Oct 31st, 2013

This week the GameFans podcast crew is whole once again as Nick rejoins us. Remember we’re into week 2 of our mega contest for all of the sites, so be sure and check out those posts so you can see how to win a selection of games and a console of your choice. This week we discuss the merits between 720p and 1080p gaming, as well as resolving the bet last week between Mark and Ashley when it comes to Titanfall exclusivity. Be sure to tune in for another great episode!

01:30 Week 2 – Mega Contest: Enter to win at PS4Daily, WiiUDaily, and XboxOneDaily dot com
03:54 PlayStation weekly new releases
10:05 The big resolution debate: To 1080p, or not to 1080p? That is the question.
12:33 Nintendo news
18:44 Sony news
25:11 Microsoft news
47:30 What We’ve Been Playing: Batman Arkham Origins (Wii U), LEGO Marvel (Wii U), The Walking Dead (Vita), Battlefield 4 (PS3)
53:54 Sidebar: TV, Movies, and our gaming recommendations for Halloween?

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  • handsomeguy

    That’s ashley?

    • Ragdoll

      No, that’s a monkey.

      • handsomeguy

        Lmfao, that had me laughing. Chill, she actually ain’t that bad

        • Ragdoll

          Haha yea, she looks like a wife type. Like her eyes.

          • handsomeguy

            She would look nice with some lingerie on, she got a cake. I’d give it to her

          • Ragdoll

            Haha what? I called dibs already my man xD go home. Ashley is my princess now

          • handsomeguy

            Some!, she’s mine , yo Ashley , what’s your number ?

          • Keyser

            Ok you guys are both extremely rude, juvenile, not funny, and obviously the same personā€¦please leave this page

          • Suraj Alexander

            u need to piss off! whats wrong with u guys?

          • Whats your type?…. šŸ˜‰

  • AkaLink77

    (late) congrats on your thousandth post Ashley King

  • Arthur Jarret

    Playing today: Dark Souls on ps3, SMT: Strange journey on DS and Mario bros 3’s ghost levels on GBA

    (it’s boo’s 25th birthday, after all – as SMB3 was released in ’88)

  • bizzy gie

    Who are these clowns in the comment section?

    • Ragdoll

      You must think Ashley is beautiful huh? You would marry her won’t you?

  • Suraj Alexander
  • Veries Seals

    Ashley Zelda is not the only thing coming out Nov 22nd on Nintendo Consoles. Super Mario 3D World is coming out on the 22nd as well as the Xbox One.

  • Guest