Nov 16th, 2013

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The PlayStation 4 is finally hear as of Friday, November 15th at 12:00am in North America. Europe will have to wait a couple weeks, but it will be worth the wait…hopefully. There is lots to talk about and so little time. The Xbox One is releasing in just one weeks time. Nintendo seems to be sitting in the corner making random business decisions.

For a podcast first for us, we had a special guest. As firsts go with us, there were technical complications and Michael’s audio couldn’t be included in this week’s show. But he is in theGoogle Hangouts On Air version of this podcast which you can view in our YouTube channel.

03:38 Xbox One talk
13:04 Wii U/3DS talk
23:34 PlayStation 4 talk

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  • pacheco90

    Hey guys this is off topic but since this is WiiuDaily I got great news for Super Mario 3D World, the IGN´s video review was leaked and a lot of people managed to take pictures and stuff about it. See for yourself how much it got 😀

    • soulsharingan

      I cant believe ign is giving this game a 9.6. Ign is filled with bunch of nintendo haters!

      • Andre R

        they maybe hate nintendo. but the game is obviously great.

      • Jack5221

        Those damn haters… 9.6 is clearly an understatement, game deserves a 10!

        EDIT: Also, I am curious. Is Nov 22 a worldwide release date? I really don’t want to wait until I visit the states Dec 23 to pick this game up, so I’ve decided that Im just going to get it for the jacked up price of 100$. You win vertigo -.-

        • crocodileman94

          22th in USA, 29th everywhere else (I think. At least in Europe)

      • RockieOllie

        Can’t tell if your being serious…

    • Justagamer

      Awesome! This game is mine this friday but i have heard that it will release at midnight

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Its the roar of a dying lion. Wii U is dead anyways…

      • hey man, why you so grouchy? XD

  • Shigeru Miyamoto

    Super Mario 3D World, will be the beginning of a volley of Wii U titles that will dominate the world of gaming.

    • majora :D

      I don’t thinks so… but I surely hope you prove my wrong

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Thats realistic…

  • Adam Porter

    just checked the price for this console, €400!!!! that’s the same amount i paid for the wiiU a year ago at it’s launch, i must admit now that i’m kicking myself. #feelingrippedoff

    • Petri

      Curious, where do you find it at recommended retail price?
      Here cheapest PS4 I found, was 450€.

      And that’s how it is for early adopter, even though Nintendo Land was more like a tech demo, it was still a game, and you do not get anything with PS4, except some demo you cant use without 60€ camera.
      Really doubt you bought Wii U basic for 400€.
      Don’t think Sony can afford a price drop at least for 2 years,
      but they might be able to bundle games with it.

  • Guest

    why does ashly have a ps3 in the background

    • That’s not a PS3, it’s the collector’s edition of Ni No Kuni.

  • To be fair to the Wii U youtube experience, watching youtube videos in the Wii U browser is great.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Because there are so many videos that doesnt play? 🙂

      • Austin Burn

        obvious troll is obvious

  • yousef

    ok you get with the ps4 free i mounth online gaming and free mounth of songs and free moutnth with netflx and you cant say that wii u came with one game for the price of 400 because if you want compare it this way than you have to say that wii u cost about 200 because when it lunched back in 2012 the ps3 price was 200 new and for me wii u is as good as ps3 and i personally still enjoed ps3 more because you have alot of games that you can play for ps3 lol unlike wii u when a cameout most of games that came with it they were already lunch for xbox 360 and ps3

    • Justagamer


  • yousef

    And wii u still don’t have much games to play and were alomst the end of 2013

    • Gameonfool

      Your right though, the wii u doesn’t have as many games as it should. This E3
      Better be the bomb otherwise well you know

      • Justagamer

        I think wii u will pull thru but time will tell

    • SamusPrime

      I don’t agree with the whole WiiU doens’t have any games nonsense. I have had the system since lauch, and have 19 games for it. Plus I know of 8 more I’m getting for Christmas. That’s 27 games in 13 months. I can list the games that I have, but I thinkg you get the point.

    • InsaneZucchini

      I have 18 physical games games on the Wii U. 19 including my downloaded Deus Ex, and 30-31 including digital downloads and Virtual Console games like Cloudberry Kingdom and Earthbound. That’s closing in on the number of games I have on the PS3, which I’ve had since its first year, at around launch. The Wii U has plenty of games to choose from, not too many exclusives yet, but the PS4 and Xbox One’s pickings are both aren’t much more if at all more than Wii U had at launch.

  • Dave May

    sounds great but keep in mind how many ppl. bought extra systems hoping to rip ppl. off with them around x mas and after the die hards rush in and get theirs the casuals will be wondering whats the point if the games look the same and theres not any good games to get for the system anyway, not to mention having to pay for online, and you still have to keep your old console too. i bet the new systems will see a worse sales slump then the wiiu did. now is nintendos time to shine, while the 2 consoles are sold out and people are hungry for a new system theres nintendo 200.00 cheaper with lots of amazing games to choose from

    sent from wiiu gamepad

  • Justagamer

    Leave all hate at the door..this site is for gamers not little kiddes trying to troll..Wii U is Awesome..PS4 Is awesome..Nuff said

    • Xbox One is awesome too, let’s be fair. It has some really cool features. Like that snap thing? Skype on one half of your screen, game in the other. I REALLY like that

      • Justagamer

        Nah Not for me..If you like Xbox One that cool but i won’t be getting one..Too much for a gaming console

  • Justagamer

    Nintendo Is the fun console and the other two are for the hardcore fan base but nintendo has it share of hardcore but just a different type of hardcore.So what is the problem..Gaming is the point of it all

  • Jack5221

    Kind of nice to know that PS4 sold 1 million consoles in the 1st 24/hours. Shows that the console market is still healthy. And hopefully… HOPEFULLY all the people saying “Mobile games are replacing consoles” will do us real gamers a favor and shut the hell up. Lol.

  • Jon

    PS4… Blue pulse of Death…. I feel bad for those that get it…. Replacements are in low stock as well….. I really feel bad for those that get this (as well as the red line of death too)

  • InsaneZucchini

    Don’t know if anyone has said this yet, but you don’t actually need the Wii U Gamepad for everything. You can turn on the Wii U, select apps with, and play games exclusively using the Pro Controller/Wiimote, of course the game/app you choose will need to be one that supports the use of the Pro Controller/Wiimote. You just have to hit [X] to swap the apps onto the main screen.

  • Fred

    If you use the Wii U web browser to watch youtube you can do everything on the gamepad (off tv)