Aug 2nd, 2013


This week we delve into the news, including the fact that Wii U has only sold 160k units worldwide in the past three months, but Nintendo remains in the black thanks to the superb sales of the Nintendo 3DS and its software. Additionally, we discuss some of the accessories for the Xbox One and just how much RAM is available on the PS4 for games. Give it a listen and stay tuned, because Nick has a special surprise for Nintendo fans!

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  • You guys make my Friday even more awesome with these Podcasts.

    • Hope you enjoy it as much as we love arguing with each other. 🙂

    • misterhearn

      That’s like the nicest thing anyone has said to me all week. Thanks for listening.

      • No problem, You guys are great! I enjoy listening to everyone’s opinions about the gaming industry.

  • Joseph Parsons

    lego city on wii u is so fun

  • Joseph Parsons

    i us to play arcade and atari and nintendo back in the day

  • Joseph Parsons

    and on the old mac

  • mojack411

    For some reason the play button isn’t showing up for me. Tried using Firefox and Chrome and neither are working. Strange since all the podcasts before worked just fine.

    edit: Never mind, after refreshing about 10 times the play button magically appeared! Veeeeeeery peculiar.

    edit2: Now that I’ve listened to the podcast. Great podcast as usual. I always love how you guys for the most part remain unbiased but every now and then your opinions will come out but never in an aggressive way. You guys also made me really want to go out and buy a pro controller since I don’t have one already. My only gripe this episode is that Mark seems to comment a lot on how the GamePad feels heavy to him. Is it really that heavy to him? I know that this would vary from person to person and I don’t have an actual scale to test it but it doesn’t feel much heavier than a 360 controller to me. Maybe I just got used to the GamePad quickly but to me it feels comfortable. Again, matter of opinion so no worries.

    • misterhearn

      The Gamepad doesn’t weigh a ton, but it feels like there’s a bit more weight there. Haven’t put it on a scale yet, so it could all be in my head. Overall I still prefer the Pro controller over the Gamepad if it’s an available option.

  • david jarman

    Still love my gamepad.

  • Chris Hamilton

    @overlordror:disqus Chopper command was one of my favorites too,if you got a certain high score and sent in a picture to prove it activision would send you a free hat.Needless to say ,I got the hat.

  • Tekina Sibawo

    gramma nazi’ing here. (Sorry, for us grammar nazi’s it’s an ocd thing)
    kinda bothers me everytime mark says supposibly

    • misterhearn

      Actually I’m saying supposedly. No “b” in there at all. Thanks for checking the show out.

      • Tekina Sibawo

        Did I mention I’m hard of hearing? >.<
        Haven't heard the whole thing yet tho. Surgeries n stuff.

  • Tekina Sibawo

    Mark makes a good point about people freaking out when new information challenges something they thought they knew. This is why Science has such an issue with religion. Science provides data, which sometimes challenges assumptions made by religious people. Initiate freakout.