite spectacular. I’m so excited!

    • jacobbaba

      delux or regular

      • BLACK OPS 2?

        I’m getting regular i don’t want Nintendo Land and 8GB is still alot plus i have 2 SD cards

        • Herox95

          I want the Deluxe Edition, but if my parents can’t afford it then I might as well get Nintendo Land along with the Regular Edition.

          • Darknut

            LOL Itll probably be cheaper to just get the deluxe, than get basic and nintendoland seperately. Anyways Nintendoland looks amazing. IDK why anyone would pass it up. Ninty shdve included it in all their SKUs

        • revolution5268

          I understand but i hope people don’t see your comment as a threat.

    • Bosmur

      These have been up at eb games in nz for a while now, America seems to be a bit behind

    • Nko Sekirei

      same and i preorder 4 games along with like assassin creed 3,ninja gaiden 3,batman arkham city armored edition,and black ops 2.Also i might pick up darksiders 2 at launch as well

      • OmegaRed

        We tend to lose interest in things quickly….why they wait to fully promote it just b4 the release, lol.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Now all the wii u needs is a MEGAMAN side scroller … pretty please capcom we are so over due for a kick ass megaman game πŸ™

    • snake

      thats what i want is some good side scroller games ,mega man x hopefully some old franchises comeback too, top gear, f zero, chrono trigger, final fight,

  • Ryu No Hadouken

    Not much longer before I have that shiny black gamepad in my hand!!!@

  • Grant Potter

    Now all we need is a playable demo.

    • Herox95

      Yeah, sure they might provide playable Demos…

    • revolution5268

      you know speaking of demos, i hope I REALLY HOPE that nintendo would release some demos on e shop when e3 2013 comes for the ones who are not in e3.
      think about it for just a sec.





    • Nintedward

      My local store (independant not a chain called ‘Games Dojo’) Is doing a midnight launch on November 29th (theyve exhausted their ALL their pre orders btw) And the guy is letting us all in the store to chat , play 3ds , play the demo wiiu’s and generaly have a chill :).

      So hyped! I’m looking forward to USA launch on 18th so I can get feedback,reviews, Opinions etc .

      I’m gunna be so jealous of you Americans πŸ˜› .

      • Barakuda

        No midnight launch in America. Nintendo wont allow it because of people getting attacked and console stolen. It started with 360 launch. Then somebody got neaten for thier brand-new PS3. I work for Costo and We werent allowed to say when Wii systems were scheduled to come in for almost the first year of Its release.

        • Colton S.

          That’s why I am staying safe in my house until it comes by UPS. Then I run out to the UPS truck and say, “Give me that Wii U!” Take it, run back into my house, lock the door, so I will be safe from Wii U robbers. Oh yeah, deadbolt the door, too.

    • Major Beauner

      HAHAHAHAHA!! Love it, man!! That is priceless! I shall do the same for the Australian Wii U Launch!!

      • Nintenlord(3dsFc1246-9697-5107

        Be carefull of the dingos(joke)

    • Nintenlord(3dsFc1246-9697-5107

      I was going to pic up some 3ds games but now im so afraid to go to gamestop the overload of wiiu games will for sure give me a heart attack

      • Herox95

        Well, ask for a Wii U for christmas or some 3DS games.

    • Jon

      If you’re really camping out when you all ready have a preorder and over a month before release you’re an idiot.

      • Nintenlord(3dsFc1246-9697-5107

        Booo joke killer get out here

      • revolution5268

        its called die hard nintendo fans.

    • Xblade13

      I would do the same, but my Gamestop is about 10 miles from me. It’s not even in the city; it is in a nearby smaller town, next to “our” Walmart. All we got in town is Krogers, fast food restaurants, and bars. Oh, and lots of empty houses. Even the KFC in town shut down. In 10 years tops, this will be a ghost town.

      Needless to say, I’m escaping as soon as I can. Have to get a job first, and NO ONE is hiring. I have a better chance of getting my novel written and being the next J.K. Rowling, then getting decent work here.
      And yes, I AM writing a novel, but its nowhere even close to being finished. :/

      • Shane

        Wow sounds harsh… no offense, but J.K. Rowling isn’t anything THAT special in my honest opinion. Glad to hear your writing something that might be important and non-fictional. I imagined better s*** than a wizard and witch school when I was an 1/8 the age of Rowling, but I don’t like writing, was in school like very American child, and because of school and the “nice” gestures it taught, and I had no REAL time to do anything special.

        Your society status sounds interesting none the less… if worse comes to worse like it did for Johnny “Appleseed”, you should plant some type of fruit/vegatable bearing plant during your escape to help pave the way for animals stuck in mordern society like us, and inspire the next generation… : | HAHA. Im totally kidding! At least I wish I was… Anyways, if everybody does leave, you will literally own the town according to nature. Your so lucky! I hope the best!

        • Xblade13

          Maybe I’ll do that! πŸ˜€
          What I meant by being the next J.K. Rowling was her financial success, not the quality of her work (I liked Harry Potter, but don’t care for her new novel The Casual Vacancy). Maybe a better analogy would be Stephen King? I’m about the age he was when he started writing.

          Actually I have ideas for several books (or series, for the first 2). One’s a fantasy that will tackle prejudice, another’s a science-fiction that tackles the limitations and morality of technology, and some kind of nonfictiony-fiction about a town like mine. I have the idea, I’ve just been procrastinating, and of course video gaming. πŸ™‚
          Once the Wii U is out and the craziness slows down a little, I’ll start working hard on them. Sooner, if I get inspiration.

          In the fantasy, expect winged and wingless dragons at war, and in the science-fiction expect a continuation of human life on another planet and attempted control of the human soul. Possibly, the two could even connect, but that’s thinking too far ahead. For the real-world one, you already know the type of setting. BTW, what’s your favorite genre, and who’s your favorite author?

          • Shane

            I don’t know how old Stephen King was, and I never read any of his books, but I did watch the movies. They seemed pretty interesting to say the least, especially when I was younger and didn’t think much past what was in front of me. The topic after the dragon one seems more interesting to me honestly about tech limits and morality. I think you could combine all those ideas into one, like that’s what the war could be about, and they’re fighting because they left half of the people behind on the other planet and realized more “spacious” connections, or something like that…

            I don’t really read that much honestly, even though I can really well. I haven’t read a full book sine I was 12 or so… I know it’s what would be considered sad, but like I said I can still read better than people that read almost everyday or go to school. I don’t go for a specific genre, but I do like mysteries. I used to read the Hardy Boys all the time.

    • revolution5268

      oh shit now you are playing with power.



    • Laud

      How the hell did you manage that?

      I went as soon as preorders became available and they were gone before I even got there.

      I was actually there to see the line of people disperse and walk away upset.

      • Madmagican

        Damn. That must’ve been the most depressing thing I’ve ever heard. I didn’t get a chance to pre-order either; I was in school πŸ™

  • ArmaniHunter

    Woho!!! Im soo excitedfor this!!! BTW I’ve noticed the WiiU wont play DVD’sis that right? if it is,thats kind ofa bummer πŸ™ Dont getmewrong I’ll still get it! Since I already Pre-Order it,and cant wait toplay New Super Mario bros U!!:D but its just sad it cant play DVD movies πŸ™

    Does anyone have any info if it’llplay Media like the xbox? where you can put a video on a Hard Drive, and play it? If I can do that, then PERFECT!!!!

    Cant wait to play this with my GF! πŸ˜€ haha

    • Maverick-Hunter

      umm it’s a gaming system I rather have my gaming system focus on games and leave the dvds to my flipping dvd player or my computer or my tv …. my point being we have tons of other devices that can play dvds we dont need another one >.>

    • Zack

      No, it will not play DVD/HD movies.

    • Nintedward

      Buy a DVD player , you can get Nice ones in England for Β£20 .
      If you want a blu ray player , get one of those !.
      The wiiu has Netflix and all that jazz integrated and Nintendo TVii , so fear not!! .

      Imagine a nice black blu ray player next to your black wiiu πŸ˜› .

      • Kybalion

        My bedroom is ready!! XD (I already have ’em, exactly like you picture this)

        • Nintedward

          XD!!!! beadroom ready πŸ™‚ . I have overhauled my front room into a gaming set up in preperation . My living room is ready !!!

          • Xblade13

            My house is ready! I can play the gamepad from anywhere in my home if I put the console in the living room (except maybe the attic.) 8 meters range is plenty!

          • Nintedward

            @Xblade , me too πŸ™‚ . I live in a flat/appartment with one story so I can play anywhere too πŸ˜› . just cannot wait .

          • Bosmur

            Just measured the distance between my bedroom and the lounge, (parents have a strict no T.V in bedroom rule) and its 8.4 metres. Just put of range… πŸ™

    • Yamiryuu Zero

      Nintendo doesn’t put their consoles to read DVD movies because it’s Sony’s technology. And it would make the console more expensive. By the way, everyone must have a DVD player at this day (even my grandmother has two). Nintendo’s never put DVD player in their consoles, and even Sony PS3’s Blu Ray reader didn’t get much attention.

      • Kybalion

        That’s right. Not even because it’s 3D. = )

    • RinkiGaiSou

      As far as digital media from an HDD or flash drive goes, I don’t think Nintendo confirmed one way or the other. Unfortunately, it is confirmed that the Wii-U doesn’t have DVD or BlueRay playback. It does kinda suck, but it’s also part of how they’re keeping the prices down. I can live with that as I don’t use physical movie disks and all my digital media is on my PC anyway.

    • Nko Sekirei

      ur an idiot sir and nintendo makes their systems strictly for gaming not a dvd player for ur entertainment gp watch movies on ur dvd player

    • Danny

      I have no idea why people would downrank the OP, it is a fairly middle-of-the-road comment. A few things for people to keep in mind.

      1. Consumers coming from other systems are used to media playback functionality in their consoles. It shouldn’t be surprising that people would be a little disappointed with the Wii U in this regard.

      2. DVD standards were developed by a group of five companies, I think, that happened to include Sony. All things being equal, Sony has only a small say in it. Same is true with Blu-Ray with the Blu-Ray Disc Association, but the number of companies is far higher.

      3. Buying an additional player for just this other media will increase the amount of clutter around the television, and some people may not have additional unused HDMI plugs. They may also not want to spend even more cash on something the Wii U may be technically capable of doing, and doing it well.

      4. I own a North American launch PlayStation 3 and it is a fantastic Blu-Ray player and DVD upscaler. After all these years, it is still considered one of the best on the market. That said, it is a bit loud and fairly power hungry, Nintendo systems are known for being the opposite, which would have made the Wii U perfect for this.

      5. The Wii U disc capacity indicates that it will probably use some kind of derivative of Blu-Ray or some other high capacity optical media. It may be possible for this functionality to be patched in, but don’t count on it.

      6. Though Netflix and Amazon Video on Demand are great and offer HD content, this is not the same as Blu-Ray in that it is highly compressed. Moreover, it is missing other features, like additional language tracks, making of’s, 7.1 audio, etc. It isn’t a substitute but a compliment to Blu-Ray media. Quality Blu-Ray players hover around $100 USD.

      • NintendoYOU

        I agree. People were way to quick to get on the defensive bandwagon for Nintendo on this. He clearly likes the WiiU and obviously just thought it would be a good feature on top of the awesome list of features it already has, and i happen to agree. The tech is there to support it Nintendo just need to write the software, So rather then having a WiiU and a blu-ray player both taking up space and power not to mention the extra money to buy one, I would much prefer to have it built into my console.

        I know the WiiU is exciting guys but if we start making judgments like this then we are no better then the Sony/Microsoft Fanboy trolls we have come to hate on this site. We are just trolling from a different perspective πŸ˜›

    • revolution5268


  • podge79

    Its all becoming very real……DIE ZOMBIES DIEEEE!!!!!!

  • Johny

    yea πŸ˜€ also 1st

    • u mad bro FC: 0559-7101-5495

      FYI your not first and your comment is going to be deleted then my comment will be placed randomely!!!!!!…huuh…huuh.




    • Yamiryuu Zero

      Maybe there is some Wii game out there that doesn’t work? But I find it weird to happen. I guess all games and all accessories will work, but their advertisement seems rather vague regarding this part.

    • Kav

      I think that is just a way to protect themselves just in case an accesory doesnt work. (Or a very rare game)

    • badkid89

      Its because some 3rd party Wii games require game require GameCube controller ports for special accessories. Technically, the new model Wii on shelves now plays “almost all Wii games” because of this.

  • podge79

    Oh hold on… Zombies are already dead…errrr….DIE AGAIN ZOMBIES DIEEEE AGAINNNN!!!!!!

  • AKA-Link77

    Cool! πŸ˜€
    But i still need to pre order. . .
    : /

    • TheBoldman67

      Well your outta luck. Your best bet is to get on the waitlist and hope you’re close to the top like me.

  • Novum Magus

    More excited than I’ve ever been for a console πŸ˜€ Of course I keep my hype in check, but Nintendo rarely lets me down

  • James

    Are the Wii U games packaged differently? They look different..

    • TheBoldman67

      That is because they are different. The reason for it is that they don’t have the actuall cases (at least they don’t for the games anyway) so what they do is they take a good o’le DVD case, the print out a picture of the cover, and then they put it on.

  • i want….wiiu…..need i say more?

    wow whats with all the caps talk?

  • Kieron

    I’m so excited I just can’t hide it.
    Rayman ledgends and Mario bros U FTW

  • Smokey cheese

    Isn’t there a late night talk show in the states where games company’s show off there latest games.come Ubi Soft get on that show and give the unaware a blast of ZombieU.
    Haven’t seen much advertising over here in the U.K as yet.


    Woo hoo! Finally! I can’t wait fot it! XD gonna be epic! Haha.

    • u mad bro FC: 0559-7101-5495

      so…your in the cmd clan huh? you know the major hacking clan.

  • nintendoododo

    So what if it’s out of stock in USA? I live in Finland and there’s lot of Wii U consoles in stores.

  • 16 BIT RYE

    Then comes my friends bragging about their Xbox 720 and how cool ‘SmartAss’ is. Then I’ll have an actually playable gamepad in my hand.
    Oh god I can’t wait for those next 48 days to suddenly pass!

  • TheImaj

    I too have been wondering about being able to play “almost” all of my Wii games. Anyone know which games can’t be played? If not I’ll have to try all of them before I get rid of my Wii!

  • ceramicsaturn

    What the hell is with the ALL CAPS and the “fearless” stuff? Must be the generation gap.

    Saw these boxes a few weeks ago. It’s also good to note the prices are on the game display boxes. Most of the 3rd party games were only 50 dollars or lower, which was great to see.

    • Jon

      Most of the commenters are kids. Excessive caps, flaming anyone with constructive criticism, and disrespect for the really good non-Nintendo games is all you’re gonna see on here.

  • ArmaniHunter

    Really? I get Negative Because I said I was bummed it cant play DVD’s? Never said it sucked,i love the WiiU!! Im pretty sure Imnot the only one bummed about this :/ Still LOVE IT! πŸ˜€

    • ZombieGuns

      It’s not because of what you said about the Wii U, you got negative ratings because people just hate you personally.

  • Nintenjoe64

    They’re still easily available in UK. Most of the public aren’t aware yet and most of our mainstream media seem to be trolling the Wii U with some of the most bizarre reasons not to but a new console ever.

    BBC featured the console at eurogamer and it was four minutes of a man saying ‘that’s like the vita’, ‘that’s not like the vita’ and he interviewed the nintendo UK woman by yelling ‘why should people buy this over a vita?!’

    It depresses me because I know it will be the best console but will probably never win the battle for hearts and minds because the ‘next gen’ will have 100GB discs or something equally superfluous that people seem to think makes a $600 new console worthwhile

    • Nintedward

      WOW , lol . I hate my country !!! the vita is a piece of shit lol , thats why hahahahaha πŸ™‚ .

    • Nintedward

      btw nintenjoe , technically the wiiu will be able to get single layered 25GB discs , dual layered 50GB discs , tripple layered 75GB discs and quadruple layered 100GB discs . Nintendo can do this if they want , maybe those select games will be a little more expensive .

      I expect the next zelda to be at least on a dual layered 50GB disc.

      • Xblade13

        Yeah, and if the Nextbox and PS4 have 100 GB single-layer disks, what would they DO with them? Developers hardly use the PS3’s 25 GB to its full potential, and you see how much development cost has already risen. If they get too powerful too fast, there will be no profit at all for those games. Nintendo is going at a more gradual pace, keeping production costs relatively lower. It was actually healthy for the gaming industry, not making Wii an HD console. They focused on innovation, which, without it throughout the years, there would have been no analog stick, rumble, or motion.

        Nintendo’s the one that forces the industry to flow rather than stagnate. For instance, if not for Wii U, the other 2 would probably have kept their current gen consoles going for another 5-10 years, with no true innovation except “updates” like Kinect and Move. In fact, some Sony guy said that Vita will have a 10-year life span! Imagine playing Vita til 2022. The successor to the SUCCESSOR of the 3DS would probably be out by then. Nintendo could probably be doing holograms by then, as much as they push innovation. Vita may be good (at least, if it had good games), but not good enough to compete against 3 generations of Nintendo handhelds. It’s already fighting a long-lost battle with the 3DS. Why submit the poor thing to even more torture? πŸ˜›

        The gaming industry must be ever-changing, not stuck on the graphics wars. Instead of increasing disk size, perfect what you’ve already got first, and make new ways to play. It’s time to begin the Innovation War!

        • Nintedward

          Excellenty well said . Agreed all .

  • Lazara The Last

    Can’t wait β€˜til my Gamestop gets this! All I see when I’m there is β€œPS3” and β€œXBOX360”. And in a corner, they got this little poster that says β€œWii U” with small letters…

    • Bacon

      for now… but later on “Wii U” wiil be right next of the “GameStop” logo and on its windows πŸ™‚

  • Ledreppe

    Still not sold out in the UK, but I don’t see the deluxe on play.com anymore. Won’t be queing to buy games at a rip off high street chain like GameStop either.

  • Hater Of Zer0

    And so it begins…

    I’ll be expecting commercials in the next week or two. πŸ™‚

  • Elite

    Funny how they promote it when its already sold out pwnt. I would feel cheated if i walked to to try to get one since they are promoting it and not be able to get one. Just a little funny.

  • TheUNation

    The next thing Nintendo needs to do right now is to make TV promos.

    • revolution5268

      for now its not the time because if they do promote it (TV), the people who did not preorder it or just barely saw this [TV] will be mad that they can get it on launch day.

  • fnc73

    I went to my neighborhood Gamestop yesterday and saw these Wii U promotions. I guess they just recently got them. Pre ordered my deluxe set. Can’t wait to unbox… stare… admire… handle with care… hug for a while… hook up to my tv… fall in love with it… That’s not weird is it?… I Need the Wii U!!!!!

    • Kybalion

      Yes it is, you need a psychologist right away but… don’t Wii all (of us) here???? I also wanna play with U, I’m going nuts!!!!!!!!!

    • ZombieGuns

      yep my thoughts exactly

  • M.Bison


  • N1nt3nd0L0v3rbo1

    No we need game like megaman 8 ..no offence for 9 & 10 …but my childhood was with nes and n64 …So i have played old nes games already πŸ™‚ People are meant to move forward. Comon no Megaman x series..Old good megaman 8 kind of game πŸ™‚ And oh. WII U GAME DEVELOPERS MAKE MORE CO_OP GAMES 2-4 player i have real friends you know……. Dont like internet on consoles. because i only have usb netstick and its crap for gaming

  • roedburn

    I feel left out now. Anyone else here got stuck with the basic set?

    • TheBoldman67

      Nope. I’m near the top of the wait list for my U.

    • Neonridr

      stuck? You should be happy you have one. The White looks awesome and very sleek. The internal storage is a non-issue, just get a 1TB hd and you are set. Nintendo Land will be a nice compilation of mini-games but it isn’t going to sell systems on it’s own. The console stand is useless in my opinion because I don’t stand my consoles up on their sides. The charging dock is awesome because that will cost about $20 on it’s own, so it’s a nice little pack in.

      Other than that, you get a Wii U. You should be stoked.

      by the way, I am getting a black deluxe.. sorry.. πŸ˜‰

      • roedburn

        Yeah, I know I should be grateful, and I am excited, but it is a bit of a let down to not be getting the deluxe. Mostly because I’ll have to buy Nintendo Land separately if I want it.

  • Ben

    Quick question: how big is the box going to be? Anny details about that?
    Is it going to be allot bigger and fatter that the Wii’s?

    • Xblade13

      It’s just a little longer than the Wii, if you’re talking about the console. Nintendo engineers are geniuses; they fit the best into the smallest package.

  • Shane

    I’m pretty excited, and I’m glad I pre-ordered mine at Best Buy… I went to GameStop after the announcement to see what was up, and to my surprise(I guess), they only had 10 preorders left. They said they only had like 10 consoles or so left to preorder, and I got there immediately, but I didn’t have any cash so GameStop was out of the question. I KNEW Best Buy would have some for sure though, because they always have TONS of stuff on launch days, and even have a line dedicated to that specific merchandise. When I got the Wii on launch, they had a line that ONLY went through the Wii stuff. I grabbed Twilight Princess, Red Steel, 2000 Wii Points, an extra Wii Remote and Nunchuck, and a classic controller. That was a great day my whole family was excited… When Wii came out they had 90 consoles, and whoever were those first 90 poeple in line got one FOR SURE, but they know how popular it’s going to be this time so no lines for most places unless your lucky enough to find a place and you haven’t preordered it.

    Gonna get the Deluxe, NSMBU(buy through eShop), Zombi U(they won’t sell out, pretty sure so I’ll see if it’s DLC), EXTRA eShop $ besides the $60 or so I will need for NSMBU, I want to get an extra Gamepad if they have them for sale(just in case IT IS supported day one), and thats it for me!

    I just hope I have enough money for ALL the stuff I planned to buy, because responsibbility came up, and I had to pay for gas and a few thing when I went up to the mountains with my family… It’s ok though I’ll FOR SURE have enough for just the console, because my bro stepped in like a pro and said he gots my back $150, so some weight was taken off, especially since he’s gonna be playing it as much as I am, especially since he loves the Pikmin series and we have the first 2 for Wii πŸ™‚

    Is anyone getting help from family to buy the Wii U? What are YOUR plans? I just told my life story so now I want to hear yours folks! haha!

    • u mad bro FC: 0559-7101-5495

      Dude your lucky I only got $158 leftover from spending it like I previously said. I’m going to ask my parents and big bro for money I know they will give me some if they like it or not. Im sorry this comment is not a life story I just wanted to say whats on my mind.

      • Shane

        Well, I’m only 20, and when the Wii came out there was not even a such thing as having a job for me really… Ask you parents to pay the rest JUST for the console on launch or whenever is good for them, as an early Christmas present if you can convince them to get it for you launch day.

        When Wii came out it was my brother’s and I early Christmas present combined, and I told my parents it wouldn’t be available for a while after and they believed me and being goos parents they said ya. I hope you can get a Wii U!

  • Firebro

    WII U CHAT!?!?!? My question have been answered. Thank you nintendo

    • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

      I know! I was wondering if I was the only one who saw it, but I guess that just goes to show some people pay more attention than others. Either that, or they don’t see it as a priority.

      Anybody with a 3DS reply with your friend code. I’m always up for some kid icarus uprising.

      • u mad bro FC: 0559-7101-5495

        I have kid icarus uprising but I suck at it. How about Mariokart7 racing with Nintedward and Nintenlord?

        • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

          Yeah man that sounds great!!! I guess we’ll just have to catch each other at the right time. I live on the east coast of the US, and I know nintedward is in the UK, so sometime on the weekends might be best.

          • Nintedward

            I’l catch you πŸ˜› .

      • Nintedward

        I have yours frank aka Andrew πŸ™‚

  • The Detonator

    nice… at my game
    stop they have this huge timer counting down until it is released. i wait there all day watching it:)

  • Lewis

    Went to blockbuster on the weekend and preordered black wii u 
    They said I will be able to collect midnight on the 29th nov 

    • Neonridr

      they still have a blockbuster where you are??

      • Lewis

        I live in the UK. Blockbuster everywhere.

    • Xblade13

      BLOCKBUSTER?! Where do you LIVE? I thought they were all gone!

      • Neonridr

        I am guessing the UK. They are all gone here in Canada and the US.

  • Wii U Gamer#20

    man o man i can’t wait πŸ™‚

    Wii U Deluxe is so close” yet so far ;(

  • Wii U Gamer#20


  • Asiancake

    The wii u in the picture will be mine

  • Christian

    The Wii U is going to be a blast! I really hope that Best Buy will do a display of it in the near future. Since it releases in the holiday season, my parents would wait for Christmas. πŸ™ I would love to see a Wii U experience event in Utah as well. That’d be awesome!

  • RoboticLink

    There is only 1 bad thing about wii u. It will always be sold out because of its awesomeness. How many people here would love to see these currently announced games on wii U:

    Mario kart U

    F-zero wii u

    Mario galaxy wii u

    • JumpMan

      well, not Mario Galaxy… i was fine with the first, over world? the best! but the second wasn’t as good but it had Yoshi πŸ˜€ i just want a 3D Mario game… Sunshine sequel? please God!

      • Lazara the Last

        Just a 3D mario like Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine. But something new, not a sequel!

  • RoboticLink

    I almost forgot kid icarus U

    • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

      I love the direction that kid icarus took, from a platformer with mostly verticle scrolling and horizontal wrap, to a full 3D world and graphics with 108 weapon names and thousands of combinations with abilities, the humor, varying intensity levels, and it could be a whole lot better in HD and with assymetic gameplay. I hope they keep more games in this series coming. I don’t know why there was such a dormant period between myths and monsters and uprising.

  • Neonridr

    What are the large boxes on the bottom of the picture? I mean the console boxes are the ones stacked, but there is a large on on the bottom of each “tower”. Are those just promotional boxes? I noticed they were significantly larger than the console boxes.

    • Xblade13

      You got it. Promotional boxes. They’re just empty cardboard (although I like the logo on them. Where’d the ring come from?).

      Or at least, I THINK that’s what they are…

  • WiiUnov18

    Went to gamestop and they are right and it looks so awesome i can’t wait. Come on nov 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NoPUNintendo

    I see. Make Wii U sold out, then create commercials for it. Result? (for those who didnt know wii u even began preorders)People will attempt to preorder it, only to learn it’s sold out, which might make them think, “Holy crap people must love this, I will wait it out and buy it as soon as possible!”. I may be over thinking the situation, but you get what I mean. This is actually a pretty cool strategy. If this was what Nintendo was indenting to do, I applaud them.
    But, honestly, I’m worried about going to the midnight release. You guys have read about other people being robbed, fights starting, etc? Some guys were robbed the night of RE6 at the midnight release. So, it makes me worried that there could be a chance some idiot will try to murder someone over a damn video game system.

    • Neonridr

      unfortunately it happens. I live in Canada so that is less likely to happen, but it still can. I have to check with my EB Games store (equivalent of Gamestop in Canada) if they are even doing a midnight release. Maybe I’ll bring a taser just in case.. πŸ˜›

      • JumpMan

        yep, i’ll borrow my aunts taser! it looks like a cellphone lawlz πŸ˜€

        • yess

          haha ive seen those but yeah nupunintendo has a point

      • yess

        if its like gamestop here in the usa, then if an item has 50 preorders or more its got a midnight release. that may be just my area. not sure.

  • Jetty

    Sucks. I picked up RE6 at my Gamestop today and not one Wii U ad.

    • Shane

      Man… I want RE6 SOOOO bad… I was contemplating buying it of of the PSN store once I realized it was out today(didn’t remember), and I thought it thorugh for an hour while bothering my brother that I should wait and see if it will be available on Wii U in the next few months out of launch. I really want to support the Wii U more than the other consoles, because it’s better, and the control scheme that are more open to the Wii U.

      Technically, developers could use the Wii Remote Plus for this gen games because it still supports it, and RE6 would be alot better on Wii U than the other systems(especially 360 because it’s not DLC, and smartglass isn’t accessible enough). I don’t even know if RE6 is Move compatible or not(I don’t even have it), but Wii U is going to be my next investment in terms of virtual fun.

  • videogamer1


    • JumpMan

      the way i’m thinking of this is, my friends wedding, Halloween, Wii U launch, Thanksgiving. so that i don’t die of anticipation πŸ˜€

  • Pappy13

    Hey guy’s. Newegg has a promo on video games right now, including wii u game’s 12 dollar’s off preorder’s at checkout with code EMCJNN224. With free shipping. Google it, you can find the info.

  • supermosh1990

    I just hope for an actual NintendoLand case in the Deluxe set , not a slipcover.

  • prettypinkpanacea

    I pre-ordered the Nintendo Wii U Premium Pack from JB-HiFi today with a $50 deposit.

  • TonyTrizzyU_1118

    Omgg I pre ordered the deluxe edition πŸ™‚ I am soooo excitedd!