Sep 21st, 2012

Nintendo will release older games on the Wii U Virtual Console, games from the N64, NES, and SNES eras. But we haven’t heard much about Nintendo’s other console, which always seems to get lost in the discussion. You know, the one that came before the all-conquering Wii?

Yep, we’re talking about the GameCube. Nintendo struggled with the GameCube in terms of sales and finding a market position, and ultimately ended up losing to Sony and Microsoft. But that doesn’t mean the system didn’t have any good games — it had a ton of great games.

Wind Waker Wii USpeaking to Kotaku, Reggie Fils-Aime said that he’d love to see GameCube games available on the Wii U eShop, but ended his statement with the usual PR jargon, “…but we have nothing to announce right now”.

The aren’t any real technical limitations to bring GameCube games to the Wii U. The GamePad controller can easily replace the GameCube controller, as it has all the features needed. And storage wise, GameCube games topped out at 1.5 GB — the Wii U ships in 8 GB and 32 GB configurations. Of course, users are free to add all sorts of external storage, which is quite cheap these days.

What GameCube titles would you love to see released digitally on the Wii U? Besides Zelda: The Wind Waker and Metroid, of course…


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  • Jessie Guadarrama

    Bloodrayne & Super Mario Sunshine 😀

    • 007 1/2

      DOUBLE DASH!!!!!

      • BluChuChu

        This ^^ and Custom Robo. That would be epic!

    • PachanoP


      • King of Red LIons

        F-ZERO GX!!!

    • AKA-Link77

      I thot they already were coming to Wii U™ :/
      but id like Paper Mario™

    • Master Awesomeness

      Mario Sunshine!

    • LilLizard

      Star Fox Adventures!

      • goginho

        ALL OF THE ABOVE!!

    • Jetty

      Luigi’s Mansion when Dark Moon comes out!!!

    • Bilbo Baggins

      Kirby Air ride and Resident Evil 4

  • Nintedward.

    So would everybody with half a brain . But it’s not going to be easy , the gamecube had analogue shoulder button’s and that dodgey c-stick . So each and every game is going to have to be recoded for the wii .

    A game like F-zero where the right trigger acted like a pressure senseing accelorator is going to have to be forgotten if the wiiu shoulder buttons only have one click feauture . Some gamecube games the trigger’s can do two thing if the trigger is held softly or held lightly , is my point .

    • Yamiryuu Zero

      Well, they could make a GameCube Classic Controller specially for the Wii U. And heck, even a N64 Classic Controller while they’re at it! I’d love it, if they really make them!

    • Nintenjoe64

      L and R on the wii classic controller are analogue but apparently on the wii classic controller pro they are digital only

      Lets not worry too much about what games to release and remake because we deserve new iterations of these games. I spend about double on games each nintendo generation (due to getting older and richer).

      These games (amongst others) were sadly omitted from the Wii. Let’s hope we get U versions:

      Eternal Darkness
      1080 Snowboarding

    • docthespot

      Fair point!

    • ceramicsaturn


      The C-Stick is nothing but a second joystick, something the Gamepad already has. The Gamepad also has squishy triggers (not the top bumpers) for throttle control in games like Rogue Leader (F-Zero used the triggers for “leaning” into turns, not accelerating).

      So what’s the problem? Check out the youtube video showing off the Gamepad controller in detail. You’ll see that everything the gamecube has, this has as well, plus more buttons.

      • Nintedward 3ds wiiu

        Yeh you are right about f-zero , I have not played it for a long , long time . I was just using it as an example . But a wrong example as you have pointed out.

        Hardest most frustrating game of all time = f-zero GX .

    • On The Fence

      Good point, I thaught triggers (L2,R2) were a given how do you play racing games without them?

    • Swic11

      Wii u pro controller would solve the analog trigger problem wouldn’t it? If you want to play the GameCube games you have to buy the pro controller

      • Nintedward.

        Still a small problem . I am sure Nintendo will be able to swap and relocate different commands to different button’s . The second analogue can probably act as a C-stick . And the wiiu has 2 sets of shoulder buttons unlike the gamecube with only 2 and a half shoulder buttons.

        The gamecube games will come , but i expect them to trickle onto the eshop at the same pace that GBC have been trickleing onto the 3ds’s e-shop .

    • Alienfish

      Yep, and there was also a digital button on the bottom of the pressure sensitivity which would usually have a separate effect from what happens when the button is pressed lightly.

      The Pro controller also omits analog triggers, so that doesn’t work. I’m interested to see how Nintendo deals with this misstep and I really hope it doesn’t result in yet another controller. I’m sick of buying controllers.

      • The Aquacharger

        If a GCN controller comes out I’ll buy it. It is my favorite controller design. Though it’d be nice if they’d had a Z-L to it too so we could use it instead for a pro controller.

    • elbossmx

      Also, the Wii U gamepad and Pro Controller both have two sticks. The right one could easily work as the C-stick. I’d love to see some Gamecube games on the Wii U.

  • Nintenlord


    • Macarony64

      I bet they may have a reason like gamecubes hd versions

  • Neonridr

    Rogue Squadron 2 for sure should be included, and mine as well through in part 3 too..

  • As Long As You Love Me

    I’m with you Reggie. Justin Bieber’s As Long As You Love Me Song is soo cool, wat u dooin

    • Master Awesomeness


      • SteampunkJedi


    • wii u fan 4ever

      no, not “wtf”, its ” WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?” that is so irrevelant to the discussions on this article. Omfg i just go crazy when i see these types of remarks. but oh well it doesnt affect me physically so he has all rights to do so

  • Nintenlord

    Mario golf,all the resident evils, luigis mansion,rogue squadron series ,
    Monkey ball, sonic adventure series phantasy star online ,etc etc etc.

  • As Long As You Love Me

    as long as you love me, we could be starving we could be homeless we could be broke. Bieber Forever!!!

    • LazerK

      Fuck Gayber and all the “beliebers”(*shivers*)out there

      • BluChuChu

        Let’s try not to post offensive comments on a Nintendo fan/news site. Makes the rest of us look bad, and it’s just plain mean.

  • Jetty

    Yeah they should be on there. Gamecube was severely underappreciated, I didn’t realize the numbers where like they are. Plenty of franchises really became solid during this era. I remember being amazed at RE 4 and 0 and kept wondering how Gamecube pulled those graphics out. I did like the controller also, even the weird Z button. The only disaster was Double Dash, that is the E.T. equivalent of Mario Kart. Honestly, you can buy used cheap or wait for the ROM.

    • Master Awesomeness

      Fun wise, I enjoyed the Gamecube a LOT more than wii.

      • Jetty

        No argument. Wii has it’s untouchables, but so does Gamecube.
        Prime 1 and 2 over Prime 3
        RE 4 on GC over Wii
        Melee over Brawl
        Thousand Year Door over Super Paper Mario

        • Xblade13

          Twilight Princess

  • Paul

    gamecube games yeah snes,nes and n64 no as if you already own the game can get it on your android or iphone

    • Nintenlord

      Getting nintendo games on those is ilegal

    • Axe

      Emulators on phones are awful. God damn awful. I would much rather have it on a console with a similar controller and a full tv, rather than a terrible touch screen controller 4 inches wide.

    • ceramicsaturn

      Some of us kinda like playing N64, SNES and NES games the way they were intended to be played. On a console, while you sit on a sofa, displayed on a large tv with a controller with buttons.

  • Ledreppe

    I missed out on the Game Cube era (wasn’t console gaming at the time and was at Uni and couldn’t afford anyway), and I’ve been meaning to play Super Mario Sunshine on the Game Cube I got not long ago. Game Cube on the Wii U Virtual Console may be the perfect excuse yet to finally play it!

  • Naterman

    Clearly some awesome star fox titles came out for the GC like star fox assault. I would love to see the GC games integrated, not only on the wii u, but only on the gamepad. U can play on the TV but also on the GamePad only. Knowing Nintendo, I know that they’re gonna pull it off. It’s only a matter of time.

    • LogicalDude

      Hells yeah. They already confirmed you can play the Wii games by only using the gamepad if you so choose so I’m sure you can do the same with “classic” games. I just want to see and added function where you tilt the gamepad to move the ship.

      • Morley94

        They actually confirmed that you cannot play Wii games on just the gamepad. Sorry to burst your bubble… but… yeah…

  • Armani

    I will love this!!! To play all Mario Party’s in 1 console!! Metal gear solid: The Twin Snakes, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle! Ahh I can’t really think of much this early in the morning! Haha

  • Cpt_Cheesepuffs

    I think this would be an amazing idea! I feel that the first party titles are alittle weak at launch. However if they released Gamecube games on eshop then we could get the first party titles we know and love to hold us off till the nest super smash bros, zelda, metroid, etc. Think about ssb:m with online capabilities!

  • elbrody

    skies of arcadia please and make it HD

  • Photobrick

    Well the only “problem” is what controller to use. You could use the new Wii U pro controller (or whatever it’s called). It would be nice if Nintendo made a GameCube controller that uses the same connectivity as the Wii Remote. That would work, right?

  • LP

    Resident Evil Zero, Mario Strikers and Luigi’s Mansion.

  • zeldaforwiiu

    I think that they will, maybe announce it in October or early November. I think that reconfiguring the controls would well be worth it for Nintendo. Just think of how many people might buy the Wind Waker or Mario Sunshine. Perhaps they could even start doing bundles on the eshop, like every zelda game or mario kart. What do you think about 3DS or even DS connectivity to the wii U, like they did with the GBA except wireless. If they did it would be great to play 4 swords. Tell me what you guys think.

  • ACL

    Mario sunshine, smash bros melee, etc. (and as a bit fan of LOTR… of course LOTR games)!! Would love to see gamecube games on the eshop!!

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    Super Mario Sunshine, Baiten Kaitos (never played it, but I’d love to), Fire Emblem Souen no Kiseki/Path of Radiance), Geist, Skies of Arcadia. Just put everything already! XD

  • Britton

    I would like to see Soul Calibur 2, Double Dash, Mario Sunshine, Luigis Mansion, Pikmin (even though they have a Wii version), 1080: Avalanche, and WaveRace: Bluestorm. To name a few…

    • Britton

      Why has this comment been “awaiting moderation” for so long while several others have been approved that were submitted afterward???

      • Britton

        Blah… now its done. Oh well.

  • zeldaforwiiu

    Well if they did I would TOTALLY buy these games:
    Super Mario Sunshine
    The wind waker
    4 swords adventures
    donkey Kong jungle beat
    Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
    Mario Kart double dash
    Are there any others you can think of- Pikmin doesn’t count I have it for the wii

    • Master Awesomeness

      To be honest, I actually hated wind waker… I don’t know why, I just did. I think it was that style of the game.

  • Jay

    the gamecube games that i wanna have was Luigi’s Mansion, Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart: Double Dash, Mario Party 4 or 7, and Super Smash Bros Meelee for the wii u eshop (Nintendo eShop). That’s all I got, now do it nintendo…

  • zeldaforwiiu

    By the way a can of off topic question but should I purchase Majora’s Mask on the eshop now or should I wait to see if they will be remaking it, if so I wouldn’t like to buy it twice.

  • Nintenjoe64

    I’d like to give XIII another play on the U, probably not worth it seeing as I still have my GC copy.

    Soul Calibur 2 never gets old and I lost my copy of that somehow.

  • SteampunkJedi

    I would love to try out Wind Waker. I have Twilight Princess and SS for the Wii, but I don’t have a GameCube. And I’ve never played any Metroid games before. I sure hope we can get GameCube games for the Wii U.

  • zeldaforwiiu

    Oh yeah and also Luigi’s Mansion would be great. By the way do you think that games on the eshop will be in HD or in their old format?

    • Morley94

      I would bet that they would be in their standard definition because, first of all, the Wii games will remain in standard graphics, and that would require them to remake every single gamecube game. Not worth it, and they know everyone who wants those games wants the gameplay more than the graphics anyways.

  • zeldaforwiiu

    Perhaps even F-zero GX or Starfox also

  • yan

    best gamecube games(my opinion):
    resident evil remake, resident evil 0 and RE4
    eternal darkness
    super mario sunshine & paper mario
    pikmin 1 & 2
    starfox adventures
    FF crystal chronicles
    metal gear solid 1 remake(twin snakes)
    zelda wind waker and twilight
    Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader
    super monkey ball 2

    I didnt buy a wii and I am really glad returning to nintedo after all these years! i’d love to see those games on my new WIIU! 🙂
    any suggestions for wii titles that i missed besides super mario bros and zelda?

  • DerikGotro64

    Beyond good and evil.

  • T-vo

    Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi’s Mansion, Windwaker, XD Gale of Darkness, and Super Smash Bros Melee are a must!

  • Mylochek

    I would love to see Eternal Darkness and Fire Emblem in the Gamecube section in the eStore.

  • Mateus Palamecia

    There were a TON of good Mario games for the Gamecube. Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, Mario Power Tennis, Mario Kart: Double Dash, Mario Parties 4-7, and two of my favorite games of all time, Super Mario Sunshine and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

    I found the Pokemon and Sonic games enjoyable as well, even if they had some flaws (strict catching limitations, spastic camera).

    And then there were others, like Kirby Airride and Starfox Adventures that were pretty weird for their respective series, and Luigi’s Mansion which was really short, but I still had a ton of fun playing them.

    Not to mention, Pikmin 1 and 2, LoZ: Wind Waker, Metroid Prime, F-Zero GX (even if that one did make me cry), Super Smash Bros. Melee… why the heck was this console so overlooked?! There were so many good games!!

    Personally, if my PS3, Xbox360, and Gamecube were dangling over a bottomless pit and I could only save one, I would cling to my Gamecube and stick my tongue out at the other two.

    • yan

      i totally agree with you! i have a ps3 and a GC connected to my tv and you can imagine which one i play more

  • Tehtriggerman

    I have over 150 real Gamecube games in my collection. If anything, Id like to purchase the an ‘app’ to play my own GC games. Oh well. It’ll never happen.

  • nintendofreak

    chibirobo, supermario sunshine, luigis mansion, pokemon coliseum or watever the pokemon name was cant remember, wind waker, n any other good gamecube game i cant remember for the moment.

  • qwerty

    is metroid prime with dual analogues better than pointing(as in the wii remake), would you say?

    • erik

      on a wide screen with dual analogues why would you want to use a wii mote?

  • Jannie Wildeman

    Of course i love to see ‘The Windwaker’ on WiiU. At this moment i can’t think what other game could be. O wait, there was a Cube version of ‘Twilight Princess’, of course, haha.

    • ceramicsaturn

      Rogue Squadron II and III, F-Zero, Super Smash Bros, Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart DD, Animal Crossing, Phantasy Star I & 2… I could go on. There’s plenty of great GC games to get ported over.

  • sidistic0N3

    I would love to see an HD remake of Wind Waker

  • Kahhhhyle

    I would love this too but I would rather be able to use my disc so I don’t have to re buy them…

  • DerikGotro64

    I think people tend to dismiss the gamecube cuz it wasn’t a multimedia system like the xbox and playstation 2. For what it was worth, the gamecube was a fun and cool system. That’s what nintendo is best for – making a straight forward Fun game console. Granuite that it didn’t have Devil May Cry or God of war or Halo, but it had its fair share of great titles. Resident evil 4, Smash bros. Melee, mario sunshine, zelda wind waker, starfox adventures and assault, the better soul calibur 2, beyond good and name a few.

  • Le Sauvage

    Starfox Adventures, Luigis Mansion, Kirby Air Ride, XGRA: Extreme G Racing Association to name a few.

  • DVE

    How about gamecube hd upscale to 1080p like how ps3 did there ps2 games on ps3 etc….

    • The Aquacharger

      You mean make them stretched out and look like crap? No thanks. Every PS2 game I got tired of playing full screen because bits of game would get pulled off screen and the overall image quality dropped massively.

      • yan

        this is not true… metal gear solid and god of war look great!

  • Blader

    I think the statement “The aren’t any real technical limitations to bring GameCube games to the Wii U.” is a little biased, for one it doesn’t have any analog triggers so it would be impossible to finish games such as Mario Sunshine where this feature is heavily used, also, anything from that generation is particular hard to emulate. I see as a more viable option to re-relace them on a HD remastered format than anything else.

  • Aung

    Do I hear a pokemon snap!?? WHAT WHAT!! lol

    • wii u fan 4ever

      really?!?!???!? i loved that game!!!!! ;,(

  • Luiso

    Eternal Darkness, Beyond Good and Evil, Mario Sunshine, Hunter: The Reckoning, all of 007, King Arthur, PN03, Star Fox Adventure, Timesplitters, Turok, Vexx, Wave Race.

  • WreckitRalph

    Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.=)

  • power of life

    oh mariosunshine maybe rrmake hdv that would be great and resident evill 2 and 3 are great games as well maybe to remake hdv


    I’d like too see Monkey Ball, Super Smash Bros, and I for got which one but it was a Pokemon game that had a bunch of mini gams and you could pick from a variety of characters.

    • Nintenlord

      Pokemon stadium

  • Axe

    Wind Waker, Baten Kaitos, Eternal Darkness, Tales of Symphonia, Super Mario Sunshine, Metroid Prime, Twilight Princess, Melee… I’ll think of more later.

  • *.*


    • yan

      shenmue is an exclusive for dreamcast… still waiting for shenmue 3!

  • Super Sonic128

    StarFox Assault, whooooooo! very underrated game in the series.

  • Benjamin

    Four Swords, Viewtiful Joe, Killer 7, Rogue Squadron, Resident Evil, Eternal Darkness, Luigi’s Mansion, there’s more than people know. Nevermind, Zelda, Metroid and Mario. It was a great system.

  • Pork & Cindy

    Skies of Arcadia and Eternal Darkness! I don’t like downloading games, but if those two come out, I’ll make an exception!

  • Nintenjoe64

    How do I get my avatar displayed? I’m signed in to the forums…

  • SideScreamer

    Mario Sunshine.
    Luigi’s Mansion.
    .. I’d say Star Fox Adventures but that was Rare, who is now owned by Microsoft

  • Kevin White

    Re-coding won’t happen if it’s truly VC. They just won’t release it.

    I’m holding out hope for an HD remix (which includes re-coding) of Wind Waker. I think straight GC/Wii games are going to look pretty unappetizing on the Wii U on a 1080p screen with HDMI, much to my dismay.

    The first Pikmin games, Paper Mario, MK: Double Dash, Skies of Arcadia, Eternal Darkness…

  • nintendoododo

    i would like to see paper mario thousand year door, super mario sunshine and super smash bros melee.

  • Michael

    Two words: Luigi’s Mansion

  • Jackson

    Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi’s Mansion, Mario Party 7, Mario kart Double Dash, Paper Mario Thousand year Door, the Star Fox Games….
    and of course Wind Waker…

  • Nintenlord

    Why do my comments dont show

  • tronic307

    I want Wind Waker, Sunshine and Metroid Prime in HD at 60fps!

  • Ryu No Hadouken

    Personally, I would love to see an HD remake of Baiten Kaitos.

    • meliza

      And I would like to see Paper Mario The Thousand year door in HD. High Definision!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Dan

    So funny how they say wiiu controller look like 360,, them controllers were copied right off snes design,, When i hrld my xbox 360 current controller it feels like wavebird gc controller

  • Josh

    I would like to see Metroid Prime, Cubivore, Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, Super Smash Bros Melee, F-Zero GX, Wave Race Blue Storm and any other GameCube title I might have missed back in the good ol’ GameCube days.

  • Yoshua

    Killer 7 in 1080p hd! glloooooorrious!!!

  • zeldaisforeveralive

    I think that they will, maybe announce it in October or early November. I think that reconfiguring the controls would well be worth it for Nintendo. Just think of how many people might buy the Wind Waker or Mario Sunshine. Perhaps they could even start doing bundles on the eshop, like every zelda game or mario kart. What do you think about 3DS or even DS connectivity to the wii U, like they did with the GBA except wireless. If they did it would be great to play 4 swords. Tell me what you guys think.

  • LordiMcKill

    Star Wars: Rouge Squadron 2 – that is all.

  • zeldaisforeveralive

    They should have these games:
    Super Mario Sunshine
    Metroid Series
    Wind Waker
    4 swords adventures
    Luigi’s Mansion
    Donkey Kong jungle beat
    Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
    Mario Kart Double Dash
    Maybe Starfox Assault and Adventures
    Maybe F-Zero GX
    Maybe Super Smash Bros 2
    Maybe Animal Crossing
    Not Pikmin 1 or 2 though because they are already on the wii
    Not twilight Princess because it too is on the wii

  • ripcord

    I would love to see true crime, mario , matrix, star wars: bountyhunter, star wars and need for speed most wanted.

  • Trev

    Eternal darkness and resident evil 2 and 3 and re Veronica chronicles

  • Mushroomgarcia

    pikmin, pikmin2 and mario games!!!

  • rafael

    I think nintendo is going to do something with Zelda: Four Swords Adventures because that would be perfect for the Wii-U.

  • Trev

    Eternal darkness and resident evil 2 and 3 and re Veronica chronicles U. Personally I hope they will someday release wii games that were never localized in America like pandoras tower and fata frame!!!!!

  • Benjamin

    Four Swords, Viewtiful Joe, Killer 7, Rogue Squadron, Resident Evil, Eternal Darkness, Luigi’s Mansion, there’s more than people know. Nevermind Zelda, Metroid and Mario. It was a great system. Who needs a GC controller? There’s now a Pro controller.

  • ZombieGuns

    Don’t care.

    • meliza

      If you don’t carethan don’t say anything! /_/

  • TheImaj

    Eternal Darkness, Rogue Squadron 2, Geist, Bloody Roar, Bloodrayne

    And PLEASE bring PilotWings64 to the Wii U Virtual Console!

  • ssb4

    I would love to see Smash Bros Melee, Wind Waker, and Super Mario Sunshine

  • Joshua Durcan

    18_Wheeler:_American_Pro_Trucker and animal crossing

  • Nintendo Power of Canada/USA

    I want to see SSBM on Wii U…..or and HD Remake of 3 Super Smash Bros on Wii U. You know to get ready for Super Smash Bros for Wii U

  • 7upland

    Paper Mario 2 and Super Mario Sunshine on gamepad = dream come true

  • Ninty1

    I love to see Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion and Zelda Four Swords Adventures



  • Johny

    TUROK ! … the multiplayer spliscreen is awsome… the wii itself doesnt have as good splitscreen fps .. honestly !

  • MujuraNoKamen

    huh? I thought it had already been confirmed that GC games were a definite for VC. Oh well, if/when they do arrive I’ll hope they’ll have all the classics. I have got most of the Gamecube Classics and play them on my Wii – I didn’t have a Gamecube :'( – stuff like Metroid Prime 1 & 2, Mario Sunshine, Starfox Assault, Luigi’s mansion, Zelda: The Wind Waker. sadly I don’t have Smash Bros Melee, Paper Mario: TTYD, so I’d like to give those a try if they’re on Virtual Console (if not I’ll just get them for my Wii) Any other awesome GC titles that you could recommend?



  • Castamere

    Instead of GameCube re-releases on the eShop, I’d much rather see HD remasters of popular GameCube games released on a disc—games like Super Mario Sunshine, Wind Waker, Luigi’s Mansion, F-Zero GX, etc.—all in glorious 1080p, similar to how Sony has been re-releasing HD remasters of their popular PlayStation 2 games.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Metroid Prime and Wind Waker HD!

  • NesToWiiU

    The gamecube to date has been the Nintendo console I’m least interested in.Maybe if I had the will to buy gamecube games THIS TIME,then maybe that could change.

  • Buckethead Jr.

    OH MAN! i would LOVE to see Paper Mario Thousand Year the Door, TLOZ Wind Waker, Mario Kart Double Dash, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Party 4-7, Pokemon Colisseum, Super Smash Bros Melee, some good old Need for Speed’s, Resident Evil’s, F Zero GX (although i never played it) Sonic Heroes ETC…

  • BlazingFiber

    Conker’s Bad Fur Day 🙂

  • WiiUnited

    They should remake legend of zelda four swords adventures
    4 pro controllers should work just fine 🙂

    • Shane

      The 3DS is waiting for 4 Swords, along with the gamepads. Integrate everything.

  • Shock


  • Kirbymon123

    Kirby air ride!!!! Y’know, kirby is a nintendo franchise too but I don’t see a lot of love for him here… 😛

  • Nate

    Sunshine and Paper Mario 2. Period.

  • Shane

    I want all the games ever made on one console. Ready… set… go! Thanks Nintendo!

  • xarret

    mario sunshine, luigis mansion others i can think of right now and of course you said not to mentioned it but windwaker.

    • meliza

      I forgot of those two games… I used to love playing them before I messed them up by accident.

  • meliza

    Paper Mario the Thousand year door, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Mario Party 4 and Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom. Please… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Christian

    (Second Paragraph) * There…*

  • bb

    I would I would like to see sonic adventure sonic adventure 2 battle and POKEMON colleseum and xd and channel thank you Reggie for that gamecube comment I am all out on this who agreea

  • bb

    S about my last comment

  • xxNin-twin-doxx

    Straight up Super smash bros melee, Codename Kids Next Door, and Megaman X Collection

  • Kirby

    Kirby’s Air Ride, The Wind Waker, Mario Kart: Double Dash, Pokemon Channel, Pokemon XD, Pokemon Colosseum, Super Mario Sunshine.. The list goes on and on.

  • lima’s gamer

    awesome consolee!!!, wind waker, double dash, melee, mario strikers, star fox assault, metroid prime 1 & 2, RE 4.

  • bcjuggalo

    Timesplitters would be awesome

  • oldenvye6432

    I’d love to see Rogue squadron HD AND Windwaker

  • Grem

    What I remember GameCube for? Games and the god damn controller.

    Seriously, it was epic.

  • WarioForever

    Luigi’s Mansion!!!
    Wario World!!!!!!!


    Rayman 3 and Sonic Heroes NOW!!!

  • MujuraNoKamen

    :'( why was the GC so under-appreciated? it had epic games and epic graphics. I know it didn’t have much 3rd party support (mostly due to low sales) but why the low sales. I never had a GameCube but I knew a few people who did but I never knew anyone with an XBox, and how the hell did XBox beat GC, with it’s awesome games and power.

  • Alfornintendo212

    What do you think of 3DS-Wii U connectivity(like GBA and GC), do you think they could do it? if so i would totally buy 4 swords adventures.

  • Alfornintendo212

    Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
    Luigi’s Mansion
    Double Dash
    No Pikmin 1 or 2 because they have been re-released
    Super Mario Sunshine
    Starfox Adventures
    Starfox Assault
    F-zero GX
    Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
    Animal Crossing
    Super Smash Bros Melee
    Not Twilight Princess as it is on wii
    4 swords adventures
    Super Mario Strikers

  • Alfornintendo212

    Will the games be in HD or in their old format?

  • Fresnokila

    I would love to see all the games mentioned above..I also enjoyed Twin Snakes…Geist…and believe or not P.N.03

  • Sham

    I still have my gc controllers so if the wiiu works with em i could use that as a pro controller

  • pikapower0000


  • wiiuswagger

    number 5: kirby airride.
    number 4: mario kart: double dash!!
    number 3: super mario sunshine
    number 2: super smash bros melee
    number 1: the one and only luigis mansion

  • Sikora

    Medal of Honor: Frontline, Super mario sunshine, Mariokart Double Dash, Soul Calibor 2, StarFox Adventures, Spiderman 2, Super Smash Bros. Melee, 007: Nightfire, Donkey kong: Jungle beat, Time Splitters, NFS: Hot pursuit 2, Tales of Sympthonia, F-Zero GX, Paper Mario, Viewtiful Joe, Killer 7, Warioware, and… P.N.03

    Zelda Four Swords adventures would be a great launch title for the WiiUShop, In the original, you connected a GBA to the gamecube and use the GBA as a second screen. Swap the GBA with the GamePad and BOOM, an amazing Multiplayer experience.

    … (I collect Gamecube games, love the console)

  • Ljink

    ♪Wind Waker on pad me want very bad!♪

  • eli seth

    paper Mario the thousand year door!

  • Marla

    Yes. I would love to see some GameCube games, too. Also, I want the Banjo-Kazooie, series back from the N64.

  • Marla

    I was really ticked off when they put that last Banjo Kazooie on the XBOX 360…I mean, of ALLLL systems! 🙁

  • LibertyZero

    1. F-Zero GX
    2. Super Smash Bros. Melee
    3. Super Mario Sunshine
    4. Star Fox Assault
    5. Star Fox Adventures
    6. Legend of Zelda: Collector’s Edition (I hope). xD

  • Lucas

    Read as “Reggie would like to see girl’s titties on Wii U”.

    • Grodus

      Read as “A wild GameCube hater appears!”

  • Grodus

    Um… everything.
    But seriously:
    Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
    Super Mario Sunshine
    Wind Waker
    That’s just first party.

  • tehtriggerman

    “I would love to see an HD remake of Wind Waker”

    Buy the actual game for dirt cheap, make an ISO and play it on your PC with DOLPHIN in HD. Best of all you can do it NOW.

  • ncv144

    Pikmin & Pikmin 2 (never had them)
    Mario Sunshine
    Mario Kart Double Dash!
    Paper Mario: TTYD
    Mario party 4-7
    Luigi’s Mansion
    007: Everything or nothing
    (Basically my Game colection minus pikmin games and sunshine which i lost 🙁

  • Pikmaster

    It would be cool if they added wifi to melee and 4swords.

  • KufaShinigami

    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Gamecube vercion) Pokémon Colloseum, Luigi´s Mansion, Super Smash Bros. Melee And Super Mario Sunshine are the best Choises for this Digital Market of 6th Gen games

  • Chaz

    Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes!!!

  • Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness was awesome! Super Mario Sunshine. Vex was amazing too.