Aug 28th, 2013

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This week the GameFans crew takes a look at the awards from Gamescom, vintage Nintendo accessories like the Power Glove, as well as some interesting tid-bits for all three next-gen consoles. This podcast was recorded yesterday before Nintendo’s big announcements today, so expect to hear about those on next week’s show.

01:45 – Xbox One news: white Xbox One, MS points now cash, XBO behind glass in stores, “One controller”, release date?
15:50 – PlayStation 4 news:
25:43 – Nintendo news
32:46 – vintage Nintendo talk: Virtual Boy, Power Glove, The Wizard, Track’n Field mat
36:00 – Site related news: Splinter Cell Blacklist giveaway (WiiUDaily)
39:00 – Gamescom highlights and awards discussion
48:15 – Comment Shoutout
49:42 – What We’re Playing/Watching

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  • Fred

    dang I was hoping for a discussion of all the big Nintendo news from today. 2DS, Wii U price drop, all the release dates, Zelda Bundle official at $299 Wii Party U coming with controller and stand bundled at $50

    • I know, sorry! We always record on Tuesdays and publish on Wednesdays and Nintendo sprang this on us. You’ll have it next week, though!

      • jay

        Yeah Nintendo always does that.

      • Fred

        I got ya. Thanks. I just assumed when this came out a few hours after the announcements that you were discussing it, but yea I realize that you do need time to edit it and stuff.

      • Fred

        On another note, do you think the summer/fall system update is coming the same day as the price cut? I would assume they’ll want it there when the (hopefully) big flood of sales starts.

        • If they’re smart it would come about a week before, so people get it as one update with their console.

    • misterhearn

      Yeah, today was a crazy day for Nintendo. Just our luck. Next week we’ll talk about Nintendo and Microsoft will finally cough up a release date for the Xbox One. Thanks for listening.

      • incoherent1

        Thanks for putting the time into making these. It’s always interesting and entertaining!

  • incoherent1

    Oh, I remember the track & field mat. My friend had one and we always played this running game and he whipped me each and every time!

    • jay

      Bad ass game, wish the balance board could support running.

  • Guest

    Mark’s audio definitely sounds better this week, but there’s some background noise this time around that wasn’t present in last week’s. I also wish you guys were a bit more consistent with your music. Sometimes it runs long and other times it doesn’t. Great content, though, and I can’t wait for next week’s with all that Nintendo news.

    • Thank you! I worked with Mark to get him sounding a bit better. Last week’s podcast had a different editor than this week, so that’s why the music might seem inconsistent and quality is different. Thanks again!

      • Mariokartfann

        Also, without headphones I can hardly hear you on the gamepad

  • Non_Specific_Action_Figure

    I know this isn’t on topic, but please sign this:

    • andrewjcole

      I’d suggest a more popular petition site. Oh, what was it called.

  • AAAkabob

    I enjoy the podcast, just make it so there isn’t too much rambling. Having said that, the last few podcasts have been increasingly enjoyable to listen to.

  • Sean


  • TheDetonator

    Why do you podcasts not get hundreds if comments like your other articles?
    I personally love them! best part about the gamefan’s sites.

  • Arthur Jarret


    Scribblenauts unlimited will finally be released in Europe this December!
    An amazing 13-month delay will put it in the same window as a brand new mario game in November and Donkey Kong Country Returns 2 in December.

  • Arthur Jarret


    European E-shop downloads today (29-08-2013):

    Wii U Virtual Console

    The Legend of Zelda (Nintendo; €4,99)

    Wii U Retail Downloads

    Rayman Legends (Ubisoft; €44,99)
    Disney Planes (Disney Interactive; €39,99)

    3DS Virtual Console

    Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos (TECMO KOEI GAMES; €4,99)

    3DS Retail Downloads

    Disney Planes (Disney Interactive; €29,99)
    My Western Horse 3D (Treva Entertainment; €39,99)


    Treasure Hunter X (Agetec; €2 Nintendo Points)

    One of the notable things of these e-shop updates is that DSi titles are still going strong. This is likely due to the way this is handled by the 3DS.

    Personally, I’d love the Wii U to handle Wiiware the same way (so, available from the main menu and available through the Wii U eshop) – and giving the old wiiware titles a new chance to be sold.

    The only addition they would need is to make a splash screen noting that miiverse and the Wii U gamepad is not supported for this title.

    • Petri

      Wow, Rayman Legends is actually cheaper on eShop than on my retailer, thats a first.
      But with 2€ more for physical + steelbook, I’m not ready for the transition.

      • Arthur Jarret

        I even bought New Super Luigi U retail – despite the 45 euro pricing in europe. Although I did get it from an online retailer that offered it for half the price as retail here.

        I also like the collectability – and I don’t want to lose any game together with the console – even if I lose the console 50 years from now when all services to be able to redownload the game on another device have stopped.

        Blu-ra… uhm, proprietary-format discs are amazingly resistant to wear and tear anyway – even more so than current non Solid State hard disks.

  • Thanks for the shout out Ashley!! I was caught off guard when I heard my name Lol

  • Oblivion

    The length of the podcast is short if anything! Most are twice as long and rightfully so.

  • aw man gaiz I got mentioned 😀

    Let it be known that I was running L4D2 at about 14 FPS that entire time and still delivered the cola *fist pump*