Oct 11th, 2013

We told you in our previous podcast on Wednesday that we’d be moving to a new time of recording on Thursday and releasing on Friday. This is the first of that schedule change, which is audio only thanks to Apple’s crappy MacBook Air update. Once we get Mark’s camera working again, we’ll resume our video shows.

This week Pokemon X & Y releases and we discuss why people seem to prefer one of the dual releases over the other. Another Xbox One was leaked, this time from a uh, some uh, kid. Also, PlayStation 4 pre-orders have reached 1.5 million.

01:22 – PlayStation new releases
05:25 – Xbox 360 new releases
06:00 – Wii U & 3DS new releases
11:20 – PlayStation 4 news
17:20 – Xbox One news
26:28 – Wii U news
32:15 – What We’ve Been Playing
39:42 – SideBar: Movies & TV

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  • Justagamer


  • Benjah

    To bad their is no wii u games announced.

  • Keyser

    Ashley 🙁 it’s not all bad, what about high sales after Wind Waker? …just sayin 🙂

    • News happened today after we recorded yesterday. There’s always a one day delay in release unfortunately.

  • KosmoCrisis

    Do you guys like the new New Releases segment? We’re taking any and all compliments and especially criticism. Next week, I hope Ashley will squeeze in my Tips and Tricks segment idea. Got a good one for GBA. Email us if you’ve got a good tip or gameplay trick.

  • Jon Turner

    The PS4 preorders over 1.5 million means nothing. PS3 had similar preorders and look at how that launch went. Don’t buy the hype.