Sep 24th, 2012

Game & Wario isn’t a Wii U title Nintendo has talked a lot about lately. Game & Wario — officially it’s still a working title — is a collection of mini-games used to showcase the Wii U console at various events. But there aren’t many details about the game, at least not coming form the official Nintendo channels. Game & Wario wasn’t one of the featured games at E3 nor any other major show (even though it was playable by attendees). And while Nintendo has an official page for the game, there aren’t many details to find there, only that it supports up to 5 players. But at the very least, we got some Game & Wario screenshots, showing off some of the mini-games and how the GamePad is used.

And when it comes to the title of the game, we think “Wario Land” would fit nicely. Any ideas for titles? Let us know in the comments section!

Game & Wario Wii U screenshots

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  • MinowaEli

    Loving the art style! ^_^

    • PACMAN

      Please make a new kid icarus instead of this goofy game. Kid Icarus could be amazing on wiiu with two new triggers on the game pad. I am not trying to insult game and wario. I would just much rather have a new kid icarus game.

      • ZMW

        how about keeping the wario game aswell as makeing a Kid Icarus game?

      • No

        How about posting a free comment rather than leeching off of the first one just so people can see your post -.-

      • HOBO

        I agree. It would be cool to have another Kid Icarus, but I think it would be very cool if they made it five player.

      • Nick

        The team that is making Game & Wario are not related to the team that made Kid Icarus at all, so that is a really weird, off topic thing to say. Not only that, the team that made the Kid Icarus game for 3DS last year went under after that game came out, so there is that.

  • Mida

    Wario’s body is ready.

    • NavyBlueYoshi

      You my friend, have mentally scared me forever with the image XD

  • No One

    It seems fun but what are you doing in the pictures with all the people walking around the city?

    • Drawin

      It’s a game where you have to find certain people in a crowd. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Noteak

    Not to be offensive but this is not my type of game.

    • MinowaEli

      At least explain why ._.

      • Noteak

        I am more into action games not search sort of games.

        • MinowaEli

          Wario games tend to consist of mini games…

          • theBALLANCEDopinion

            Do you think perhaps this will be a virtual release only? It looks like the type of game you can get on the e shop for like 25 bucks.

    • Elite

      I will agree. I prefer Wario to be its original action style game. Not what ever this is. Specifically the game boy and gba Wario games. OMG if they made a side scrolled game somewhat like Super Mario Bros u, but it is Wario. I would definitely pick it up day one.

  • Jetty

    Meh, this isn’t my type of game but I will try it. Those short burst mini games aren’t as great as a Wario platformer. Knowing Nintendo, they’ll shut me up and prove me wrong.

    • ZombieGuns

      Same here. Not a purchase for me, but i’ll rent it.

    • The Random Man

      From what I’ve seen, these are going to be more in-depth minigames instead of the usual microgames we know and love. I currently see little benefit from this, being a Wario game and all, so I hope Nintendo proves me wrong too.

      • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

        60 bucks is a lot for a mini game collection but yes they do look a little more in depth. Hopefully this game has enough content to justify it’s price…whatever it ends up being. It looks fun enough

        • frank

          Yeah, similar to nintendo land’s metroid blast misson mode. That’s simple in concept but the need to survive will get you thinking

  • Nintenlord

    i would like if nintendo would make a remake on 3ds of the virtualboy game and start to release gameboy advance games on the e shop

    • Jetty

      Sweet Jesus, this is the greatest comment about a remake by far. I wish you a prosperous launch!

      • The Random Man

        Don’t forget Mother 3….+ D…….in English of course……….and maybe the other 2 games too.

        • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

          Mother 3 is sooo awesome. I love that game. You may not agree with emulators but I have an english mother 3 translated rom that runs 100% on my Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. I’m at the very end. I want more from this great series. Mother Trilogy or Mother 4 or something…

          • Nintendo is da best

            they are making a mother 4 fangame look it up ๐Ÿ˜€


    Im not a fan of this game but will get it anyways for my son but i want some zombiU

    • ZombieGuns

      ZombieU FTW!

  • ineedawiiuNOW

    warios trying to find some women. lawl =)

  • WII U 4 LIFE

    Let the games begin. Who all bought the black wii u?
    I was first to preorder it at gamestop

    • ZombieGuns

      I bought the black Wii U Deluxe too. I don’t think I was the first to preorder, but I was at Gamestop on Sept. 13 at 2:30.

    • Nintedward.

      Me !!!!! once you go black you never go back !

    • Neonridr

      got my Black Wii U on preorder along with ZombiU and a black pro controller..

      November 18th can’t get here soon enough!

  • Captain Potato

    Wario’s Wacky World anyone?

  • Jeancarlos Felix

    I kno it’s not out yet but I was wondering if the Wii U had Bluetooth or wireless capabilitys for headphones (gaming)

    • Nintenlord

      i saw some articles about bluetooth periferals coming to wii u

    • MinowaEli

      The Wii U does have Bluetooth capabilities since the Wii Remote connects via bluetooth,

      • frank

        Yeah the pointer capabilities use InfraRed and the sensor bar but everything else is bluetooth (or usb for microphones and such). That’s why the pointer will only work up close while everthing else can work from farther away

  • Bobsingh

    i’ve barely even heard of this game. looks great though

  • Troll patrol.

    If these games can match up to the sheer magnitude of Wario ware smooth moves , Wario ware touched and DIY , then we have a must buy on our hands.
    At the moment all I can see is about 4 mini games . We need to know more about the depth of Game and Wario .

    Troll patrol away !!!!!!! *steps into care and slowly drives to doughnut store*

    • Troll patrol.

      *car* . Troll patrol is too old for this ……

      • Grodus

        It annoys me how you ALWAYS reply to EVERY comment you make. Ugh.

        • Troll patrol.

          Correcting or adding information is important. Besides , Troll patrol has only ever commented about 10 times before .

          So please shut up before I arrest you .

    • Nintenlord

      Nooooo i downvote sryyyy sir

  • Nintendo Power of Canada/USA

    Sorry this is off topic but I want to make a suggestion to Wii U Daily. Every time when people gets replys its confusing of who said this and that and they are multiple replys, so can you like implant something that makes somebody’s name reply to Somebody’s name, like youtube have when you reply to someones comment

    • ZombieGuns

      Great idea!
      Are you reading this wiiudaily?

      • Nintendo Power of Canada/USA

        You see this? I just reply to ZombieGuns but it makes it look like I reply to myself

  • SteampunkJedi

    Looks like it could be fun to play. And @Captain Potato, I think that’s a good name for it. It’s alliterative and fitting.

  • Wii U Gamer#19

    Wario Ware U i think that would be an awesome name cuz this game looks like another Wario Ware game to me but i hope its good.

    didn’t really like that last one for some reason :/

  • Jimmeth

    Looks pretty good…
    wonder how long till lucifer shows up..

    • Xblade13

      SHUT UP or you’ll jynx it!

  • Maverick-Hunter

    This game has potential a lot like that other wario game for the wii that had tons of mini games infect if it’s anything like that game I’ll probably buy but I’m in no rush for it I have plenty other games that make my top 7 must gets

  • Nick

    I think Game and Wario is an awesome title. If they do it right, it could just be the knew name of the Wario Ware series. If the games were just a little more in depth (which they seem to be in Game and Wario), Wario Ware really could feel like a collection of game & watch games, and giving Wario the series would be a great way to keep it alive. Mr. Game&Watch can’t carry a series by himself anymore, but he’d make a great costar beside Wario.

  • mike

    I love how the bow resembles wario’s mustache


    This game does not seem very interesting to me….

    • Laud

      I don’t know why people would down vote you, all you did was express your opinion.

      Just ignore them. A lot of people here like to down vote others simply because they’re not completely satisfied over a Nintendo product.


      • Roedburn

        I think it has more to do with others not agreeing with their opinion, not that they don’t like the person or anything.

  • Laud

    I know this is irrelevant but I just preordered Pokemon Black 2 and I can’t wait. :3

    Also, the only Party game I would ever play is Mario Party. Although I’ll probably rent this game.

  • brawl

    Yo guys, what happened to the fourm???

    • Grodus

      On some computers, the button to go to the forums will be directly under the Home button, hdden by the page. You can still click it, though.

  • Lusunup

    Its a beautiful game an all but not my first thing on my list.

  • Johny

    we NEED a new wario ware game ๐Ÿ˜€ … it would be perfect and showing some stuff wii U can do xD

  • AO1JMM

    Meh, not interested.

  • ei8bitNinty

    Wario World! ^_^

  • Steve

    Wariomania is a name that could work. It’d certainly clarify it from possibly being related to wario land games or wario world.

  • LyingTuna

    … Wario Land would fit nicely? No…it wouldn’t work at all. That is a series all ready. Call it something lIke wario ware u.

  • Naterman

    Meh im not a fan of wario minigames game lol. It should be called warios game & watch collection. I wanna see mr game and watch brought back some how to the wii u. As well as the ice climbers. Lets see how this console surprises us. I preordered my white basic wii u (cuz they ran out of deluxe) with Nintendo land

  • Xblade13

    Game and Wario looks fun. Mustache Bow!

    In other, completely unrelated news, Sony said they’ll continue supporting PS3 through 2015. (I would send it to you as an article, but I can’t. I’m using a Wii to comment here! I have to get my PC fixed.) ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Novum Magus

    Wario Land? C’mon, how old are you child? There is already a Wario Land for the GB. You call yourself a true Nintendo fan and you didn’t know that?! ๐Ÿ˜€ (just messing with you) Seriously though, “Game and Wario” is kind of a cool title. It harkens back to the “Game and Watch” series, which was kind of the start of Nintendo’s video games


    It does not look like a traditional Wario ware game to me, but it still looks awesome.

  • Benjaminkno


  • u mad bro

    I think this game is coming later after launch because Nintendo have not yet made a official name for it and did not show more about the game and it’s minigames.

  • On The Fence

    Sony just announced day one PSN digital downloads on all titles starting October, I’m sure they thanked Nintendo for the idea.

  • TheMan

    That should have been the Wii Uยดs Wii Sports.

  • emil

    anybody knows if they are making an other warioland game for the wii u i like the warioware games but i like the games more when they have a plot and wario hunting for treasure

  • Looks like Nintendoland 2