Oct 26th, 2012

The Nintendo Wii U has sold out of pre-orders everywhere, and those who didn’t get a chance to pre-order could sign up on the waiting list for a Wii U console. GameStop offered its customers to sign up and get their names such a list, and now Nintendo has revealed that over 250,000 gamers have done so.

Wii U controllerThe news comes from Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata in a recent statement to investors. Of course, it doesn’t mean that those 250,000 are guaranteed sales, they are only a list where gamers will notified once the Wii U is in stock and available for pre-order or for purchase.

Iwata did not reveal how many Wii U consoles were allocated to GameStop. Some have estimated that Nintendo allocated as many as 400,000 consoles for pre-orders to all retailers. Those pre-orders sold out within a week. Nintendo recently confirmed that the Wii U will be in short supply in the UK on launch day, with as few as 25,000 consoles available.

Nintendo revealed yesterday that the Wii U will be sold at a loss when it launches on November 18 in North America, Nov. 30 in Europe, and December 10 in Japan.

Source (Nintendo)

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  • NavyBlueYoshi

    Were all waiting for one D: 23 more days…

    • Bicentennial_Pidgeon


      the Nintendomination begins

      • Nintedward .

        Bicentennial man , one of Robin Williams’ most underated films. Watching tonight becuase of your name , Thank you Bicentennial_pidgeon

        11.18.12 errghhh I mean 30.11.12 !

        • Whoobin

          Love the PSO picture. Still play?

          • Nintedward .

            Yeh , I used to play PSO blue burst on PC , and PSO episode 1 and 2 for GC when it was online years ago 🙂 .

            Just recently Me and my little bro Have been playing PSO episode 1 and 2 for GC offline splitscreen. We finished the entire game on Ultimate ofcourse legitamately. took like 200 hours 🙂

          • Shane

            They have private server’s for that game now, and looked it up once Nintedward sayed he played it. I wish I could have played when it was worldwide(or regional, whatever)! They even made statewide non online games like Mk:DD, and 1080: Avalance playable online. I don’t have a GCN anymore, but I wish I would have know about the online back when it was still supported. PSO looked awesome, and the music was great. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-(BLEEP)!

        • Wii u Central

          Errhh! Anticipation. Life without a Wii U SUX!

        • Nintendude

          Maybe for you, but not for us americans!

      • ziggy

        i belive even with pre order sales and software nintendo is going to set huge sales records with the wii u

        • Kahhhhyle

          I wouldn’t go that far. Generally speaking the public doesn’t even know what it is

      • Colton S.

        That could be the end of a commercial! Then it could fade out with the logo on screen.

        • Colton S.

          My other comment was meant for Bicentennial Pigeon’s comment

    • Asiancake

      I’m going to GameStop

      • Wii U Lover

        At gamestop you can play the wii U! I tried it and it was awesome 🙂

        • Jeffery02

          Sadly, not all of them. I have a Best Buy AND a Gamestop near my house and neither have a Wii U demo set up yet

    • Nko Sekirei

      cant wait to get my deluxe edition wii u along with 5 wii u games with it but i feel bad for people who didn t get one cause know people who didnt preorder are gonna get into fist fights over a wii u while its limited on release date

  • 007 1/2

    Damn it now i wont get mine.

  • CSM0

    Day one pre-order done.

  • Swic11

    Well I’m glad I got mine ordered day one!

    • AKA-Link77


    • Colton S.

      Pre ordered at Target!! Easy enough to get one. Except I pre ordered in Sept.

  • maxlazy10

    I think Wii U daily forgot to type in two zeroes to the end of that number. I mean seriously, the thing is popular….before release!

    • Morley94

      25 million seems a bit much

    • Grodus

      [insrt rlly insltng commnt about stupidity her] (that was intended, I’m imitating a troll)
      Thaaaaaaaat’s a little much, don’t ya think?

    • WRiPSTER

      That seems a bit too much, if you think about it like this, 1 wii u per household of 4. 250,000 seems like alot

  • Nintendork28

    I’m so glad I pre ordered

  • FishFan03

    Pre-ordered mine at Gamestop on the day it was announced. Getting it with a pro controller, black ops 2 and new super mario bros. u.

    • Damiao

      Exact same things I preordered 🙂 can’t wait!


    HOLY COW!!! That’s quite impressive!!

  • Elite

    Got mine preordered day one that best buy allowed. I wanted that instore pickup, but gamestop didn’t allow that online….

  • zonda777

    I hope I can still get one at launch from somewhere… This is going to be harder than I thought.

  • NintendoMan :D

    You guys really need to be more up to date. I’ve been reading this all over the Internet for like a day or two now. Good news though that Gamestop is allowing more people to have a chance to get a Wii U. I already have a deluxe set on layaway from Walmart though so yay me. 😀

  • RoboticLink

    Suck on that, Pachter!

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      Well, he did say it’ll sell out through March at least, so he’s probably not sucking on it. He’s probably making money off of it. I don’t typically agree with Patcher, but saying random stuff about videogames to make money…where can I sign up? I think that’s at least one thing Patcher may have gotten right. That, and Bayonetta 2 being great for Nintendo. So Patcher got 2. Just enough pointing out the obvious to keep his job. Now that I think about it, he must be some kind of evil genius, giving just enough props and non-bs calls to keep his job and using the rest to screw around.

  • Duke

    Well I guess I gotta wait until Christmas….

  • Madmagican

    this makes me wonder how Nintendo plans on hitting 5.5 million sold consoles by March…. I missed the pre-order too 🙁

  • Kahhhhyle

    Looks like Nintendo only needs to sell 5.25 million consoles after these guys get theirs lol

    • Kahhhhyle

      Something that just dawned on me. Will we be able to easily swap internal hard drives like on ps3? That would kinda ease the sting of the low storage space for me anyway

      • NintendoMan :D

        There two different consoles with two different hard drives, so no. External hard drives is a yes.

        • Kahhhhyle

          Ugh. Oh well haha. Is this confirmed or are We just assuming?

  • Nintedward .


    I went and made sure today , and EVERY store is still getting wiiu’s for launch day , except in some stores the pre order list’s have been trimmed back. For example the first 20 pre orders at one store will get their wiiu and the people after that will be canceled.

    I was speaking to my friend who owns a gamestore and he said obviously mine is safe becuase I am Number one on the list , but like 5 of his pre orders have been canceled.

  • Jetty

    Pre-ordered at Gamestop. Thank you, Kabuto san!! Yeah, I’m a Narutard.

    • Unity

      250,000 people want a Wii U at Gamestop alone. I don’t even think Hinata’s Byakugan could see the end of that line!
      22 days left!

      • Jetty

        lol Amen! Pre-order completed September 14th, my Gamestop just opened September 13th. Nobody knew it was open, hence one day late and a miracle. Maybe we’ll get NUNS 3 next year on Wii U. Hope you have a great launch!!

  • Who’sAsking

    Just put the $349 Wii U on layaway TODAY @ Walmart.

    • Amherst

      Getting mine through Wal-mart as well. I like Gamestop and all, but I’d never trust them when it comes to console launch allocation.

    • zonda777

      I called mine 5 seconds ago and they said they were still taking layaway reservations. I’m going tommorow to reserve it, so I have my fingers crossed.

  • TrueWiiMaster

    I’m really annoyed that I didn’t preorder mine on day 1, but I wasn’t sure I’d be getting one at launch yet. I’m still optimistic about getting it though. Before the Wii was out, I didn’t have enough money to get one, so I couldn’t preorder it. That is, until the week before the system came out, when Toys R Us somehow managed to have more preorders available. My brother and I waited in line before the store opened just to get the preorder, and then again to pick it up a week later. Here’s hoping I can be so lucky in the next couple weeks.

  • Steven Farley

    I just preordered my deluxe Wii u today at Wal-Mart layaway I don’t think people realize it it seprate from the regular preorders so go to the layaway desk and ask the only thing you have to put down is just over 42 dollars and come get it at midnight the 18th of November I’m so freaking excited..

  • NoPUNintendo

    Glad for all of you who got a pre-order too. For everyone else, good luck getting one! I sure hope all of you get a chance to own the Wii U.

  • BananaPwnz

    I was so lucky, i got one of the very last pre-orders for the deluxe version at toys r us!

  • LyingTuna

    Well, thank God I preordered day 1!

  • TheUNation

    When I get a huge payday on November 3rd, I’m pre-ordering the Wii U at Walmart. As of right now, I’m no longer on GameStop’s waiting list. 22 days until the Generation U begins!

  • sharks345

    to bad i live in mexico, is going to be pretty expensive here, and I have to wait till I go to USA x.x

  • I touch bunnies on the nose

    luckily my walmart didnt start taking preorders until last sunday so I was able to get a black deluxe model on layaway(the way walmart is doing preorders is by having people put the wii u on layaway. The nice thing about the layaway method is that if an emergency comes up and you are short money on November 18th, walmart will hold your wii u until December 15th. If you dont have it paid off by then, they can sell it to someone else. So thats really nice because i guarantee if you cant pick up your preorders from other stores on the 18th your prolly not going to be getting one till after X-mas. Back to teh main topic, anyone who is still trying to preorder a wii u go to all the walmarts in your area and find one that hasnt met there preorder quota. I wouldnt trust calling them to find out because the employees dont ever know shit about games and release dates

    • Johnny

      What will be the point in driving to Walmart instead of calling them if you say none of the employees there know anything about games? I’m pretty sure it is in fact the same Walmart employees at the store as it is on the phone, I don’t think they’ll have an employee run over from Best Buy or GameStop to help you. Sounds like you may be the on that doesn’t know anything. You have No logic.

      • 1985

        I work at Walmart sadly…. it really sucks. ‘I touch bunnies on the nose’ is right ‘Johnny’, you really have to go in person because no one i work with gives a shit there all either stoned or hung over and none of them “like Nintendo ever since Gamecube came out” my managers words not mine I love Nintendo I want to get Nintendo tattooed across my nuckles. But anyways if you call and ask a question they dont know off the top of there heads then your most likely not going to get an answer. Unless they have something important to do that they really dont want to be doing then they’ll take there time finding out whatever it is you want to know. Go in person and Make them find out. Im trying to find a better job, sometimes i cry.

  • Anubis

    Yeah Nintendo sure is finished…(sarcasm)


    Preordered Deluxe bundle with pro black controller and Super Mario. Shows up on my porch. No waiting, No crowds, No shitty Hamburgers or Chicken Nuggets.

  • LinkMarioSamus

    If i could i would by a wii u for every nintendo fan out their that cant get their hands on one but unfortunately i cant 🙁

  • Come at me bro

    Lucky me. Got it the first day GameStop started selling them.

  • WiiUhyper

    Step 1. Pre-order Step 2. Troll at the people who didnt (not really) Step 3. Get you Wii U from pre-order Step 4. Be glad you pre-ordered it because there a mollion out of 1 chance your going to get one waiting in line at gamestop

  • Guhtere

    I’m one of 250,000!

  • Firebro

    wait i preordered my on toys r us online and its an order so it will mail to my house. So will it ship when it comes out or will i be one of the people who don’t get one because of shortage??? I’m worried so much right now. =(

    • NintendoMan :D

      Do you live in UK. If not, and you clicked ship not in store pick-up then you should be getting it 4 or 5 days after the release. If you do live in the UK, then you may not get your Wii U untill Christmas at maximum.

  • JG

    Pre-orders are still available in Australia.
    But its not heavily hyped/advertised here at all, yet anyway.

    Plus its more expensive compared to the US etc 🙁
    Standard – $348 [US $361]
    Premium – $428 [US $443]

    • 1985

      Yeah but our minimum wage here is 9.00 USD whats your minimum wage in USD?

  • Wii U

    My dream is approaching closer.

  • Marioravesto3d

    Yer not long to go pre-ordered here in england had to do it in store,if people think they can get wii u on release day they have no chance.

  • Zombie

    400K’s a bit optimistic considering the UK’s allocation has been slashed to a tiny 25K I know the US is a bigger market but 200K seems a bit more realistic.

  • Grodus

    Phew! If I preordered 1 hour later, would’ve been 250,001!

  • nintendoododo

    34 days left!!! CAN’T WAIT!!!

  • SteampunkJedi (3DS FC: 5284-2360-9145)

    Only 21 days! Although I’l have to wait till Christmas to get mine. 🙁 Hopefully my parents have preordered it from somewhere. :/

  • Mr smooth

    Checked this morning walmart are taking online preorders for the solution bundle again $409.00

  • Crawlse

    Im glad I have 5 preordered at 4 different stores! 2 at bestbuy, 1 at Futureshop, 1 at Toys R Us and 1 at GameStop 🙂 lol

    I think I’m going to be making some money 🙂

  • got my pre order

    got mine day 1, waiting for nintendo to start releasing more details and specs each day until launch…. Still waiting nintendo

  • ledreppe

    Pre-ordered back in September, just hoping I’m one of the 25,000 units available in the UK, cause I’ll be mighty annoyed if I don’t get it on launch day.

  • derek

    so the people at gamestop have comfirmed…no midnight release…

    • Yeah Right!! derek

      Yeah Right!!!

  • Game Master

    21 days and 9 hours left!!! I’m so glade I pre-ordered at GameStop 🙂

  • Shane

    I knew about this after the second day it was announced :p haha. I hope everyone that wants one, gets one. Can’t wait to play Mario Kart, Smash Bros., and all those other great online games with you all! I’m actually considering getting Black Ops 2 lately…this will be the first Call of Duty I actually own, so I think the Wii U hads cha-cha-changed me!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYUH!

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  • EMan

    I know I’m one of those 250,000 gamers XD

  • MCP

    A big list… of dorks.

  • Gabriel Agosto

    I don’t know why everyone on here is acting so ridiculous over a wii u console system. There’s a lot more important things in life, such as your health and family then a wii u. If you got to reserve one, great! If you didn’t, no big deal. Just be patient and wait a few weeks. Who knows…. you might get a better price on a bundle deal or perhaps you’ll find out that the wii u wasn’t all that to begin with. Don’t put yourself in a financial burden or harm over a stupid idol.