Feb 10th, 2013

Game & Wario is set for release later this year, and Nintendo has surprisingly kept quiet about the new party game. So far we have only seen a few official screenshots, but no trailers and gameplay footage from the official channels at Nintendo. In fact, Nintendo has been so hush-hush about Game & Wario that few Wii U owners know the game even exists. It’s about time Nintendo starts promoting the game, and it looks like they’ve started with the Game & Wario Wii U box art. It’s the Japanese version, and it looks pretty cool.

Game Wario Wii U box art
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  • wii u daily is slow! this is why not a lot of people go on here

    • Mickey Mouse

      First I’ve seen of it, and I usually check more than just wiiudaily everyday.

      • Iuri Borges

        me too ūüôā

      • ¬†i go to mynintendonews

        • RonaldRayguns

          Well then go there idiot.

          • The_fuzz_buzz

            Dude, you don’t have to be a jerkface just because he doesn’t come here.¬†

          • Ness Troll

            kid, what kind of an insult is that…

          • [000]

            Hold on there. We don’t need any competition with this. You’re giving him ideas.

          • The_fuzz_buzz

            First, I’m not a kid, I’m 25 years old. Second, it’s the kind that doesn’t use vulgar or cussing, that is ALWAYS unneeded.

          • ¬†i go there… and i go here… is there a problem with having too much options?

      • Revolution5268

         same here

    • Seth S. Scott

       more like Wii U news is slow so Wii U Daily news is slow too. Serious Nintendo lull right now. I cannot wait for the springtime games but right now its REAL slow apples.

  • Game & Waluigi

  • Nintedward

    It’s a cool box! Hope it’s as awesome as the wario ware games.

  • RoyCar69

    You know, it may be slow but it’s a good place¬†to come and add your comments. I just wish the conversations here were as deep as Joystiq. I’m willing to bet that most people don’t even read the comments.
    With that said, Any one here think that the Wario games should be sold as a full release? To me they are nothing more then just a bunch of micro games that don’t amount to much. Like this should be sold with an extra Wii remote or something…

    • PacoJerte

       I read the comments all the time but yeah they should bring the WarioLand series back for the wii u and have these micro games for extra value.

    • The game and wario games are a waste of data if you ask me, in other words I completely¬†agree with¬†you.¬†I never¬†played any game and wario titles, from what I’ve seen on trailers of them I’ll get bored after 3 mins tops. So yes please do bring back a full wario game like we used to have on the GB etc. That was fun, this will be useful as mini games in a full wario game perhaps but as a game on it’s own for 60,- no thanks ūüôā

      • Fred

        If that’s what you want show Nintendo your interest. Both of those old Wario games are available on the 3Ds eShop. If people bought enough of them I’m sure Nintendo would notice and consider making another one.

  • DarkChieftain

    I know this is probably a stupid question, but, why is the title in English if that’s the Japanese version?

    • PacoJerte

       its the logo of the game and  most games use English for the titles so its recognized world wide.

      • RyuNoHadouken

        its because GAME and WARIO dont have a Japanese translation

  • Aias23

    Hush hush about what? Silly Nintendo. Please give us proper titles with a storyline and characters to care about…

  • Seth S. Scott

    cant wait for this. 

  • Fred

    Is nobody going to buy this. I hadn’t decided until last week. I wanted to learn a little more about it before I decided, but now that Rayman Legends is gone I’ll probably buy it.¬†
    Do we know if this is coming out before Pikmin 3? Pikmin 3 is a game I’m excited about.