May 12th, 2014


Haven’t gotten your hands on Mario Kart 8 yet and want to give it a go? Nintendo of America has announced that it will be holding a Mario Kart 8 demo event at select GameStop stores around the country. The event is taking place between May 17 and May 18, next weekend. More than 2,700 GameStop locations are participating in the demo and they will have prizes to give away to attendees, such as Mario Kart posters.

The event lasts from 12pm to 4pm local time. For those who decide to pre-order the game during this event, you’ll receive an exclusive double-sided poster. If you’re unsure if your local GameStop will be one of the participating locations, you can check here.

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  • matthew garcia

    Aren’t they starting to shut down 120 gamestop stores

  • darkcreap

    I don’t live in the US, but I guess this is very positive, isn’t it? How much are 2700 shops for a country like the US? Is it OK?

    • Marcus Lager

      Gamestop have about 6,700 stores worldwide…

      • darkcreap

        Um, then I guess if that is worldwide, then in the US there has to be less. So if 2700/6700 is around 40,29% of all stores in the world, that percentage has to be way higher counting only those in the US (which has to be lower than 6700), so maybe around 50% of all the gamestop stores in the US (if not more) is getting coverage. Great!!!

        EDIT: Just found how many of them in the US:

        If they have 4,434 in the US, then that makes, 60,89%. Even greater!!!

    • ezquimacore


    • That guy who hates Spike

      What about Canada’s EB Games owned by the same people? Can I play Mario Kart demos in Canada?

      • darkcreap

        I don’t know. Does Nintendo of America Operate for Canada also? Try and enter your city, there might be some locations near the border, who knows. By the way, why do you hate Spike? Actually, who’s Spike?

        • That guy who hates Spike

          Nintendo has it’s own Canada division, so the chances are unlikely. They mostly do promotions and tours.
          Who is Spike? When I refer to Spike, I actually refer to my first comment, where I talk about how bad the Spike TV channel is, because instead of showing off Sony’s E3 2013 performance, they decided that it would be smarter to show Vince Vaughns comedy movie “Dodgeball” 2 times in a row instead. As if Dodgeball isn’t already overplayed on television…

    • Even here in Austria ….. EVEN HERE IN AUSTRIA … they got stores. They are spread like Scientology, goddammit! But they got better investment plans 😉

  • Lusunup

    Sweet! 😀 *clicks here “No participating stores found within a 100 mile radius. Please try again with a different location” :/

    • WT Herrod Jr.

      Yeah, 20+ stores across a 100 or so mile radius that covers portions of 3 states and… no demos. At this point I’m kind of interested in seeing the list of stores in general.

      • all 3 of my gamestop stores are involved, and each one is within 2 miles of each other.

        • WT Herrod Jr.

          Thanks, I figured they would probably be lopsided and concentrated in certain areas. Kinda makes sense (volume in population centers) but also ignores large areas. Makes me wonder if I preorder with Gamestop, do I get a poster or no?

          • WT Herrod Jr.

            According to an email I just received, the poster is a pre-order bonus and not just related to the demos.

  • Yeah let them go to gamestop and play the demo, screw giving them a chance at home to download the demo…regardless, I will be at my Gamestop playing 😉

    • matthew garcia

      Yeaaahh why don’t they have a downloadable demo?

    • XypherCode

      Then NoA is basically just preaching to the choir. People who’ll download the demo on the eShop obviously already has a Wii U. One aim of the event is to have you pre-order in the store after you experience the game there. But of course having a demo downloadable AFTER the GameStop event is a different story.

    • palomino blue

      It’s probably an attempt to boost console sales. People who play the demo at Gamestop might end up buying a Wii U. A downloadable demo would only reach people who already own a Wii U (and are likely to buy the game anyway). I agree though. I’d play the hell out of the demo if they’d make one available to us.

      • And of course I did not think of that. +1 for you dude!

  • Keith

    I’m gonna pick this game up at Kmart. They are giving us customers $20 back (towards in-store/online purchases) for purchasing the game. Nothin better than getting paid to play 😉

    • FutureFox

      Kmart still exists?

      • Keith

        Yes, they have 2400 store’s in.the US & another 1000 in Australia. If you dont have one close than order it online. $20 back is still $20 back 😉

      • Jason

        Now that you mention it, I don’t hear people talk about Kmart anymore.

        • Keith

          That cannot be true. Everyone’s heard about “ship your pants” lol

    • Not the Kmart where I live. Only 5% back in points, which is horrible. I will just stick to my Best Buy pre-order.

      • Antonio

        at walmart they’re offering a free mario wheel (worth 9.99) when you preorder it plus 5 dollars worth of vudu credits.

        • Thanks for the information. I will stick with my Best Buy pre-order because of the best buy points and fuel card. But the Walmart deal is not bad at all. I just checked their page a couple of days ago and they had not listed anything for a bonus. I guess now that the game release is just a few weeks away and they see how well it is selling, now is the time all the stores feel like they have to compete for the pre-order numbers.

      • Keith

        1st off, the Kmart Shop Your Way Rewards Program is free. The more you buy, the more you earn. Also, you’ll end up being a bonus member & get up to 25% back in points. Even if the MK8 was 5% back, it’s better than nothing back! “Cough Best Buy Cough”

        • At Best Buy they are giving rewards points also and a $10 fuel card. Antonio in the post below also gave notice of Walmart’s pre order bonus. Honestly whatever retailer works best for you.

          • Keith

            True that. Gotta love competition to keep savings for us 😉

  • jjbredesen

    Yes, good move, keep it coming!

    • Carlos Webster

      I agree.

  • jhell

    console demo please

  • Tyrone Hope

    I wonder if MarioKart 8 will get a midnight release at gamestop?

  • Thomas Vienna

    I hope I can still get the poster if I’ve already pre-ordered Mario Kart 8 there.

  • Nostalgic_Chaos

    For goodness sake.
    I’d do anything to play this demo. I’m from England, so what are eager people from Europe supposed to do? What about us as well?

    Anyway, I’m happy for those of you who will get to play the demo. I’m so stocked for this game. When you try out that demo, let us know how it felt playing it etc…

    Why this game had to come out right at the end of the month is beyond me.

    • Officer Raichu

      maybe noe can do a deal with game or something

  • It’s a good thing I live in a Gamestop. I’ll be able to wake up and go straight to it.

  • Ferd726

    I prefer demo in Eshop but gamestop is fine to. Bad thing you can only play 4 hours in 2days only and the bad too you need to wait in line to play like only one race so the others can played

  • DavidGLamb

    Bad thing you can only play 4 hours in 2days only and the bad too you need to wait in line to play like only one race so the others can played

  • Officer Raichu


  • marvin atwell

    My local gamestop is 0.2 miles away from me

  • steveb944

    I have a bunch of stores around me that are in! Too bad I ordered that Blue Shell Bundle already, so I’ll be missing out on at least 1 poster.

  • Usaamah

    Clicking the link just redirects me to the Canada EB Games homepage, and I can’t seem to find any landing page for the test drive from there 🙁