Feb 27th, 2014

We’re live with the GameFans podcast at the moment, talking Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

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  • AkaLink77


    • Decker Shado

      There is no time. Your sword is enough.

  • Fred

    GAmes that require the gamepad
    Nintendo Land
    Zombie U
    Lego City Undercover
    Rayman Legends
    Coaster Crazy Deluxe
    Game and Wario
    Rabbids Land
    Scribblenauts (Unlimited and Unmasked)
    Mario 3D World
    Wii Fit U
    That’s quite a few games that require the Gamepad. If they quit bundling the Gamepad with the Wii U then they splinter their userbase such that new games can’t be marketed to all Wii U owners if they use the Gamepad because some have it and that will decrease sales of specific games.
    I’m quite certain they won’t offer a Wii HD.

    • Superstick98

      Yeah but I noticed that when I’m playing Wii U games with the GamePad it’s mainly being used as a standard controller. It might use touchscreen and motion here and there but something like that should be optional not required. You can’t even use eshop without the GamePad. XD

      • Decker Shado

        Unfortunately, there’s people who will say that gamepad specific controls should only be optional, and others who say that there aren’t enough/aren’t ANY games that use the gamepad as anything but a traditional controller.

        I think the only thing I can garner from that, is people will complain about everything… but as far as I’m concerned, the Gamepad offers things that my PC doesn’t. Heck, Kinect 2 offers things my PC doesn’t. PS4… only after extra peripherals. Standard features mean a lot more than people give them credit for – Wii Motion Plus was great, but only.. what was it.. 2? 3 games? Not very highly supported on the original Wii.

      • Fred

        If you don’t want to use it, play games that don’t require it, but I don’t believe it would be smart for Nintendo to stop selling the Wii U with the Gamepad included unless they decide that they don’t want to use it at all anymore. Think about the Playstation Move. It was expensive and not required and NOBODY BOUGHT IT

  • nintendope

    What ever happened to Chris?

    • The Clockwork Being

      Would like to know that myself.

  • Chris Jones

    Donkey Kong uses the Gamepad for off TV play so it does support it.