Dec 20th, 2013

Do not adjust your screen, there are three dudes on the GameFans Podcast. Ashley encountered some technical difficulties, so Chris was kind enough to fill in. As for Jessey, he’s the new guy, so be sure to give him a hard time.

In this last show of 2013, these three bros chop it up about Nintendo’s recent Direct, the Xbox One’s DRM and the PS4 high demand. Oh and Mark really, really loves his new 3DS XL. Sit back, relax and check out the show.

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  • Shota

    what does nigh mean?

    • Oblivion

      Near, Now, Upon, Coming Soon.

      • Shota

        thanks! english isn’t my first language so i didn’t know

        • Oblivion

          No worries 🙂

        • rp17

          english is my first language and i didn’t know… :/

          • The Clockwork Being

            English isn’t my first language yet I know a lot of english words and speak it casually and even I didn’t know…

  • Eduardo

    Mark when you’re finished playing with all those games don’t forget to pick up LOZ Ocarina of time 3D.

    • misterhearn

      Already got it. Thanks for listening.

  • Michael Rowlands
  • Veries Seals

    I see Mr. Chavez is not a Wii U Lover. There are tons of games out for the Wii U now and have been for months. I have all 3 next Gen consoles and there are hardly any games out for the PS4 and the Xbox one is a bit stronger in the line up for a release console, but the Wii U of course has them both in the software category. I don’t understand why people say there are no games or their systems have dust on them unless they are just not looking for games on the console at all.

  • Arthur Jarret

    buying 6/7 games is ‘going game crazy’ now???
    I buy that amount of games each week!

    • kenny Johnson

      Seriously? Let’s say each game is 10 hours of gameplay (which is conservative), that’s 60-70 hours of gaming a week? Really?

      • Arthur Jarret

        I don’t finish them all, to be honest – I work 50 hours a week to afford all my games together with food, mortgage, bills, charity etc. I work in an office (10 hours a day of staring at a computer screen) so I relax my eyes by reading at night and stay away from displays (I don’t even have a TV in my living room, but made a seperate gameroom around it) so that just leaves the weekend for gaming.

        When I game, I like choice and variety, though – and the best games ‘stick’ and keep me gaming all weekend. (like 3dworld, link between worlds, beyond: two souls, pokemon x and – most recently – tales of eternia on psp)

  • JeanPaul

    Somethings I noticed about Chris Chavez…

    1) He say’s that he there aren’t any wiiu games when there is Zelda,Pikmin, Mario,Wonderful 101, Sonic, rayman (definitive) and those are only the exclusives.
    2) He doesn’t even know SM3DW is out.
    3) He doesn’t play Mario games because they are too hard.

    Do with it what you will… but I think the people who talk in these podcast should at least be up to date with ALL the companies and be aware of when a big game comes out.

    Not saying he’s biased, he should just be better informed.