Jan 11th, 2014

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Welcome back to another episode of the GameFans podcast, and the first of the new year! We’re joined this week again by Jessey Nettey, a PS4 Daily contributor and Ashley has returned from internet purgatory to talk game news. We have a look at the PlayStation Now announcement coming out of CES and what this could mean for those with Sony consoles, devices, and TVs. In addition we talk Titanfall and the ever-disappointed internet, as well as the fact that Nintendo is worth double what Sony is! It’s all here! Have a listen!

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  • smithjases

    two corrections ashley. tvii has been updated twice. also have u played with sports section of tvii. it does some pretty cool stuff there

  • smithjases

    xbox one and wii u sold about the same in comparison on release periods with holdays included. over 3million. we will see about the coming months

  • smithjases

    why doesnt anyone ever gripe about the external drive situation for ps4. wii u surpasses storage capacity by far

  • Oblivion

    What happened to Nick? I must of missed the episode where he quit or something.

  • InsaneZucchini

    That’s not true, you don’t need a cable box to get use out of Nintendo TVii and as someone has already stated it’s been updated more than once. Nintendo TVii allows you to search for a show or movie you’d like to watch, it lets you see what it’s currently available on, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, or Cable TV, etc. if it is available on any of them. If it is available you can select the streaming service you’d prefer to use and it opens the respective app or changes the Cable Box channel to the appropriate channel. It does suck that it’s not available in Europe, etc. but it’s not some stagnant forgotten feature (not everywhere anyway), it was updated within the last month.

    As for the patent issue, they lost a patent case on the 3DS which leaves them paying between 1-2% per 3DS sold I think? But I heard they’re already working on getting that ruling appealed. Also in regards to patent’s and Nintendo, a company that tried to sue them over the Wii has lost and Nintendo obtained their entire patent folder. So the company that tried to sue them lost the case, lost money, and lost all of their patents.

  • Petri

    Read somewhere that Nintendo has to pay 1-2% of every 3DS they sell from the ruling on, not from everything they’ve sold so far.
    Could be wrong though, I don’t remember where I read it.