Oct 17th, 2012

The Nintendo Wii U doesn’t launch until November 18th, but that hasn’t stopped members of Wii U Forums from rapidly refreshing every page on the internet related to Nintendo’s next great console. One member has either spotted something excitingly odd or a mere mistake: GameStop seems to be selling 4 Wii U Games 5 days prior to launch, on November 13th:

The games in question are:

  • Madden NFL 13
  • ESPN Sports Connection
  • FIFA Soccer 13
  • Your Shape Fitnessed Evolved 13
  • Rabbids Land
  • Assasin’s Creed 3
  • Just Dance 4
Discuss all of the above in our Wii U Games Forum (click show all games for specific titles of interest).
Many of the other games are listed, as expected, with a  November 18th launch date. We’ve reached out to GameStop to determine if this is the real deal and will let you know as soon as we get official word.

[via WiiUForums.com, thanks “the ancient gamer”]

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  • Anon

    This really is no surprise. I pre-ordered Madden for the 3DS and got it in the mail about a week before the 3DS came out. EA seems to do that with sports games, and maybe others have joined that trend.

    • ceramicsaturn

      Happened with my Vita as well (before I realized Sony was just going to give up on it). Nearly all my games came in before the system itself. Ended up going in and picking them up, and then picking up my system a couple days later. It was actually kinda annoying.

      Sure I could have waited to pick up my games till my system came in, but how could I leave new releases just sitting there?!

  • Thepokemonmaster

    this is likely not true, Just like the 100 dollar wii u game rumor

    • Novum Magus

      I’m not trying to be mean, but it’s not really like that at all. Regular non collector or special edition games are rarely if ever $100, while games do often release before the new system arrives, especially games that are released on other systems as well.

  • Keath

    say what?!

  • Bob Singh

    Even if this was true, there’s no point of getting the game earlier. I mean, what would you do with just a game?

    • Nintedward .

      Smell and carress its freshness ???

      • Bob Singh

        well, yes. there’s that. look at a game for 120 hours.

      • FeTM87

        That’s exactly what I did with my copy of Twilight Princess before I got my Wii as a present on Christmas.. Even thought I waited in line to get the Wii three weeks prior lol

      • ssb4 3dsFC3007 8585 6950

        another game off the wishlist so i can make wish wii u christmas 530 instead of 580 (WII U DELUXE WITH AC3, NSMBU, AND ZOMBIU with pro controller) ph yeah will zombiu have multiplayer, and will cod multiplayer be worth it over nsmbu

        • herpaderp

          I feel ashamed of myself. my wii u section of my christmas list is $850 (please don’t get me started on what I asked for)

      • Herox95

        I lol’d at that. You.

      • Shankovich

        Good; looks like I’m not the only one that smells new games…

      • PACMAN

        You would be more likely to get a copy before it’s sold out. Because as previously mentioned people want consoles before games.

      • angry uncle

        Yeah u would do that u fat waste of space.why dont u go out the house and give mommy a break from cleaning and cooking? Oh yeah thats right u got no freinds because ur a fat usless pile of crap, btw my niece has downsyndrome and if i was to ever meet u i would smash your fat mug up and down the street. NUFF SAID!

        • Jack

          Sorry. What? I read up above and saw nothing related to this?

    • Nintenlord

      A youtube unboxing πŸ™‚

    • thejam216

      You could use it as a form of torture for someone who really just wants to get down and play Wii U. Showing them the images on the back and info from the booklet and letting their imagination consume them XD

      • Mida

        Damn. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment!

    • mojojojo888

      Well I ordered 4 games off of Newegg.com at a savings of $14 per game(Scribblenauts, NSMBU, AC3, and ZombiU), so the fact that I pre-ordered AC3 would mean I would probably get it before the weekend in the mail, which means I would have at least one other game to play besides NintendoLand until like Wed or Thur when the rest of my games come…so here’s hoping this is true!

    • Grodus

      Read the manual over and over and over and over and…

    • Choda

      I would stare at the new game box, untill the wii u was released.

  • Nko Sekirei

    it most be a typo it will be corrected

    • Nko Sekirei

      of course someone thumbs down me cause wat i said could be true that it might be a typo theres no way its true not even nintendo confirmed this

      • crazybaba

        Some ones fingar don’t like you

        • Nko Sekirei

          shut up dude i mean nintendo hasnt confirmed this thats wat i have been trying to say cause nintendo wouldnt allow games for the wii u to be sold early

          • bnash77

            i bought ridge racer for 3ds several days early at gamestop

      • MechaDestroyah

        I think sometimes people just thumbs down because they are saddened by what is being said. Not so much that they might not agree with you. More disappointed at the possibility of it being a typo. It is possible of it being a typo but I don’t find it likely. Yet, I wouldn’t thumbs you down. (I don’t thumbs down when I don’t agree. I only thumbs up if i do agree.)

        • Knotan

          Actually I thumb up or down depending on my current mood.
          It has nothing to do with the actual comment.

      • pman

        This has happened before.I rember a week or so before the sega dreamcast came out e.b had some dc games i had preordered. One was blue stinger, and i forget the others . I thought it was really cool to have the games first.

    • naw bro

      Doubt it. Unless gamefly did the exact same typos.

  • Mid-core Gamer

    I’ve heard from one of them that they’ll also be selling ZombiU on November 13th.

    • Herox95


    • JayPea

      That’d be nice.
      I ordered mine online so if it came out earlier it would ship earlier and I’d hopefully have it when I get the wiiu on launch day

  • John

    Amazon offers ESPN Sports Connection for that same date. Not sure about the others.

  • eli

    *gasp*thats….wait what does it mean…………..

  • Shane

    I’ve been wondering this since September.

    • Shane

      It might be right. People might want to secure a copy before everyone that buys it with the console comes rushing in. Or it might be when they get the games in stock, and haven’t mentioned that it won’t be available until the console comes out. Who knows… All I know is that when I get my Wii U, I’m gonna go home, and call my family to come and check it out, or possibly even bring them along as bodygaurds. My brother and my little cousin are coming with me for sure, but my older cousins will want to check it out I’m sure.

      My brother and I are bad ass, and can beat up anyone who stands in our way, but it never hurts to be safe or sorry you know? haha. I got $250 ready, selling my Xbox that already has $200 on eBay, and I’m still saving, so I’m gonna such a lucky bastard come Nov. 18!

      My dog Raina will love Wii Fit U. haha.

  • BLACK OPS 2?


  • Me

    …Hmm, the only good game on that list is AC-III…

    We all know what that means! πŸ˜€

    • Nintendo Fan Forever

      Admire its awesomeness for five stupid days and not take it out of the plastic wrapping?

  • safcalibur

    Gotta be a mistake, if not it’ll be the most agonising 5 days of your life sitting therr with games but no console to play them on lol!

    • Rob

      This has to be the truest, funniest, and most depressing comment I’ve ever read on a gaming blog, all at the same time.

      • Mac


      • safcalibur

        I didnt know I had it in me bro πŸ™‚

    • HawkEye

      Yeah it gotta be a mistake. If not like you said they are going to sit there waiting till launch day

  • Jetty

    Accesories also. Maybe a typo? We’ll find out the 13th.

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    Probably a mistake. Who would buy a game without the console? I believe they might receive the games prior to November 13th, which may explain the confusion. Whoever put those games to sell must’ve thought they were for a console already on the market.

  • Joesatmoes

    this isnt true- othrwise black ops 2 would be in this list- it comes out on nov 13 on othr consoles anyway

  • Ryu No Hadouken

    its obviously a type-o.

    • Ryu No Hadouken?

      Orelly? We’ll see within that very day… the day where all the games are released or the console… Nintendo Domination! Er I mean Dominos!

  • Chris

    This has to be a mistake. Why would games for an upcoming console be released before the console itself?

  • Blank

    Didnt luigis mansion launch a day before the Gamecube release

  • Alienfish

    My personal opinion is that the editor of the site had a sudden rush of stupidity and thought that the WiiU was launching with COD: Black Ops 2

  • NintendoMan :D

    Typo. No questions asked.

    • naw bro

      Yes questions asked!!!!

  • GameChanger

    I can’t speak on them SELLING games early but I know that sometimes retailers like Gamestop get preordered games out days before the console launch day. I remember EB Games called me days before the PS2 launch and said for me to come and pick up my preordered launch games. Imo, I think they do it so they can get customers out as quick as possible on launch day knowing that lines will be a lot longer.

    • Shane

      Wow GameChanger, you really change the game. haha.

      All kidding aside, I know what your talking about, and is what i though too.

      I just wanted to be captain obvious in concerns about your name…

  • SagiMewtwo

    Other console launches have done the same in the past. I remember having Condemned in my hands before the actual 360 launch and I remember Rogue Leader (and probably also Super Monkey Ball) coming out before the GCN launch.

  • nnacheta

    this will be awesome!!!!!!!!

  • Major Beauner

    It’s no typo – Americans have a reputation around the world for doing stupid shit like this! πŸ˜€

    • TheBaconator

      Hey watch it… you mean 75% of americans are stupid, I’m one of 25% of the smarter ones lol.

  • Keinir

    accualy this is not fake… my local game store has the same thing and im getting it 5 days before it comes out

  • Phoenex68

    It’s true, you can pick up a list of games for the Wii U at Gamestop and their launch date.. There are 5 games for the console that release on November 13th. It is not a miss print in the slightest, I asked about it a few Weeks ago.

  • Xarret

    I pre-ordered AC3 and i ask about the date, they told me that this is the official date but that they will hold the game in the store until wii u launch if i want them to or i could pick it up nov. 13 or later. My choice.

  • Michael

    Provided it isn’t a typo, and it sounds like it’s not from people’s comments that it’s not, they’re doing it to relieve congestion on release day.

  • supo hakate

    this is off topic, but isn’t there going to be a wii u commercial today on x factor. If so, i can not wait to see the first ever major tv commercial for the console.

  • Diogozaca

    ItΒ΄s normal to find retailers that acquired the game before launch day and ship to people how preordered it so they can be the first to have the game. The estarland.com is one of those sites I guess.

  • drybones

    Gamefly actualy lets you rent wii u games before the 18th also

  • Neonridr

    There were a few GameCube games like Rogue Squadron and Luigi’s Mansion that were available almost a week before release.

  • IVIatrix+

    I don’t see a problem. Selling Wii U games b4 launch can bring in more customers and there will be less of a line at the cashier cuz ppl may be picking up more games. Besides the guys can’t even play the Wii U games if it hasn’t even come out yet? Am I right? o.o

  • GameChanger

    Everyone who commented thinking that this can’t be true must have never been apart of a launch day for a console because this is normally what happens. To those who think that it’s stupid to do this I have a question for U…How would U feel if U were #150 in line for the Wii U, possibly outside in the cold (remember it’s 11/18), and the customer at the counter holds up the line because he can’t decide what game(s) he wants with his system?

  • SteampunkJedi

    I can’t imagine why they’d be released earlier, and I’ll be getting both the games and console later and probably together.

  • Chris

    I remember pre-ordering Dead Rising when it was coming out and I got it like 2 weeks before it actually got released so I don’t see why they wouldn’t do something like that again.

  • Joesatmoes

    i doubt this is true- if it was, Black Ops 2 would be in that list- it releases on the other consoles on that day afterall

  • PKUltima

    Won’t this cause confusion for the consumers who will think that they are buying games for their Wii?


    They did something similar with the Wii. I had The LoZ: Twilight Princess like a week before the Wii came out. But you seen me carrying that game case (unopened) everywhere. I had it grocery stores, theaters and church!

  • Jack

    I have all my games preordered from Amazon, because I live in a rural area with no electronic shops around for at least a half hour, and I can confirm that Assassins Creed 3 will be released November 13th also. Zombie-U was on the list also but got pushed to the 18th. It could happen with these titles also? But this is just another source confirming the 13th date

  • Wolf

    I believe it has to do with the fact that the 12th would be the main shipping day for entertainment that week. Games and movies get released on Tuesdays because that is considered the beginning of the week to keep track of profits.

  • NintenBro

    They forgot to add Zombi U & Ninja Gaiden. When my friend and I went and per-ordered our Deluxe and some games, the clerk told us “now keep in mind these will come out before the system, so don’t forget to pick them up.”

    I ordered Assassins Creed & Zombi U.
    He ordered Ninja Gaiden & Rayman

    We are picking up those games on the 13th. Though my friend has to wait for Rayman since it was pushed back. I thought it was odd they came out first but figured oh well. Who am I to judge!

    • NintenBro

      Oh yeah. This was at our local GameStop

  • LordiMcKill

    I know that they did that with Gamecube way back in 2002.

    But honestly, I don’t see why it’s a problem, it’s not like they’ve got a console to play it on yet.

  • podge79

    I think i will have my birthday 5 days early this year πŸ˜›

  • ReasonWhy1796

    This happened with the 3ds. So I don’t see why they wouldn’t go ahead and release some games for the system before its launch.

  • Kyle

    It is not a mistake. Every single recent console release has had games that come out before the system comes out. I remember the same thing happening with Gamecube, Xbox, 3DS, and lots of other systems. They do this all the time. Game releases come out on Tuesdays usually, the system comes out on a Sunday. They release the games on the Tuesday before so that every has the games when they get the system. I pre-ordered games on Amazon and most of them say I will be getting them on the Tuesday.

  • zuxs

    Best Buy has games releasing on the 13th as well.

  • ThePablotron

    I don’t see why everyone thinks this is so odd. They did this with the Wii. I bought Raving Rabbids from Walmart 4 or 5 days before the Wii was released…and there were 3 or 4 other games available at that time too…

  • Marth

    Actually I thinks its correct, games tend to be released on tuesdays but the console comes out on a Sunday. I think its actually a good idea to release the games a few days prior to release rather than a few days after buying the console if they have to keep following that trend.

  • darkmanext

    Not a typo. It has to do with when they get stuff. Gamestop will get 10 of the launch title that Monday morning or that afternoon.The WiiU and the rest of the games they will get between thursday morning and Friday afternoon. They are suppose to hold it all until the 18th but you know Gamestop.

  • Goose

    The Zombi U trailer has a Nov 13th release date.

  • NoPUNintendo

    Mass Effect 3 comes out November 8th, some guys will come out November 13,14,15, and 16. My source? Gamestop. I had to pay off some games, and asked.

  • Arsonist Monkey

    Early to bed, early to catch the worm. Or…is it the bagel?

  • kyuubikid213

    Since most of those games come out on other consoles before the Wii U comes out, perhaps they are just trying to keep the releases at around the same time.

  • Grodus

    I really don’t care, myself. Probably is just a mistake, but, these could be launch day. I hope so, for everyone else.

  • Peter

    It is already confirmed that this is not real… It was just a mistake in the release dates. My friend owns 3 gamestop stores, all games release on the day of the console Nov. 18th. Not any earlier.

  • JimP

    Best Buy has the release dates for at least two of those titles pushed back until the end of the year, so they may just be a default date in some cases.

  • XxTwinRova

    That is normal, but what is odd is that mass effect 3 has a release date of November 5th. That HAS to be a typo of some sort.

  • tsuki

    Scribblenauts and your shape arrived today.

  • smooth@blupromo.com

    picked up ac3 2day wii-u leggo