Nov 11th, 2013

We’re less than a week away from the PlayStation 4 launch, so Mark, Ashley, and Nick have a go at explaining their expectations at launch and what we want to see come Friday. We also have a quick discussion about the Wii Mini, why it’s a bad idea for this holiday season, and what to expect on the Nintendo side of things. Give us a watch or listen and let us know what you think!

01:57 PlayStation new releases – TuneIn Radio Vita mini review
07:05 Xbox 360 new releases – N.W.O. Hulk Hogan is a bad guy
10:15 Nintendo new releases – Wii Mini is bad for business
16:07 Wii U/3DS News Talk
21:50 PlayStation 4 News Talk
40:55 Xbox One News Talk
52:36 What We’re Playing: Battlefield 4 PS3, WWE 2K14, Batman Arkham Origins
63:20 Sidebar: Hunger Games is not a good movie

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  • Dj

    Cool, I just want a price drop, and I’ll happily buy it

  • BIG Franky

    woo-hoo! picking mine up Friday (PS4)! 🙂
    even though it will most likely remain in its box until after Christmas…. the geeky early adopting hype-monger in me is excited….LOL….

    • I’m super hyped myself! Can’t wait for Amazon to deliver on Friday. 🙂

      • have fun with it! Kinda wish I was getting one, but oh well! That’s the way it goes 😛

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Thinking about making Wii U a Nintendo exclusive only console and pick up PS4 now. Will keep the Wii U to play Zelda (if it will come) and Mario games for the kids. The rest will be buyed for PS4. Cant wait to actually play games again 🙂

    • Simon Stevens

      Ain’t that always been the way of doing things?, I know I couldn’t live off one console alone, no way am I missing out on the elder scrolls

      • Fred

        It’s easy for me to live off 1 console, but that’s mostly because I don’t have a lot of time to play games. Last Gen I owned a Wii and PS3 and probably 85% of the games I bought over those 6 years were Nintendo Exclusive. Since I no longer have as much time to play as I used to I can easily survive with just 1 console. Don’t get the wrong idea though, I don’t even try and stick with the exclusives I just buy the best games the Wii U has to offer and so far that has been more than I have time to play.

        • Simon Stevens

          That’s fair enough, I was the same with the Wii, I don’t buy into everything I see but for games like elder scrolls, a few exclusives like Uncharted and the occasional jrpg game like Eternal Sonata and Ni no kuni, I didn’t wanna be without, my job is very off and on with being demanding so I try to make more time for games, I know my lil un could easily live off the Wii U but I just feel I’m missing out on a few games if I did the same.

          • Fred

            I can understand that. I might feel different if I had more free time. I certainly enjoy an occasional jrpg I finally got my hands on Xenoblade and I’m really enjoying that one.

          • Simon Stevens

            Xenoblade was a great game, Monolith Soft really pushed the Wii to it’s limit on that one, X looks amazing for Wii U too, be a good while before I buy into ps4, I’m sure the Wii U will hold me until I do, don’t half miss being a kid who had all the time in the world for games 🙂

          • Fred

            Oh yea I remember those days with tons of free time to play games. The down side to those days is that I didn’t have any money so 3-5 games a year was all I ever got. Lots of time, but not many games.

          • Simon Stevens

            Lol I saved up like crazy and worked on peoples odd jobs around the house, putting myself at risk to all the herberts of the world, worth it though, most guys back then I could play over and over and over, now I’ll complete it once and never go back to it.

  • Tecpedz94

    20:01 “By bringing it to the North American market” -_- Canada is part of North America LOL!! Therefore its been in the North American market for a while just not in all of North America which has now expanded to the US.

  • Simon Stevens

    Is this available on youtube?, wii u gamepad won’t let me watch it 🙁 I wanna see Ashey’s pretty face

    nevermind, I found it, happy now ^^

  • Hey now, what’s wrong with the Hunger Games? 😛

    • I hated it. 😐

      • The book, the movie, or the story itself?

        • BIG Franky

          both…an over-rated kids book made into a movie that’s been done a million times…

          • The book was actually really good, I thought.

  • bizzy gie

    So excited for PS4!

  • Arthur Jarret

    Can’t wait to pick up a PS4… haven’t preordered though, I’ll get one later when more exclusive games are available.

    I just won’t use the online functions of the thing… as I refuse to pay sony to be able to use my own internet connection with their device. This shady practice was the reason I avoided Xbox last gen…

    Most online connections aren’t even server based, just peer-to-peer. Most servers aren’t even paid for by sony, but by the game’s publishers – and they won’t see a dime of the plus subscriptions.

    From this generation on, I’ll go PC for multiplats (Wii U if they use the gamepad well) – so I can enjoy free online, much cheaper games as well as making the PS4 versions look dated.

  • Arthur Jarret


    As is the trend with most Wii U games released lately (such as Batman, Ass.Creed 4) a Wii U version is once again superior to Xbox360 and PS3.

    According to Eurogamers Digital Foundry report of Call of Duty: Ghosts:

    “On the other hand, there are no surprises with the Treyarch-developed
    Wii U version of Call of Duty: Ghosts, which opts for the same 880×720
    resolution as Black Ops 2 and is also joined by the inclusion of 2x
    multi-sampling anti-aliasing. Of the three console editions, this
    version comes the closest to matching a native 720p presentation, with
    the more cleanly defined edges providing a boost in sharpness over the
    360 and PS3 versions. The 360 release does yield a smoother presentation
    due to the mild increase in softness from the heavier vertical upscale,
    but overall, it’s Treyarch’s take on sub-HD rendering that provides the
    most visually pleasing look among the current-gen consoles.”

    • Arthur Jarret

      On the other hand…

      “Besides the variance in overall image quality, the main difference
      between the current-gen consoles lies with how the artwork is presented
      on each platform. While the core assets are fundamentally identical
      across all consoles, both the PS3 and Wii U versions of Call of Duty:
      Ghosts feature a few problems where lower-resolution textures are
      prominently displayed across characters and the environments. In many
      instances the impact of this is relatively minor and hard to notice
      beyond the occasional blurry poster or door texture, but at worst we see
      large walls and entire characters appearing on screen with what looks
      like lower-quality level-of-detail settings applied, sometimes on a
      permanent basis throughout a particular scene and even a whole level.
      This is particularly prevalent on the Wii U game, where the drop in
      artwork quality is much bigger and occurs far more frequently.”

      (Copied and pasted from

  • Zuxs13

    Ashely are you crazy the hunger games was a great movie??

  • Zuxs13

    If we dont use twitter how do we get a hold of you guys