Jan 26th, 2014

Welcome to another episode of the GameFans podcast! This week the crew takes a look at all the recent bad news for Nintendo over the past week, as well as the rumor that Microsoft ended up paying YouTubers to praise the Xbox One. We haven’t forgotten about Sony either, as we explore the recent reporting of saved game corruption errors and what we want from the next firmware version. It’s all here in the GameFans podcast!

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  • Superstick98

    I saw Ni No Kuni, Xbox 360 games, and a PSP in the back of Ashley. XD

  • As it hasn’t been posted yet and maybe WiiU daily/3DS daily don’t know it yet? I want to add this off topic thingy. Capcom has confirmed today that Monster Hunter 4G(ultimate) comes to the west for now only 3DS version but possible a HD version for WiiU as well (much like MH3U on Wii U), sceduled for an early 2015 release.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Lol. Is that a Vita I see in Ashleys bookshelf? A gift from Sony? 😀

    • D.M.T

      That’s a PSP, not a Vita.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Yeah, you traitor. Im sure you know.

    • It’s a PSP I’ve had for ages, bought with my own money. I’ve never received any console from a manufacturer for free, sorry. 🙂

      • Rinslowe

        Even if you did. I would call that perks of the job, as you guys are all the same entity right? Xbox One daily – PS4 Daily – Wii U Daily…
        I’m a oldschool Ninty fanboy but typically buy everything. Not going to miss out on any of those great IP’s out in the World.
        MS really isn’t making it easy this generation though. But I’ll pick up the One for Halo.

  • Skelterz

    Making a brand new console would destroy nintendo it would make them seem out of touch and lost in today’s world, like they need to just hurry the development of titles we all know there are people holding out on buying a wii u because the game they want to play ain’t out yet we’ve all read that quote, but in all seriousness this is there first HD console im not making excuses for them but who really thinks next time around this shit will happen again this bump in the road may be a blessing in disguise for us all, there going to make so much effort to bring the best quality in ip and gameplay this year its going to be unreal i say look out sony and fagsoft its game on.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    We all know what Nintendo must do. They have to go back to their roots. Look to the sources, their own history. They have to ask themselves; What is Nintendo really about? Who are we, and what do we do best? And that doesnt mean that they should look to the Wii or Gamecube. They should look farther back. Not N64, not even SNES or NES. They should look deep into their own history – their own soul. What they should do is drop out of videogame industry alltogether, and look back to the time where they were leaders in the market of love hotels, brothels and prostitution business. Here they will always have a market. Iwata, Reggie and Miyamoto should consider going back to being pimps.

    • Rinslowe

      Video game pimps you mean! Damn straight, that’s what they are already…

    • Spookoyo

      They’d finally appeal to a mature audience and figure out how to bring hardcore and softcore gamers together!

  • Forbsz

    Who cares if Ashley has other consoles and handhelds everyone does I have a ps3, pc, 3ds, Wii U, Gamecube and I want a vita.

  • Albert Lucero Jr

    Great Podcast! Before I say anything I am a huge Nintendo fan and have been since getting the NES in 1987. I mean I love this company!! But In my opinion they are in this position because of their stubbornness, arrogance, complacency and resistance to change.

    One huge example of this that was said in this Podcast was Nintendo admitting that they didn’t know what Microsoft and Sony were doing with their online infrastructure because they didn’t see them as competition. I mean how out of touch can you be, seriously????

    Nintendo could be doing way better if they listened to their fans: online (ex Why does Super Mario 3D World, Nintendoland etc not have online multiplayer) sorry but their excuse of wanting it only for local multi-player is unbelievable, give your customers the choice if they want to play local or online.

    Eshop – Nintendo has the best backlog of great games of anyone in the industry and yet their eshop is absolutely atrocious. I mean why is it so hard to release multiple great NES, GB, GBA, SNES, N64 and Gamecube games on the eshop??? There is NO excuse on why it’s taking this long, none whatsoever, Another example of not being able to adapt and make things happen for their customers who have been screaming for Nintendo to do this. Along with of course not having everything tied to a system, once again living in a bubble and not seeing what Sony and Microsoft are doing.

    Variety of games – Ok look I love Mario and Zelda. Zelda is my favorite gaming franchise of all time, however you can’t just survive with just Mario and Zelda. You need more than that. What do people say about Nintendo, kiddy console etc. Well how do you change? By releasing other game genres, THAT’S HOW. More Metroid, Star Fox, F-zero, more RPG games. What is stopping Nintendo from making their FPS franchise, survival horror franchise, sports franchise, adventure franchise, mature games etc. They can still make Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong and have these other game genres. If they can’t do it, have Retro and there other studios do it or better yet allow Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe get some western studios to focus on games just like that or allow them to buy a few western studios a piece. This will help create a wider customer range which will help with console sales and third party sales and support. Nintendo has the money, start using it.

    Third Party support, they need to really ensure they have better relationships with third parties and make them feel more involved with the hardware process, heck with this old school mentality, you need third party support so do it. If you want Grand Theft Auto, how about offering some money to rockstar to get the game on your system, show you are willing to take some of the risk but you are showing hey everyone nintendo gets these games as well.

    Hardware – Starting with the name, brand is important to some people, for me I don’t care but for a lot of people it does. Ask yourself besides brand confusion, does “Wii U” sound cool?? It really doesn’t and a lot of those gamers want to feel cool with their console. Have a better name and have a console that has some power. It doesn’t need to be exactly on the same level as Sony and Microsoft but it can’t be where people consider it last gen either.

    Lastly, when you release a console you need to have some system sellers ready at launch. You can’t depend on 3rd party to do that, Nintendo needs to do that. Where was Mario Kart, Zelda, 3D Mario or Smash Bros? We are still waiting for those games and they barely got 3D Mario a year later. I have always said that 2 out of those 4 games need to be released within the first 6 months of the consoles birth, that will ensure excitement and sales. Nintendo did none of this and that is why they are in this situation they are in now.

    This is all on Iwata and Nintendo mgmt. Bottom-line do they adapt to the way gaming is now and stay the course or do they sink.

    It’s up to you Nintendo.

    • FutureFox

      P# = paragraph number

      P2: I agree with this. Nintendo needs to at least own up to the fact that Sony and Microsoft are their competition because they do have a mobile platform presence.

      P3: I hear two things from gamers 1) Online for Wii U is actually fine 2) being the opposite. As I don’t own one I really shouldn’t have anything to say but I will quip that they do need to separate data from the console and put it on cloud based accounts. It could be the PlaysStation CD scenario all over again if they don’t (though not likely).

      P4: Well its because they do have a HUGE backlog that I can understand things taking a bit of time. Legality issues, between well-known and less known games plus siphoning through that catalog to see which games are worth putting up first in a strategic manner all adds up. After all it be very unwise to put all the blockbuster titles from the go anyway. Then there’s quality assurance on top of that (at least a little).

      P5: I agree with this for the most part and I have said as much on other forums.

      P6: When I hear about third-party support I get a little suspicious with the gamer community. When people say Ninty needs 3PS (3rd-party support) are they just looking a the cream of the crop AAA titles? They may not need 3PS now, owning Monolith Soft and probably making cozier relationships with Mistwalker and now Platinum Games. So even if they lose AAA 3PS they are making it up with 2PS so I’m beginning to think that in time won’t matter. Nintendo may be gearing up to get 2PS to develop around unique gameplay as oppose to well whatever EA and Activision is doing.

      P7: (This was actually the reason why I wanted to respond). Remember that Apple product the “i” something. Oh yeah the iPad. People had a field day with that name. I heard every joke in the book and look at it now. The name is only a problem for some people (much like the iPad, initially) but once the hardware has compelling titles and people just buy into the machine, the name will not be a matter of contention. People by machines for utility and the name will put anyone off as long as it does what it sets out to do. Much like the iPad.

      Horsepower? Really? This is a tired argument. The Wii did well with far less power than the 360 and PS3. Again it was utility that people bought into and again not the name nor or lack of power prevented people from buying it. And before anyone even says it, no, naming your product literally “A Piece of Shit ” most certainly will not gain much favor. Maybe a niche of deprave jokesters sure, but not the mass populace.

      P8: Your first and second sentences are easily disproved by how the PS4 and Xbox were sold. People wanted to experience 3P games on higher power consoles. Not many many people bought those for their 1P lineup. General consensus those were background noise to the 3P’s main course. Some of which are challenged with glitchy gameplay from the look of things.

      Lastly. Think about what you just said and examine the last 7 years. If Nintendo took your advice you wouldn’t have the Wii. No wiimote. No motion gaming. No identified casual market. NO KINECT! NO MOVE! Nintendo are the innovators in a very meaningful way. Their tent pole is focused on gameplay and everything they build revolves around that. Microsoft is centered around networking and SONY is/was media integration which they really can’t do now since everybody does it (except Nintendo doesn’t play blu-ray movies and they don’t need to).

      I think though frustrating on the outside Nintendo is making the appropriate moves to innovate, remain competitive and while doing so, not comprising their values and continue to deliver compelling games for the long term.

      • Albert Lucero Jr

        First off, your responses were well thought out =)

        P4 = True they can’t do them all at one time, however the pace they are doing it is not acceptable. I go to loads of Nintendo sites and that is the common complaint among Wii U owners is how slow they are putting out games on the virtual shop. They had more games on the Wii eshop, why are those games not on the Wii U yet? Customers are asking for N64 and Gamecube games and they are nowhere to be found. These are things within Nintendo’s control and they are failing on this big time. This shows they were not prepared for this when they launched the Wii U which falls on Iwata.

        P6 = Third Party Support is not something that I personally am concerned about however a lot of gamers want to be able to play all the popular third party games and would prefer to play them on their Nintendo console. Believe it or not some people would rather only own one console for all of their gaming needs. Currently, if gamers wanted to play final fantasy, kingdom hearts or grand theft auto for example they would be forced to get an additional system since those games are not coming to the Wii U. That is a problem and also creates a bad perception in the public and the media that Nintendo either can’t or that some people actually perceive the system can’t handle those games. Either way it’s a negative for the Wii U. I don’t think they need every game but Nintendo needs to get a pulse for their customers to see what third party games they truly want and do what they can to get those games on their console. (I do agree if they establish more relationships with third parties or expand their studios that will help with not having third parties but until that happens they still need to get better third party support)

        P7= Yes the hardware has to be compelling and that is the point, right now the Wii U is not compelling to the mass market whether it’s casuals or the hardcore gamers, which is why it’s not selling. It’s not just due to a lack of software but that the hardware is not as compelling to possible consumers and yes the name is not cool. I have heard this from a lot of people. Once again it doesn’t matter to me but obviously it does a lot of people, hence a reason the Wii U is in a big hole. It’s a combination of a lot of factors but they all add up.

        Yes the Wii was successful with a lack of power, but they had an innovative new concept that drew people to the hardware and that was the Wiimote. The gamepad unfortunately (FYI I like the gamepad a lot) did not have the same impact that the Wiimote did and there lies the issue. Wii Sports was huge showing what the Wiimote could do, while Nintendoland and the gamepad did not provide the same results. So when that happens you have a system that is under-powered and doesn’t have that something like a wiimote to draw mass amounts of customers to the Wii U.

        P8=You first and second sentences are easily disproved by how the PS4 and Xbox were sold. “You are forgetting one thing regarding that, people were hyped by those two systems from hardware specs alone. I don’t agree with it but you can’t argue with the facts that people went out like sheep and bought the PS4 and Xbone1 based on that premise. The Wii U didn’t have that type of hype for it’s console from a hardware spec standpoint. I’m sure Nintendo knew they were not making a powerhouse console and were relying on the gamepad to be the new wiimote, the new innovation on how we play games, so that’s why I am saying that they need to have some great games at launch to really grab people to their hardware.

        People wanted to experience 3P games on higher power consoles. Not many many people bought those for their 1P lineup. General consensus those were background noise to the 3P’s main course. Many course of glitchy gameplay for the looks of things.

        Glitchy or not they bought those consoles and games at an alarming rate. Point is if Nintendo is going to go the lower hardware spec route with a new innovative way to play instead of the power console way than they absolutely need to have top notch software ready at launch. They didn’t have it and they proceeded to have a huge drought and here we are. You can’t have a lower spec console and not have top notch software, you just can’t.

        We are in agreement, Nintendo is innovative and I love that about them but their current ways of thinking are what got them in this hole. They are not paying attention to trends in the market and showing any willingness to adapt.

        Hopefully Iwata and Nintendo have finally woken up with these results as it appears they might have based off of some of Iwata’s recent comments. I have no doubt they can turn it around but they have some serious work to do to make it happen.

        Great responses btw =)

  • Will W

    As Ashley Mentioned, Nintendo (historically) starts working on R&D for their new consoles quite early in the current hardware’s existence. The “Fusion” is probably false information.

    • a long time a go Nintendo says that they start to work in a new console just after the new one is out.

      • BIGRED

        Thats for real.

      • Shota

        true. but the specs aren’t real. it’s impossible to get those specs when they are just making it.

  • Kiefer Wickham

    is that the prepare your anus dude?