Mar 17th, 2017 publishUpdated   Apr 19th, 2017, 12:10 pm

It’s hard to find a Nintendo Switch right now, but that may be changing pretty soon. GameStop has announced it will have fresh stock of the Nintendo Switch starting next week. It’s likely we can expect other retailers will be getting fresh stock then, too. It’s worth noting that a ton of Nintendo Switch accessories on Amazon are listed as going back in stock on March 27th, which is Monday.

GameStop’s newest batch of Nintendo Switch will be for the base $299.99 unit and you won’t be able to order them online. You’ll have to walk into a store nearest you in order to grab your console. A GameStop representative said the company is seeing high demand for the Nintendo Switch, which is always good news.

“GameStop continues to see strong demand from customers who are looking to purchase the Nintendo Switch system. We are meeting this demand by securing additional systems as fast as we can to ensure customers are able to purchase this innovative gaming technology. The customer enthusiasm and response we have seen so far has been incredible as we continue to sell through our supply of systems. We strongly suggest any customer who is still looking to purchase a Nintendo Switch, visit one of our stores as soon as they can. This new allotment will go fast!”

So it looks like those of you still waiting to get your hands on the console won’t have long to wait if you don’t mind buying from GameStop. If you can’t wait until next week, you can always check out this tool that will help you find a Nintendo Switch at physical stores around your location.

[via Forbes]

Nintendo Switch – $299.99

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