Aug 8th, 2013


This week we take a look at some of the recent announcements surrounding Nintendo, including the fact that the company has sold 650 million consoles in its 30 year video game business, and some of the troubles surrounding Nintendo’s eDRAM supplier. We also talk a little bit about Pikmin 3, the possibility of Left 4 Dead 3 being underway, and what our hardcore gamer faces look like!

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  • AAAkabob

    I think there’s something wrong w/ kids these days NEEDING DLC or else they feel like they’re being ripped off. I just don’t understand the logic. Also, Ashley please get a friend over to play bingo battle!

  • AAAkabob

    Have you guys talked about the Oculus Rift?

    • We haven’t! It’s something I’d like to cover eventually, especially since John Carmack is now CTO.

      • AAAkabob

        Yea, I’m interested on everyone’s expectations of it. This may be the only time I’ll be jealous of PC master race (besides Battle Field) cause there’s no doubt all the games will be on PC rather than consoles…especially Wii U lol.

      • Zuxs13

        Is this going to be like 3D, they keep coming out with it and people think its cool for a while then they give up on it because no one wants to wear crap on their head while watching/playing things?

        It does look cool though.

    • misterhearn

      I did a hands-on feature about it, but under a different publication. With respect to the network here, I won’t spam you with a link, but the Rift is pretty darn awesome. Thanks for listening to the podcast. Hope you enjoyed it.

      Edit: Ashley has given me the ok to post the feature I did here. Check it out if you’d like.

  • wober2

    I am kind of surprised that Ashley is picking up Watch Dogs for PS4 not WiiU.
    Graphics > dual screen play?

    • KosmoCrisis

      I’m certain there is no need to mention this because it’s happening by default. But that is a good question. When all three are on the market and a new third-party game releases, which version will people buy and what are their motivations?

      • Gary

        Power>Wii U’s tablet I also bought my Wii U ONLY for nintendo games any third party stuff is just a bonus for me. The only third party game I got for the Wii U is AC3 which was for off screen play since I was living on campus at the time of purchase.

    • I bought my Wii U to play Nintendo games. If I really cared about graphics, I would purchase it for PC.

      • wober2

        That is a good point. Why not pick it up for pc? What is special about the ps4 version? For me the wiiu controller is compelling.

        • e_rocket

          I agree, i think the game pad will add a lot to the game, Wii U may be the best option for Watch Dogs…

  • Michael Jurado

    My gamer face looks a lot like the face the Angry Video Game Nerd from cinamassacre makes, what’s his name? James??

  • andrewjcole

    Kinda off topic but what kind of headsets do you guys use?

    • Mason742

      For Wii U or anything? For PC I use gamescom 780.

  • mojack411

    Solid podcast as usual. Not that much as far as news goes but it’s always just fun to hear you guys talk. I too have been told that I need to see my gamer face but no one has actually described it too me though. My roommate’s G-face is hysterical, though, especially when he plays The Last of Us or Red Dead Redemption multiplayer. I wanna check out this Grammer* (on purpose) Smash thing now too haha.

    Ashley’s review is out by now so I’m curious if Mark actually picked up Pikmin 3 seeing as she gave it a 9/10.