Aug 26th, 2013


While Nintendo did have a presence this year at Gamescom in Cologne, much like E3 the company opted not to have a press conference and simply had a presence on the show floor, with no major announcements. Now that the show is over, the best of show awards have been handed out and Nintendo is the recipient of two of those awards.

Mario Kart 8 won best overall Wii U game, but it also took home Best Family Game from the show. In addition to that, Nintendo won Best Mobile Game with The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

It’s interesting to note that the PS4 took away best hardware from the show this year.

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  • “best mobile game” Makes it sound like an iPhone app…

    • smartphone app

      • I used iPhone to make it more derogatory 😉

        • jay

          i dont see how, iPhone apps dont crash as often….

          • Tim van Broekhoven


      • jay


    • Zombie Boy

      ‘Best handheld game’ only sounds slightly better. But at least it won!

      • sounds better than mobile game to me. XD

    • Tim van Broekhoven

      Ugh yea

  • Marcus Navarro

    You know it’s quite the sight when they don’t even have to do anything to get awards.

    • oontz

      Ummmm, they had to make the games. lol. So yeah they kinda had to do something.

  • Vivek Summer

    You know Nintendo was bound to win best Wii U game.

    • Is Nintendo the only company that actually makes games for their own system? You always hear “Oh that’s a Nintendo game!” But never “Oh yeah, that’s a Sony game!” Does sony just like, own studios that make games solely for them or something? Seems kinda odd that Nintendo is the only company to do this.

      • oontz

        Yes Sony has 13 first party studios that make content just for their systems. A practice I wish nintendo did because then we’d have a ton more games.

        • they do have retro

        • Wayne Beck

          Nintendo is set up differently than Sony. Instead of farming out the work to people they buy, Nintendo has something like eight dedicated internal teams. The reason it doesn’t seem like Nintendo has 13 teams working on games is because they don’t churn out a reskined copy of last years games and slap a 2 on it. Their new strategy of doing collaborations with Third Party studios seems like a much better strategy to me though.

          • Graeme Lynch

            Are you serious? You are too much of a fantard sometimes.

          • Wayne Beck

            I’m a “Fantard” because Sony’s makes a lot of sequels that are basically identical to the game that came before it? Did you play any Sony Games for the PS3? They came up with 3 or 4 new IPs and made 3 or 4 of them. Then they made 3 or 4 more of all their popular PS2 IPs. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like sequels. I hope they keep making sequels. I just really wish they would change things up every once and a while. It also wouldn’t hurt to wait a little longer to release’em. Sorry, but I don’t need every game to have a yearly copy with knew skins.

          • Graeme Lynch

            Please see my reply to your previous comment which basically tells you that Nintendo do the same thing. I mean NSMB the 5th iteration? Really? In any case both companies aren’t stupid. They know what sells so obviously they are going to keep churning out big franchises which are more of the same.

          • Wayne Beck

            NSMB 2006, NSMB Wii 2009, NSMBU, 2012

            What is this Blasphemy? Three Whole Years Between Sequels? OMG, I didn’t think that was freakin possible.

            I mean, Uncharted, December 2007. Uncharted 2, one year later in January of 2009, Uncharted 3 took extra long, two years later in 2011. We’ll just pretend the 3 other Uncharted games that are exactly the same don’t exist.

            Certainly, they didn’t release a God of War game Every Year Since 2007. All without having to change, well, anything.

          • Andreas Sunde

            NSMB 2, 2012.

          • Graeme Lynch

            What is your point exactly? Both companies are releasing such sequels so I don’t get your point. Is it that Nintendo take longer at making them which means they are better? I’m confused.

          • Wayne Beck

            No it means Nintendo takes the time to ensure that they are high quality software that aren’t full of bugs and add, removes or alters game mechanics. It’s prevents the games from rapidly becoming stale. NSMB is probably the worst example of it because it is specifically built for people who want old school side scrolling Mario Games, but more often than not, the longer development cycle allows Nintendo to dramatically change their IPs rather than simply releasing a new version with a different story line. It’s why no two Zelda games are the same, it’s why Metroid became a FPS, it’s why Star Fox for better or worse, became an action adventure game instead of an on rails Third Person shooter. When development teams have the time to experiment and explore with the game they are trying to make, they invent new gameplay. When they have to have the next sequel done in 9 months for certification, you get a rehashed reskinned version of the same game.

          • oontz

            “the longer development cycle allows Nintendo to dramatically change their IPs rather than simply releasing a new version with a different story line.”

            Seriously?!? Did you just write that with a straight face?
            Every version of each Nintendo IP is the exact same concept. Most of the time the stories don’t even change. Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE nintendo games… but come on. You’re acting like every Nintendo release (Sequel or not) is COMPLETELY different from the one that came before it, which just isn’t true.

          • Wayne Beck

            I didn’t say they were completely different. Your putting words in my mouth. I said they are not exactly the same. The only Nintendo franchise that are almost exactly the same when they make sequels are NSMBs and The Metroid Prime Trilogy. The former being a throw away to the millions of dedicated 2D Mario Fans and the latter being the same because it was supposed to be one continuous story line.

            Name for me any other Nintendo IP that has been an almost pure clone of itself when the next iteration came out. Because I can’t think of any. I mean, even the sequel to Wii Fit had dramatic changes to the gameplay.

          • oontz

            ummm, okay…

            Zelda – Same concept throughout each iteration, bad energy tries to take over the world, protagonist must learn and master new skills and explore dangerous dungeons/temples to defeat the evil and return peace to the lands.

            Super Smash Bros – Same concept throughout each iteration, Multiplayer fast paced fighting game that pits famous Nintendo characters against themselves.

            Mario Kart – Same concept throughout each iteration, Multiplayer fast paced RACING game that pits famous Nintendo characters against themselves.

            Pikmin 3 – Same concept throughout each iteration, Crash land on an unknown planet, collect items to complete the game and return to your home planet.

            Donkey Kong Country – Same concept throughout each iteration, Side Scrolling platform/adventure staring donkey kong characters.

            There are 5… is that enough or shall I go on?

          • Wayne Beck

            lol By all means, go on making yourself look like a fool. Pointing out that every video game series has common overarching themes is not the same as identifying cloned sequels.

            Anyone who has played more than one Zelda Game can tell you they don’t play the same. With the exception of the gameboy Zelda, which were severely limited by the system itself, no two Zelda games play anything alike. They have the same genral story, your a hero, you save a princess, and some of the items reapear, Bow, Hookshot, Bomb, but the entire gameplay setup for every single one of them is completely different. The closest two are OoT and Majora’s Mask and those two games play so dramatically different that you can only tell they were made by the same person because of the art style.

            Every Super Smash Bros. has had different Main Story Modes, Different Characters(returning character being completely overhauled, different levels, different challenges, different enemies. Pretty much the only thing consistent across the SSBs series is that the Big Name characters have stayed in the game. I mean, even the controls have changed so dramatically with each iteration, most people are only good at one.

            I don’t even know what to tell you if you think MarioKart is the same game that started back on the Super Nintendo. I mean, there are what like 20 different vehicles per characters, hangliders and and that technique where you skid around corners for a speed boost. If it weren’t for the characters sitting in the vehicles, it would barely be recognizable. I mean a Kart game is a Kart game, but they have added so much to MarioKart since it was first released, calling it’s sequels Clones is beyond laughable.

            Honestly, I’ve never played or even seen the first two pikmin games. My understand though is that aside from the obvious implementation of the Wii U Gamepad, which in and of it self completely changes the game, every game has had new types of pikmin to solve new types of puzzles, new controls schemes which, according to just about everyone, have made the series infinitely better. Now the games has multiple teams that can function independent of one another and Multiplayer versus and co-op modes. I’d say that’s some pretty dramatic change.

            Can’t really speak to DK at all. I’ve never played any of them, but, consider DK started out as a monkey on top of a set of I-Beams chucking barrels and now stars in the second best selling Platformer in the world, I think I’ll give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt on that one.

            I can’t even believe you mentioned Pilot Wings. I mean, considering it’s barely a flight simulator I’d have a hard time believe Nintendo could actually make any diffinitive changes to the IP. Then they gave it characters, with Stats that actually impacted performance. Oh yeah, and they changes all of the activities. Where Pilotwings has Planes and Skydiving, Pilotwings64 had Jetpacks and Gyro-copters. Then comes Pilotwings resort, which not only aloud you to explore the entire places freely in any vehicle you want, now that’s one hell of a dramatic change, it also added collectibles, for the player who needs something to obsess about. All that while maintaining the series core value of ever increasing challenges and secret hidden events.

            So there you have it. Nintendo in action. Not Just making sequels, but making sequels that are, and here’s the key word, different than the games that came before them.

          • oontz

            You’re the one looking like a fool throughout this entire thread.

            Now by your definition and examples you provided NO SEQUEL on ANY SYSTEM is EXACTLY THE SAME. All sequels add something to the concept/game that came before it regardless of the developer or the series.

            So you have just succeeded on becoming hypocritical against the very argument you were trying to make in the first place.

            And you say I look like a fool, ha ha ha.

          • Graeme Lynch

            I didn’t realise there was a full blown argument happening! I missed too much!
            Anyway I get that you love Nintendo and will apparently never see things objectively considering how all your examples don’t really illustrate anything other than different characters, settings etc.
            You can’t escape the fact that every game developer brings out sequels with few changes because the formula for the game works and sells.

          • oontz

            Exactly this guy has no clue. It’s quite funny.

          • Graeme Lynch

            He has made a few comments in the past which I struggle to make sense of but I think he is just very Pro Nintendo and doesn’t like thinking realistically about it.

          • oontz

            Yeah those games are all the same. No major changes, nothing. I am starting to wonder if you even play games. Nintendo does the EXACT same thing. It just takes the sequels longer to come out because they don’t OWN 13 first party studios with multiple teams each, making their games. Are you that blind?

          • Veries Seals

            Gentlemen. Is it really that serious. What is important is how well those IP’s sell. And Nintendo’s IP’s has the most staying power. Now, no matter what you think of them and how many studios that they have working on what, the games will go platinum every time. I wont lie and say I am not a part of that because I am. I love Mario with its classic game play and futuristic play of the galaxy series. I love Zelda, because it is the best example of a game that makes you feel like a hero! Mario kart is all about getting friends and family together and have them to play and have fun! Pilot Wings (which I am hoping for a new one!) was all about feeling true freedom from the air and taking on challenges to boot. What people have to understand is Nintendo is not about being like Sony nor Microsoft. Those guys are great in there own right! But lets face it, they are twins! You can pretty much get the majority of there games on each of their consoles. I love them and their products! If you don’t believe me go look at the back and fourth between Sony and Microsoft and it is a bunch of me too stuff. Here is Sony I I have destiny! Microsoft says Well me too! Sony says well We will have exclusive content that only Sony fans will get a chance to enjoy! Microsoft say well We have Call of Duty Ghost! Sony says well Me too! Microsoft says well Microsoft fans will get all DLC before its release on any other console!. Wow, it is just silly bickering. But nintendo want you to feel different experiences in their console. You don’t hear Nintendo in the middle of all of that drama. It is getting old don’t you think? They don’t try to shove Wii U down your throat, they simply invite you over and try it first and see if you like it. They invite you over like we use to do back in the day and allow you to enjoy the games. I am rather glad that Nintendo is not joining in with Sony nor Microsoft with that bickering.

          • Graeme Lynch

            You have made some very good points here and highlighted the fact that indeed Nintendo aren’t in direct competition anymore with Sony or Microsoft. I think the point that was being argued however was that Nintendo only create innovative and unique sequels to games while Sony simply rehashes sequels. To this I disagree and hence the argument.

          • Veries Seals

            I agree. As much as we all love Nintendo’s classic IP’s at work even on current systems, I must admit I am jealous of Sony’s Last of Us and God of War. From Microsoft I absolutely loved Allen Wake and Gears of War! I would love if Nintendo makes a new fresh batch of totally new IP’s. This is needed. Great point Graeme.

          • Graeme Lynch

            Yey finally someone who agrees with me on here! My life is fulfilled 😛

          • Veries Seals

            Oh yes! You have great ideas and sometimes we do have to take a hard look at our positions. I always respect your comments, not that we always agree, but I never think you are off basis. I want to share a story with you that I read on IGN today. To me it shows the Nintendo Difference. To me it shows the things that so far I have only seen Game makers such as Nintendo pull off. Sony nor Microsoft has what it takes to do this because their focus is not there. Nintendo is about Inclusion of all people, Sony and Microsoft is about trends and whats hip at the time. Nintendo is timeless. Read it. Let me know what you think.


          • AfricanAbraham

            you forgot nsmb 2

          • oontz


          • jay

            Nintendo is a Video Game/Hardware developer, like Sega was.

            Sony hires outside help.

        • Levi Johansen

          Nintendo does own a few companies, Retro Studio, Platinum Games, (company making Mario Party), and they had Rare back in the day.

          • oontz

            With their bank account they should be buying even more studios.

          • Levi Johansen

            But only the very best, and the very best does not need nor want to be bought…

          • oontz

            That’s were you’re wrong, you buy a studio and influence it and guide it and help it grow. You’re buying a studio for their established resources and work force.

          • Levi Johansen

            Then you might as well make a studio from scratch, and Nintendo does that.

      • Einar

        Yeah. Like oontz is saying, Nintendo makes 1st party titles themselves, while Sony has studios developing 1st party titles for them.

      • Wayne Beck

        Sony does make some of their own First Party titles. They have three “Sony” studios in California. Their most notable titles that come to mind are Killzone and MLB. They actually do a lot of the work on the Second Party titles in their first party Studios. It’s kind of an odd arrangement.

        • riiight Killzone. Forgot. Thanks 😀

          yeah they always seemed pretty active. Just not as direct as Ninty I guess

          • Tim van Broekhoven

            I thought the creators of Killzone were Dutch… :/

          • dont ask me. havent owned a sony system since ps2, and I wasnt allowed to play anything over T at the time XD

          • Tim van Broekhoven

            Well, me neather but I live in Holland. That’s why I knew it.

        • Graeme Lynch

          Actually Sony has 17 first party studios 🙂

          • Wayne Beck

            If you count it the way I count Nintendo, it would be more than that. I’d probably be more impressed if they turned a profit though.

            For the record,if you count each Individual Development Team Nintendo has in the Nintendo Studio and all their wholly owned Development Studios, they have 19.

          • Graeme Lynch

            Yes true but obviously there is an issue with the way Nintendo are developing insofar that it takes a long time for games to be finished. Sure you can argue it is because of the high quality but the majority of those Sony studios output high quality games also. Of course you can also counter that with those studios are simply rehashing the same games year after year. To this I would say that is mostly untrue but sure they release sequels of games or games that are similar but with different storylines/variant gameplay. Another thing I would add to this is Nintendo do the same. It simply makes sense that once a franchise has gained popularity then make more! So really you can argue that Sony are doing one thing while Nintendo are essentially doing the same but just at half the speed.

          • Wayne Beck

            The Problem is, the Three years it takes Nintendo to release a sequel of a Nintendo Game is not too long. It is exactly right. Good games take three years to make. If you are making the most advanced kind of Video Games the world has ever scene in one year, it is only possible if you are using 75% or more of the previous game. Nothing new or innovative is happening. If people are lucky, the game is being made prettier.

            Nintendo doesn’t need to make their games faster, they just need to have more games in simultaneous development. Expecting more than One First Party exclusive every month is unreasonable. To the best of my knowledge, what Nintendo is doing through the second half of 2013 is completely unheard of. 6 Major First Party Titles in Six Months with 4 more already announced for the start of 2014. If Nintendo releases Mario Kart, Smash Bros, X, Yoshi, Shin Megami X Fire Emblem and god knows what else, they will have successfully released 12 Major First Party Titles in 12 months. Guaranteed to have never been done before.

          • Wayne Beck

            Ha, I know what else. Wii Fit U. Not my thing, but it sells like crazy.

          • Graeme Lynch

            I just don’t get your train of thought here. You seem to be basing the quality of a game on the time it is in development. It is illogical to say that because Nintendo take 3 years to develop a game while other studios can push out a game between 1-2 then the Nintendo game is instantly better. Please think about how silly that sounds.

          • jay

            Sony is NOT a game developer. This reminds me of the people who would argue that Crash was a Sony IP. Sony only owns hardware.

          • Graeme Lynch

            Okay then SCE Worldwide. Is that better for you? Does it make you feel more intelligent to have corrected me? Sony owns SCE therefore they own software. Unless you are about to explain to me how this is not the case.

          • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

            Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development Kyoto Group No.1

            Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development Kyoto Group No.2

            Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development Kyoto Group No.3

            Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development Kyoto Group No.4

            Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development Kyoto Group No.5

            Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development Tokyo Group No.1

            Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development Tokyo Group No.2

            Nintendo Software Planning & Development Group No.1

            Nintendo Software Planning & Development Group No.2

            Nintendo Software Planning & Development Group No.3

            Nintendo Software Planning & Development Group No.4

            Nintendo Software Development & Design

            Nintendo Software Technology

            Intelligent Systems

            Retro Studios

            Monolith Soft

            Creatures Inc.

            ND Cube

            1-UP Studio

            That makes 19 as you say, and that excludes all the second-party developers such as HAL Laboratory, Game Freak, Good-Feel, AlphaDream, etc.

      • jay

        YES. Been telling people this for a DECADE.

      • Your money

        well nintendo has retro, and maybe atlus.

    • Ducked

      I didn’t see how Nintendo won that award! Its insane! I’m still scratching my head on it.

    • Guhtere

      Yeah. I was scared Sony might’ve won that…

  • Zombie Boy

    Where were Microsoft? Lol

    • NintendoMan

      They’re with you. Dead.

      • Zombie Boy

        I’ll try not to take that as a threat 😉 lol

        • Sealed by the Holy Spirit

          You’re Zombie Boy… how could you? 🙂

          • Zombie Boy

            Lol 🙂

    • Deadpool U

      They probably won ‘most idiotic name of the year’.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    of course Nintendo would win those categories…no surprise here

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    does anybody know if its possible to contact saturo iwata somehow, throught twitter maybe idk, but does somebody know

  • therealruben1

    If smash bros was there,i bet it would have won best wii u game and best fighting game

    • jay

      ummm you DO know theres a huge bias against Nintendo. Zelda loses awards to stale FPS’. Awards mean nothing. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you can enjoy great games and see through this industry BS.

  • Ducked

    I’m guessing PS4 won a lot of awards.

    • Zombie Boy

      “The Gamescom 2013 winners were announced today, crowning the PlayStation 4 with Best Hardware of show, giving Destiny the most game awards, and pinning Titanfall, Mario Kart 8 and The Elder Scrolls Online with two awards each.

      Bungie’s upcoming cross-platform sci-fi shooter, Destiny, received awards for Best Console Game Sony PlayStation: and Best Online Multiplayer Game. Respawn Entertainment’s online-only multiplayer-focused shooter, Titanfall, took out Best Console Game Microsoft Xbox and Best Next Generation Console Game.

      Mario Kart 8 won Best Console Game Nintendo Wii and Best Family Game and The Elder Scrolls Online walked away with Best Role Playing Game and Best Social/Casual/Online Game.

      Sony’s next-generation console, the PlayStation 4, beat out Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s Wii U for Best Hardware.”

      – Polygon

      • Ducked

        Thanks for the information! I was curious of who won what.

  • Josiah Parsons

    Not surprised. MK8 looks awesome and needs more attention, and Playstation deserves the hardware stats. Every PS 4 player=one less XBONE player. They should be playing Wii U anyway, but it’s a step in the right direction.

  • starwars360

    That is good. I am expect Nintendo will doing much well next year for Wii U in some gaming showcase like this, E3 2014 and more. 🙂

    So happy Mario Kart 8 won. Yes it is look so fucking epic game. (sorry swearing). 🙂

  • Vextrum

    As long as Microsoft didn’t win a big overall award, I’m fine.

  • Dan

    I didn’t even know they had any kind of presence there. The media outlets simply did not cover them. Signs that nothing is changing over at Nintendo despite them acknowledging there is a problem.