Sep 18th, 2013

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Grand Theft Auto 5 came out this week. It’s huge. In addition, the GameFans crew takes a look at some rumors that the PS4 will be more powerful than the Xbox One, as well as the fact that Monster Hunter 4 has sold over 2 million units in just four days in Japan. That’s crazy! We’re waiting for a release date here in the United States, but while we wait, why don’t you give this episode a listen?

01:16 Sony news: PS4 production yields are high, BF4 PS3-to-PS4 upgrade for $10, PS4 50% more powerful than Xbox One, PS4Daily Most Anticipated PS4 games poll results
15:15 Nintendo news: Monster Hunter 4 selling well in Japan, white Pro Controller on sale at Best Buy, NSMBU+NSLU bundle in EU, Nintendo showing everyone their indies at Eurogamer Expo
22:04 Microsoft news: MS buys “” web domain, no load screens for Dead Rising 3, MS naming its Siri “Cortana”, $70 CoD: Ghosts bundle, Forza 5 is 1080p but Ryse is ONLY 900p
40:18 Q&A Time: Are you getting GTA V?
45:01 Listener Comment: Fred (WiiUDaily)
47:05 Wii U storage problems. “Officer, there’s no problem here.”
54:47 What We’ve Been Playing: Disney Infinity (PS3), Hot Shots Golf World Invitational (Vita/PSN), Killzone Mercenary (Vita), Final Fantasy XIV (PC)
59:15 What We’ve Been Watching: Dexter, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, Now You See Me, Riddick IMAX, The Walking Dead

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  • cant wait to hear the nintendo section after class 😀

  • Shota

    always love the watch podcasts

  • david jarman

    The flash drive on the wii u is more expensive, but more reliable then hdd drives. It’s cheaper to buy and choose what size of external hard drive then have one built into the console. I have the flash drive and terabyte. I’m set for a long time and I still enjoy my physical copies. I think Nintendo was more of bank on that most their fans are pretty smart and would rather have the money go to innovation and the nintendo games that will go with that.

    That was my rage.

    • Derk

      Hard drives and memory are a big complicated mess to the average Joe and most people would choose to avoid them altogether. Ask any average person how much space is on their iPhone or their ps3, and they usually don’t know.

      • david jarman

        Nintendo’s setup for external drives is easy and friendly. The best part is that its expandable memory meaniing you can play the game from it. I’m pretty average and I know a lot of people these days DO know how much memory they have especially when it comes to iphones and smart phones. Remember, the average Joe these days have been growing up with the Technology especially those born in the 90’s. My mom and Dad are in their 60’s and are well up to date with the know how.

        • Derk

          I truly don’t even know how to add more storage to my Wii U or what brands work with it, etc… I could google it and figure it out but why would I do that? I would rather drop the extra bones and let someone else worry about that for me…

          It seems ghetto when they don’t include everything you need and they force you to go hunt down extra parts.

          • david jarman

            How the heck is that ghetto? Seriously you just plug it into the USB drive and format it. To format you just click on format when asked you. Seriously it takes no brains at all.
            My 12 yr old nephew has one and set up himself.

            What’s ghetto is being stuck with one size hard drive and not being able to expand the memory is ghetto.
            Ps3 and Xbox360 non expandable memory is what ghetto.

  • Ganjabriel Del Campo

    No se vallaaaaan :'(

  • Adrian

    I’m actually strongly considering getting the 12 GB PS3, because I had the 80 GB fatty and never even came close to using up half the space. I am betting less than 10 GB used in 2 years. (I am kind of against digital download, unless it’s at a great discount).

    One thing that Nintendo needs to do, which you guys know, is fix their user database. Overarching User account id, multiple systems linked to a single User ID, downloaded games linked to the UserID. It’s so easy (from a database architecture perspective), I dunno why they don’t do it. I thought this when you guys were talking about a rebranded WiiU.

    Ashley, if possible, let me know if FF14 looks like it will have an ending. I’m a game perfectionist/addict, so I can’t play MMOs unless they have an actual ending. I’m also against pay to play subscription schemes, but FF is my favorite series, so I might consider this.

    • Hey Adrian,

      Yes, the story actually has an ending, but it’s a bit open-ended of course to make room for expansions and lore. Overall the story is very good, better than more recent FF games like FF13.

      • Arthur Jarret

        I actually liked FF13-2’s story… I won’t play an MMO though, as I think I might go too crazy with playing it to ‘get my monthly fee’s worth’.

        • Adrian

          13-2 was many times better than 13.

      • Adrian

        Awesome, thanks. Maybe I’ll consider it if I ever lose my job haha :). Only saying that because I would get addicted and marathon it for 4-8 hours a day for a few weeks I bet.

  • Robbe Does

    Wind Waker HD available for download from eshop tomorrow, 9/20 !

  • Magnus Eriksson

    2M in four days on Wii U? Either I have misunderstood something or Nintendo does very well in Japan at the time. More impressivley than imagined…

    Edit: 3DS?

    • Ace J

      monster hunter 4 is only for the 3DS

      • Magnus Eriksson


  • Arthur Jarret
  • Duo

    I can’t believe people still make a big deal about the hard drive or lack thereof on Wii U just get an external hard drive not that big a deal 40 bucks 500 gig Fry’s Electronics

  • Antar Rodríguez

    GTA 5 is awesome!! just hope watch dogs can at least compete with that

    • ConCity Soldier

      I hope so too!