Oct 18th, 2013


A few days ago we showed you the Legend of Zelda 3DS XL bundle that was confirmed to be coming to Europe. It looks like North America will be getting the bundle as well, as the above advertisement for GameStop was spotted with several of their new deals.

Interestingly enough, it looks like there will also be a Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon bundle, featuring what looks like a midnight blue regular Nintendo 3DS along with the game.

The Luigi bundle is being sold for $169, while the Link Between Worlds 3DS XL bundle will retail for $219. Will you be picking up either of these bundles? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Squirrel09

    I’m glad I don’t need to move to Europe any more.

    • Leo

      i’m glad europe don’t need to move me anymore 🙂

      • Ducked


  • Jon

    And once I get my paycheque next week…. I am pre-ordering the Zelda one 😀

    • I love the design, but I just bought my black 3DS XL.

      • Jon

        I got 2 regular 3DS, Zelda limited edition one and a purple one, The Zelda 3DS R button broke. But even though I have two 3DS’s, Ill get this 🙂

    • Matt Cameron


  • Eric

    Awesome! So getting this 🙂

  • Sdudyoy

    Should I get this?! I want it but I’m not sure.

    • Ducked

      Yes, don’t miss out. There both beautiful

  • Leo

    It’s Nintendo invasion y’all 😀

  • FredMirotic


  • Lord Tywin

    Looks like I’ll have additional 3DS XLs to sell…

  • Wiiluigi

    I may have to retract my statement. I like this Zelda 3DS. I may buy one and put it on ice. I see Mario party in there too!

    • Ducked

      Put it on Ice?

      • Wiiluigi

        To store away. 😛

  • YayGs

    Really like the outside, just wish the inside wasn’t gold, would have preferred black with gold buttons instead.
    But still.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joey Perez

    Why is the Zelda one so much more expensive

    • Ducked

      Because it’s a XL, and the game is just coming out

      • Joey Perez

        I did not see luiLuigi was regular 3ds .. thanks

        • Ducked

          No problem, are you a fan of the original 3ds or XL?

          • Joey Perez

            im fan of both i prefer the xl as it feels better in the hands but i love my 3ds because i can shove it in my pocket… both are great i have an xl but i gave the orginal 3ds to my son .

          • Razo_E

            I have both as well in my household, and I actually take the XL out more than the regular one.

  • Ducked

    Luigi’s bundle baby!

  • courte

    oh yes jeezuz mal! i’m no longer waiting for a train

  • darkcreap

    Of course it was going to go to the USA too. It’s simply that it took for Nintendo of America to make the announcement.

  • TehPostman

    I want this Zelda 3DS XL so bad but i don’t wanna lose my Ambassador status.

  • Shigeru Miyamoto

    I’m in North america and i still really want that exclusive Zelda Link between worlds Special edition. some game store in europe is selling. looks awesome!