Mar 25th, 2014


During the Nintendo Direct earlier this year, Satoru Iwata announced that Gameboy Advance games would begin making their way to the Wii U virtual console. While this wasn’t the GameCube announcement that many wanted, it does mark one of the biggest catalogues of Nintendo handheld games finally being available on a home console. No date was given when the announcement was made, but according to the Facebook page of Wii U France, the first Gameboy Advance game to come to the Wii U will be Advance Wars in April.

So far this is the only game that has been announced and it’s been confirmed by Nintendo UK as well. There’s no information on US availability, but we’ll keep you updated when we have more information.

[via NeoGAF]

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  • Sdudyoy

    Yay, I’m not from Europe but that’s awesome!

    • matt

      It is but the Gamecube was loved if they put gamecube classics on virtual console the wiiu would see a huge boost…..

      • Sdudyoy

        Gamecube games would be awesome, but I don’t know if they’re coming or not, they have only ever said it could be a possibility, I’m guessing if they do come out with them, there would only be a few.

  • matthew garcia

    What the hell man I mean this is cool but I want gamecube games. I need some eternal darkness and fire emblem damnit

  • gtosheex

    sorry but when i have gba4ios this is just pointless… bring the n64 and GC games then i’ll spend $$$

    • Restone

      You won’t spend $$$. Just wait for n64ios or GC4ios. I mean you’re already downloading and playing roms illegally why stop now right?

      • matthew garcia

        I won’t lie I do it to. It’s cool though cuz on the emulator u get to play majoras mask in hd with enhanced textures it looks awesome. Can’t do that on wii u. Crazy how nintendo won’t take the time to enhance these games but a pirate will for the benefit of everybody

        • David Trail

          It aint cool dude!

          • matthew garcia

            Don’t give a Damn what u think

        • Squid

          Yes, let’s just make Nintendo enhance old games and forget the new games because screw those.

          • matthew garcia

            I’m down with that. Kinda crazy that android got a enhanced version of final fantasy 3 for Snes and nintendo did not

          • Squid

            That’s ridiculous. I’d rather have X and Smash Bros U than have a remake of Zelda 1 and Bubble Bobble.

          • matthew garcia

            I don’t care for smash bros but I do want x. Bullshit if u think nintendo can’t do both at the same time.

          • Squid

            My point is that I’d rather them work on bigger and better things.

          • matthew garcia

            They have billions of dollars they should be able to do whatever they want but no they rather release a game once every 3 or 4 months not advertise for shit and give us 1 virtual console game a month. Stingy cock suckers

          • gtosheex

            yeah i dont get why they have so much money and don’t do more! i guess it’s harder than we think?

          • Cyberus

            Don’t act like the majority people aren’t like “old games were good, everything is awful now”

    • Fred

      I’ll buy this, but I’m with you on the N64 and GC too! Especially for HD remakes I bought WWHD

  • jjbredesen
    • RecheDiazrivarola

      o_o. ugly illustration

      • jjbredesen

        I know :P, wish Nintendo would just make one of these, or at least something that will let me play gc games.

        • Josiah Parsons

          I forgot how much I loved double dash until I watched that video. A new one would be so awesome! Or maybe a Double Dash mode for MK8 as DLC!

    • Dark-Link73

      GCN games would be great along with more N64 games (I don’t think Nintendo released enough for Wii). I’d like to see also original Arcade ROM files on the eShop VC. While the NES versions of DK are good, they don’t compare to the original arcade versions.

    • Donaald

      Join the #NintendoRedirect movement.

      • jjbredesen

        Nintendo does not care about petitions sorry 🙁

        • sebastian

          You do understand that earthbound was released on the VC because of fan outcry and I am pretty sure we are getting a ruby remake because of an ominous pokemon twitter post. We shouldn’t cater to company’s, company’s should cater to us.

          • jjbredesen

            I agree on your way of thinking, but the fan outcry against stuff such as Region Locking was ignored etc.

            A game such as earthbound is extremely easy to get to the rest of the world, would not take more than 4-5 days.

            What NintendoRedirect movement wants is to restructure the whole company and that is not something that will happen unless the board decides to, and they already have, or at least partly because they want to go more western in there ways of thinking.

            Can’t really compare a game to that, and a ruby remake is possible, but i don’t think that is what is on there minds at this time.

    • Tecpedz94

      That’s what i dont get… Lets just say Nintendo will never get the 3rd party support it wants on wiiu im just saying hypothetically. Them putting these GBA games and Gamecube games and a better line up of virtual console games (N64 too) is good enough to boost sales like crazy and then because of the sales :O “gasp” what ohh 3rd party support suddenly comes in …… Why is it taking so long to import these games onto the eshop??? The 3ds didn’t even get GBA games i only have the ambassador ones…

  • Tim van Broekhoven

    Advancewars is nice, but all we want is Gamecube games

  • Bobby Rade

    can’t wait to get only 1 GBA title a month. virtual console is a colossal disappointment, nintendo is never going to fix it.

  • MariaSCoppinger

    During the Nintendo Dirrect earlier this year, Satoru Iwata announced that Gameboy Advance games would begin making their way to the Wii U virtual console. While this wasn’t the GaameCube announceement that many wanted, it does mark one of the biggest catalogues of Nintendo handheld games finally being available on a home console.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Yes, I wanted GCN games much more and it would have made most sense. But GBA games is a good second. So I guess Im happy about this. DS games however seems like a waste. Why wouldnt I buy them for the 3DS instead?

  • Fred

    Do we know the price yet? I’d love to buy Advance Wars and Minish Cap. Maybe if we all say something in club nintendo surveys they’ll finally decide to do Gamecube. Until then, I’ll keep my old Gamecube!

    • matthew garcia

      For games that are just megabytes in size nintendo sure does take a long time to make games available. They offer like 1 or 2 games a month when it’s like a 500 game library. This is ridiculous

      • Fred

        I agree with you. That’s why every time I do a club Nintendo survey on a VC game I always give a virtual console a low rating and state the reason as a lack of titles. I then ask them to pump out all the SNES, N64 and GameCube titles so that I can give them my money

      • Squid

        They need to be ported to Wii U as well as having. Gamepad support, controller support, and Save points. They also have screen support that isn’t widescreen now.

  • David Trail

    Looking forward to gba an ds games. Never played superstar saga!

  • Squid

    Don’t tease me like you did with Pokebank Nintendo.

  • Arthur Jarret

    I already got the original! Actually, I got all gamecube, N64, GB, GBC and GBA games I want… the only thing I need is for Nintendo to put Mario RPG and Sin and Punishment on wii u so I can get em out of the fugly wii mode.

    I’ll keep to the original consoles for the rest.

  • Bit pointless imo pretty much every GBA game I like and played I still have them and can play them on my DS Lite. So why would we spent money on these titles again to play them on Wii U? Maybe for some it’s a good decision, but for most it’s pretty pointless, makes me think Nintendo is so in Dire need of games (true they are for Wii U atleast) that they pull every string to do so.

    I’m sorry but I truly find this pointless and waste of resources. And feels like a Milkcow to me. I agree with others though bring GC and N64 games instead of this, N64 died out to soon and GC was greatly underrated, that would be far more usefull then this strange decision. If the games would be available on Wii U and 3DS when buying one of them it would atleast make sense…

  • Josie the Sketcher

    Advance wars has some awesome music!

  • Matski

    Amazing news! this is one of my favourite games of all time and I’ve been wanting to play it on the big screen for years!!! whoop!