Mar 20th, 2014


If you haven’t jumped on the monster-slaying bandwagon that is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate yet, then GameStop is the next place you’re going to want to go. They’re currently offering the Wii U version of the game for $19.99, but if you’re a PowerUp rewards card member, you’ll be able to pick it up for $17. I checked online with various other retailers like Amazon and Best Buy and it seems this is the best deal on the game so far. Amazon is currently sold out and the Best Buy list price is still $40.

Crafting armor from the monsters you’ve slain has never been so cheap, since the last deal Capcom themselves offered on the game was $25 for a digital copy.

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  • Arthur Jarret

    Speaking of Monster Hunter, two questions:
    1) Do you play it Ashley? If so, I wouldn’t say no to a game with you and Zorpix.
    2) After the awesome online stream of Splinter Cell, I hoped this game would be next for a similar treatment – when will you guys organize it?

    • Id be down for organizing a MH WUD stream, but I have no software

      • Arthur Jarret

        I know, buddy – unfortunately I can’t afford such an expense either, or I would’ve volunteered. Maybe in a few months (Kitchens are expensive :p) – There’s a VGA-out on my beamer, so I might be able to attach my PC to the Wii U through that thing… but it most likely won’t be a very effective set-up.

        • WT Herrod Jr.

          “(Kitchens are expensive :p)”
          I feel your pain. Wife and I are remodeling a “fixer upper” house with an equity loan. I would have never imagined a garage would set you back $15K…

          • Arthur Jarret

            Yeah, I’m single so I just bought a fixer upper apartment… but I’ve already pumped some 10K into it – fixing everything myself from electricity to a complete remodel of the bathroom and toilet… now only the kitchen remains, and I’ve finally buckled and just hired a company to install it now (and put in new flooring, replaster all the walls, moving gas and water pipes behind the wall)

            It’s setting me back 8K, but I love cooking and want the kitchen done right – so it’s worth it.

            I hate my expensive taste sometimes…

          • WT Herrod Jr.

            Having the ability to do this stuff yourself will pay off huge in the future. I build my own desktops, repair my laptops, repair my car and I’ve saved a ton doing the wood flooring and Hardie siding on the house – all self taught and built on a foundation of doing small things 10-15 years ago. Some things I just won’t touch though as it will take too long or is too labor intensive – or you need to be a specialist to do it right. I can’t blame you for not wanting to tackle the kitchen yourself, especially the tasks you listed :).

          • Arthur Jarret

            I’ve done the tasks for my bathroom and toilet – but well… working on a 90m2 apartment for two years on intermittent weekends, I’ve had enough – I’d be working on it at least a month if I’d do it myself and I’d hate to live off take-out and microwaved food during that time… this way, it’ll be done in a week. (they’re starting work in two weeks)

          • WT Herrod Jr.

            The person who built the house breed and raised Doberman’s so she built one end of the house for that sole purpose. Our plan is to tear down (unsuitable for living and falling apart) and rebuild that area into a new master bedroom area. Building a 10×12 shed in the backyard was enough to convince me that I wanted nothing to do with framing and rebuilding that area and we have hired a contractor to do that work for us 🙂

          • Arthur Jarret

            10×12? In foot, yard or metres… if you’re using the metric system like me, that means your shed is 25% larger than my entire apartment. If so: Good job! I made a 3-by-2 (metre) shed for my mom some years back… it went pretty well, actually.

          • WT Herrod Jr.

            Ha, no it is in feet. I bought a kit from 84 Lumber, they give you everything you need but it’s still all bulk 2×4 (inch) planks, paneling and OSB – nothing prefabbed. It’s still pretty big for a shed – I would have settled on one roughly the size that you built but I have to store a lot more stuff while remodeling plus what I actually want to use it for long term.

            I should have thought to give reference to my measurements, I wish the US had converted to metric long ago. Nothing against the US/imperial measurements really but I’d have spent about half the money on hand tools at this point in my life – most cars over here us a mix of both type fasteners!

          • Michael Ocampo

            lol I thought this was the comment section for Wii U Daily, not Home Depot. XD

          • WT Herrod Jr.

            Lol, I was wondering when someone was going to call us out on that

          • Arthur Jarret

            We’re getting around to it! It’s all going to end up with consoles and gamepads built into the wall of every room so we can play games while cooking or showering, you know…

          • WT Herrod Jr.

            Ha, I am moving the “TV wall” in the living room, I’m gutting a recessed bookshelf in another wall and making it into a nook for a flat screen. And there’s a bathroom close enough to take the Wii U gamepad and still maintain the connection to the console….

          • Arthur Jarret

            FYI: read your other post too! I got bright, light wood colors in my home – but tight white walls. Gives a warm impression but still looks very big (darker wood makes any room seem smaller).

            Got two bedrooms, so as a true single gamer, I put a huge 2 person bed in the smallest one (you need to jump in, as there is not enough room to move on the sides) – and lined the wall of the other one with shelves to put my games on – and I remodeled a dresser to have all my consoles in it’s drawers while still hooked up to the TV. So that’s my gameroom.

            I’ll post a pic someday… probably around the same time as I’ll post my pic of my home-made 2-person arcade stick (made from an old desk with Sanwa parts) I promised JJbresden months ago.

            In the living room – I wanted to keep it as technology free as possible. I got two speakers there, a home-made amp that’s 2,5 cm in height (looks terrible, works great) – which fits under my couch… and a full HD beamer so there would actually be a reason to keep 250 inches of completely empty white wall.

            That beamer can be seen from the kitchen, the toilet, the hallway… but unfortunately not the bedroom.

          • WT Herrod Jr.

            We like darker woods but decided against it for flooring. But we’ll probably still have dark woods in our furniture so we picked out a bamboo flooring made my Morning Star “Antique Click Strand Bamboo” that has a lighter look but dark grains running through it too so everything will sort of tie together and blend.

            It’s click type so it will be easy to install myself without fooling around with specialty nail guns or glue.

            Your game room sounds like my bedroom growing up, huge bed and entertainment on the open wall 🙂 – that dresser sounds smart.

            I’d love a HD beamer but… probably don’t have much use for one. My wife and I did make sure to include an area in the house that we can go and quietly read and get away from the TV – my wife loves to read so I’ve promised her a little library nook. We might put a radio there but that will be about it.

          • teknik1200

            about 20 years ago I scored a temporary pad in alaska, 18 months and turned a tiny cabin wrapped around an air stream into a 1300 sq foot house, did litterally everything but the frame with the owner and his son and lived rent free for that entire time. Wife and I bought a place after that, great experience.

          • WT Herrod Jr.

            My wife and I almost bought a place like that just before we married. It wasn’t a fixer upper but they have used a mobile home and built up around it, place was really well done though. At the time though the banks wanted something like 18% down before financing a mobile home which is how they still viewed that property. We didn’t have the savings to swing it so we moved into an apartment before getting this place.

          • WT Herrod Jr.

            I missed the question about the garage. We were going to add that on, concrete foundation and structure was going to run about that much. Ran it by a few other people that confirmed it was about right. Most of it is the concrete.

            House needs a new roof, we’re putting down hardwood to replace the old linoleum, new exterior enclosing part of a patio area to expand the living room… it sounds chaotic but it makes sense when you see the house. The roof has no eaves so the cheapest way to put eaves and replace the roof is to go metal (self supporting, no need to build wooden eaves). The exterior was finished with interior grade wood paneling so we’re tearing that out and are going back with Hardie planks. Really wanted brick but it’s too expensive to add on. We will replace the windows with more energy efficient units. It’s going to be a lot of work.

          • Arthur Jarret

            The good thing is that you’ll end up with a house which is exactly like you want it. I bought a fixer-upper as I really wanted to put my own style on the place.

            If I got decent flooring, wallpaper etc. I’d likely have kept it as is, but the place wouldn’t ever feel like it’s really mine.

            But regarding the work you have to do, it goes above and beyond. Wasn’t tearing the whole place down and rebuilding it from scratch a more viable option at one point? 😛

          • WT Herrod Jr.

            My wife didn’t like the place when we got it. All white walls, all white exterior, white and pale colors in the flooring. A very cold modern look. We’re bringing in hardwood for the floors, rough hewn posts for some of the archways and doing brick or M-Rock on a wall or two to bring some warmth into the look.

            Tearing it down did come up but ultimately (aside from the one area we are tearing down and rebuilding) we would have been throwing away too much good structure and I don’t think we could have built from scratch as cheaply.

            A lot of this stuff I can get at cost too and that may make a huge difference. The electrical supply house I work for has a construction arm and so I can order a lot of stuff in through them without paying the markups you’d see at a building supply store.

        • teknik1200

          sold our fixer upper and bought a remodeled and did much better for my wife and myself.

          now I get to game 30 hours a week 😉

          • Arthur Jarret

            Luckily, I’m almost done – next month I’ll be able to get started on my backlog!

    • The copy I had was from GameFly, so ultimately I sent it back. I might jump on this deal though, since this is the cheapest the game has ever been.

      As for organizing a stream, that would be possible but I’d have to coordinate it with the community and honestly, get better at the game. We did a few streams in the past last year too, namely with Injustice: Gods Among Us. People really seemed to enjoy that one.

      • Arthur Jarret

        Was Injustice on WiiUdaily, too – or on the playstation / xbox daily sites? I completely missed it if WiiUdaily streaming was the case.

        The quickest way you get good at the game is to play online… a lot – and learn by the example of others. I’m sure Zorpix would make a perfect guide to make you a pro player!

          • Arthur Jarret

            I’m ashamed that I missed it, especially with how much I frequent this site.

            I’d definitely would have tried to connect if I knew this was up. But – I was actually thinking of an event more in the lines of the Splinter cell game: having a wii u daily NNID to friend as much readers as possible in advance and then stream friends-only online matches.

  • Ducked

    Thanks Ashley. I’ve been wanting to buy the Wii U version of the game for quite some time now. I’ll be picking it up first chance I get

    • Arthur Jarret

      Cool, let me know when you start playing – I’ll drop by to help you out!

      • Ducked

        Okay will do, thanks!

  • WT Herrod Jr.

    I played the demo on the 3DS and felt lukewarm about it, but for $17 I might have to jump on this and give it another try….

    • The demo on the Nintendo 3DS is a terrible impression of the game. It doesn’t give you any guidance for getting started and the fonts on the screen are horrible and hard to read. The Wii U version is better, imo.

      • WT Herrod Jr.

        I think I’d read that as well. I was struggling with the “easy” one and at the time I hadn’t gotten a Wii U yet so I couldn’t try the other version. I guess after months of time all that stuck with me was the impression of having a hard time and no fun with it. Thank you for the insight.

        • J_Joestar

          the demo was really designed more for people who knew the basics of the gameplay. Even the monster used for the easy part hunt isn’t found in the game until a few ranks in.

        • Arthur Jarret

          I recommend the Wii U version anyway, if only for the online (which is why the monster hunter series even were made: to make an online console game – it was originally part of a trio of capcom online games which also included Resident evil Outbreak and Auto modellista – made specifically to pionier online console gaming.

          So, my point is – get the Wii U version, because Monster hunter is made to be played online.

  • Rugmouse

    Use coupon code PAYPAY15 at checkout for an additional 15% off…making this game $16.99!

    I have 130 hours into this game so far, and I’m still addicted. lol

    • Noteak

      Does this only work with gamestop, or could use it on other websites?

      • Rugmouse

        Only works at Gamestop

    • Bren

      :/ Just tried with the game and I got this:

      Coupon PAYPAL15 – 15% off of one item. Excludes consoles. Other exclusions may apply. Offer ends 3/23.

      • RyuNoHadouken

        i used this code 4 days ago to pre-order MK8 and MLB14(PS4)…it works…had to do it one at a time though

      • Rugmouse

        Hmm, you’re right. The code doesn’t seem to be working anymore. I just tried it on Monster Hunter, Mario Kart 8, and the Diablo 3 expansion with no luck. They must have stopped the promotion early. Yet another reason why I tend to shop elsewhere!

        Sorry everyone – it DID work (for all three titles listed, I might add) at the time of posting.

    • teknik1200

      130 hours?

      That’s it?

      I put 1000 into mh3 and nearly 700 into 3u!

      There is nothing better!

      • Rugmouse

        Haha – I know, I’m still a rookie!

    • ~OMEGA~

      on gamestop’s online store?

  • Adrian

    If this game had a strong story and single player mode i’d be down. I don’t like co-op with strangers unless it is rts. I strongly prefer to kill strangers in pvp multiplayer (this is like all i did in demon and dark souls), but i dont have time for that nowadays either.

    Oh well.

    • J_Joestar

      single player mode, yes
      story, no

    • Arthur Jarret

      The story is non-existent but the single player is wonderful. However, I love this games online and I usually never play online games except the odd mario kart 7 match. Something just clicks right in this game.

  • J_Joestar

    Hope this leads to more people trying it so that 4U will do even better.

  • BIG Franky

    FWIW, I purchased this from eShop about a month ago for $19.99…. it was on sale.

    • tom

      Same here!

  • Sam

    I got Madden 13 for that much. Some of the best money I ever spent. I got it from ToysRUs along with my Wii U bundle. Hee hee hee

  • David Trail

    How much is it to order off of amazon? We don’t have GameStop in the uk.

    • Blue Hernandez

      Good. GS sucks.

  • ChrisCamp

    I tell myself over and over again that there’s no way that i will play this game. I just can’t afford to sink that many hrs into a game! But dammit with deals like this I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. My girlfriend will hate me

    • thedeciderU


    • teknik1200

      you can do it! could be the only thing you play for six months.

    • Arthur Jarret

      Get the 3DS version too, that way – you can play co-op together.

  • BrandonIsAGod

    Is this game even fun? I had bought it a few months back, but the lack of voice acting, tiny text that you can’t even see and the open world with literally nothing threw me off. Does the action in it pick up? I honestly only got to the part where you kill a dinosaur and then turned the game off and haven’t touched it since.

    • LukeMM95

      I felt the same way when I played the demo. It just felt really empty and bland. I had no motivation to explore the world or even ‘hunt monsters’. I hope X isn’t like this.

      • BrandonIsAGod

        Like I saw videos online of it, and saw that it looked awesome, it also had amazing reviews, and I needed a cool adventure game for my Wii U, but then 5 minutes in, I had no motivation to even wait for the good parts. But yeah, I was thinking the same, X better not be like it.

        • Michael Ocampo

          The actual game is pretty good from what I’ve played of it. The demo doesn’t really have that much to do but it’s still fun.

          • BrandonIsAGod

            I actually gave another chance to the game earlier, learn that you can actually run if you hold down ‘R’ lol. Also learned that as you play through the game, more monsters spawn throughout the world that I thought that would always be empty, and music starts playing as well which is nice. The game kind of reminds me of Runescape in a way. Go kill stuff, make new gear out of the loot, go mine stuff, make new weapons and armour. It’s a lot better now that I’ve given it a fair chance and I plan on playing more of it 😛

        • teknik1200

          you farm bosses to make gear out of them, that’s it. It’s like a fighting game but it’s co-op. Fights can take 20 minutes because the boss is so strong, co op makes things quicker. It’s an online game to play with others, not a story game.

          The original game was created to test the waters of online gaming on the PS2 and it turned into a run away success on the psp in japan in the second iteration of the game.

          Capcom created three games to test online gameplay out, Monster Hunter was the first one to hit one million.

          This isn’t a movie or a story, it’s a challenge. The game makes dark souls seem soft. no joke.

    • teknik1200

      it’s amazingly fun and trust me in a game like this you don’t want medaling voice acting. that stuff gets old.

      Look at it this way, I’ve put 700 hours into the game and have made 1/2 of the armor sets and 100 end game weapons.

    • Justin Gray

      How have to play it to reap the rewards of the game, I have played it for over 800hrs and it was so addicting and still so hard that it makes you sweat it most of the time as you fight tougher and tougher hunts.

    • Sqarticus

      Lack of voice acting is to save costs I’m sure, and the open worlds are supposed to be filled with 50 foot tall dragons hurling at you at full speed. Trust me, these areas are perfect for the gameplay mechanics. Tiny text…yeah not sure about that…

  • C.S. Bailey

    I was just on that site last night too. might have to go back…

  • thedeciderU

    gamestop is fucking sketchy. i will not ever shop there again. not after the dreamcast days.

    • thedeciderU

      at least not into the store. online is okay, i guess. the people there are awful in my experience. and the trade-ins are so criminal. never mind their integrity about holding and unwrapping “limited” stock and selling for way over msrp

  • Commander Pikachu

    Commander Pika here im brand new to commenting but i really enjoy wii u daily ashley(and kingsley) do a good job with keeping us up to date with nintendo news

    and just to let you know i hate fanboys (any kind)

  • Commander Pikachu

    im waiting unitill mario kart 8 bundle(MAKE IT HAPPEN NINTENDO) then ill buy this and a wii u

  • gamingpalooza

    keep in mind, best buy price matches.

    • Michael Ocampo

      Don’t forget walmart 😀

  • shaun

    The wii U needs to be like sony where you can pop out the internal HD. Too much a mess dealing with external and more expensive

  • I got this while a go for 20€ from a local store which were repairing their premises and everything was sold for low price (to empty the place). =] That was a good day.

  • LJay

    This is incredible value for money considering the amount of gameplay time you can get out of it,i was over 450+hours for tri and im over 200 for ultimate now-and i really dont get much for gaming these days!

  • Dark-Link73

    The price for the game “new” is $19.99, “used” $18.99 and if you use your Power Reward card it is around $17.10. Right now due to the dire situation of the Wii U, I would strongly advise people to buy the game new. As we know, the entire profit of used games goes only to the store selling it, in this case GameStop, and on top of that, the unit sold does not add to official tally of copies sold of the game.

    As a consumer you’re entitled to buy the version that best suits your budget, but as a Nintendo supporter, I ask you to buy new whenever possible.

  • ~OMEGA~

    Thank You so much for this I picked this game up today and played two hours and its a lot of fun….. but holy shit is it going to take some time for me to really get into it