Dec 21st, 2012

Monster Rancher taken to the next level.

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Does anybody out there remember the game called Monster Rancher? At one point in time it was one of the most intriguing video games for me. While the game didn’t blow you away with action, battles, or even strategy, it was one of those games that had something unique about it. Back in the days of the original Sony Playstation you would start your game and head on over to the Monster Shrine. At that point you could choose to create a monster from a disc. This would tell you to pop open the lid of your Playstation and insert any game disc or cd and it would read it and create a monster from it. It was awesome!

The game wasn’t just about creating a random monster though. You had to raise and battle these monsters you earned much like any modern monster/pet raising game. The options for what was created off of each disc was based on what your Breeder Rank was. The higher the rank, the more monsters you had access to. This made it so that your Justin Beiber CD that created a rabbit monster for you could end up creating a dragon if you kept increasing your Breeder Rank.  To increase your Breeder Rank you needed to take your monsters to the Coliseum and fight against other monsters.

Monster Rancher
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Another interesting twist could be the sharing of QR Codes through the Miiverse. It seems most games get their own section on the Miiverse and this would allow you to take screenshots of your QR Code and share it on the Monster Rancher Miiverse feed for others to try.

Now, what else could be done with the gamepad and the regular TV screen? You could let the game play as usual on your television and on the gamepad you could show all the vital stats for your pet or breeder. Obviously if you are removing the game from the TV to play it on the gamepad then the game is what will appear.

Or lastly, you could do the tried and true map that many games are seeming to adopt now.

Either way, there are so many possibilities for a game like this to attract a large fan following from not just their previous games, but those who would like to push their Wii Us or take advantage of everything this wonderful console has to offer. Would you enjoy playing a game like this or do you have any other ideas for games that would benefit from multiple screens or a QR Scanner? Let us know in the comments below!

My name is William Smith and I am one of the new writers here at WiiUDaily. I will be writing this article of game ideas on a bi-weekly basis giving ideas of what I feel would make an awesome game idea that could showcase some of what is possible on the Wii U. Thank you for your time.

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  • Leeroy


    • Works from my phone and pc on three different browsers. Explain how you can’t read it.

    •  Sort your pc out or explain the problem in a way that gives people a clue as to what your on about. what kind of idiot acts the way you do anyway?

      • Leeroy

        I’ve already told them before. Idiot.

  • Spencer Campbell

    interesting, I would still rather hunt those monsters then breed them though…Now i want a cross over :p



  • This type of game doesn’t really fit my taste…

  • Absolutely loved this game.

  • I loved this game back in the day and would love a fresh take on the Wii U.

  • ICHI

    Well if nintendo wont give us a full blown Pokemon adventure game on home console this could just fill the void, someone please get it done.

  • It’s similair to what MGS did with Pshycho Mantis who read your memory Card data and read all your movements when playing with the p1 controller? I haven’t heard of this game before (maybe it was never released in Europe, I dunno) but it sounds interesting, to bad that has been used only a few times MGS and apparently this game too.

    They should have used it more often or in this case bring it back, there are the miis already as posted before on an article using qr codes. Could be a lot of fun, as for me a game which deserves a resurrection it’s Enix’s Illusion of Time series (posted this up somewhere on the DQX article, but it seems to have a better fit under this article)

  • NkoSekirei

    who would want to create a justin beiber monster that be so stupid no one likes justin beiber 

  • SoulSilverZero

    I think there should be a four swords game on the Wii U
    two people could you the gamepads
    and two can use wiimotes/nunchucks or 3DS’s

  • ConCity Soldier

    I used to love that cartoon haha.  Unfortunately, I never did buy Monster Rancher the game on PS1. 🙁  I wanted to get that game, just never got it. Btw, when first heard of Monster Hunter I kept thinking about Monster Rancher, and I still do.

  • Ryan House

    I was always confusing Monster Hunter for Monster Rancher. I remember that Anime Cartoon.

  • I used to play this game NONSTOP back in the day. I always loved all the different type of monster you could create. I had it for playstation, but for some reason I’m remembering a Gameboy Advance one or something. Am I crazy?