Aug 8th, 2012

Game Party Champions Wii UWarner Bros has announced a new Wii U exclusive party game: Game Party Champions. It’s based on the familiar party game formula, with a bunch of mini games that can be played by several people together. Game Party Champions features half a dozen mini games, ranging from basketball, to air hockey, ping pong, and even football. It will be released this Fall, although it’s unknown whether it’s a Wii U launch title or not. This will be the third Wii U party game that’s coming out this year, the first two being Nintendo Land and Ubisoft’s Rabbids Land. Oh, and the game also confirms that the recent revealed Wii U box art is in fact official. Earlier today, Nintendo released a statement confirming the box art as well, saying it’s been “finalized”.

For more on the party game and the first screenshots, check out our Game Party Champions Wii U page.

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  • Radojko95

    This is a type of game that keeps me occupied for a long time … Looking forward to it 😀

    • AKA-Link77

      i always had a habit of calling it:
      “Game Play”

      • NameUcanthate

        Does anyone else think the Michael Pachter posts are getting funnier and funnier? It gives me satisfaction to see him so frustrated

        • N_S

          I wish he would announce them beforehand so i could get popcorn.

  • SuperShyGuy

    Yeah this will totally help Wii U shake the “causal” stigma – I say sarcastically

    • gearchin

      blame that on the developers, this is mostly a cash grab to be honest.

    • ninjabake

      A true videogame enthusiast (or any true gamer) doesn’t care about a console’s “stigma” the quality of the games is all that matters. If I went by stigmas I would’ve missed out on many great titles available for Wii. Videogames in no way shape or form will ever be (nor should they ever be) considered “cool” at the end of the day they are interactive toys if you think about it and I’m cool with that hell, its entertainment. But a system’s stigma should be the least of a gamers worries social acceptance based on what games u play or what system u play it on is absolutely asinine.

      • Wii Uoops Sucks

        Well spoken ‘-‘ Bravo!

    • person

      It only has 3 party games

      • gPadWatcher

        Actually it’s more than 3 games. You can tell by looking at the art cover.

    • YesIRock

      Who said Nintendo is trying to “shake the casual stigma?” The casual “stigma” sold almost 100 million units in 6 years, and ur suggesting someone said they should “shake it?”

      Who said a company cannot simultaneously appeal to both the casual audience and the core audience? What’s wrong with having your cake and eat it too?

      Actually dont answer my questions, cuz u fail at life u loser.

      Why i’m interested in the Wii-U is that i can have Mario party, Wii Sports “U”, and other party games that are just fun (hopefully with online mode so i can play them nonstop). Plus i can have my shooters, and the multi platform triple A title games. I guess that’s a stupid thing to want in ur opinion.

      • deSSy2724

        Casual and core gamers… sure, but casual and core games = not true.

      • SuperShyGuy

        Wow so much rage!

        Well Nintendo themselves said they are trying to appeal to the “core” games this time around and the realize this was an oversight during the Wii’s generation. The Wii didn’t have everything it may have been a sells success but far from a public success.

        Also it should be mentioned that all console has party games.

        Your anger is miss directed as if you check the forums I am among one of the Wii U biggest supporters. Still planning on picking one up day one.

        • YesIRock

          No rage buddy, i just like to argue my point. I have been playing video games since Punch Out on the NES, and i have no plan of stopping anytime soon. I loved Wii Sports, i loved all Mario Party games, i love games that me and a group of friends can get together and just go wild and have a blast (when im by myself i’ll play “hardcore” titles). I hope Nintendo takes this to another level and allows me play these games online, because lets be honest, if u could take Wii Sports online…u would still be playing Wii Sports. Lol

          Saying all of this people would wanna label me “casual,” but as someone who has been playing games since the early days i find that to be completely asinine. Gaming is about having fun, and not about how much blood gets splattered on the screen. I want a wide variety of games and i will be happy. From shooters, to RPG (which hopefully the Wii U can revive), to adventure games, to u party games, to horror games, to u name it. If Nintendo can provide me with a system that will get all the multi platform games, and all my Nintendo goodies. I will officially retire my XBox Live GamerTag.

          • Aman

            YesIRock, you were the one that said SuperShyGuy, “fails at life.” I am really hating the words fail, casual (unless it is sex), hardcore (unless it is sex), and troll. Come up with new words.

      • Marq

        Thank you. I was about to type this same thing.

        • Marq

          I’ll add to it that the PS2 had boat loads of casual games and shovelware last generation, and look at how well it did.

          Like you said, Nintendo needs to figure out a way to have its cake and eat it. If it can keep 50 percent of the casual crowd it won with the Wii while winning back many of the jaded “hardcore” gamers lost from the N64, GC and Wii generations, we will have a boon on our hands the likes of which hasn’t been seen in a long time.

      • N_S

        The reason everyone has so much adversity to casual games is because outside of Nintendo, they rarely have any quality. I’m all for arcade-quality stuff like Nintendo pushes out that provide people who don’t like AAA HD narrative titles like Wii Sports and Nintendoland. Those games are extremely well polished and even if it’s not your thing, it’s hard to call them bad. The problem is the narrowminded devs who only know how to make hardcore games assuming a game for the expanded audience just needs pretty box art and low-quality minigames (like Game Party was). The untalented developers kind of just throw whatever together because if you’re not playing AAA games, “you must not understand and therefore do not deserve quality.” Part of it is also that if these games do sell well, it means less resources for Hardcore Shooter IV: Gritty Edition.
        Everyone seems to want us to believe that if you release Game Party Champions on a Nintendo console, it’ll shatter sales records. However, you really don’t see these kind of games until you get down to more obscure games, AAA games that didn’t meet expectations, or post-mortem AAA releases (because let’s be honest, even though we continued to see a few releases for the Wii, Donkey Kong Country Returns was the last release before the system was put on “life support” and the momentum died).

        The Wii U offers Nintendo a second chance to try to whole expanded audience thing now that they’ve done it once and know what does and doesn’t work, but the fact that they’re *still* letting titles like this through isn’t a good sign.

        • ninjabake

          You clearly haven’t played Skyward sword, Xenoblade or the last story those games all have 30+ hours of gameplay to keep you busy so I’m not buying the whole “life support” thing. I question if we have any true videogame enthusiasts who actually play great titles that aren’t as “mainstream” (if that term even exists in gaming) anymore.

    • LolWatTurtles

      Games like these aren’t because of Nintendo or the Wii U, it’s the developers. Because whether you believe it or not, there are people that like to buy these games. You may not be one of them, i’m not one of them, but it’s all the develeopers that bring games like these to the Wii U. Like someone else said too, it’s a crash grab most likely.

    • Christopher

      You do know that one game that is built for causal games on the Wii U doesn’t instantly mean the Wii U is going to be a causal console.

      Hell there is tons of “Hardcore” games coming to the Wii U to get excited about so I do see why one game has to bring a console down the level of causal console.

  • Raul

    Hmmm… I hope it is a good game for those that will buy it and enjoy it. I think I’ll pass….

  • GodBody

    All the games can’t be “core” games guys…..this IS what Wii U needs to nab some of that 100 million fan base that was established durning the Wii. Nintendo can’t and won’t abandon that, neither will the third party….there needs to be a blend.

  • mago

    Let the avalanche of shovelware begin.

    • gPadWatcher

      Mago, you’re no longer invited to the party. Good day, sir!

      • mago

        Fine, I was planning on bringing soda and pizza you know.

  • Nintendude

    Still loving the box art.

    • afro ninja

      i do too but its just the yellow line

  • Wiiviewer

    SWEET! I know I am in the minority but I love the Game Party series. If you want some simple and easy to understand gameplay, and fun there is nothing better then the Game Party series.

  • Albinopig

    Game Party isn’t exactly a ‘good game’. Atleast not in my opinion.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    I won’t really worry about this game ruining the Wii U as long as the good games outnumber the shovel ware, it should be smooth sailing for Wii U.

  • Josh

    games like this coming out for the Wii U makes me not want to get the system at all. Was very very very excited for it and all the awesome games coming out for it. I hate to go to gamestop or walmart and see how shitty all the games on the shelves are. I also hate looking at the 9.99 wii games at other places…games like this. Looking at this shit gives me a damn headache and makes me not only not want to purchase any Wii games (or Wii U) but it makes me depressed enough to decide to save my money and walk away or out of the store. EW. Why Nintendo….why. All I have left to say is that you better not shit up your shelves with this shit when all is said and done.

    • ninjabake

      Quit complaining. Your whining and moaning was a pain to read.

      Now on to the matter @ hand, if your so upset about this party game, don’t buy it. Plain and simple complainin isn’t gonna solve anything. I could rant about wanting to see more variety in gaming and less shooters but bitching and moaning isn’t going to get my wishes fulfilled in the meantime I just support creative titles.

      What you could do is not support shovelware and support the really good 3rd party games (so the wii u can see more sequels of such games) OR just simply buy what you want and play what you want and don’t worry about “reputation” or anything of that nature if a games enjoyable that’s all that should matter, almost bawling into tears because you saw shovelware on a store shelf is comical LOL is it that deep?

      • hunter santana

        i kinda think he refering to like legend of zelda and stuff like that i enjoy the hell out of these games but actual nintendo classics need sequels that are similar gameplay wise but with different elements added like how the made skyward sword so different from twilight princess with every thing but its still got the zelda feel i know im getting off topic on legend of zelda (its my favorite game ) my point is i like plying face to face with my friends i cant do that on my 360 wii is about “we” the now there trying to make this jump to a independant console witch is unfamiliar with me cause i remember when me and my bro could co-op a story mode instead of me watching.

        “we here at nintendo dont make alot of games but we make the best games.”
        ~Shigeru Miyamoto

        • Josh

          I don’t appreciate you copying my name to be immature, so could you pick a new username please, or at least make it distinct that you are different from me? Thanks.

    • Britton

      Every system has games like this. You cannot sit there and tell me that Sony and Microsoft do not market crappy games too. You shouldnt boycott an entire system because they have a few games you dont want. Instead you should buy a system because they have a lot of the best games that you DO want. Do you think Nintendo or other game developers only have YOU in mind when they make games??? Think about everyone who wants a gaming console. We all want different games. Plus Nintendo didnt make this game. It was Warner Bros. Dont blame Nintendo.

  • JC

    I feel happy for the wii u because is gaining more games for its launch. Even though it sounds entertaining I think I pass.

  • Roy

    I’ll pass this game…

  • Adkez

    I don’t see why everyone is getting so worked up over ONE party game. I mean, Nintendo said that with the Wii U they wanted to appeal to both “casual” gamers and “hardcore” gamers (I used quotations because I don’t label people and these two titles’ definitions change with each person). Besides, the Wii sold well over 100 million consoles (many buyers were “casual”), so why would Nintendo ignore the “casual” crowd that bought the Wii? It got them in 1st place in the console war. This is just my opinion, by the way.

  • Sebastian Lundh

    Finally a game that will make the WiiU a respected system.

    • Kyron

      I lol’d…

  • bg

    this is nothing to get excited about

    • EPICGAMER111

      you are correct

  • icanseeu

    I’ll stick to Resident Evil 6 on my PS3 thanks…..

  • agilephaze

    i love the blue box. the xbox has the green one, ps has the clear one and the wiiu has the blue one

  • tommy the shirt

    Hmm think i will use the money i saved and buy a big bag full of dildos instead

  • Wii U 4 all

    U know, all those persons bitching about this game being released on the Wii U really makes U wonder if they understand anything about gaming. Seriously, I mean what do they expect, for Nintendo to simply have “hardcore” games on the Wii U? I mean shit…sometimes its so obvious that these people have a bias against Nintendo its hilarious. Mark my words…the Wii U will turn out to be the GREATEST video game console EVER.

  • Paul

    theres 8 games from the box cover but could be more

  • Jackson

    I want a console witch I can play a good 1st shooter game or a realistic car racing game, and at same time play Mario’s, Zelda’s, Mario kart, Mario party, Bloom box, and others. Why I have to choose? Why can’t we have both at the
    same console?

    • Paul

      you can bro…

      theres a racing game that nintendo will have just like playstation fans have gran turismo and xbox fans have forza

      there will be a mixture of shooter games include call of duty, battlefield and ghost recon online

      dont worry bro the console will rock


    I would have to play this game 1st before buying it. Puls I think I would get WiiU Sports and Madden 13 for WiiU before trying this game. But if it is good and I find it fun then I would get it for a party game for sure…

    • Spyro

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  • links1up

    a shitty game that i wont buy

  • gearchin

    Table tennis 4 me!

  • bob

    whats this garbage

  • bob

    thats the trouble with nintendo they bring out a few good games like zomie u
    that gets you exited,then they bring most of the games out like this crap

    • Paul

      dont worry as this is a family game or a game for your friends to mess about with

      bit like wii sports

    • Aman

      This is not a game made by nintendo. “They” didn’t bring anything when you see games like barbie party princess. Just like any other console maker, they allowed a third party to make a game for their new system that may or may not seel well enough.

      • Aman

        I meant sell well enough, so seel me.


    Nintendo should bring back the Official seal of approval than we would not see these kind of abominations.

  • Britton

    I wouldnt mind buying this game. I just dont beleive they can charge $50-$60 for it. I MIGHT buy it for $20. They are kidding themselves when they charge the same as Zelda.

    • EPICGAMER111

      I agree


    I like this game but i am not the biggest fan