Game Party Champions is a party game for the Wii U from publisher Warner Bros Interactive. The game features several party mini games and supports both online and offline multiplayer. Game Party Champions Wii U includes arcade and sports mini games such as baseball, hoop shoot (basketball), air hockey, and American football. Game Game Party Champions will be released in Fall 2012, likely as a Wii U launch title. The game will fully utilize the Wii U GamePad tablet controller for advanced features during each mini game. The title is developed by Phosphor Games and published by Warner Bros.

Game Party Champions Wii U features

Game Party Champions Wii U
Game Party Champions is a classic party game that consists of several mini games that can either be played alone against the AI, or against other players. There is support for up to 4 players offline at the same time, and 2 players via online connection on the Nintendo Network. The GamePad tablet controller will be used in various ways, including aiming in the baseball game, swiping basket balls into hoops in Hoop Shoot, use it as a steering wheel in a racing mini game, and more. Game Party Champions Wii U features three game modes: Quick Play, Party mode, and Story Mode. All three game modes support multiplayer. Visually, the game features a “Pixar-like” look and feel, which appears to a wide range of gamers, both casual, family, and some core gamers as well.

Game Party Champions Wii U mini games

The game will feature several mini games which are playable in every game mode. So far, there are six confirmed mini games, which are:

  • Ping Pong
  • Hoop Shoot (basketball)
  • Air Hockey
  • Baseball batting
  • Skill Ball
  • American Football

Game Party Champions Wii U screenshots

The first screenshots of the game show its unique look and some of the mini games in action, including Hoop Shoot and baseball.

  • Undecided

    Looks like a continuance of the Wii’s lame $5 bin games.

    • noah

      but it looks better. so its $10.

  • Nintendero

    The game in the kinect, but now in the…… WII U!