Aug 27th, 2017

Earlier this week GameStop told investors that its recent quarterly results were driven by the Switch, and now the company shared some more details about the Switch retail situation.

GameStop CEO Paul Raines told Seeking Alpha that the Switch had the most successful Nintendo console launch ever.

“It has been our most successful Nintendo launch ever.” said Raines, adding “Attach rates have been consistently high and are at over five to one since launch and we expect healthy allocations in the back half of the year.”

GameStop CFO Robert Lloyd chimed in and talked about the Switch being in tight supply throughout the holiday season this year.

“We continue to see strong demand for the Switch and sell out our inventory in a matter of days of it being available in our stores and our websites. We believe that this will continue through the holiday.”

It’s interesting that GameStop thinks the Switch had the best launch of any Nintendo console, considering the Wii was sold out for almost a year after release.

Either way, there seems to be a general consensus now that the Switch is a success. All Nintendo needs to do is to keep making as many consoles as they can. And make some awesome games for the future, too.

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