Feb 3rd, 2014

We’re back down to just two of the GameFans crew this week, as Ashley and Mark discuss the huge changes Nintendo has announced over the last week. That doesn’t mean we left any of the other platforms out either though, as the Xbox One got some news about Titanfall and Sony made waves with rumors of updates. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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Mark Hearn (@MisterHearn) – XboxOneDaily.com
Ashley King (@overlordror) – WiiUDaily.com

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  • Henry Chavez


    • Give it a sec, it takes longer for it to show up there.

      • Henry Chavez

        Cool thanks, I was wondering since last weeks didn’t appear.

      • Henry Chavez

        Hi Ashley, just letting you know that the podcast didn’t drop on iTunes, at least not in the Australian store as it usually does. If you could please get someone to look into it as it has happened two weeks in a row. Thanks.

  • Masterostrich

    Huh, how about that… Because of your podcast I checked my Club Nintendo account and I had one of those “random” surveys.

    BTW, I appreciate that you guys still do a podcast even when down a member. Even when I’ve already read about what most of you discuss, I still find that when I listen to you I pick up a few random tidbits of information here and there. Plus there’s the jokes. I laughed out loud when I heard that Iwata finally decided to check his email account, which isn’t so good when you’re at work 🙂 Anyways, keep up the good work.

    • misterhearn

      Thanks for listening.

  • Chris Jones

    She says DK:C TP surely it should be DK:C TF. Unless im hearing impaired

  • Fred

    Ashley, You mentioned some of the games we know that are coming. Nintendo has confirmed that X IS COMING IN 2014 check out the second to last page here


  • Squid

    Wawata will rule us all.