Sep 11th, 2013

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This week the GameFans crew takes a look at the recently announced Vita remodel, the newly announced Vita TV, as well as Nintendo’s commitment to offering free to play games and the Xbox One leak over the weekend that showed the dashboard. Don’t miss the heated debate on whether the Vita has a sufficient game library compared to the 3DS!

01:09 Sony news: Japan gets a PS4 release date, new Vita redesign, and the Vita TV
20:00 Nintendo news: *more Free-to-play coming to Wii U, MiiVerse app coming to smartphones and 3DS “soon”
28:30 Microsoft new: Dead Rising 3 info, Xbox marketing says “no way” to giving Sony a 30% performance edge, Xbox One in the wild?
37:08 Listen comment of the day from Adrian on WiiUDaily
38:38 Q&A Time: 1. Anything wrong with the current Vita? 2. Would a 3DS owner also buy a 2DS?
48:24 Who has a better game library? Vita or 3DS?
51:58 Madden NFL 13 Vita snap review
53:30 What we’ve been watching and playing

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  • Fred

    “put it in your fanny pack” are those things still around?

    • Matt Lambourne

      ‘fanny’ means something VERY different in England…

      • Arthur Jarret

        As long as it fits in there, who cares? XP

  • Fred

    I want to comment on your discussion about buying games
    digitally and having to wait to play them. I’ve bought several AAA Wii U games
    now including NSMBU, Rayman Legends, NSLU, Sonic Racing, NBA 2K13.

    NBA 2K13 was the worst as it’s over 20GB, but I think I came
    up with a slick work around.

    Digital Pre-orders. If they start offering digital
    pre-orders where you put $5 down in the eShop a few days before it’s available and
    it downloads in the background while you do other things or downloads after you
    turn the system off. Then after it’s officially released you pay the rest of
    the money and it’s immediately available to play.

    I got thinking of this when I was trying to buy Rayman. I
    wanted to hit download at midnight so that I could play a few levels before I
    went to work on the release day, but it wasn’t available. Then on the release day
    I got up and tried to download it so that it would be ready to play when I got
    home from work, but it still wasn’t available. So after I got home from work I
    finally got it downloading and I ate dinner and then had a meeting, and I
    finally got to play, but it would have been cool to have paid $5 a day or 2 in
    advance and for it to just be ready for me to pay the rest on the release date.

  • Guest

    “Who has the better library?”

    “The 3DS, but the Vita is building theirs slowly.”

    Are you kidding me? That statement makes it sound like the
    3DS isn’t also building their library.

    We’re getting new awesome games all the time on 3DS.

    • Shota

      mario party
      sonic lost world
      a link to the past

      all of them THIS YEAR!

      • AAAkabob

        The next three months to be exact.

        • Shota

          damn time goes fast.

    • I wasn’t trying to imply that the 3DS isn’t building their library at all. It’s just the Vita is slowly working to get theirs up to where the 3DS is now. Hands down I play with my 3DS more than my Vita and I’m more excited about upcoming 3DS titles than I am Vita titles.

  • Arthur Jarret

    1. No, nothing wrong with the current Vita. I’m planning to get one soon as I see more and more games I want. I’ll get the superior OLED version, of course.

    2. No, why should they? Unless you think an ‘owner’ is an entire family.

    There is one condition in which I MIGHT get it – and that’d be account based purchases – so I can play multicart local multiplayer with it with my single digital purchases.

    3. Ermm… as monster hunter psp is not really available on vita in europe, 3DS.

  • Arthur Jarret

    Also – the no games on vita because their devs making ps4 games discussion…

    I really wish Nintendo did the same and develop less 3DS games and focus more on the big Wii U games.

    Ashley: of course now all listeners will require you to put your sailor-cursing montage youtube link here on wiiudaily, too!

  • Man

    There are seriously like no games that interest me for the Vita. I have only two games, one that I had to import in order to get it. The only game that I really want for the Vita won’t come out until next year. 3DS definitely has a better library. It’s even expanding, with the new Pokemon game being one of the must have games of the year.

  • Superstick98

    Guys you have to understand. The Vita’s selection of games does look quite bland compared to the 3DS. But It’s lifespan technically just started. Like last year. Of course I would never buy a Vita over a 3DS, but it is still awesome. The Vita will be a big feature for the PS4, too. And I hope Nintendo does something similar to that like Wii U and 3DS cross play. Both great handhelds. I want a 3DS XL and I am definitely hoping the new Vita models come to the west. I love games. Lol.

    • Fred

      The 3DS got just under a 9 month head start, but if you compare the 3DS library 9 months ago with the Vita library today I’d take the 3DS library HANDS DOWN!

  • AAAkabob

    I have DSL at home and I’m beginning download everything on my Wii U. When I bought Splinter Cell the estimated time was 36 HOURS! Now at college the speed varies a lot (5mbps currently) vs .78 at home.

    • MetroidZero


  • Adrian

    Comment of the day! Hah, Prius powerrrr. Thanks for the shoutout guys. Glad my comment was enjoyed and well received. You two dudes, do your best to cheer Ashley up when she gets cranky.

  • Mr. Hobo

    What is coming out for the 3DS in 2014? All I can think of is the next Smash Bros

    • Fred

      Mario Golf

    • Arthur Jarret

      The EU and US version of Monster hunter 4, I hope…
      Dr.Kawashima’s devilish brain training
      Yoshi’s new island
      Layton x Ace attorney
      Phoenix Wright Ace attorney 5
      Bravely default: Flying fairy

      Some might be out in US already or late 2013… but for europe, these are on my wanted list…

  • Arthur Jarret

    It’s official! Xbox One’s abbreviation will actually be ‘Xbone’.


    I’d post this in the xboxdaily community – but didn’t want to offend anyone.

  • This post is podcast unrelated but I’m looking for people to play with me on Mortal Kombat for Xbox. I would like some friends on my WiiU as well. Feel free to add me.

    Nintendo ID: Pistolero
    360 Gamertag: Cantacorridos

  • Suraj Alexander