Jun 5th, 2013


The first ever GameFans podcast is now live, featuring Ashley King, Mark Hearn, Nick Kosmides, Chris Chavez and Rob Jackson as the moderator. We sat down to discuss our expectations when it comes to E3, the price point for the Xbox One and the Playstation 4, features of Microsoft and Sony’s new generation of console, and digital vs. physical gaming and whether digital purchases will define this console generation. You can listen above and let us know what you think below.

If you have any suggestions for future episodes or content you want the GameFans crew to discuss, shoot us an email or let us know in the comments below!

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  • eli

    JUMP or ELSE!….NI!

  • wober2

    Very cool, I cant listen now at work. But I really love this idea. You guys have been a great resource for me to check day to day! I think the more editorial you do the better!

    • Nintedward

      I’m going to listen to this in a hot bubble bath whilst enjoying my home made summer cocktails on ice. Yeh , that’s how I role ;)…. *no homo*

      • wober2

        I thought that is how podcasts work 🙂 If you dont have the right bubble density the podcast starts skipping.

        • Nintedward


          It has to be so thick that you can make yourself look like Santa clause with relative ease!

          • iceazeama


      • Clel

        Oooh… that’s a good idea. Hmmm

        • Nintedward

          You know this , man!

          My cocktail is as follows – (fresh juices , squeezed or pressed only , no concentrate) Apple , Peach , Mango , Passion fruit. With a generous helping of Malibu (Jamaican Coconut White Rum) on LOTS of ice.

          Absolutely incredible!

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Are you a woman? My cocktail is as follows – beer.


            whisky, no ice.

          • Nintedward

            I drink both of those things as well bro. But it’s absolutely boiling weather here in UK right now so I thought I would do the appropriate thing and have a cocktail on ice 😉

            Judging by your name you’re from a more northerly country than UK right ? in which case you will need Whisky to keep you from freezing 😉

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Hehe, just joking with you my friend. Drink whatever you like, I wont judge you by that. True, we need strong things here in the north so the blood wont freeze. But now its summer here at last, and we can have a juice with Malibu on a good day. Enjoy your drink!:)

          • Rey Hardy

            Tsk, alcohol.

          • Clel

            I think I might save up this idea for the Nintendo Direct 😀



  • AAAkabob

    I hope it’s like a group of friends and not too business like. Anybody who listens to The Comedy Button, Super Knockin Boots or even Podcast Beyonds knows how funny that can turn out.

    • Totally is. We’re all friends. 🙂

      • Dimitra Giorgiou

        Nice! You have such a sweet voice ashley 😀

        • Nintendofreak

          i actually expected her voice to be squeaky since most gamer girls i know have squeaky voice….

          • Clel

            Oh yeah and, I expect all Nintendo fans to have a huge zit on their nose, since all the Nintendo fans I’ve met have one.

          • Arthur Jarret

            All Nintendo fans I know are AWESOME, Super handsome, have a huge collection and have a cat that attacks random people.

            I think all Nintendo fans are like that.

            (I’m the only one I know. IRL…)

          • Pikachief

            I totally have one of those traits!! I’ll let the Wiiudaily viewers decide which one! 😉

            (Hint: it’s the cat)

      • Fred

        I just listened to it, but I didn’t catch this, how often are you going to do new episodes?

        • We’re going to do quite a few before/ after E3 and we’ll probably fall into a regular schedule after that. If not weekly, then twice a month hopefully.

  • sharlo galmo

    i think that the PS4 is also a big console…

    • D.M.T

      Of course it’s big. Sony does this to release slim and super slim versions later.

  • Squid

    Exciting. ^.^

  • Squid

    Hey I have an idea. You should ask questions to us and pick an answer from some of us and give your opinion on them!

  • sharlo galmo

    Squid what is the console you most hype off? and why?

  • Denvy

    Can this be made downloadable?

    • Working on it, Denvy. Apple has to approve the podcast before it can appear in iTunes, but once it does, you can snag it through there. For quick and dirty, you can right click this link and select Save as.


      • Denvy

        Awesome, thanks!

      • so excited! Just checked if the podcast was available through iTunes on Downcast and it wasn’t 🙁 but checked here and see you are underway 🙂 WooHoo! Roller coaster of emotions 😛

      • bizzy gie

        And we Android users?

  • jlsniper

    I wished it worked on Wii U.

    • KosmoCrisis

      Wii U browser might not have support for HTML 5 yet. 🙁

      • Arthur Jarret

        It does. This is why youtube works fine on the browser with HTML5-based video.

        In fact, wasn’t the Wii U noted to have the fastest HTML5 based browser available by several publications?

        It might just not support the jplayer you are using. This has nothing to do with HTML but just with support of the single java-based app of libsyn.

        I’m willing to test some alternative players on my own website during the weekend to see how the wii U handles the scripts if you guys will use the info. Just respond back to me here and I’ll e-mail you any findings on your normal contact e-mail.

        Side note:
        It’s funny, though – that there is some kind of relay happening on the club nintendo (EU) website, causing slow load times of their official site on their own console.

        So… all websites EXCEPT nintendo’s official one work best on Wii U

  • palomino blue

    The only bold statements I’ve ever seen MS make about their consoles are warnings that the weight could injure a small child (XBOX) or the Power brick could start a fire (360). Let’s see what statement they make with XBOXONE

    • Morits Lian

      Warning: This product may summon a meteor from outer space that might crash into your house. Please call our consumer support if this event occurs.

      • palomino blue

        Nothing surprises me anymore.

  • AAAkabob

    I liked it. Was a little corporate for me, I dunno if you all have met in person but you should get together to hang out. Maybe you’ll all get looser around eachother.

    • Cheers. It’s just the first episode, so expect us to loosen up more, definitely.

      • AAAkabob

        Also have the host give out the twitter handles of each person in the end. I’m sure you’ll all have some faithful followers soon, just like the (sometimes-creepy) love you get, Ashley lol

        • Good idea!

        • KosmoCrisis

          We did this in podcast #2. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Justis Bistawros

    Interesting i like what every one from Wii u daily,Ps4 daily and xbone just kidding sorry i coudnt help myself Xbox one daily said.

    • KosmoCrisis

      XBone, all the way. I’ll say this, I love my Xbox one. Wish Microsoft kept the Live service going for it, but I guess they didn’t see the value in supporting the “old” console. Oh wait, the “Xbox One” is a NEW system? Ooooooooh. O_o

  • greengecko007

    Mark sounded very muffled throughout the podcast. I had to turn my volume all the way up just to hear and understand him. Was there a microphone problem or something?

    • We’re working on normalizing levels for everyone for the next episode.

  • The True Gamer

    Awwwwww yeah!!!! This was a great podcast. I love all of the daily sites, and check them every couple hours. How often do you do this, because it is awesome. I will be anticipating the next one as much as….well I can’t think of a comparison. Thanks. This was AWESOME!!!!!!!

  • herz

    Gripes against xboxOne:

    If you can’t resell a physical copy of something to anyone then you don’t really own it do you? If they are making it to where I can only trade my game in to an approved reseller like oh say Gamestop, then i am guaranteed to get far less in return then i could on the open market.

    How is this going to effect the rental business? Will they also have to have the special software from Microsoft in order to clear the code after each rental? If they do will that not drive up the cost of rentals considering it now takes more time and effort? This will effectively keep them out of redbox’s as well.

    While the kinect sounds like it’s going to have some unique functions, I simply don’t like that Microsoft has filed patents that basically say that it can be used to monitor what commercials I actually watch and gather that information for ad companies or that it can sense how many people are in the room and initiate DRM. I don’t like the idea that it could be hacked like a webcam. I don’t like that it’s “always listening”.
    If it breaks how much is it to replace? Microsoft has come out and said it has to be connected to the box in order for the box to work so… if it breaks i can’t play anything? The original kinect still retails for $100 and this more advanced.

    • herz

      good podcast by the way …. you doing more in the future?

    • KosmoCrisis

      Thanks for your comment. Stay tuned (really?) for podcast #2 and your concerns addressed, somewhat.

      • herz

        well…. looks like Microsoft has addressed my concerns and game rentals will not be happening at launch and maybe not at all. *sigh*

  • iceazeama

    does people think the ouya will last?????

    • ItzameyaToad

      To be honest I think it will last for a little bit, gather up a small following and then get squashed by the bigger companies such as Sony and Nintendo. I know people will say “It’s not trying to compete with the big 3” but when you say Indie only console vs 2 other consoles with a gathering support of indie dev’s due to there restructerization of requirements to make games on ther systems easyier and more appealing then you run in to a problem. Will Ouya be successful? Yeah for awhile until the bigger companies catch up with indie support. So in the long run I don’t see the Ouya lasting, but I feel it has left a positive mark on the gaming industry by showing big companies like Sony and Nintendo that there is a big market for Indie games.

      • I think if a lot of indie devs support it like Majang will, then it will be successful. I think the Gamestick may kill its chances though because it’s actually being advertised. Too bad people don’t understand the differences between them. Sadly, the Gamestick is what everyone seems to think the OUYA is, while the OUYA is something else.

    • KosmoCrisis

      Listen in on episode #2 tomorrow for a little convo about your comment. Thanks!

  • Rey Hardy

    How do I play it?

  • Joyous Killer
    • Joyous Killer

      We need a new mama game….

  • Mike_Hawk

    I checked out xboxonedaily and ps4daily…it was like a ghost town

    • KosmoCrisis

      Those are newer sites (obviously) and people are not as vocal just yet. There have been a few topics that got readers chatting though. This Wii U following needs to go show those newbies how it’s done.

      • Aqua Team

        Yea xbox one daily told us about the xbox briefing tickets and i won a pair! Thx xboxonedaily!!!! Maybe these 3 sites can giveaway like $20 gift cards or sumthin during e3, just comment what game u wanna see the most and why!

        Just a thought lol

  • KosmoCrisis

    Hope everyone enjoys the next podcast. Lots discussed.

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo
    • Nintendofreak


    • Guest

      Listening to intor of “boy in the buble” from paul simon when watching this gif…
      Briljant match!!

  • the best choice to play games are on

  • Dylan Groot

    Uhm they ARE gonna hold keynotes (smaller ones than usual though). But whatevs!

  • I enjoyed listening to this but the audio quality was kinda crappy.

    • Yeap, we made some changes for the next episode. Thanks for listening. 🙂

  • Tim Chaten

    Audio quality is rather poor except the host 🙁 – still a good discussion – but wish the audio was better

  • Wayne Beck

    Great Show podcast guys..

    It’s too bad Ashley is dead to me now… PC gaming…

    lol jk