Mar 2nd, 2016


Gamergate has been causing an uproar since August 2014, when a spurned lover turned against indie developer Zoey Quinn in a scathing piece meant to defame her. From that sprouted one of the most hateful groups on the internet, who now targets anyone they feel as though deserves to be taken to task for “being a social justice warrior.”

The latest target of the group is Nintendo of America employee Allison Rapp. The anonymous collective of internet trolls believes that Rapp is responsible for poor localizations and censoring in recent Nintendo games, despite the fact that Rapp has nothing to do with the localization teams.

Gamergate has contacted the president of the Wayne Foundation, which is an anti-sex trafficking organization. The tweets you see in the image above are from said president, who believe that Rapp is a pedophile based on allegations from Gamergate that Rapp wrote a pro-pedophilia piece while in college.

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