Mar 14th, 2017 publishUpdated   Apr 19th, 2017, 12:17 pm

A few days ago we reported on the $599 Nintendo Switch bundle that GameStop is peddling. It contains a curious assortment of games and accessories and once we added up the whole cost of what they were selling, we discovered you’d save about $20 if you bought the bundle elsewhere. Now it looks like you don’t even get the Nintendo Switch when you buy the bundle.

A poster on the r/NintendoSwitch subreddit shared how he purchased the $599 bundle with overnight shipping because he wanted to play his Nintendo Switch and Breath of the Wild during his Spring Break. Only GameStop happily took his money for everything and shipped everything…except the console.

I bought the bundle from GameStop since every other store is sold out. Nope. Paid for overnight shipping and all i got was everything but the Switch and charging dock! I went to my local GameStop and didn’t even get a my full refund back. Now I have to buy from an up-priced seller on Amazon and wait even longer! All I wanted to do was play the switch over spring break 🙁

It’s astounding that a company is able to do something like this, which is essentially collect a Nintendo Switch pre-order with a vastly huge mark up on accessories and games. Sure, you get all your accessories and games immediately, but what use are those if you don’t get the system when you fork over that cash? At this point you’re better off buying from a scalper on eBay if you want a system on time.

Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Cons – $299.99

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