Apr 23rd, 2014


I’m probably going to receive quite a bit of backlash for this article, but I need to write it. When I first started this thing, I said I’d write about things near and dear to my heart. This article fits that description quite well. Please don’t take offense to my opinions in this article, and remember to be civil in the comments πŸ˜‰

Why I’m Writing

What games have come out for the Wii U recently? Donkey Kong? Yeah, that came out in February. 3D World? That’s pushing it, but it came out in November. Wii Fit U came out in December. Do we even want to count GBA games? I won’t, but you can feel free to. Today is April 22nd. That means there have only been three high profile game releases for the Wii U in the past six months. That is a long time to go without big releases.

At the start of the year, Reggie told us that the Wii U game drought that we experienced in 2013 would be at an end this year. That doesn’t seem to be the case at all. I never thought it’d happen, but my Wii U is starting to collect dust. There’s just nothing new on it. Sure, Mario Kart is coming at the end of May, but that’s an entire month away. And after it releases, do we have to wait until “Winter 2014” until we get our third high profile Nintendo release of the year?

This is not right. When I bought a Wii U, I was promised a lot of quality games. I haven’t even heard from a few of the titles they showed at launch since their announcement. Where is Yarn Yoshi? Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem? Does X even have a release window? Nintendo is getting into a terrible habit of saying “don’t worry, it’s coming. We’ll make you happy.” and then doing nothing to deliver on these promises. It’s gotten to the point where “It’s coming” isn’t good enough.


Nintendo is hurting itself

With so few releases for the Wii U, it almost seems like they just don’t care about the system any more. We were promised third party games at launch, but we all know the story there. If this were Sony or Microsoft, they’d have more than enough third party releases to cover the time in between their games. Nintendo is even abandoning some of their services. Nintendo TVii still doesn’t have DVR capabilities I’m pretty sure.

Thing is, because of Nintendo’s lack of interest in their own console, third parties have all but given up on the system as well. There have been a few faithfuls like Activision with Skylanders, and the guys at WB with Lego games, but everyone else has either jumped ship or never boarded in the first place.

I don’t even know if the Wii U is savable at this point. It’s really behind other consoles in terms of capabilities and features (games tied to account, party chat, coherent friend list, etc…), the games just aren’t there, and neither is the audience. Maybe Nintendo will do what Microsoft does with Windows and alternate good and bad versions.

It’s not that I don’t like the Wii U. I love it. I just wish Nintendo could convince more people of how great it is. It feels more like the Wii’s dying breath than their next console. With people able to get the system at 99 dollars a mere one and a half years after release, something is really wrong here.


Indies want in

I’ve seen so many kickstarters with Wii U stretch goals. Every highlighted word there links to a separate article discussing a game with hopes of joining the Wii U family. What has Nintendo done to help these people reach their goals of getting on the console? As far as we know, absolutely nothing. There are some fantastic ideas on there that Nintendo just seems to have no interest in helping.

Remember that game Shadow of the Eternals? If not, that links to nine minutes of footage from it. That game could’ve done wonders for the Wii U at that point in its life. Nintendo did squat about it. There are companies with great games who would love to make it to the Wii U, but Nintendo isn’t giving them a helping hand.

This company is sitting on billions and wont spare a few hundred to bring more games to its starving console. They need this kind of support. They need people developing for the system. It’s worth that money to let other developers do the advertising and game making that they won’t. I’m probably over simplifying, but I still think they should be a bit more open to it. Even buy some exclusivity.

I’m no economist

I’m no economist, so don’t expect me to come up with an amazing plan to save the console. All I know is that if you’re still saying “Mario Kart 8 and Smash will turn the console around”, you’re being very optimistic. Nintendo said it themselves, a steady stream of high quality releases is all a console needs to find it’s footing. I agree with that wholeheartedly. Nintendo needs that steady stream, but they’re not making many strides to make that happen.

Miiverse and Zorpix

For those who don’t know, Miiverse and Zorpix is a little section I do at the end of each article to give each article a lighthearted and personal feel. I haven’t been making too much noise on miiverse except for text posts, but here are a few gems from the amazing games Nintendo has managed to get out.

Post Text: I know I missed them Toad! Stop taunting me!!!

Game: Super Mario 3D World

toad taunting

I almost ran past this flagpole to check for goodies, but I figured I probably wouldn’t miss much. Lo and behold, there’s Captain Toad, mocking me with piles of money. Shut up Toad! Not everyone is as stacked as you are! One day, I’ll remember which level this was and come back for you. Then you’ll be sorry!

Post Text: My thoughts too… Oh well. Happy New Year anyways!

Game: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

elmer 2014

Elmer seems to share my same sentiments about this year for the Wii U. I guess living on the 3DS, he isn’t accustomed to such droughts. Elmer is my favorite villager. Ever since he told me “I think it’s fine if boys wear girls clothes!”, he’s always been my wonderful gay pony. While I like Animal Crossing, I can’t help feeling it’s missing a few things that Tomodachi Life will seem to bring me.

Post Text: Look what I found!! >:D on hero mode, too!!

Game: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

hero mode zelda wind waker

I can’t for the life of me remember the name of this mask, but I was so happy to have gotten it, that I just had to share it on Miiverse. I think this thing reduces the amount of damage enemies do or something. I’m not sure. I should play that game again and find out. Best way to end a game drought is to replay some old favorites! I never did find all the heart pieces…

Wrapping up

If you do happen to have any suggestions for next week’s topic, any questions about the content I wrote, or just wanna say hey, feel free to sound off below! If you really feel inclined, you can mosey on over to my TwitterFacebook, or Miiverse account. Please don’t feel offended if I don’t respond to friend requests on the Wii U, as I reserve that for people I actually know in real life (usually…). I’ll probably follow back though!

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  • Alright guys, chew me out! I’m Zorpix, and I wrote this. Hit me with your best shot!!

    • Blue Hernandez


    • jjbredesen

      WHY you little pieace of… JK,

      Can’t agree with you more, they need games and so far there has been nothing, there should be at least 1 big game a month, and plenty of smaller games released at the same time to to give you something to do!!

      All of the apps can have stuff added to make them on par with the competition and loading times etc, can still be plenty improved!

      Really frustrating to say the least, and this was a really good article, if someone is going to attack you for this, then they are truly a blind fanboy.

      • well thank you :3 I’m fine with fanboys, but blind ones are just annoying.

        yeah, it’s honestly just a huge problem

        • jjbredesen

          Yeah i have nothing against someone supporting a system or company, but attacking others because they don’t share the same opinion or damage controlling instead of giving a company feedback to help them become better, is just stupid.

          • yeah, it’s just super stupid

        • Rogelio

          Im blind, so what are you going to do eh?

      • gerome

        your body better be ready to be fired!

        • jjbredesen

          Honestly i think Reggie is going to be given more power in the following months, as Iwata wants to “westernize” Nintendo.

      • King Brady

        Yup! lol

      • Rinslowe


      • Commander Raichu

        banned for threats πŸ˜›

      • Gabe Hoffman

        No offense but its unreasonable to expect a major AAA title every single month

        • jjbredesen

          From a company as small as Nintendo in terms of employees yes, but i am talking about a big game from either, 3rd, 2nd or 1st party to look forward to, not just from Nintendo.

          • Gabe Hoffman

            As I have said before its hard to keep a steady flow of software when so many developers have basically given your system the finger and and are coming with half assed excuses not to support it

          • jjbredesen

            Yup that is my point though! It should not have happened in the first place, and its Nintendo’s fault that it happens not 3rd parties.

        • matthew garcia

          Doesn’t have to be a triple A title but titles that give gamers more options besides vc and indie

    • Sdudyoy

      Honestly there should be a major game coming at least every 2 months, I know that would be hard for one company, but it’s Nintendo’s job to get high quality exclusives on Wii U, the Wii U can’t and will not sale unless there are enough good games on the console.

      • they said themselves that they’d do it, and they’re not. There is no one to blame but them

      • Keith


    • Brandon

      I think your completely right. If the butthurt fanboys want to complain, thats all them for being sucked in to the non existent hype train

      • It did exist. It crashed

        • Yousif Alromaithi

          It crashed in January 2013 but I could not see it. Nintendo was stupid enough to not do nothing about that since January. Still I believe they can get back they always do but maybe not Wii U but next console. So far I am happy with Wii U had some fun with it and I enjoyed it more last year. But this year it felt more lonely than last year except Donkey Kong. Back during the day I had a team, it always used to win they were a top team for many year producing spectacular feats even though the team did not have world class players. Then one day they fell down heavy and never get back since then. I was always mad for two years because I said they could never get back because they were constantly producing failure. Then one day I calmed down and believed that they will be back stronger than ever . To tell you the truth since last year it took them four year to get back, they went from zero to hero just like that. How profound I always though since 2009 they will get back in that instant moment . Because i wantedbto wake up from that horrid nightmare but then one day it popped because amazing things started to happen and they started to play well. This year my team they might win. Nintendo is in the same boat. Then again Nintendo will not leave this industry but they will get back stronger than ever. But not anytime soon.

          • they’ll come back I think, but not this gen

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            That is what I’m saying liverpool took them many years to get back. Now I can’t believe my eyes our glory days on Anfield is back to us. We now are producing the football we love. Liverpool will get stronger. But then yes it will have its downfall but not anytime soon.

          • King Brady

            Dude, like I said before. I love your weekly articles, and I agree with your thoughts in this article. I hope nintendo can save the wii u :/

          • I hope so too. I’ll at least use it for smash bros

          • Daniel Carvalho

            I am still hopeful that they will get back this gen, but it’ll never happen (not this gen or the next one) if they keep doing things like that.

          • they need to step it up

    • Please understand that Nintendo has Nintendogs Benny, and will be releasing hundrends of unfinished games with Nintendo Seal of Quality on them so that you will have lots of games to play, and we will also release CDI Virtual Console titles for those of you that enjoy that.

      Thank you for supporting Nintendo πŸ™‚

      • gerome

        get back to the kitchen and make me some damn games nintendo!

      • Dicie Hooded Figure

        Please Understand Nintendo the WiiU is selling horribly so WAKE UP!!!!!!!!! http://youtu.be/L2dKjnmWRkk

        • Shota

          gintama movie 2 music theme! nice!

    • Ultrasyd

      I totally agree with what you say. I think that one of the biggest issues with the Wii U is … the Gamepad. 3 days ago, I took a look at my quite big Wii U collection, and for each game, I tried to :
      – see if the Gamepad is really mandatory or if you can do without it
      – imagine if someone who owns games from various series (Wii Sport, Wii Fit, Mario, Mario 3D, Donkey Kong …) on Wii or 3DS really feels the need to get a Wii U so far.

      Try to do that with your own games.

      • I bought mine for Monster Hunter and skylanders, which was a good investment. Neither needs the gamepad, but it really does help

    • Magnus Eriksson

      You could as well have signed this article with my name. This is excactly how I have felt since may 2013.

      • It just hit me last week. that’s why the video was postponed

      • jjbredesen

        I actually thought the exacts same thing xD

        I think a lot of people on here owe you an apology for calling you a troll etc. You where correct all the time, don’t think they will discontinue Wii U before Zelda U is released, but apart from that i think you are 100% correct.

        • WT Herrod Jr.

          I think it’s the tone of some of his comments that bring on the troll comments. I’m sort of new to the site and I kinda got that impression but I noticed people that posted more balanced comments defending him and read some other things he posted. And at Zorpix’s suggestion in a den from a few weeks ago I followed him on Miiverse and read some things there. Some things he say might be meant to get under some peoples skin but the dude isn’t a troll. I think he’s frustrated and if he’s trying to agitate people he’s trying to agitate them to action and change the situation with the U and Nintendo.

          • jjbredesen

            Yup, that is a great analyzes πŸ™‚

      • sd

        I felt like this on and off, but then towards the end of 2013 I actually believed Nintendo would turn it around. This was definitely possible if they had not delayed donkey Kong and if they had then released Mario Kart, Bayonetta 2, SSB and a few others in the first half of the year. But they once again lied and let everyone down. Once again the games set for release in the first few months are all delayed and spread out across the whole year.

        • thedeciderU

          i actually believed too. then… well… not much has happened since then.

          • sd

            By the time Mario kart is released I wont have enjoyed an exclusive game since mario 3d world, which is nearly 6 months. Of course I tried Donkey Kong, but not overly impressed with it, although I should add I have never really been a fan of donkey kong.

    • bistricky

      While everyone seemed to be cooing Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct …. I was angry. Nintendo not setting any firm release dates for their games was when I threw up my arms in the air and said “F### it”. I love the Wii U but I can see now that Nintendo is only doing the bare minimum to get through these years. Its sad cause the Wii U deserves a better fate. The system is great but in future when gamers talk about the Wii U they will call it a piece of crap, when it was not.

      • yeah, it’s just sad

      • Brandon Gardner

        What’s really going to be sad when their next console comes out and no one supports them…..

        • bistricky

          True …. Nintendo is losing a lot of lifelong fans ….. and it isn’t because of the Wii U …. its because of the lack of advertising and release dates for their products (to keep the show on the road) that has given fans of Nintendo products to take a look at the competition ….. the fact is that the TRUE MELTDOWN will occur the minute after 2014’s E3 ….UNLESS Nintendo announces the new game titles and spells out each season these games will be released ….. Otherwise, everyone (even the biggest fanboy) will know for 100% sure that Nintendo has turned its back on its own.

        • AlienFanatic

          I’m really not sure consoles, at least in their current iterations, have a future. The XBOX One and PS4 have had one major title each (Titanfall and Uncharted) in the last six months. Their futures don’t look all that much brighter than the Wii-U’s.

          And what do these systems promise? Moderately better graphics than the last generation, but really no new key features. We’re still playing with controllers that are very much like last gen’s. The Kinect is still a joke for gaming. And the games are still just visual upgrades with tweaks to the mechanics. Nothing really special seems about to break out. Cell phones and tablets are getting to a point where their graphics, for the most part, are “good enough” for most casual players.

          I know the PS4 and XB1 are selling very well, but I continue to wonder if that’s more about the hype than informed gamers who are looking ahead to key titles in the future. I still feel like it’s pent-up demand from people who feel almost obligated to buy a console because “it’s the thing to do.”

          I’m very curious to hear what gamers are thinking about all three consoles a year from now.

          • Ace J

            umm there isn’t an uncharted game for the ps4. do you mean inFamous?

          • AlienFanatic

            Oops, yeah. I have both the PS4 and XB1 but haven’t bought either Infamous or Titanfall. I just can’t bring myself to fire up a console lately, I don’t know why. It just feels like so much of the same old stuff. I’m sending the PS4 off with my son to college in the fall, so I’m hoping it gets used, but I expect my XB1 to collect dust until Halo arrives or I decide to bite the bullet, eat the loss, and sell it off on Ebay.

            I really can’t get excited at all about these consoles anymore. I had a Wii-U for a year before I decided that the ridiculously slow pace of game releases, and the maddeningly awful support for the Virtual Console, made owning the system just not worth it anymore. I’ll probably regret it if they do release a new Metroid or Star Fox, but at the same time I haven’t been terribly impressed with any of the titles Nintendo has released on the system so far.

            At this point, I’m guessing the malaise I feel has less to do with the consoles and more to do with my attitude towards gaming. I think I’ve just played games far too long and the industry just keeps repeating the same genres with upgrades that just don’t do it for me anymore.

            Heck, I played Crystalis recently and that’s the most fun I’ve had playing a video game in ten years. That’s sad.

          • WT Herrod Jr.

            Crystalis is a great game – wish that would come to VC

          • Ace J

            btw i’m enjoying my ps4. a year from now, i will be playing a lot of games. its just i’m pissed off that most of the games that i will playing are 3rd party games. which means none of them will be coming to the wii u. i truly wanted the wii u to be my only console. but nintendo didn’t keep to their word about 3rd party support

          • Falcoxcalibur

            You mean inFamous, not Uncharted, I suppose.

          • Brandon Gardner

            Even though they don’t have a lot of first party games coming out…. They still have 3rd party support which Nintendo is lacking…. And I do believe its a PR Campaign to hurt Nintendo and believe that PS4 and XBOX1 are the superior system…. But there was a lot of marketing to help promote these systems as well…. I hate to say it though but a lot of people care about powerful systems, graphics, and their game system being their entertainment system…. I am curious as well to see what direction these systems will be next year but Nintendo has a lot to do to improve

    • The Clockwork Being

      I think you’re wrong in every Zorpix. Reggie said the following:

      ”There will be no drought in 2014”

      NINTENDO NEVER LIES!!!!!!!!!!!(end of sarcasm)

      • There is most definitely a drought in 2014, they lied


        • sd

          This would be their 4th or maybe even 5th lie since the console launched.

          I have an xbox one and am now tempted to sell my Wii U to fund a PS4 and last of us remastered in June.

          • Zac LaRocque-Walker

            I have a PS4 and there has been a nonstop of at least great indie games and now inFAMOUS to play through. It’s been keeping me busy while I wait for Kart but yeah, this drought is the worst. I have friends that have bought Wii U’s and are excited but are quickly finding there is not much coming out…

          • Andrew Hoback

            Yah, but that stops next month, then the 4 goes into its drought

          • it’s tempting I’m sure

          • Jonathan George Anaya

            PlaceboHead is my Gamertag. I focus on Titanfall competitively, Garden Warfare with my Girlfriend, and Killer Instinct for fun. Plus, I like designing car decals in Forza 5.

            I’m keeping my WiiU for MK8 and Smash. BUT, its covered in dust and my 360/X1 keep me busy for the time being

        • Nik Gautreaux

          So what will you do? Sell your WiiU? I think not. Sit down and buy smash and kart when they release πŸ™‚

          • Probably not, as I don’t typically sell consoles, but it’s going to collect a bit of dust. If I can get the money together, I might spring for kart

      • Capt. Smoker

        Right now, I’m pretty sure they’ve released less than the first half of last year…. how they can fuck up so much is beyond my comprehension, if they hadn’t delayed Donkey Kong on purpose, they’d literally have had nothing until Mario kart.

        • sd

          You are correct, They had the avengers fighting game, monster hunter and lego in the first 3 months.
          Plus yes I think donkey Kong was delayed due to lack of game releases. The issue is Nintendo would have known about this when they released a direct stating games would be steadily released.

          • Capt. Smoker

            Makes me wonder if we’ll even see X and Bayonetta 2 this year, nevermind the other announced games, Nintendo aren’t even talking about the Wii U at the moment

          • sd

            Bayonetta 2 I would expect, maybe by Christmas. X, I am not so sure about.

          • Capt. Smoker

            If that’s the case, that’s a huge gap between games, it’ll be their own fault if the system fails more so than it already has at this point

          • sd

            Yes, which would be a shame. Despite the criticism the Wii U is a much better console than the Wii ever was.

          • Capt. Smoker

            I agree with that, I look forward to the games again, the Wii was okay but even the best games felt like underpowered ps2 games, like Fire emblem radiant dawn…. how path of radiance on gamecube looked better than it, it’s backwards logic for a console that was supposed to be all new and wonderful, the Wii U at least, has beautiful graphics and the games Nintendo have released so far are way more immersive than any Wii game was, yet…. some games on ps3 look better graphically…and that’s concerning, so I hope they try to throw more eggs in that basket for whatever console they bring to the table next, they can’t afford to be behind anymore, gaming now and were it’s going, it’s like something from a sci-fi anime, Sony have Virtual Reality already… Nintendo don’t even have regular demo’s for their games on the eshop right now… it’s really worrying how care free and laid back their approach is, their being a little too naive if they think they can sell their merchandise with a casual approach like that.

          • sd

            Nintendo are supposedly working on their on virtual reality. Not sure how it will fit in with anything though.

          • Capt. Smoker

            so long as we don’t have to swing our heads around like a wii remote, I’m sure its possible that they’ll eventually master it, just like 3d technology

          • sd

            You probably strap 2 wii U gamepads (one for each eye) to a special frame. Then add a wii Mote and your all set to go.

      • Rinslowe

        Where is Reggie by the way??? He’s been oddly absent from everywhere lately…

    • Arthur Jarret

      You know I agree with you here…a big lack of big releases, and PS4 is getting more must-have indies lately. Well, at least Wii U is getting Another World 20th anniversary edition.

      NES remix 2 this week will be a nice distraction fro the drought of high profile releases, but I’m glad I’m a multi-console gamer.

      • yeah, multi console is the only way to go. About to play borderlands 2 with my room mate :3

        • Daniel Carvalho

          Allow me to barge in.

          Not everyone can go multiplatform. Here in Brazil, for example, where games cost 4x their real price (75% of the final price are taxes that go for the government – which never invests in schools, health or security at all), and you need two minimum wages to get the cheapest console out there (that is, if you don’t spend all your wage on public transports to go to and from work, which cost a lot and never work as it should, or on anything else needed for a living, like food, bills, clothes, etc., which cost a lot compared to how much you can make per month). In the end, you’ll be lucky to get a single console, and you’ll have to pirate your way with the games (piracy here is a crime by law, but completely overlooked by the authorities; in fact, you may go bankrupt by selling original games, while the guy next to your store sells pirated games and makes a fortune while the cops laze around his shop).

          So, yeah. Brazil is pretty much screwed up, but that’s not the only country with problems. Many gamers have to choose either one console or another (or get two or more but don’t have money left for the games), specially students who depend on their parents. For those who can, great, but there are thousands who can’t afford it.

          P.S.: if you’re coming to the World Cup in Brazil, forget it. There’s a 99% probability that you will be stabbed for NOT reacting when being mugged, your daughter and wife will be raped, your son will take a lost bullet to the head and you’ll have to carry your family’s dead bodies on your backs because the government will turn a blind eye to those who suffer, as they’ve been doing for 500 years now!

          • doesn’t sound like a fun place… sorry to hear about that :/

    • jackie

      This type of stuff is great cuz when we all voice are opinions together changes happen. Maybe us being vocal about all this nintendo will wake up. Microsoft got hammered by gamers for drm and looked how it changed them. Same needs to go for nintendo now

      • true. I’d love to see the same thing happen here

        • jjbredesen

          Would love it to, but its Nintendo :/ last time a big protest was made was against Region Lock, and they just ignored it, telling them to make more games when they only have 9000 employes and care more about quality than quantity etc. will make it close to impossible to change anything, they are to proud!

          Only people that can change anything are the investors…., but you can’t convince every single investor to protest.

      • AlienFanatic

        There’s a pretty big difference between removing DRM from the XB1 and creating a new process to ensure that the Wii-U receives a consistent supply of quality games. You simply can’t “mandate” that your developers release new games quickly and expect the quality to endure.

        Nintendo needs a far, far wider array of 2nd and 3rd party developers that it can rely upon to produce great games on a consistent basis. Nintendo also risks franchise fatigue by repeatedly returning to the same characters (mostly Mario and Link) for all of its titles. When Nintendo was a younger gaming company, they had an unprecedented streak of new IP’s (Mario of course, but also Star Fox, Kid Icarus, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Metroid, F-Zero, Pokemon–technically Game Freak’s baby, etc.) It’s been far too long since Nintendo created new characters and ideas.

        I think Nintendo’s biggest mistake was taking Mr. Miyamoto away from the drawing table and stuffing him into a corporate suit. He’s the Steve Jobs of game design and he should be spending his time inventing new franchises. I know the goal was to get him to teach his methods to other designers, but Nintendo needs his brain more than ever. And they need new, young, ambitious designers too.

        You can’t just petition and hope Nintendo will change. The problems go much deeper than that. And, in my opinion, the biggest problem is Mr. Iwata and his ultra-conservative, corporate-minded approach to game development. If Nintendo is to survive, they need a guy with vision at the top, not afraid to take risks and spend a little, and who can start producing new games that gamers can get excited about.

        That’s a darned tall order. I’m not sure it’s possible.

      • It screwed Microsoft. They were in a position to promote a unique product with next-gen features and now they have a PS4 lite.

    • the mask is suppose to let you see the health bars for all enemy and bosses well that’s what it did in the gamecube one i think it’s the same for this one as well.

      • WT Herrod Jr.

        Hero’s Charm, it does the same thing in the HD version it’s just in a different place.

        • oh ok thanks for the info πŸ™‚

      • yup, I just got it wrong πŸ˜›

        That’s the problem with me writing these things off the top of my head

    • WiiUltra

      I disagree with you Zorpix. A lot of people are wanting a big game to be released every month from nintendo. Ya thats just unrealistic, Nintendo games don’t take a month to make. Third parties should be filling the gaps between their games but they don’t have any support. Call me what you want but it seems like I’m the only one willing to wait for the next smash bros, zelda, mario kart etc. I know the majority of people won’t support Nintendo anymore because they feel betrayed or whatever and they will lose money. I just enjoy their games ,so what?

      • jackie

        Im just dissapointed cuz I spent 350 bucks on wii u and I havnt got to much of the games I wanted yet. Im not much into mario anymore and its like if u dont like mario then you dont really have to many games to play.

        • Fred

          Are you kidding me? There’s way more quality games than just Mario. No they aren’t coming out often enough to keep things really exciting, but they’re coming out fatty enough that I haven’t had enough time to play them all

          • jackie

            I want zelda, x, metroid, even fatal frame. Im 29 years old and im just not into mario and friends no more. I do play monster hunter alot though but not into the kiddie nature of the other games

          • Fred

            I’m also 29 and I also can’t wait for X, but you can’t honestly tell me you’ve already played all the great Wii U games out there. Wonderful 101, for example, is far from a kiddie game. There are tons of great non-kiddie games if you really need help finding them I’ll be happy to give you a list.

          • jackie

            Im sure other games are great but not my taste. Im into shooters, adventure, rpg’s. Anything that has an adult story. Not much into saving the princess anymore

          • Fred

            007 Legends, Assissan’s Creed III & IV, Batman Archam City, Batman Archam Origins, Blackgate, Black Ops II, Call of Duty Ghosts, CastleStorm, Darksiders II, Deus Ex, Injustice God’s Among us, Lego City Undercover (i know it looks kiddie, but if you haven’t played it you’re being deceived), Mass Effect III, Need for Speed Most Wanted U, Ninja Gaiden III, Resident Evil Revelations, Tekken II, Teslagrad, The Cave, Wind Waker HD, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Warriors Orochi III, Zombie U, and I’m sorry, but my favorite Wii U game is NOT a kiddie game Wonderful 101 is an awesome game.
            I also would have said a lot more games that I really like including NBA 2k and Madden, but you didn’t mention Sports games so I left them off.
            If that’s not enough you have 2 options, buy Xenoblade (or any other Wii game) to tide you over till X comes (the game I’m most looking forward to) or go buy another system until X comes. I know I mentioned X quite a few times, but Xenoblade was my favorite game ever and kept me sucked in for longer than any other game ever has.

        • WiiUltra

          Ya I agree, sorry you feel that way. Maybe it wasn’t the right time for you to but a Wii U seeing as the games you want to play aren’t out yet. Personally I’ve had fun playing all their major titles for it except for DKTF because I don’t have it. I’m waiting for MK8 and Smash next.

      • Fred

        I disagree with you, and agree with you. I don’t want Nintendo releasing a new game every month: as they’re currently built. Instead I want them buying development studios, starting new ones, and expanding their current ones so that eventually we’ll start getting a new game every month.

        • jackie

          I agree games that dont have mario in the title but new characters

          • Fred

            That’s what happened when they bought Monolith Soft, think if they buy Platinum next.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Yep. They ride the Mario train far too much. Give it a break and focus on other ip that hasn’t been touched in a long time. Better yet, create a few more.

        • WiiUltra

          I don’t remember dissagreeing with that. That would be awesome haha.

      • 00048560

        I don’t think anyone expects Nintendo to release an unrealistic number of games. Most of us expect not to be insulted by the lack of games, though. I’m not loaded with money, but I made a decision to purchase a Wii U and a couple of games. This was something I saw as an investment that would lead to playing games that would be released on this console over the course of a few years. It has been, what, two years now? Nothing but a series of smacks in the face to people who spent their money on the console. My Mii often says, “Sarah has been playing: Netflix.” I did not buy my Wii U to watch Netflix.

        • WT Herrod Jr.

          My Mii often says that too, but I have my wife to thank – lol

        • WiiUltra

          I’m sorry man, maybe you should have waited until the games you wanted to play were released. Maybe it would have saved you some dissapointment?

          • 00048560

            I bought it for games that were out at the time, too. But I also expect them to, you know, keep releasing games at a reasonable pace.

      • I didnt say every month though, did I? I’m just saying more than THREE a year, which is what we’re looking at

        • WiiUltra

          Woah man, I said a lot of people, not you specifically haha.

          • well hey, if you’re happy, then that’s fine πŸ™‚ I just typically finish a game within a few months or so, and need something new when I’m done. I guess I’m a weird kind of gamer, but I can’t help it ;~;

      • Ace J

        you’re right it’s unrealistic. but if nintendo would have great 3rd party support, we wouldn’t have this problem.

    • People are free to be blind fanboys as they please but I can only wholeheartedly agree with you on this. I’ll quote my own response in another article but it is more in place here so here goes, and people won’t like it but it’s true with the WiiU at this time.

      Quote: Sylux replied to Gabe Hoffman.

      I have a WiiU, but in all honestly I have no decent reason at all to spread the word with all these delays nintendo is doing, two, three games a year being worthwhile won’t help on the word to mouth advertising tbh. And I stil don’t get why Nintendo keeps focussing on 3DS and not on WiiU, while 3DS doesn’t need it anymore millions of gamers have 3DS already, millions of casual gamers also, heck the numbers speak for itself. 3DS sales stagnate, why? Because pretty much everyone already has a 3DS.

      What can I say, Smash Brothers release periods verify it only more that nintendo keeps focus on 3DS. I’m starting to believe Nintendo has little to no faith at all in WiiU anymore, and that they are thinking about pulling the plug theirselves by the end of this year, like they did on Virtual Boy…

      Anyway that’s my thought on the matter.

      End of Quote.
      On a side note wow who would have guessed I would ever quote myself πŸ˜›

      • yeah, I used to tell anyone I could about the Wii U. Now I joke along with them

    • Fred

      You can’t possibly tell me that you’ve had all the fun you can with all the great games that have already come out. No they’re not coming as fast as most of us want, but there are currently plenty of great game to have kept you busy from Wii U’s release until now. I have the opposite problem. I own more Wii aU games than I’ve had time to play. I wish there was more time to play them.

      • gerb1977

        I have the same problem. I have not noticed a lack of games because I can’t find time to play the games that I have. I’m guessing High School or College Aged me would disagree with current aged me but currently there is enough to keep me busy with what time I have.
        Having said that…….the more games the better. A larger selection means something for everyone to play and I can understand why there is so much outcry. I’m hoping E3 quiets some of the voices.

    • RyuNoHadouken

      i didnt read it, but MK8 is already done, so it should be shipping now!!! that is all

      • yeah, not the END of next month

        • RyuNoHadouken

          they should have released it a month ago, but i guess they wanna wait until kids are out of school for summer break

    • Yousif Alromaithi

      I agree with you basically it needs games and nice article you wrote buddy. Keep it up.

    • greengecko007

      Another interesting read Zorpix, great job.

      Also, the mask in Wind Waker is the Hero’s Charm, and allows you to see the health of enemies. Apparently they moved it to the chest in the savage labyrinth on Outset Island as one of the menial changes from the original, which is kind of dumb because at that point in the game you should be very familiar with the enemies already.

      • THATS RIGHT! It shows their health. where did you used to get it, and what used to be at the end of the labyrinth?

        • WT Herrod Jr.

          You used to get it on Windfall Island after giving the teacher a number of Joy Pendants. I think it replaces a piece of heart that was originally at the bottom of the labyrinth.

    • gerome

      i want to have babies with you zorpix. is that good enough?

      • I’m… flattered?

      • Jessey

        Back off! He’s mine!

        • oh Lord…

          • Mario

            You should run. Now.

          • already gone XD

      • jjbredesen

        O_O Zorpix is turning out to be a pimp πŸ˜›

    • Orto

      At least the wii u has more potential and longevity than the failstation 4 :). I agree with ure article tho

      • why do you say that? I’m not disagreeing, just curious what makes you say it?

        • Daniel Carvalho

          This is just a wild guess, but I think he means the PS4 has nothing to make people interested on it. It’s the exact same thing as a PS3 – a PS2 but more powerful and a slightly different controller. There are almost no games for it, and there’s a huge lack of exclusives (Knack and one more, I guess?). All it can do is enhance last-gen titles graphically by 5% or so.

          If you take that into consideration, and how the Xbox One only caters for the North American territory, this generation is pretty screwed up! Seriously, here in Brazil you pay about US$10000.00 for the XBONE and all its North America exclusive features, but all you’re gonna use is about 10% of what you paid for.

          • that is really messed up. yeowch

    • Sycamore

      I think during these quiet times its good to step back and look for titles that you may have missed. You may find these release gaps close a lot quicker. I have a few suggestions for wii u owners:

      -Sin & Punishment: Star Successor
      -Kirby’s Epic Yarn
      -No More Heroes
      -House of the Dead: Overkill
      -Pandora’s Tower
      -Punch Out

      Luckily the Wii u is backwards compatible and most of these games are not too hard to find. We will get through this drought guys.

      • Okami is really good. I second that

      • The Clockwork Being

        I have have went even more back in the Nintendo catalog of games. I am currently playing Gamecube that I have never played or finished.

      • steveb944

        Thanks for Sin & Punishment, No More Heroes, and House of the Dead.

        As long as I don’t find Pandora’s Tower game ending bug I’ll enjoy it.

      • Rinslowe

        Pandoras Tower…

    • David Byrad

      I came in here with guns blazing… then I read about recent Wii U releases and I ran to my pile of Wii U games… 5 Multiplatform Titles and 8 Exclusives. 7 if you count NSLU. I just, I couldn’t believe after 1 year this was all I had for my U. I felt pretty bummed out

      • jackie

        And if u dont like mario and friends then u only have 2 games lol

        • yeah… it’s sad :/

        • David Byrad

          Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Sonic Lost World and WWHD right?
          Wait, that’s 4.

          Also, since my WWHD broke a few days ago (my brother got angry), I forgot to include that. So, make that 9 exclusives.

          BTW don’t worry, he’s paying me back by buying me SSBU when it comes out

      • yeah… it’s not that great :/

        The games are super good, but just not enough of them come out

    • Chris

      I agree with you. I would be alright if they at least showed a video of what the next Zelda looks like, but they have remained almost completely silent on the matter. It might not even come out for another 2 years. The only games I beat on wiiu are Mario and wind waker. I’m only excited about metroid and Zelda and those happen to be the two games nobody knows anything about. My console has been collecting dust since when Mario 3d world first came out and it might be years before it ever gets plugged in again.

    • Gordon Blakey

      I’m totally with you, Zorpix! I am sad that the games are lacking because I think it’s a great system and has huge potential. But, they have fallen way way short by bringing out the system with so little options for games. I do like the fact that it’s backwards compatible so I can play my old Wii games. I see other gamers with their “Titanfall” types of games and I think “how cool would that be on the Wii U” but it seems like they are more focused on bringing back the really old games on the virtual console which is something I’m not really interested in. I hope this changes soon but so far it doesn’t seem like it will. Thanks for your honesty!

      • yeah, i’m tired of saying “I’d love to see that on the Wii U!” I want stuff to actually BE on the Wii U! Nintendo is being so passive it’s sickening

    • zajac1661

      As a optimist for a veeeeery long time I really agree with you. Good article

    • RecheDiazrivarola

      If this is with a wiiu imagine as would be with a play4 that only offers a %5 of graphical enhancements in the same games.

      zorpix Don’t be dramatic.

      • no idea what you just said… Sorry πŸ™

        • Michael Ocampo

          I think he’s saying “that there are some innovative games on Wii U but the hardware isn’t selling. Imagine how the PS4 would do with only a small graphical improvement.”

    • Daniel Carvalho

      I agree completely with you. I believe Nintendo is still thinking the casual gamers will receive the Wii U with an open heart (and wallet) just like they did with the Wii, and that’s where they started making those mistakes.

      When the Wii first came out, it was the only console that catered for that public that had gotten away from gaming or never approached that territory before. We’re talking about 2005~2006, almost ten years ago! We’re now in 2014, a time when casual gamers can find games made for them on their cellphones, tablets, portable computers, fridges, ovens, on the air… and the Wii U is the most expensive of the choices they have, taking in consideration it’s a machine you’ll use solely for games, while the others are machines people actually need in their daily lives that come with the extra function of having games! It’s not worth a casual gamer’s money!

      Now, when Nintendo realizes the casual gamer isn’t going to buy the Wii U, what do they do? Start catering for those who want to give them their money in exchange for their games? No! “People don’t understand how great the Gamepad is, that’s why they’re not buying any Wii U!” And with that broken mentality, what do we get? Games that use almost no features – if any – of the Gamepad: SM3DW only uses some few challenges, while 99% of the game can be completed without it; DKCTF only uses it for off-screen play; Mario Kart 7 and Smash Bros. for Wii U won’t be making use of it in the least meaningful sense. Instead of focusing on bringing a great experience (that’s what brings people to your console), they decide to “show 3DS owners a similar experience they have on their portables on the Wii U”. Well, Miyamoto-san, if I already have a similar experience on my 3DS (that I already payed for), why the heck in the world would I bother spending US$300,00 on a new console plus US$60,00 on a game to have “a similar experience”?!

      And on the meantime, they decide to launch NES Remix… COME ON! I know that collection of challenges can be pretty fun and addictive, but let’s be fair here: it’s not what the Wii U needs right now. Nintendo should be focusing all their resources on bringing next-gen (or current-gen now) games on the console, with HD graphics to show it can compete with the PS4 and Xbone in terms of performance. Sure, the console is less powerful, but its unique architecture can make textures almost as good as the PS4 can. They should be showing us the power of the Wii U, not their former glory on the 8-Bits era. But that’s how Nintendo works now: if everythign else fails, show Mario (in this case, 3D World); if Mario fails, go Retro… with Mario! That may have been a good addition or Wii U owners, but nothing a new HD game couldn’t do – and even get more people to buy the console. Fact is, no one is going to get a HD console to play 8-Bits games.

      What Nintendo fails to realize is that people don’t buy it for two big problems: 1) People STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT THE WII U IS – they believe it’s either the original Wii with a new look (launching the Wii Mini in USA AFTER the Wii U had been launched was a pretty stupid move, Nintendo), or even an accessory for the original Wii (one pretty expensive, at that, seeing how that “accessory” costs three times the price of the console it was designed for); and 2) there has been a great drought of games for it. I’m not going to stick to third parties games on the Wii U because third party support on Nintendo home consoles has always been a consequence rather than something they can control, but we want to know what happened to those games that were promised a year ago. Great, we got a Nintendo Direct talking about X 4 months ago, what do we have now? A launch date? No? How about something to play in the meantime? Nope.

      You said “don’t expect me to come up with an amazing plan to save the console.” Well, thing is, there’s no need for that. All it takes is ADVERTISEMENT! Show the console on TV, show its games, tell people it’s a new console and not the Wii – or an accessory for it -, show Bayonetta 2, X, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, Wonderful 101 on TV (and please, no Cranky Kong – we know how that usually ends up), show a game that fully utilizes the Gamepad’s and the Wii U’s online capabilities. People are not going to buy your product if they don’t know what it is – or even that it exists!

      In other words, while we keep shouting to Nintendo, saying we want to give them our money, they keep ignoring us and going after the casual gamers, believing they will be the salvation of the Wii U! Basically, we’ve been friendzoned by Nintendo…

      Gamer: – Hello, I have money and I want to give it to you.
      Nintendo : – Why did the casual gamer leave me?! I will change, I promise! Look, no more Gamepad! Now come back to me!!!
      Gamer: – Seriously, I want to give you my money, just give me Zelda or Metr-
      Nintendo: – CASUAL GAMEEEEEEEERRRR!!!!! T^T

      Something like this. Sounds pretty accurate to me.

      I tired to gather some numbers on the forums to tell Nintendo what they need to do in order to sell consoles – I know, I went overboard with that topic. I’ve tried selling some ideas for commercials (as I’ve studied Publicity in university), but what I received as reply was a big “we don’t accept anything we haven’t asked for”. I love Nintendo, I’ve grown up with a SNES that kept me company more than my friends from school for many years, and I really don’t want to see them doing poorly on business (specially because that means less games for us), But it seems they just refuse to see the obvious, they prefer to ignore what everyone says about the Wii U not being known and prefer to keep living on the dreamland where everyone knows what it is and keep trying to go for the casual gamer over and over again. They refuse to wake up from that illusion!

      Oh, and as promising as the Quality of Life thing (doesn’t) sound to be, I find it a huge lack of effort and resources that could’ve been being applied on the Wii U. It comes off as harmful to the onsole, as it takes away the attention it should’ve been having.

      • Rinslowe

        “And on the meantime, they decide to launch NES Remix… COME ON! I know that collection of challenges can be pretty fun and addictive, but let’s be fair here: it’s not what the Wii U needs right now.”
        True, so true…

      • Really great writeup. Thanks for the input! I really agree! They’re just not listening. They’re trying too hard for the casuals who have just lost interest…

        • Daniel Carvalho

          Heck, we even forgot about that Lucario VS Blaziken HD image from 6+ months ago. Seeing how Nintendo completely forgot to mention anything about that, we’re now sure it’s a Wii U game, since we got no response whatsoever after that!

          See? This is what can’t be happening! Right now the Wii U is the console with the most exclusives (I’ve counted 9 so far), yet we keep forgetting what titles are coming exclusively for it because Nintendo seems to have abandoned the console! Give us a launch window, dammit, “sometime this year” is vague enough to make it sound like you’re mocking us!

          • seriously. What HAPPENS to those images? They show us this stuff then just go “This is coming”

            Honestly, if they release a legit pokemon MMORPG for the Wii U, problems would be 100% over. EVERYONE wants it

      • thedeciderU

        yes, yes, yes, yes, and more yes. nintendo, as a company, has now left planet earth.

    • sd

      TVii was never even implemented in the vast majority of countries. It does absolotely nothing.

      Personally I wonder whether I could get a full refund for false advertising by Nintendo.

      • Rinslowe

        Tvii, totally wasted, totally dormant opportunity…

      • didnt someone take them to court for that?

        • sd

          Not too sure, but surely its possible.

    • wiimenonowiiu

      Nothing to chew out you are absolutly right i ask myself the same question why am i still waiting and ive had the wii u since first week it came out and the drought continues

      • yeah… at least the new Skylanders is coming for it XD

    • TCar

      How many games do you think Nintendo should make in a years time? 12? What kind of development team do you think they have?

      If a dev wants to make a game, why should Nintendo pay for it? Whatever happened to game developers taking care of themselves. Just because Nintendo has a large sum of cash on hand doesn’t mean they should just give it away so a dev can gamble it away. Why do you think they have that much money in the first place? They are smart and develop what they want, console development and game development.

      I for one am a patient person when it comes to their releases. I have other interests and a life that occupies most of my time. I fit games in when I want and definitely don’t sit down on a daily basis to play games. They are there to kill time, not rule my life!

    • pkmnMasterWheeler .

      GASP!!! How dare you speak such blasphemy, they grace you with the majesty of their divine console and you insist they aren’t making games fast enough!?!?! Don’t you know genius takes time!!!

      But seriously, I PERSONALLY haven’t really felt the drought since my lack of money actually makes my purchase rate of the games slower than their release rate, which isn’t to say it isn’t a big problem. Only part that really bugs me is oh god WHY are there so many games that they say “Hey this is gonna be on the console~” and never mention it again for months. What are there 5-6 of those, Bayonetta 2, Yarn Yoshi, Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem, X, Hyrule Warriors, and I feel like there was one more. I mean geeze, if the y walked up at E3 and said “Were gonna release all these games one after another one month apart!” that’d fill up the rest of the year!

      One thing I feel I should mention, Nintendo has been fairly hush hush this year, 4 months in and we’ve had what, 3 Nintendo Directs? 2 of which were dedicated to a single game? This could mean they just have nothing to say but hopefully it means they’re planning something big for E3

      • I agree.. I really hope they have something planned, because there’s a lot of games I was promised that just aren’t coming…

    • Hipster Victor

      Hey Zopix, do you think Iwata should be fired for the good of nintendo? Just curious to hear your opinion

      • I personally don’t feel I have the authority to make decisions such as whether or not a man should lose his occupation.

        That being said, I don’t think he personally is to blame for the poor advertising and application of the Wii U. It’s easy to point a finger at him because of his position, but I don’t think it’s as much his fault as people think. I like him

        • Hipster Victor

          I agree, but you must admit. Nintendo seriously need to edit their management or marketing strategy for the matter. Just hope Iwata or anybody in Nintendo do something before its too late

          • yeah, they definitely need to change something. I’m hoping they’ll learn from mistakes

    • Rob Bean

      Zorpix isn’t half as angry as I am by Nintendo’s lack of support for WiiU. IMO, Nintendo isn’t just accepting defeat they are embracing it. They aren’t just content to abandon their WiiU customers they are intent on it. I admit I’m not as loyal a customer as many who comment here, and many here will still buy Nintendo products even if Nintendo does nothing more to help us feel good about buying the console, but if this doesn’t turn around I won’t buy another Nintendo product, and I’m sure I won’t be the only one.

    • Jaded_Drybones

      I agree with everything you said, and you said it in a very objective, fair framework. Good post Zorpix.

      • Thanks! Glad you liked it!

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Look Zorpix I know you are mad but when you look at 3DS the release schedule looks almost equally barren. Technically there isn’t a drought if you look at all the eShop titles that have come out. Indie games may not move systems but they are there mainly to help fill in the gaps between the AAA titles. Miyamoto is working on a new IP, Retro just started work on their next Wii U game, Nintendo EAD is already working on the next 3D Mario which will likely be for Wii U, They are working on games that will make more use of the gamepad and NFC, They just announced the new Fatal Frame for Wii U. I think its somewhat pre mature to say they are abandoning Wii U. While Nintendo could pay developers, the problem with that would be if they did then every developer would start asking Nintendo for money. I am no blind fanboy but you need to remember we don’t know what truly goes on behind the scenes

    • Harley

      Sadly you are right, so the question is…WHAT A HELL IS HAPPENING?

      Is the development too hard for Wii U because of the two screen technologies??? Are the studios lazy???

      It seems that they prefer to develop in standard (PC) technology…lets get real…XBOX/PS techs. are simple PC with steroids…that’s all…

      And makes sense (from the developer’s perspective), why invest a ton of money, time and special skills in the development of a game that will only work in one console??….if they can develop in a “standard mode” once and easily hit two or more consoles with no special effort and minimal tweaks.

      The second question is… after 20+ years, do I really start thinking about switching to XBOX or PS and leave Nintendo behind? :'(

    • Andrew W Garttmeyer

      Chew you out? I wholeheartedly agree on all points. Nintendo has made me feel like an Idiot for adopting so soon. I STILL don’t understand why they can’t give us some kind of schedule of VC releases? Just tell us what VC titles you are working on for chrissakes. ugh, so much annoying crap going on with Nes that I haven’t even looked up wiiudaily in quite some time…just waiting on Mario Kart, will play that for a good 3 months, than wait for some good VC or Link.

      • Seriously, I feel kinda dumb too. I bought the thing for 350 and was able to be an early adopter. That’s it. No ambassador program, which they really should’ve done. No nothing.

  • Brandon Gardner

    I totally agree with your article! I have been preaching the same thing about this for a while and its hard to have a healthy debate on this site because everyone is so Pro Nintendo.

    • I got your back! I’m pro nintendo, but I know how BS this is

  • Capt. Smoker

    Another brilliant article as always Zorpix

  • Niknique

    Yeah I agree it’s dry out there. Now that I think about it, just 2 games(SSB and MK8) alone might not be enough to save the Wii U if that’s all that’s going to come out for the remainder of 2014. Dang it Zorpix why’d you make me face reality :'(

    • I’m sorry :/ It just recently hit me, so I know how you feel. I love my Wii U, but it seems like Nintendo just doesn’t

      • Squid

        The only possibility for Nintendo not caring for the console is that they are making a new one to start fresh. Though I doubt it.

        • oh no, they’ll ride this one out, I’m sure

  • Brandon Gardner

    Nintendo is hurting themselves a lot with the Wii U. At the end of the day its not the lack of 3rd party support its more of what Nintendo could have done to avoid this mess they are in now… Too many broken promises, lack of marketing and educating people on what the Wii U is…. Even the VC needs to do better….. I am afraid for the future of Nintendo when they come out with another system will people buy it no matter how powerful and great it is…. Nintendo seriously needs to be like Disney and just start buying up properties

    • They’ve gotta do something drastic. They’re going downhill with the Wii U. The 3DS is going amazingly though, and I have games I want to buy for it.

    • Niknique

      Buy properties huh? Not sure how that’d impact Nintendo but hey it’s an idea at least. I couldn’t think of anything XD

      • Brandon Gardner

        Buying other indie developers to help them bring games to the system…. even third party companies to make them make games exclusive to Nintendo those are some examples

        • Niknique

          Oh I see so if they had bought Atlus then that could at least boost the game library and attract more people. That’s actually not too bad. They have billions of dollars so I don’t get why they’re not doing it :/

  • Brandon

    now wii u will sell worse than dreamcast. great….. -__-


      • Brandon

        yet we got yoshi’s new island (a 3ds game btw) SHOVED in our own faces!!!!!

        • seriously! This game has been teased then just forgotten.

  • Blue Hernandez

    Ok now that I’ve read the article I will make an honest comment. You are right. This console is drying up. I’m not as thirsty as you or most only Wii U owners might be. I have an X1 which keeps me very occupied. I still have a few games on my 360 that I haven’t even touched, so there’s no reason for me to really be longing for games. Now onto my Wii U. I just got a Wii U in December 2013. My wife and I are currently playing SM3DW, and we’re almost done. We’ve completed all the worlds, with the exception of the Crown world as we just unlocked it last night, to 100%. We decided to get DKCTF once we officially complete the game 100%. I honestly only have my Wii U for it’s exclusive Nintendo and Sonic games, and party games. I don’t expect much but I also don’t like how this system is being left out of every next AAA game. I have gone through the death of a system before and don’t want Nintendo to suffer that same fate. It’s titles will suffer horribly and we will only get Mario titles whose quality degrades quickly as they’re released every year, I’m looking at you Sega and Sonic. There are a lot of games that I haven’t played on the Wii U as I’m somewhat of a new owner, but that won’t last long and I’d really like to keep playing this system for quite a few more years.

    • I just got a 360, so I have a LOT to catch up on. I was hoping the Wii U would distract me from them, but it’s just not :/

      Yeah, I feel ya. I bought it like most people, for Nintendo games, and the occasional third party. I didn’t know it’d be so dry…

      • Blue Hernandez

        Oh yeah nice. You should try Dragon Age Origins if you’re into RPG’s with a good story and great characters. It’s not the prettiest game for 360 but it’s definitely my favorite. What games do you like? Maybe I can recommend some.

        • I’m having fun with borderlands 2, dark souls, and the games with gold that keep coming out XD I already have a backlog. I like RPGs and things with good story

          • Blue Hernandez

            Cool! Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you but my job gets wayyy too busy at the end of the month.

            Dragon Age sounds like a good option along with the Mass Effect Trilogy. Skyrim is soo epic you can get stuck there for hundreds of hours. Also you should check out Fable Anniversary. Its the original Fable from the first Xbox redone in HD, probably in the top ten RPGs of ever. List of awesome games:

            Fallout 3/New Vegas

            Lollipop Chainsaw

            Fable Trilogy digital download only all games rereleased in HD(might even include DLC) http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-us/Product/Fable-Trilogy/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d8024d530aa2k

            Brutal Legend – another personal fav XP

            The Witcher 2

            South Park and the Stick of Truth – if you’re a South Park fan
            then this RPG is a must

            Tales of Vesparia

            Blue Dragon


            Bioshock series

            …….I think that’s all I can remember right now lol but yeah those are in no specific order. I haven’t tried the Final Fantasy series (well any past ten) so you could give those a shot too. Have fun! I hear GTA V is fun, I haven’t played it yet as I heard there will be another release for X1 and PS4.

          • Certainly lots of options. Lollipop chainsaw always intrigued me. what’s it about?

          • Blue Hernandez

            It’s definitely one of the more unique games out there. You play as a chainsaw wielding cheerleader who just happens to be part of a professional zombie killing family. Its crazy ridiculous fun! And she’s really sexy ( . )( . ) XP need I say more lol

          • XD I’ll give it a look πŸ˜›

  • Squid

    I’m honestly pissed on waiting as well. Two months with no Nintendo. I suppose. Kirby is coming out soon. Actually Yoshi’s new island came out but it was too much based on its original.

  • Sdudyoy

    Great topic Zorpix, the fact is Nintendo could have saved the Wii U early in it’s life, but sales wise, the Wii U will fail, the only thing they can do now is wait until the next console can be released, and keep releasing games on Wii U, it almost feels like Nintendo never really cared for the Wii U, maybe they want to become a handheld only company, I wouldn’t mind if the handheld was powerful enough.

    • Yeah, if they wanna become handheld only, I suppose I wouldn’t mind that. I don’t see it happening, and I wouldn’t like it, but I’d be okay with it

      • Sdudyoy

        Yeah I don’t really see it happening either, I wouldn’t mind a handheld console as long as I could still use it with a TV and play multiplayer without owning other handheld consoles, maybe it would come with an attachment so that you could plug more controllers in? I don’t know I’m just thinking of odd theories.

        • yeah ,I guess we just have to wait and see what they come up with :/

    • Brandon

      handheld only? no thanks! πŸ˜›

      • Sdudyoy

        Yeah, I don’t want it either, I was just saying random theories that I honestly don’t believe.

      • Drowrin

        Yes Please! πŸ˜›

  • ActivesiN

    yup pretty much everything you said is dead on

    • I thought so :3 otherwise I wouldn’t have said it

      • ActivesiN

        1st party games on Nintendo are the best, because of the quality but it takes so long…

        why dont Nintendo outsource smaller companies to make more hd remake games like windwaker hd to fill in the gaps…since 3rd party are not going to bother

        • yup. 100% agree

        • Justin McQuillen

          Oh, you mean like they already do? Nice assertion captain hindsight.

          • ActivesiN

            which ones?

  • Justin McQuillen

    A delayed release is 100 times better than a botched release.

    I love Nintendo delays. Every time a Nintendo game gets delayed for a ridiculous amount of time, it goes down as being a historically awesome game. People who played the Beta version of Ocarina of Time were claiming it was going to be a really shitty game. It probably was going to be.

    • Granted, but we need something to play. There has been next to nothing out recently.

      • Justin McQuillen

        Monster Hunter 3, Wonderful 101, Ninja Gaiden, Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Splinter Cell, not to mention the GBA Virtual Console. This week I beat Mega Man X and Zelda 2 on my Wii U, not trying to brag but there are plenty of AAA titles on the console right now, especially compared to the competition. The lack of games argument is totally out the window already.

        • Justin McQuillen

          Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Sonic Lost World (completely underrated), Wind Waker HD, Dr Luigi, not to mention the indie games which include Puddle, Mutant Mudds, and Knytt Underground.

          • Justin McQuillen

            If you compare the tenacity of the supposed minor drought to the evident level of awesomeness a delayed Nintendo game provides, you will find that we as the players are the benefactors of a greatly positive result in the trade-off. It’s better to win in the long run than in the short run, and it’s wise for corporations to think accordingly.

        • long_dong_donkey_kong

          But that’s four ports and games that are 10-25 years old. If you own a PS3, Deus Ex was free on PS+. So that leaves you with Wonderful 101 released in Aug/Sept, Pikmin (Aug), and Mario 3D World (Nov), and Donkey Kong (Feb). The problem is that all of those games have to be hits. A game like Sonic was poorly reviewed, so if you don’t want to risk $60 that leaves additional weeks or months before another Wii U game comes out. Donkey Kong came out February 21st. That’s three months until Mario Kart.

          Releasing GBA games is nice, releasing Mario 3 is nice, but those are not new experiences. I could have played any of those games at any time if I felt like heading to GameStop or hit up eBay. The convenience offered by the Virtual Console does not alleviate the drought.

        • mohammed

          He is talking about all the New AAS Game that have released this year, not last year.

  • Frankie

    There is not a drought of Nintendo games for the Wii U. If anyone thinks there is a drought they are an idiot. Nintendo has released plenty of games for the Wii U over the 9 months. The drought of games is from 3rd parties, which all systems are facing.

    People outside the gaming industry just whine about everything, Nintendo is working on those games, and games take time to make. Most cycles last at least two years. Nintendo announced a bunch of games just over a year ago, give them time and stop complaining.

    • A bunch? Please list some

      • Guest

        nintendo takes so damn long to make games which is both a postive and a negative since we get real quality games but it takes so long

        why dont they get smaller companies to make more hd remake games like windwaker hd to fill in the gaps…since 3rd party are not going to bother

        • yeah, I’d be cool with that. More people making remakes or even taking some of their properties, like is happening with hyrule warrior

          • Frankie

            HD remakes are not what the industry needs. The industry needs new games, HD remakes are just as bad as yearly releases.

          • it’s something to PLAY. Which the Wii U is lacking.

          • Frankie

            So support the problem of rehashes with more rehashes?

          • Justin McQuillen

            Agreed, this guy is clueless.

          • C4

            “as yearly releases”

            So Mario is bad?!? πŸ˜›

            I already said it month ago, Nintendo should have handpicked the best GC (and maybe Wii) games and re-release them with enhanced GamePad features or whatever. Then release them whenever there is a drought. Like Wind Waker HD there will always be people who want to replay it but don’t want it to play or can’t play it on GC or even completely missed the game back then. It’s a good strategy for 1 – 2 games per year to enhance the consoles portfolio IMHO πŸ™‚

          • Frankie

            It sounds like a good idea, but you are taking developers away from Wii U games and putting them on ports of older games. Mario is not a yearly release.

            Super Mario 64
            Super Mario Sunshine
            Super Mario Galaxy
            Super Mario Galaxy 2
            Super Mario 3D World.

            The 2D and 3D games are different. COD and Assassin’s Creed are the same every year just rehashed, the only rehash on the Mario list is Galaxy.

        • jjbredesen

          ” takes so damn long to make games which is both a postive and a negative since we get real quality games but it takes so long”


      • Frankie

        Go make a list of companies that put out games and compare who put out the most over the last year. Aside from companies like EA that publish yearly sports releases, no companies will compare to Nintendo. How many has Sony or Microsoft put out? No where near Nintendo.

        • Microsoft has a lot of studios making their games. Sony remade TLOU recently. They’re busy

          • Frankie

            lol Naughty Dog ported a PS3 game to PS4, that is not hard, Sony just had massive layoffs and Microsoft bought out a bunch of indie companies. Black Tusk worked on a game for three years and showed it at E3. Guess what, that game is cancelled and they are working on Gears of War. Nintendo put out double what Sony and Microsoft have, deal with it.

          • Mario

            I heard that Sony sold their shares of Square-enix.

          • jackie

            And it still got passed by ps4 in 5 months. Wii u 1 year head start idea backfired

          • Frankie

            Because the PS4 is going to appeal to more people. Nintendo dug themselves in a hole with the Wii. Yes, they sold more than the other systems and made tons of money, but they isolated a lot of fans and core gaming moved on without Nintendo. Nintendo still makes the best games in the industry, but the industry moved on without Nintendo.

        • SamusPrime

          I’ll help you out a little, there are currently 68 games reviewed for the Wii U on gamerankings (1 review or more) that are 70% or higher. The system has been out for 17 months, that’s 4 games a month. Even if you only liked half of them that still 2 games a month. You should be able to find 20-25 games in that list that are worth playing. I have 31 games for the system with an average rating 80% on those games. No drought for me.

          • Petri

            You put it well.
            But the average gamer has the attention span of a squirrel

          • jackie

            You say all that but none of those games have moved consoles. Thats what the games are for to help sale the console and as u can see sales are crap

        • jjbredesen

          Take-Two Interactive


          Electronic Arts





          Activision Blizzard

          Namco Bandai Games

          Warner Bros. Interactive

          Paradox Interactive

          505 Games


          Tecmo Koei

          Xseed Games

          Deep Silver

          Focus Home Interactive

          Kalypso Media

          etc. to be honest thats just the tip of the iceberg

          • Frankie

            Now count how many games they released over the last year.

    • Lil J Moore

      No games for consecutive months. little to no marketing, sluggish VC, Delays, Whining? No. Concerned? Big time. Nintendo is lagging behind with the WiiU and all of us see it.

    • jjbredesen

      Nintendo is not performing as well as the are supposed to, yes its hard to make lots of games, but it is a huge international company with BILLIONS in the bank, and they need to do better, they have a quality promise to live up to and they are not living up to it, don’t defend them.

      They are going to have to step up there game, there is no 2 ways about it…

  • long_dong_donkey_kong

    I’m in the same boat. I didn’t even buy Donkey Kong yet because I had just played Mario 3D World, and Rayman just before that, and Super Luigi not long before that. I just wanted something not a platformer (as far as new games go). At least the Virtual Console has picked it up. It was my first time exposed to Advance Wars, Mario 3 is always good, and Yoshi’s Island (bastardized version) comes out soon. Now that it’s baseball season, I can play these games on the GamePad while watching baseball.

    The Wii U doesn’t get much, but what it does get is great. The 3DS doesn’t get much either, but it too has great offerings. The rumor of the next Nintendo system being both a home console that can be portable seems like the best route to go. Right now, they stretch themselves too thin with some portable and some console games. If you combined the 3DS and Wii U lineups, it would be an outstanding line-up. Instead, they compete against themselves.

    • that too! It’s almost ALL platformers!

      But yeah, the games are great, but there’s just not enough of them. I agree with all you’re saying

  • Lil J Moore

    E3 will tell us the future of the WiiU.

    • Yup. it’s kinda their last chance

      • Dicie Hooded Figure

        And Iwata’s last chance too.

    • Wren Justin Umlauf

      Thats what we said last year too.. Im just hoping they actually have a good E3 this year

  • We should have been more cautious when Nintendo initially explained that they were kinda overwhelmed by the new generation’s technology. I had a funny feeling about this, but it turned out to be the worst case scenario no one would ever have thought of. In the end, I guess their bad preparation for this increased effort to create stuff is one of the main reasons for this whole disaster. And this is actually really bad as they had ages to prepare during the whole Wii lifecycle. Dammit Iwata, what the whell were you thinking.

    • Hopefully with their next console, they’ll finally be ready to take it to the next level

      • Ultrasyd

        Well, they have to make a big step forward then. It was a very bad idea to simply add wiimotes to the Game Cube to make the Wii. I hate the Wii. This is why they have a bad preparation.

        • it was an amazing idea. You hate the wii because the Wii was a quite polarizing system that didn’t tried to fit all tastes. And that totally worked out for Nintendo, while the WiiU is perfectly demonstrating, how hard you can fail if you try to reach every kind of gamer. I personally love the WiiU’s concept, but I’m truly starting to believe it would’ve been better to just create a Wii2 with better hardware, without Gamepad and just Wiimote&Pro Controllers. Easier to sell.

          • Ultrasyd

            Why not, but they should have dropped the “Wii” name. It’s confusing.
            A Wii2, with better hardware, is what the Wii should have been, in my opinion. They did a great move on the gameplay side, but totally forgot the hardware side. It was exactly a Game Cube, right ? And now, they say that they didn’t know it was so hard to make high definition games.

      • There’s a lot that keeps me frustrated about the WiiU, one thing is, that I really love the whole system and hate how Nintendo is failing in making the best out of it. The thing that bugs me really like the most is the feeling, that they are truly capable of creating amazing stuff like Super Mario 3D World, but are lacking the capacities to keep the flow of incoming software up & running. It’s always like ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ while immediately realizing, that it would just too Nice to be true in the world of Nintendo. As a life-long Nintendo-fanboy, it really hurts to say that they totally turned into a bunch of douches, incapable of surprising me. Or let’s just say, the biggest surprises are, when they are releasing a game like 3D World, that turns out just as awesome as it should be, which shouldn’t be a surprise, but due to that bad performing console, it sadly is.
        But good to have this whole article where we can cry every frustration out for once. For just once the critics & whiners are stronger than the biased fanboys who wouldn’t allow someone talking about how their beloved company could probably do better πŸ˜‰

        • seriously, I’m surprised at the support Im’ seeing

        • Gabe Hoffman

          Douches is a bit harsh. To be fair its okay to be critical but sitting and whining about everything not going your way never solved anything. Could Wii U be better yes. but I know bitching about it won’t really solve anything so I make the best of it and move on. Its not easy to keep a steady flow when third parties have practically given your system the finger and are coming with half baked excuses not to support it

          • Ultrasyd

            You forget that Iwata and Reggie are registered users here πŸ˜€ So they can read such comments and, who knows, try to fix things.

        • Ultrasyd

          Surprise, that’s it. I posted a lot about that, on Miiverse too. When you are a long time Nintendo player, where is the surprise with Mario Bros, Wii Fit, Wii Sport, Donkey Kong on Wii U ? Good games, yes, but no surprise. No surprise at all, it’s just what you expect them to be. You know, before playing, how it’s going to be. I’m playing 3D World right now, it’s fun, but well … it’s a multiplayer 3D Land.
          I wanna dream and be surprised.

          • Gabe Hoffman

            Well what about those cases when Nintendo does surprise us with new games but nobody buys them

          • Ultrasyd

            Good question !

          • And 3D World even was one of the more surprising games. maybe because I just didn’t expect it to be good, especially not that good at all. Everyone wants a new IP. why is that, Nintendo? because everyone is sick of getting the same burger all over again. Nintendo isn’t McDonalds, they should work on their recipe a bit more. Actually, even McDonalds tried out Noodles here, so please Nintendo, deliver me something to impress me. They are more into experimenting than any one else in the industry and still they manage to be extremely conservative when it comes to software franchises. The only new IPs through the past few years were stuff like WiiSports or Nintendoland. Nice, but not what I wanna be surprised with. Drop my jaw, for chrissake!

    • Ian Oliver

      I think a lot of this mess could have been avoided if they just made the Wii an HD console.

      • maybe, still the Wii worked out very fine and just adapting that success somehow wouldn’t have been too hard. Seems like Nintendo tried everything not to do a Wii again. From some points that’s not so bad, in some it’S very bad. And I guess the latter do have more weight πŸ™

  • KH

    It was only a 1st pary drought, we did receive like 2-3 games in what has been of this two months, some cheap useless third party games, but we have received them, so the Wii U haven’t exactly seen a drought, people are simply not interested and do not care about those cheap third party games that are release(anyone still really care about hunting games, like the one which came out on March, or the Lego Hobbit game that came out yesterday?), but the true is, the only drought we have seen is of 1st party software.

    Anyway the “drought” has only been over here, since Japan has receive 3rd party games and one 1st party release tomorrow/today.

    Also Nintendo indeed has billions in the bank, but they cannot go throwing them at third party developers, that would just form a bad habit, and third parties would ask for money each time to bring a game, so no they shouldn’t give any money to any developer, third party or indie.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Look Zorpix I know your mad but you need to remember this isn’t the Gamecube era where games only took like a fraction of the time, resources, and investment as AAA HD titles. Would I like more VC games sure but the truth is those games won’t move systems its just a bonus. What Wii U needs is fresh original games. Lets face it its just unrealistic to expect a new AAA release every single month. No developer can possibly sustain such a pace. Nintendo is pretty much past the HD growing pains now. They have several of their studios and teams working on several unannounced projects

    • well then why do other systems have big releases every month? That’s what I’m concerned about. Nintendo doesn’t have the relationships with 3rd parties to make that happen. They can’t survive on their releases alone.

      • SamusPrime

        I don’t follow game realeases for other systems, but what has come out for the XBone between launch and Titanfall on a monthly basis?

        • long_dong_donkey_kong

          I think you have a point. Other than Infamous Second Son on PS4, Titanfall on XB1, the other new systems have had nothing. On PS3/360, there has been South Park, but not much else. Nintendo had Donkey Kong and then nothing since Mario on Wii U, and up until Mario Golf, not much to speak of since Zelda. It’s an overall gaming drought right now, so for those of us who alleviate Nintendo droughts with other systems, there’s not much happening there either.

          The difference is we know Wii U has Mario Kart coming out in May, Smash Bros coming out by the end of the year, and there’s nothing definitive beyond that. X, Shin Megami x Fire Emblem, Bayonetta and Watch Dogs are all announced, but without release dates, they could be canceled at any time. We don’t know where Zelda or Metroid are either. Meanwhile PS4 and XB1 have games coming out because they have 3rd party support. I love the Wii U, but it’s hard to be optimistic when I only know of two games I can for sure buy this year.

        • http://www.ign.com/games/upcom

          may has 7 releases.


          XBO only has 2 in may, so it’s fairly equal. They also JUST got Titanfall though However there is still the 360 which has one more game, plus an enormous library


          May has 2 releases, one with an actual date. and it’s the very last day.

          • Gabe Hoffman

            A lot of those games are download titles though

          • I’d like a new downloaded title for the Wii U that isn’t indie or VC

          • savisn

            Although i agree with your overall point it seems a bit disingenuous to count indie for PS4 (Child of Light for example) but not count them for WiiU (Child of Light).

            WiiU has had an extra year to ramp up and Nintendo has failed to do that either through reacting too late (meaning a lot of unannounced games on the horizon), not reacting at all (which means we’ll see 4-5 games (+ indies and kid games) or so a year it looks like unless 3rd party comes back), or simply giving up (they will finish what’s in the pipeline and add some simple stuff like NES Remixes and then on to the next launch in 2 or 3 years)

            I’d be surprised if they’ve given up considering Fatal Frame is a new announcement, rumors of hiring, and the massive costs already in the system. However, if Kart and Smash don’t ignite sales they may just ride it out.

          • is child of light indie? I thought it was ubisoft. I dont keep up with indies too much

          • jackie

            Your right on the money

          • savisn

            Oh, you are correct. Didn’t even realize that – not used to seeing anything 3rd party that’s not indie anymore sadly.

            I suppose the larger point stands though – comparing 7 games on PS4 from all publishers including indies to only Nintendo release titles isn’t very fair and your argument doesn’t really need that.

            Nintendo has had a year longer to get titles moving, and has known that 3rd party support was lacking. I think they are trying to fill gaps with NES Remix, but it’s not enough so far.

            You should check out a few of the indies though. I think some of them, if they are your type of game, are every bit as fun as most of the “big” games. In fact every indie I’ve played on WiiU is better than the godawful Splinter Cell game

          • I liked the Splinter Cell game o.o

            but no, indies are great. Spin the Bottle: Bumpie’s party had better Wiimote use than the entire Wii library

      • Gabe Hoffman

        Tell me whats coming out for PS4 following inFamous SS and when or how bout when the next big first party game for X1 releases

    • Keith

      State your facts on these supposed developments!! Don’t be like Nintendo, we don’t want your opinions, we want facts!!

  • Jason

    It seems like Nintendo cares more about the 3DS than the Wii U. The fact that they’re putting SSB on the 3DS, and several months earlier, is a big sign of that. I think it’s unfair for Nintendo to put out a console for people to buy and then not care about the system. This will have a negative impact, because when Nintendo makes a new home console, the 6 million Wii U owners will wait 2 years or more before they buy it, because they don’t want to be duped again, and some of those people will probably not buy Nintendo’s next system at all.

    Nintendo should at least care a little more about the Wii U, so the Wii U owners won’t be extremely cautious about buying Nintendo’s next console.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Sometimes I think people forget that 3DS obviously require a fraction of the resources that Wii U games would need

  • Spencer Manigat

    My thoughts exactly.

  • TrueWiiMaster

    “That means there have only been three high profile game releases for the Wii U in the past six months.”
    Actually, in the last 6 months the Wii U has gotten CoD, Sonic, AC4, 3D World, Wii Fit, DKC, Arkham Origins, and Wii Party. The drought has been the last 3-4 months, in which only DK came out. That said, the PS4 and Xbox One have both had similar droughts during that time, each getting only 1 big exclusive and few major multiplats (depending on the person, that could be none).

    “What has Nintendo done to help these people reach their goals of getting on the console?”
    Nintendo has contacted various indies and offered free dev kits. They’ve also been featuring many indies in the eshop and in their videos. Right now there are well over 100 indie games slated for the Wii U eshop.

    While I agree that Nintendo needs more games on the Wii U to give it a boost, they haven’t done as bad a job as you seem to think, especially compared to the other next gen systems. Personally, I’m still catching up on all the Wii U and 3DS games that came out last year, so this drought isn’t affecting me anyway.

    • Wii Party U released in October, Origins was half assed, CoD is CoD, Sonic is good, but not nintendo. AC4 was also in october. That’s a long stretch.

      The drought is affecting me hardcore, hence my writing

      • TrueWiiMaster

        Yes, those games released in October, but after October 22, meaning within the last 6 months. Between the months of August and December the Wii U got Splinter Cell, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends, Deus Ex, Wind Waker, Scribblenauts, and various other titles, in addition to the previously listed games. That’s over 15 games in 5 months. The drought began after DK released at the end of February. It’s been about 2 months, not 6, and Mario Kart comes out in about 1 month. I seriously doubt it will take until β€œWinter 2014β€³ to get the next big Nintendo title either.

        And again, the drought is fairly universal. The PS4 and Xbox One have gotten very few new games since launch in November, and extremely few exclusives.

        • jackie

          None of those games sale consoles. Sales are crap

          • TrueWiiMaster

            I’d blame that more on the marketing than the games themselves. Either way, they’re still great games that came out on the Wii U.

          • jackie

            Im sure they are great games but besides marketing I feel that gaming culture is just going away from nintendos ideas of family entertainment. Its a different market now. Nintendo is just not considered the cool console

          • TrueWiiMaster

            I think gaming culture is diverse enough to support both markets. I mean, the 3DS has done amazingly well, and it was only a few years ago that the Wii was doing great. Nintendo has just done a terrible job marketing the Wii U. Many people still don’t even know what it is, let alone what games it has.

        • I’m not so convinced, but we’ll see

          • TrueWiiMaster

            With Hyrule Warriors, SSB, Bayonetta 2, and hopefully X, Yoshi’s Yarn, and SMT x FE all coming this year (plus whatever Nintendo hasn’t announced yet) I’d be surprised if they waited until the last minute to release all of them.

          • I’m not even sure how many of those games are even in production

          • TrueWiiMaster

            Yoshi’s Yarn and SMT x FE are the only ones that have been quiet, and we have no reason to think either has been cancelled. Nintendo said that Yoshi’s Yarn wasn’t ready to be shown off last year, implying it’s still in development, and SEGA, probably the closest 3rd party to Nintendo, now owns Atlus. I’d be surprised if we didn’t hear more about the games in the next few months.

    • Brandon

      There indies are not that great compared to the ps4 and xbox one indies.

      • TrueWiiMaster

        Not according to Metacritic. The Xbox One doesn’t even have a single indie that scored above 75.

        And again, the Wii U has over 100 indie games on the way, and the list is only getting longer. That includes promising exclusives like Shovel Knight and Swords & Soldiers 2.

        • jackie

          To me the best looking indie is rime and thats on ps4. Game looks like half wind waker and half shadow of the colossus. Looks beautiful

          • TrueWiiMaster

            I hadn’t seen that one. It definitely looks amazing. I love stylized/artistic graphics like that. I’m looking forward to Child of Light and Tengami, and I’m still hoping A Hat in Time comes to the Wii U at some point.

        • Brandon

          Oh yeah, I forgot xbox doesnt have that many indies. But even with all those indies, theres only a few that are worth it. They should try to get minecraft thats the best indie out and its selling like crazy.

          • TrueWiiMaster

            I’d say there’s more than a few. I don’t know what the Metacores are for all of the games, but I have over a dozen eshop indie games, and I’d recommend almost all of them.

            “Best” is subjective. I haven’t tried Minecraft yet (it’s not on any of my systems) but I’m not that interested in it. I’m much more interested in some of the upcoming Wii U indie games.

  • Kenshin0011

    This is purely speculative: I feel that Nintendo has “given up” on the Wii U. By that, I mean they have decided not to go “above and beyond” for the console and is just going to do the bare minimum for the rest of its life cycle.

    This is blatantly obvious. They’re not being ambitious with software, not really using the Gamepad uniquely much, they promised good 3rd party and then completely dropped the ball…

    Why? Why are they doing this? My guess is that they feel the Wii U’s design is flawed and are treating it as a stepping stone to their next gen console that’s currently in development. The one that they combined the handheld and console headquarters to design for

    • they combined handheld and console designers for a new console?

    • Ultrasyd

      They don’t really know what to do with the game pad indeed, and they lack ambition. This is what I think too. Just have a look at Wii Sport. I know that I say that too often, but I’m so disapointed. I think this game is a good example of what is wrong with the Wii U. Knowing that it was a great title on the Wii, who would like to buy a Wii U when they see Wii Sport on Wii U ?
      I won’t say that they gave up, but it’s like … time goes by and they don’t know what to do.

      • Kenshin0011

        Yep. Give up is maybe too harsh and broad a term, I think they simply don’t think heavily supporting the Wii U is worth the effort when they have a revolutionary, at least for them, next gen idea up their sleeves.

    • Justin Carlson

      I was just going to post this exact same thing about them giving up on it to focus on their new combined handheld & console effort but thought I should look through the comments first in case someone else already did!

    • Gabe Hoffman

      You must be daft it would be very stupid to just kill Wii U outright and release a new system. They said they are working on titles that will use the gamepad more and we will likely find out more about these titles come E3. Honestly they probably were not expecting third parties to completely give them the finger and abandon Wii U altogether

      • Kenshin0011

        I never said any of that. I never said they were going to abandon the Wii U and release a new console pre-maturely

    • C4

      Not seeing it to be honest. Look at the 1st Party releases of all their previous consoles (starting from the japanese launch, western release often didn’t had a drought after launch because they simply did launch a bit later). They are just doing more for 3DS then they did for GB & GBA back then and developing takes a bit more time then 10 years ago with HD assets and all.

      Don’t raise your expectation for Nintendo next gen console too much πŸ˜‰

  • FutureFox

    Reggie must be choking on his words right about now.

    I’m paraphrasing his sentiments, ‘It’s all about the software. ‘What happens months after [Sony and Microsoft] launches?’

    Well Reggie we are all asking the same thing of Nintendo. Big talk. No games.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      I don’t think Reggie really promised us anything. In his defense they likely were not expecting the delays and third parties backing out

      • Kenshin0011

        It wasn’t just a few delays, it was a lot. Also, they weren’t just minor delays, they were on major titles.

        The only 3rd party that really did wrong by Nintendo was EA. That’s just one company, and not one that many gamers view highly anyways

        • Gabe Hoffman

          EA is still important though

          • Kenshin0011

            They’re not the defining factor for Nintendo. Not even close.

      • FutureFox

        This is Reggie’s own words from VGX 2013
        (12/7/2013; Dec. 7 2013)

        Joel McHale: Reggie what do you think of the Xbone and PS4?

        Reggie: This industry loves brand new hardware, and anything that’s good for the industry is good for Nintendo.
        So, you know, they’re having a fantastic launch. Kudos to them. This industry is all about what happens 6 months (from 12/7/2014) down the road; what happens a year down the road.

        Joel McHale: So you’re gonna kick their ass.

        Reggie: You said that. You said that.

        (friendly banter)

        Reggie: So, look for us what we love to do is bring great new games, innovative gameplay, that’s what Nintendo is known for. And as long as we do that we are going to drive our hardware business. We’re seeing that right now (12/7/2014), with 3DS and seeing that right now with Wii U with Super Mario 3D World.

        (friendly banter)

        Reggie: Having pretty hardware is one thing. But YOU NEED GAMES! And right now (12/7/2014) we have some of the top rated games on our system. And its games that you can’t play anywhere else. So yeah, we’re feeling pretty good about that.

  • CaptRodgers

    So many people act like it’s because Nintendo just doesn’t care, but I honestly doubt that. Why would they not care about their new system? Being honest I feel it comes down to two main things-

    1)Nintendo not realizing how much work is needed for HD games, and
    2)Nintendo expecting 3rd party games

    Nintendo are the close to perfectionist as it comes in the gaming world. They simply make their games as best as they can be. Always have and always will. There have been game delays, but you know what? Those games were amazing when they finally did come out. I have a good feeling that at E3 there’s going to be a lot of games announced with most of the games revealed so far with release date before the end of the year. I feel like Nintendo hasn’t been releasing much info because they’ve realized they don’t want to ruin peoples interest in these games, so they’re waiting until the last minute to reveal. Does anyone remember how long it took for them to reveal the release window for Mario Kart? And then how long it took for them to reveal the release date? In a way they’re kinda screwing their selves by not hyping the games, but I feel that they seem like it’s best to have a game hyped for a few months, then to have people lose interest in a game.

    I also feel like Nintendo would have been pumping out more games had they known 3rd parties would disappear. While I’m sure they realized they would eventually lose some support, I don’t they thought they would lose all support, especially not EA. I mean has there ever been a time when a system didn’t get a new Madden or Fifa? (legit question). I feel they were serious about acquisitions and if they were smart they would snatch up more developers to work on their IPs that aren’t being used, while the main teams work on a new Zelda and such and Retro works on a new Metroid.

    I honestly am a bit disappointed in the drought, but more for the fact that I’m worried the Wii U will continue not selling. I hope that at E3 Nintendo will announce release dates for revealed games, at least 5 new games (Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox, New IP, Animal Crossing, and hopefully more), and another price drop, at least $50.

    At the very least though I know my purchase was worth it. SM3DW was almost enough for the price with the amount of fun I’ve gotten out of it and the other games I have have been fun with a few more to get and I at the least know by the end of the generation I’ll get a least a Zelda, Metroid, Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, SSB, and Kirby.

    As for acquisitions though I also say I personally feel they should try to buy Capcom, their worth is down and adding Mega Man to Nintendo’s library would be good along with their other series which Nintendo could make sure the new iterations would be quality instead of crap (looking at RE)

    • C4

      “I mean has there ever been a time when a system didn’t get a new Madden or Fifa? (legit question).”

      Dreamcast. They had the 2K games exclusively but they weren’t as popular as they are now (well at least NBA)

      “As for acquisitions though I also say I personally feel they should try
      to buy Capcom, their worth is down and adding Mega Man to Nintendo’s
      library would be good along with their other series which Nintendo could
      make sure the new iterations would be quality instead of crap (looking
      at RE)”
      If that means a new Breath of Fire I’m okay with that ;P

  • JB

    I’ve gotta say, I totally agree with your article, man. At this point, the U isn’t even getting much in the way of shovelware to at least give the *illusion* of a thriving library, in turn that makes it look like Nintendo is slacking in the first party department because it’s the only thing they have on the full retail front.

    If I didn’t have a backlog of 20 some-odd games I need to complete, then I would be fuming, instead I’m just disappointed because the Wii U is a good system that could have been great if Nintendo had the foresight to approach the launch and marketing differently. Hopefully with Nintendo’s next system they strike the correct balance of power and innovation (and market the damn thing!) I am holding out hope that they are saving all their cards for E3 this year and is just using Mario Kart as a placeholder until then.

    Another great article as usual Zorpix!

  • Petri

    Not affecting me at all.
    Currently playing through W101, and after that I still have 14 games to finish.
    But me and and Reggie must have different meaning or measurement for the word “drought”.

  • DVE

    Man PS4 is lacking aswell Zorpix dont worry, think about it there are way more 1st party games on WiiU than Ps4. Someone please tell mewhy PS4 is selling w/ no games? anyone ????

    • Kenshin0011


    • Arthur Jarret

      Check the amount of games that have actual release dates for your answer…

    • Keith

      Umm plz note that the Wii U has more 1st party games because it’s been out A WHOLE YEAR longer then the PS4 & the PS4 still has sold more than the Wii U!! K’mon kid, use some common sense!!

      • Gabe Hoffman

        Sony had the advantage of mass hype, marketing and brand loyalty something Nintendo doesn’t have

        • jackie

          You forget that when infamous launched ps4 console sales shot up 105 percent. That game sold consoles. Im sure u probably dont care for that game but the game did its job and enough people enjoyed it. Nintendo has no game that really moved consoles in a big way

        • Keith

          Brand loyalty could be debatable. There are now 6 million Wii U owners who obviously know it’s failing but still continue to support it while PS4 owners purchase the PS4 mainly because “everybody has it”. It’s kind of like the IPhone….not really much better than the Android system but yet everybody buys it because “everybody has it”….we call that well marketing….or brainwashed lol

          • Gabe Hoffman

            Not failing but more of in a lull at the moment. People bought PS4 because they saw it as the cool console and Sony played the hype card well

  • I couldnt even agree more. reggie was all like “yah, the other line ups dont impress me and stuff”, while nintendos console waits for over 2 years for games that should have been there from the very beginning. should have been like 30 november 2012 – mario kart 8 wiiu bundle with pro controller so you can play with your friends. even if it would have just been a wii hd remake or something. just anything would have helped.

  • Entropyguy

    I will say that the Wii U has a better game line-up than the PS4 and XBO have currently, but as far as games on the horizon, the Wii U just doesn’t have a ton to offer compared to the competition.

  • Ducked

    One of the best articles you’ve ever written in the Zorpix Den. Just earlier today I was saying the same thing. Nintendo is pissing me off with the lack of support. They’ve done nothing to go after third parties for the Wii U. Sure the 3DS has had some terrible third party support in its first two years, but my God look how amazing their software is. And 90% of those amazing games are by Nintendo. Nintendo hasn’t done crap for the Wii U. Reggie lied to us, as I’ve said before. I honestly don’t like the man, Nintendo seems they’ve lost interest in the Wii U.

    Since November 2012, we have a 2D Mario game, a 3D Mario game(not open world), 2D Donkey Kong, an HD version of a gamecube Zelda game, and Pikmin 3. As well as Nintendo Land, Wii Party U, and Wii Fit U. That’s all Nintendo has given us. Remember when Nintendo told us about GBA virtual console back in January 2013? It took them twelve months to give us an update on it, and 15 months for them to release it. Not mentioning there’s been no more news on the DS virtual console since they announced it in January. Why the heck are they giving us portable games on a home console? Where’s the GameCube virtual console? Nintendo 64 VC? Nintendo still has tons of NES and SNES games that haven’t hit the VC yet either.

    Mario Kart isn’t releasing until the end of next month like you said. Smash Bros, which Nintendo originally had as a Spring game, won’t be coming out until next Winter! Zelda U? No news on it since it was revealed with the Wii U at E3 2011. Metroid? Animal Crossing? Star Fox? F-Zero? No confirmation on any of them. Where’s the taking power of the Wii U? 2D Donkey Kong? Why not a 3D Donkey Kong like DK 64.

    Nintendo enticing third parties? Trying to get them in on Wii U? No Star Wars Battlefront, no Kingdom Hearts III, no Final Fantasy XV, no Grand Theft Auto V, no Destiny, no Battlefield. None of them. Those big third party games that Wii U owners will miss. Getting those amazing Nintendo games I mentioned are what makes it worth it, and not so brutal. But when Nintendo isn’t even delivering what it could be, it makes us look at our dusty Wii U and say “Will my money really pay off? Will I be satisfied with it for the next five years?”

    No new Pro Controllers. Couldn’t Nintendo at least give us a Red, or Blue, or Pink, or Silver, or Gold, or some sort of theme or color for our Pro controllers?

    Sometimes I wonder if Nintendo has given up on Wii U. Don’t think I hate Wii U. Its the only next gen console I own right now. But it angers me, and makes me wonder if it was worth it. Sure we’ll get MK8 and Smash, but why not wait two more years and get it cheaper. I hope Nintendo gives the Wii U everything they got at E3. Because in honestly, I love the Wii U system. The controller and concept is great. And it could be the most dangerous console out there. But it seems Nintendo is to focused on the 3DS right now. Sorry my comment was so long, I don’t blame you id you didn’t read it all :p

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Remember this is the HD era where games take significantly more time and resources to make. You can’t really say they are not doing anything to entice third parties as as I have said many times before we don’t know what truly goes on behind the scenes. KHIII is still a long ways off and the jury is still out on Destiny. GTAV had been in development for 360 and PS3 for nearly 5 years too late to start work on a Wii U version. Star Wars Battlefront I doubt since ts EA but given how Disney own Star Wars and is still in a relationship with with Nintendo I don’t really think they would allow EA to ignore Wii U for Star Wars. GBA is on Wii U because that system needs it more than 3DS. I wouldn’t say Reggie lied to use as he never really promised what he said. He couldn’t possibly anticipate all the delays and third parties backing out. Nintendo I don’t think has lost intrest in Wii U rather it looks like that because of the HD development environment coupled with the reasons I have stated above. We will truly see if they have given up come E3.

      • Ducked

        That’s no excuse for Nintendo to abandon information on games like Yarn Yoshi and Fire Emblem X Shin Megami. Disney owning Star Wars has nothing to do with it possibly being ported to Wii U. Its not like Disney will go to Dice and EA and go “Hey, we like Nintendo, you should develop the game for the Wii U”. GTA V is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One, so that is false. But yes, we will truly see at E3 of what they have in store for the Wii U.

        • Gabe Hoffman

          Yarn Yoshi may have been temporally shelved to free up resources for higher priority projects. FE x SMT we will likely find out more soon. As for Star Wars Battlefront this is EA and DICE we are talking about here. Even if the whole FB# can’t run on Wii U have been proven false I am sure they will find some other BS excuse to bring Battlefront to Wii U. Could you give me the source that says GTAV is coming to PS4 and X1

          • Yoshifan3

            you might wanna take off those shades. they are completely blinding you.

          • Gabe Hoffman

            Shades what shades?

          • Yoshifan3

            lol im just being sarcastic, i forgot to put sarcasm at the end of my post.

          • Ducked

            It hasn’t been confirmed yet of what I’ve heard. But retailers already have them up for pre-order, trust me its coming

    • Ultrasyd

      “Since November 2012, we have a 2D Mario game, a 3D Mario game(not open
      world), 2D Donkey Kong, an HD version of a gamecube Zelda game, and
      Pikmin 3. As well as Nintendo Land, Wii Party U, and Wii Fit U”

      True. If I had known that before, I wouldn’t have bought my Wii U day one.
      I think that most of those games are good but, honestly, pretty easy way for Nintendo.
      And I still don’t know where the hell is TVii …

      Just like you, I only own a Wii U for this gen. That’s why I’m expecting more.

      • Gabe Hoffman

        That’s why I have a PC

        • Ultrasyd

          I have a PC too, but it’s not the same. I’m on it all day long, a little break is nice. Fast boot, no install, play in your sofa, local multiplayer. Consoles are a different culture.

      • Ducked

        Exactly. I wouldn’t have thrown out the $350 at launch if I knew these mostly simple titles were out. Some good games, but not worth the $350, not mentioning we had to wait nine months for Pikmin 3 and the rest of the Nintendo games. I’m buying a PS4 at the end of this year, and I hope the Wii U can keep me occupied. I won’t abandon Wii U, but I’m tired of the delay excuses.

        • Ultrasyd

          PS4 too whenever I can … I’ve never bought Sony before. I was given PS1 and PS2 when it was already obsolete. This is the first time i’m planning to buy something else alongside a Nintendo system.
          The Wii U will get Zelda, MK8, X, probably Watch_dogs … and I hope some more games.

    • Keith

      I couldn’t agree with you more!

    • GariNGB

      Spot on, well said.

      By the way, I agree with what you said about Reggie as well. He comes across as sly and like he doesn’t actually care what happens to the Wii U. Every interview from last year Ive watched, he just spouts the same rubbish time and time again.

      • Gabe Hoffman

        Reggie is a PR spokeperson its not like he knows everything that goes on over the course of development

        • jackie

          He should no if hes gonna talk about it. Thats means we have uninformative guy speaking to us. I dont want that

        • Rinslowe

          That’s no excuse…

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          If he doesn’t, makes him a pretty bad PR guy. Him being part of Nintendo should have the facts to address to the media and consumers.

    • glad you liked it πŸ˜€

    • The Clockwork Being

      Agreed with everything except the Smash Bros part. No date, launch window or place holders were given by Nintendo.

      • Ducked

        On there Nintendo direct back in December, they had Smash as a Spring title

  • Gabe Hoffman

    I am no blind fanboy but I don’t get all the sour grapes here and negativity here. Every console is currently in a drought now. People go on about how Nintendo had a whole years head start and they blew it but I think it was only when PS4 and X1 released did the next gen war truly start. Reggie never really made any concrete promises. He is mainly just a PR spokesperson. He couldn’t possibly anticipate all those third parties ditching the system or all the mass delays. Nintendo doesn’t believe in moneyhatting developers and for good reason. When you offer one developer money then other developers will start asking the same thing. such a strategy I think is part of what put Sony and MS in the financial sinkhole that they are currently in. Oh and Zorpix I take it you didn’t hear about the new Fatal Frame for Wii U that was recently announced. Nintendo could be potentially going for more team ups like this. Think about it Nintendo at this very moment could be working on several big Wii U titles or maybe targeting collaborations with outside developers. You never really know what truly goes on behind the scenes which is why I feel its premature to say Nintendo has given up on Wii U entirely

    • GariNGB

      You do realise that the main reason why any 3rd party developer would drop support of the Wii U is because of poor hardware sales, right? which was caused because of many factors by Nintendo and their poor marketing staff.

      If the Wii U was selling by the bucket load, do you honestly think that 3rd party titles wouldn’t appear on the Wii U?. The likes of EA and Ubisoft for example are first and foremost, a business and as much as we hate it, they will only support platforms that can make them money. Its the same with any business practise, money talks and if the Wii U is struggling (which it currently is), there is no chance that these 3rd party developers would sink their resources into developing titles that would only shift 5% of what they would on the other consoles. It just doesn’t make any business sense at all.

      Its a vicious circle that due to poor management, has come back to bite Nintendo on the backside.

      I hope this improves as I love Nintendo and I love my Wii U, but Im not confident at all.

      • Gabe Hoffman

        Part of the reason Nintendo held back some of their early games was to let third parties have the spotlight this was to combat the that claim that third party games do not sell on Nintendo systems. Nintendo gave third parties a golden opportunity to fill a void and they blew it big time. It didn’t help much either when a lot the third party games Wii U got were either late overpriced ports or half baked compared to the other versions

        • GariNGB

          And thats mainly because of sales of the hardware. It doesn’t matter which way you look at it, thats unfortunately, the business model that 3rd party developers adopt. Aside from that, its normally hardware limitations, but thats not something that the Wii U has an issue with for the most part.

          Another huge problem for Nintendo at present is the fact that they still think that 1st party software alone can increase hardware sales and 15 years ago, I would agree that was true, but not in the todays current climate. People want a complete package and Nintendo are stuck in the “you can only play Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong on Nintendo” and people want more for their buck now.

          Check out this interview with Reggie from last years E3. He keeps saying that you can only play Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong etc on Nintendo hardware over and over again and it seems like he has convinced himself that this alone will drive sales, when clearly this isn’t the case.


          Nintendo need to change their strategy as if they think that 1st party software alone, in the very limited supplies like Nintendo are supplying for the Wii U at present, can boost sales, then something isn’t right at Nintendo HQ.

    • DoctorWily

      I agree with just about everything you wrote, Gabe. One of my biggest issues is that we don’t know more about what is going on behind the closed doors. What’s with all of the secrecy? Would it really hurt them to announce Retro’s new project, the name of Miyamoto’s new IP, or a projected quarter for release of X, Zelda, Yarn Yoshi, etc? I understand they don’t want to be copied by their competitors but this is going too far. We hear about something once, and then it vanishes from discussion for months at a time. We’ve been getting daily pics from SSB, why can’t we get 1 pic a month of Zelda? I think Nintendo can afford to spill some information without giving too much away in order to give their fans hope for what’s on the horizon instead of saving it all for E3 and leaving us in the dark until then, and I’m not even sure we’ll hear about all of these games at E3.

  • Keith

    Drought?? You forgot to mention The Amazing Spider Man 2 thats launching on the Wii U on April 29th….thank you Activision lol

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Its something at least and guess what I hear that the X1 version has been indefinitely delayed

      • Keith

        Yeah. It’s about time tgat another console get’s delayed lol

  • gerome

    i’ve had it up to here. i was one of the most devoted ninty fans, i can’t do this anymore. i can’t defend nintendo anymore. i’m tired of defending them. nintendo has nothing to revive the wii u, they didn’t prepare, they know this ship is going to sink, and they will most likely try to minimize the amount of brand damage the sinking of the wii u will cause, but i think that they won’t even be capable of minimixing the amount of damage wii u will cause them. nintendo, due to their horrible developer relations, has sunk itself in a path that has caused their brand to be severely damaged. the amount of negativity surrounding nintendo right now is overwhelming. what nintendo will have to do to revive their branding is going to take extraordinary efforts. it’s going to take a new console that can meet or surpass the processing capabilities, and online features of ps4 and xbox one. it’s going to take throwing many of their lost franchises into the mix, star fox, f-zero, metroid, but they will also have to impress. nintendo will also need to work hard to build intimate relations with developers. nintendo at this point has no idea what to do. everything they do now a days seem like they are just guessing conservatively in ways that might help them, but they continue to make disastrous mistakes. it’s obvious the management at nintendo needs to go, they are our of date, they forgot to update their ideas with today’s market structure and technology capabilities in mind, they failed to see the threat of the competition, and for that, nintendo is on the path of irrelevancy. nothing will save the wii u at this point, because by the time nintendo comes up with the next zelda, smash bros or some epic game, the competition will have all the guns to strike nintendo down.

    • Keith

      Quitter!! Just enjoy the system fool & continue to support. If your not with them then your against them….and if that’s the case then you’ve got nothing to complain about πŸ˜‰

      • gerome

        it’s the primitive mentality you have that has helped nintendo fail. you could be protesting nintendo’s flaws and failures to encourage nintendo to do better. but instead you gave them passes and sent them a message that gave them permission to continue doing these dumb mistakes. imagine wht would have happened if the fans united and protested to nintendo “we want better online features like the ones of sony and microsoft, we want lost franchises, we want new franchises”.

        • Mario

          That would work. If were a majority of course.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Funny you say that while Sony has the biggest likelihood of going bankrupt

      • Marcus Larsson

        But Nintendo at this point have so little chance in the home-console-business, and if they close wii u that Will be remembered and the only thing Nintendo Will stick to is handhelds…

        If Sony were bankrupt dont you think the brand “Playstation” would be sold?
        In any case they would sell everything they wasnt succesful in before scrappinf the entire business…

        • Gabe Hoffman

          Your spelling needs work. If Sony goes down Playstation likely goes with it

          • Marcus Larsson

            Dont have english as a primary language, and neither does My ipad. Live with it, the message got thru.

            Well people like you dont get is that if they sold half the business and focused on what is successful, comments like that would disappear,

          • Keith

            You should disappear.

          • Marcus Larsson

            Like I would listen to “Keith”…

          • greengecko007

            Sony isn’t in the best shape, but the day they go is the day they create an unprofitable console, which could happen. I could easily see Sony selling more and more branches to survive as a company and even becoming just a Playstation company.

          • Gabe Hoffman

            Are you kidding Sony has been losing momey for almost 10 years straight. Any money they made off PS2 probably went down the drain on PS3

          • greengecko007

            Sony as a company has been losing money, but their playstation branch has always ended up profitable.

            The PS3 has been profitable for years, despite initial losses. Sony took a risk and it paid off.


          • jackie

            Playstation is so popular it would never go down. Someone would buy it cuz they know its a good investment. Probably an american company

      • gerome

        yes, of course, sony is in trouble. that doesn’t mean nintendo should be allowed to commit these mistakes over and over. these have been small mistakes that have finally grown out of proportion. it started by going against the will of developers back in the n64 days, and it has grown into a monster that is threatening nintendo’s business. nintendo won’t go bankrupt overnight, but the amount of brand damage that it has sufered is very bad. fans and average customers along with the public at large are feeling cheated. nintendo made promises they couldn’t keep.

        • Gabe Hoffman

          The development environment of today is different from the one in the 90’s It would be silly of developers to continue to give Nintendo the finger over a decision that happened over 10 years ago. Nintendo never really promised us anything they simply expected third parties to be there for them and they left Nintendo right when they needed them the most. Nintendo has its reasons for not following the heard. N64 cartidges and GC mini discs were out of piracy concerns which isn’t entirely unfounded as piracy is partially what killed the Dreamcast. Of all the developers out there Nintendo is the only one that follows and actually sustainable business model. The way I see it the AAA gaming industry is in serious danger of imploding on itself due to increasingly bloated budgets and developers stubbornly adhering to an unsustainable business model. 3DS has sold like over 40 million worldwide. I don’t see how this is a sign of brand damage. X1 last time I checked is still 2 million behind Wii U. You probably might have seen that 5 million shipped but shipped is not the same as sold. If there was one company people would feel rightfully cheated on it would be MS

          • gerome

            let’s be honest, it has also always been about development costs. nintendo has always cited development costs as the reason to make conservative consoles.

          • Gabe Hoffman

            And those development costs are what have killed a lot of developers this past generation

          • Marcus Larsson

            Forcing them to do great games or go indie.
            I think its perfect for us consumers.

          • Marcus Larsson

            Both Sony and Microsoft bribe the TP, Nintendo should have Done the same with all those billions not doing anything.
            Besides how good was microsofts initial marketing, things like that stick.
            Bet millions still think the x1 cant play borrowed games.

            Just as all nintendoomed-articles have sticked…
            Sony used microsofts marketing and is now on top..
            See what a little hype with “cool-ness” and some bribes can do in the entertainment-business?

        • Mario

          That is true, even though Nintendo’s chances of going bankrupt are low.

      • Keith

        Thank you Gabe!! Heck, Microsoft is even concidering selling their entire gaming division!! So stop being a negative troll gerome & either support the Wii U or go post elsewhere!!

        • Gabe Hoffman

          Actually its the investors that have been pressuring Microsoft to sell off their gaming divisions since its losing them so much money

        • jackie

          I think a majority of the posters agree with zorpix. Everything is an opinion but when sales are that bad maybe people like zorpix are right

        • gerome

          a troll for stating the truth?. wii u is a failure. i had too much patience for nintendo, even at the end of wii i was still hopeful, but the wii u has caused far too much damage. open your eyes fan boy, and see that nintendo needs a wake up call.

          • Keith

            No, your a troll cause your here to just b*itch & moan. It’s ppl like you who help discourage the Wii U. Sure, marketing plays a big role in tge Wii U’s lack of sales but at the end of the day it’s up to the consumer to make or break a product’s success. Grow a pear & actually help the situation, not complain about it!! Troll!!

      • Mario


    • Jonathan George Anaya

      I’ve been saying this for years now; Nintendo needs to reanalyze the position in the market. Nintendo became the Juggernaut it is today with the BEST TECH and Best GAMES uses nee Tech. NES slaughtered what the Atari was Capable of. SNES killed the Genesis. N64 did real 3d worlds when Sony was pushing 2.5d (Resident Evil/Crash moving in pics with 3d characters). The GCN brought Cel Shading to life and classics like Prime and Eternal Darkness.

      STOP with the Wii Gimmicks and Profitable Hardware!!!!! I don’t want a console with a Decade Old GPU. My WiiU Barely outperforms the 360…. BARELY. Unfortunately for Nintendo, Live Crushes WiiU with Party Chats, Apps, Digital Ecosystems and FREE games.

      • Gabe Hoffman

        Most powerful console doesn’t guarantee victory you know

    • Same here. Same here buddy

      • Gabe Hoffman

        So you basically agree with the guy who has already given up hope? That’s sure being optimistic no offense but it never hurts to have a bit of hope or optimism.

        • I know nintendo will be fine in the long run. But as for this gen, I just don’t know

  • GariNGB

    Brilliant article, Zorpix.

    What you have written is totally spot on and I couldn’t agree more with what you have said. Something needs to change otherwise the Wii U and its outcome, is only going to get worse.

    • Thank you :3 I agree too πŸ˜›

  • LukeMM95

    A lot of changes need to happen this year if Nintendo want to be at least moderately successful during this generation of hardware. Whether this is getting a new CEO, management team or whatever. I don’t know the first thing about running a gaming company but you don’t have to be a genius to see there’s something seriously wrong with how Nintendo is running things. I’ll defend their games until they start making bad ones but I can’t defend them when they’re digging their own grave.

  • Serria

    I am in agreement with this article. Wii U is drowning and Nintendo isn’t doing much to rescue it. Their focus seems to be almost completely on the 3DS, which pisses me off more than anything. One of my biggest issues with Nintendo is that they’re showing tons of love for the 3DS and putting lots of games out on it almost monthly. Sure, that’s great and all, but there are certain games they developed for the 3DS that should’ve been Wii U exclusives. Example: Yoshi’s New Island. I don’t know about anyone else, but that game should have been on the Wii U, not the 3DS. Yoshi’s Island was born on the console (SNES) and should’ve remained on the console, not handheld. It would’ve been so much more beautiful and comfortably playable on the console. As for everything else, Nintendo better have more up their sleeve than what they’ve been showing. Mario Kart 8 isn’t going to keep their head above water for too long.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Why can’t people get if through their damn heads. 3DS games are much cheaper and take probably only a fraction of the time, investment and resources as Wii U games. Why do you think we see more 3DS games at the moment

      • Serria

        I understand the hardware mechanics and why they do it. I just don’t agree with it. There are some games that if they took the time to develop for the Wii U, the Wii U would be better off. And the 3DS doesn’t need a push or a life preserver to survive the market right now. The Wii U does. Also, why can’t you get it through your head that we want Nintendo to take more time to make Wii U games instead of developing for the 3DS? That’s the whole damn point here.

        • Gabe Hoffman

          Wii U games are HD HD games take more time its simple

          • Serria

            I’m pretty sure that was my whole point in the post I previously made. I’m convinced you’re just vomiting words at this point and not really reading anything anyone is saying.

          • Drowrin

            10/10 reading comprehension right there.

          • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

            LOL, really?

      • jackie

        Wii u games are a bunch of ports platformers and sidescrollers. Those dont take alot of time to develop compared to a fully active detailed 3d environment

  • Ony

    I don’t care anymore about the Wii U, about the video games, about shit.

    I’m a dev, I’ll make my own video game with blackjack and hookers.

    • LukeMM95

      In fact, forget the video games!

    • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

      In fact, forget the video games

  • Mario

    Why do I have the feeling that Iwata is really going to give up his post as CEO this year?

  • Jonathan George Anaya

    No Doom or Gloom: BUT, The U will only sell 8 million before it’s Killed Off.

    Less than Dreamcast yet more than the Virtual Boy. Placebohead has foreseen this and its now moving to Fruition

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Nice crystal ball you got there

  • sup3rnoah

    This drought does suck, but that is why I do have a ps3 and my 3ds. Dark souls 2 has been keeping me very satisfied. So has guild wars 2. Nintendo does need to learn to realize that their own loyal consumers are getting fed up. Not much we can do unfortunately.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Yes the drought stinks but Mario Kart 8 will likely last me for a long time. Sitting around and complaining won’t make it any better

    • jackie

      Nah will just play other consoles

  • Brandon Olson

    I agree with the fact that we need more games more frequently, but if we look at Microsoft and Sony, they don’t have a whole bunch of 1st party titles busted out on them. Instead they are padded with a fantastic library of 3rd party titles. I’d argue that even when the Wii U first released it offered more 1st party options and quicker than Microsoft and Sony. I wouldn’t count exclusives because those companies make games for other people still. And right now? There aren’t a lot of 1st party games on all of the consoles, but unlike Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have the padded library.

    The blame is on Nintendo for some of this stuff, but other things also fall upon both consumers and 3rd parties as well, catering to the gamers that care more about how powerful their console is vs the games themselves. Which is fine except it comes at the expense of a console who I feel gets gaming right and focuses solely on that. I’d have more to say but typing on a phone sucks and I only have so much to say on my break.

    It was a nice read though!

  • Green

    Unfortunately it’s just how Nintendo Consoles are. They make their consoles for them, and they don’t really care for third parties =o.

    • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

      Remember the GameCube?

  • FilipiCn

    So.. I paid $600 bucks on my Wii u two months after launch. Yeah, Here in Brazil it is very expensive. And Its my only home console. And I agree, they failed in bring 3rd parties. My friends ask to me. Hey, why do you bought it? But they don’t even know the concept is. And they don’t because Wii u never had a good advertisement campaign. I think the things will not change. Nintendo don’t want to fight in the same market with Microsoft and Sony. Cause it want his blue ocean. But I love my Wii u and I’m very sorry to see that he will die before I would like. I’ll not buy other console cause they don’t offer nothing better one good PC does. Wiiu does, but nobody knows. Only we, nintendo fans.

    • Drowrin

      Agreed, Nintendo consoles bring me great Nintendo exclusives, which I love. Anything a PS4 or XBone can do, my PC does it better, faster, cheaper, and more conveniently. Nintendo exclusives are what make me love my Wii U.

      • FilipiCn

        exactly!! We are facing an age where we have most of the same. Architecture X86 = PC = XBONE = PS4. PC is cheaper upgradable and you can put an intel CPU inside it. Intel is very very more powerfull than AMD cpus. Yes.. Wii u hardware is weaker than PS4 and XBONE, but it has originality. Who wants power, X86 power, just need a good PC with a Xbox controller attached. I’m not defending nintendo, but today, we don’t need most of the same again. If this happen, console division’s will disapear. I’m just defending the originality like we had during the 90’s.

      • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

        I agree with you… but the exclusives man…

    • Dying_in_this_Crap_World

      I bought mind for DQ 10. Look how well that turned out for me?

  • Old School

    I am getting a PS4, Wii U is a joke

  • DoctorWily

    I wish Nintendo would make a big push to bring home all of the franchises that began on Nintendo systems and have since wandered off to other consoles. I know I’m dreaming but could you imagine if Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Perfect Dark, Killer Instinct, Megman, Ninja Gaiden, and Maddon (feel free to add more that I’ve left out) were all brought back to Nintendo as the primary console for their new releases? We definitely wouldn’t be talking about game droughts.

    • Not at all. But Nintendo seems too focused on their handheld console to worry about that…

      • Gabe Hoffman

        Again 3DS games take less time and resources to make so they are able to spit them out at a faster rate. Kirby Triple Deluxe is pretty much finished its just translation that needs to be done

        • Serria

          You keep missing everyone’s point about 3DS vs Wii U. We want Nintendo to STOP putting all their time into popping out 3DS games because we know it’s cheaper and simpler and doesn’t require HD graphics. We want them to take the time that is necessary to make games for the Wii U. Yes it’s more expensive, yes it takes longer, yes it’s HD graphics, but that’s what the consumers want. They want more Wii U games, not 3DS games. The 3DS market is steady and doesn’t need a new game or two or three new games in a month. The Wii U is suffering with their lack luster library and they need to shift their focus from the 3DS market back to the Wii U and start putting all their time and effort into the Wii U.

          • Gabe Hoffman

            Look at 3DS’s lineup last year then compare it to this year the difference is almost night and day. Aside from a few marquee releases this year 3DS almost has squat

  • jjbredesen

    E3=last chance for Nintendo to prove that they can keep Wii U going, even though there are no games, i will probably end up on the hype train after Zelda U is shown…

    • WT Herrod Jr.

      Heck, even if they don’t announce a whole slew of games, if they just make statements of changes they are making – we’re going to pay for development of ports tailored to the U, that make use of the game pad with a unique experience – we’re buying more studios to get more games in the pipeline – we’re creating a new game in this or that genre – we’re getting this or that exclusive. They need to acknowledge that there’s an issue and address it. They are sitting on all this money and they need to invest it to at least make a solid go at the Wii U and set themselves up for success in the next generation.

      • Gabe Hoffman

        I think they have acknowledged the issue. Big change doesn’t happen overnight though

        • WT Herrod Jr.

          I’m currently content sitting on the pile of games I have but have not played through due to lack of time on my part (AC4, Rayman Legends, ZombieU, Monster Hunter, 3D World) plus games I have on my 3DS – I don’t want to appear overly critical or emotionally involved and thus unreasonable. But if there are big changes coming, they need to talk about them. Buttress their Directs with “behind the scenes videos”, release developer interviews to gaming magazines or news site, TALK about what they are doing. I personally don’t feel they owe us news, despite my investment in their hardware. But they are losing their audience in general. If big changes are coming they need to talk about them and pull back the curtain a little. Otherwise by the time their big changes come down most of the gaming community will be balls deep in their Xbox One’s and PS4’s and might not care and probably won’t notice.

      • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

        At least they should present CGI trailers for upcoming games like SONY, MICROSOFT, UBISOFT, ETC

  • Drowrin

    I know a lot of people really want more games, and the lack of games for Wii U has indeed been disappointing, but I have to say that I personally didn’t notice till now.

  • Dying_in_this_Crap_World

    This is why you should play nice with your 3rd parties.

  • Ian Settlemyer

    Super Smash Bros. 4 should save the Wii U’s life as long as there are at least 50 playable characters in it.

    • Wilks

      I’d like to see a brand new Nintendo IP that can stand up to the likes of Halo, Infamous, Assassin’s Creed etc, I think that’s what’ll shift the numbers they need. Even after all these years, they’re STILL relying on Mario, Donkey Kong, Sonic and Link. Give us something new to look forward to alongside these icons.

    • Keith

      I agree that Super Smash Bros. 4 will help the Wii U’s sales, however I don’t see how 50 playable characters would make that big of a difference lol

      • Ian Settlemyer

        I’m expecting Takamaru, Isaac, Chrom, King K. Rool, Krystal, Tails, and some Miis. What other characters have a chance?

  • andrewjcole
  • kirbydonuts

    the only thing that keeps me busy because of this drought is that i softmodded the vWii channel to play emulators and wii isos so i dont have to worry

  • Spaniard0069

    I agree with Zorpix, Nintendo seems unwilling to invest in the success of the Wii U and we all know that money is not an issue. Nintendo would have to announce partnerships with major third party publishers and show footage of upcoming games at E3 in order to get the public interested. They did it before with the Gamecube with companies like Sega, Capcom, Namco and Konami. Nintendo is making a huge mistake by putting all their eggs in the handheld basket, unless they have already decided not to release anymore consoles after the Wii U. The way things are currently going the Wii U will not survive past 2015 and I won’t be purchasing another Nintendo console if that happens.

  • candyisgood

    I agree with pretty much all of the article. I hate for this post to seem fanboyish, but I don’t think the WiiU has to be axed, or will be at all though. They’ll make do, I believe the whole situation is easily turned around as just getting games on it. The base fandom of Nintendo is there, and can easily be turned back on like a light switch. People “lost interest” with the GameCube, then the Wii happened. Despite lack of power compared to PS4 & XB1, there’s people who don’t care about high power or extreme life like graphics with this system, Nintendo usually picked up games that are either cartoon, fantasy, or anime graphic style based games, which don’t always need top of the line graphics (imo anyway) since it’s not exactly suppose to be real life. Where Nintendo would succeed in that style gaming, they’re not doing anymore, where the PS4 & XB1 have realistic looking games dominating it, there’s that gap the WiiU has left open still waiting for it for cartoon visuals. I feel aside from the actual lack of releases, the console should satisfy Nintendo fanboys, there’s a lot of goodies I feel like people forget on the WiiU. But that’s where it ends, you want to play something that doesn’t feature a Nintendo character then you’re nearly only going to be able to play awkward ports from the Wii or otherwise. Although on a positive note, I feel like the potential for the WiiU is understated, the power is there to be the best Nintendo console ever, and I don’t have a bum game for it, and people forget the games that really use the gamepad and focus on the ones that used it barely or ignored it. Of course the whole WiiU is a wild train ride of ups and downs, but really for anyone to say the whole thing has been garbage must not have given it a chance at all. E3 is their probably going to seem like their last gasp for air for the WiiU even with smash bros coming after. I partially agree, since it’ll leave the horizon looking even more empty than it does now. Then the poor thing will still keep going cause Nintendo likely still won’t axe it.

    • candyisgood

      tl;dr just get games on the damn thing and it should turn around. People bought the Wii, and have bought the WiiU clearly not caring that it’s less powerful. At this rate it’ll only maybe satisfy hardcore fanboys. I think the doom train can be put on hold until E3, then let her rip if nothing happens. Cause then we’ll nearly have nothing to look forward to aside from what we’ve been looking forward to since 2013

  • There release rate is fine for exclusive first party games… If there were third party games out. I’m not going to grumble too much until I’ve bought all the current games I want. I still need to get DK, Pikmin 3, Darksiders 2, and assassins creed 4. After that I’ll be cross with Nintendo.

    • Rinslowe

      “Their release rate is fine for exclusive first party games… If there were third party games out.”
      Exactly, if…. third parties were able to sell well on the platform… in the conventional sense…

  • MarkyWiiU

    Guys, I know it has been a long time since we did’nt get ”must buy” games but first of all Nintendo delivered a lot of games on the Wii U so far and you should try to play them all before saying there isn’t enough games to play. And don’t forget the reason why they are taking a lot of time to make these games is because More time spent making the game = More time of play and more quality the game will have!

    • Capt. Smoker

      Try to play them all?, different people different tastes, if we played them all, we’d be pretty bored and flat broke, why settle for less when everybody else gets much more?, that kinda talk annoys me more than when somebody calls someone bro, when their not infact a bro >…..> and that annoys me a lot, geez, get realistic, not everybody is a die hard N fan and not everybody is content to put up with their half assery.

      • Rinslowe

        Hey bro!

      • MarkyWiiU

        I’m not trying to say ”play them All” I’m trying to say play older games that you didn’t play or finished yet that you might like. Nintendo has alot of games of different kinds and I’m sure there’s at least 1 or 2 games that you would enjoy playing before Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros.

      • Rinslowe


      • Rinslowe


      • Rinslowe


    • Rinslowe

      I agree. We shouldn’t try to speed up the creative process. That would defeat the purpose of buying Nintendo games to begin with.

      But, what Nintendo obviously doesn’t have is enough manpower to spread their projects around. They need more studio’s either sourced or in-house working on more projects simultaneously = more content overall.

  • Nope.avi

    The Wii U is a secondary console. My main ‘console’ is the glorious PC master race.

    • Rinslowe

      Quietly just quietly…

  • Rinslowe


    I don’t think you’ve said anything controversial in your write up at all. Most of these points I personally believe the majority of posters here at Wii U Daily, in the comment section would agree – Incl myself.
    We’ve all been thinking the same things along those lines for a while…

    And if peeps believe Kart or Smash will turn the Wii U into a success then, absolutely that would be setting oneself up for disappointment. Wii U’s success as with what has happened with 3DS is in consecutive title releases throughout the years, not just relying on but a few.

    Insert Wii U’s no’ 1 enemy of success here: Lack of consecutive first party titles…
    Obviously third party support is now something Wii U owners cannot rely on to move systems. That means the onus is on Nintendo and their franchises even more so to compensate for that lack of momentum.
    I also think they need to invest in more studios as the time taken between title releases is likely a manpower issue. And/ or fund more third party exclusives as with Sony and PS3 last generation…

    I still don’t get all the anti- towards the platform. If you own it, like the others there’s plenty of reason to be satisfied with the games and the services it provides with Miiverse integration, gamepad etc…
    But Nintendo are not on their game at all in terms of their software strategies or marketing efforts.

  • sd

    I couldnt agree more with this article. My view is that Nintendo have realised they cant make the console a success. With this in mind they have quietly decided to let it die. What better way to do the least amount of harm to themselves than by not advertising a console that most people are unaware of. By letting it slowly die this way they will actually do less damage to their reputation.

    Great console, poor support.

    • Rinslowe

      I don’t see that happening. If they let it die, they will increase the difficulty in bringing a successful home product to market tenfold.
      Discontinuation would actually be bad for business all round for the big N. And although they aren’t on the pulse with marketing and software with Wii U. I’m certain they’re not that far gone from logic…

      I agree though with;
      “Great console, poor support.”

      • sd

        I hope I am wrong, but it also makes sense to me.

  • felony211662

    good article zorpix, i hope someone at nintendo reads this and realizes the hypocrisy

  • I am Error.

    Good article. I love my Wii U, but I’ve felt for a long time now that Nintendo has written off the console. They’ll keep it afloat with a few tentpoles, but it’s not got their current focus. Even on a smaller level, the eShop, you can see the support just isn’t there. Tapping into a massive catalog of oldies for Virtual Console purposes would have been a great temporary fix, but Nintendo reached in and pulled out Volleyball.

    I can’t help but feel like they’re already hard at work on their next home and portable consoles and prepping some killer titles for the next big thing.

    • SolarGalaxa


      I actually think the next “console” will be both a console and a portable, as last year Nintendo merged their console and handheld departments.

  • SolarGalaxa

    Finally! Someone actually awake to the reality the Wii U is in.

    I think they did buy some exclusivity with Bayonetta 2, which IMO was the stupidness move ever. Not only did they screw the developers (no install base), they screwed the game’s fan base. By that, I mean if you played Bayonetta 1 on another system, your basically screwed if you want to play the sequel because gamers are not going to purchase a single system for a single game.

    I absolutely hate it when the blind fanboys bring up the same old “Mario Kart will save the Wii U”. Wasn’t Mario 3D World supposed to do that? DK? Pikmin? Nintendo isn’t spending any money on decent advertising and what makes them think they’ll do for MK8?

    I’m waking up to the hard reality that the Wii U is dead and Nintendo doesn’t give a shit.

    • Strange people are still bringing up bayonetta 2 with bitterness. It’s been pointed countless times the game wouldn’t be made if it wasn’t for nintendo. So bayo 1 fans and game dev would be far more screwed if nintendo hadn’t picked it up.

      This gaming drought isn’t because Nintendo has given up on the wii u. AAA games take years to develop and this drought would have been in the pipeline regardless of wii u sales.

      • SolarGalaxa

        And the blind fanboy speaks! “Truth” = Bitterness

        You do realize that “if it wasn’t for Nintendo” is just PR spin to make Nintendo happy, right? Also, if we knew nothing about a sequel, then we would not have been screwed.

        In regards to your AAA games take years statement: WAKE UP! There HAVE been AAA games released and NONE have saved the Wii U. Let me refresh your memory: The only AAA games released in 2013 were Pikmin and Super Mario 3D World. Only ONE AAA game is releasing this year: Mario Kart 8. So, according to you, Nintendo releasing three games within 1.5 years is “not a drought”.

        • ben

          Wake up. no Ps4 games until 2016.

          • jackie

            Yeah sure no games it just keeps on sellin amazingly well for no reason.

          • ben

            Amazing, isn’t it?
            I have no idea why. But sales at this point mean nothing. A console needs to have games. And right now all it has is a few multi-gen games.

          • oontz

            Hmmm what are these things I am playing on my ps4?

          • ben

            What are you playing?
            Because I read game sites and all I have seen is a trial bike game…

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Those would be PS4 games. Not to mention plenty more that will come this year. Haters gonna hate as per usual. Lol.

        • And the blind fanboy speaks! “Truth” = Bitterness”
          Is this projection?

          “You do realize that “if it wasn’t for Nintendo” is just PR spin to make Nintendo happy, right?”
          Do you have any basis to doubt platinum claim that others turned down bayo 2? Why didn’t others say that it was nonsense if platinum was lieing? Do you actually think about these things before coming up with your stupid conspiracy theories?

          “In regards to your AAA games take years statement: WAKE UP!. blah blah blah”
          I get the feeling you struggle to comprehend basic English. I never stated there wasn’t a drought, I stated that the drought (Referring to first party Nintendo games) would have happened even if the wii u had sold plenty of console. I’m sure if it sold better it would have got more third party ports however first party exclusives would still have been thin. It can’t be seen as a sign that Nintendo has given up on the wii u.

          • SolarGalaxa

            Wow. Just wow.

            First Paragraph: How is that a projection? How come whenever people put the truth out there about the Wii U, the blind fanboys always come out and bash the person(s) speaking the truth?

            Paragraph 2: Money can do a lot of things, especially in the hush hush field.

            Paragraph 3: I admit defeat on this one. I just reread and you don’t state that there is a drought.

            Also, if Nintendo had planned ahead and started development on it’s major games (3D World, Mario Kart) earlier than they did and then started development on Nintendo Land and NSMBU when the former were finishing development. Then there wouldn’t have been a drought. (Ex: Start development on 3D World & MK8 in 2011, with prototype hardware)

            Also, Nintendo should’ve had another studio create an “U” series of games like Wii Play U, Wii Music U, etc. All of this would have happened if Nintendo actually planned ahead.

            If this were the case, I could have seen:

            Launch: Mario 3D World.

            2013: Nintendo Land, NSMBU, Pikmin 3, Mario Kart/Luigi U (one per quarter)

            2014: Smash Bros, Luigi U/Mario Kart, the “Wii U” series of games.

            2015: Zelda, Yarn Yoshi.

            2016: New console Announcement, with release in 2018

          • Rinslowe

            “I’m sure if it sold better it would have got more third party ports however first party exclusives would still have been thin. It can’t be seen as a sign that Nintendo has given up on the wii u.”

            This is probably exactly right. It’s that third party titles have sold so poorly and last years drought that has made many look back to Nintendo to fill the gaps. And it’s a cycle like that for Ninty currently.
            I don’t think asking them to speed up their development schedules to output more games would be the right idea as they are…
            But they’re moving too slowly to compensate for the third part phenomenon.
            Obviously they don’t have enough talent to make more games with the amount of quality and finish that is required to meet the usual internal standard. So, they should now look to funding more exclusives and/ or acquiring more talent to take on more projects at one time. Because no other way will make the console sell consistently between FP titles.

            I don’t think that this is Nintendo abandoning a system at all…
            They’re just adapting a little too slowly for the circumstances.

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Yep. Usual blind fans. Takes all kinds.

        • URFTBOUND4LIFE .

          Why do you even care if Bayonetta 2 is Wii U exclusive?
          Do you even own one? If you did this should be good news not bad news.
          If you don’t well two things you can do;suck it up and buy one or
          move on with your life.
          People are complaining about not having anything to play and you suggest they loose a game. Stay on topic.

    • Rinslowe

      “I think they did buy some exclusivity with Bayonetta 2, which IMO was the stupidness move ever. Not only did they screw the developers (no install base), they screwed the game’s fan base.”

      This is just wrong…
      What part of “it wouldn’t exist at all”, do you not fathom?

      I for one am glad that I get to visit the Bayonetta universe again and it wouldn’t have mattered if they had made it a 3DS exclusive. There’s no example that can be made where Bayo 2 existence is a negative. Compared to simply “not existing”…

      • SolarGalaxa

        Yep, because ALL developers come out and say the truth. Haven’t you heard of PR spin? IDK, maybe Nintendo told them to say that to make Nintendo look good?

        • Zuxs13

          Or its the truth since Sega came out and said they dropped the project.

        • Rinslowe

          So you think, platinum games lied about no-one else picking up the project? That they chose to let Nintendo instead of another publisher pick up the rights to their franchise and make it exclusive? Against all logic…

          Nope, the only way Bayo 2 was even conceived is because Nintendo for what ever reason was the only one to pick up the tab. And make it happen…

          • ben

            Platinum signed up for a few games, Bayo was part of the deal. These stupid non wii u owners will never understand business.

        • ben

          OK, in Japan, Nintendo has sold over 2 million wii u consoles. The ps4 has sold less than any console in recent history, in Japan. The sales are terrible.
          Japanese developers care about their home audience.
          So expect to see more Japanese games coming to the wii U than the PS4.

          Bayonetta is a Japanese game. Platinum was employed with a unknown number of games exclusive deal to Nintendo.
          Nintendo view Platinum as a developer worth supporting.
          We, wii u owners, can expect to see at least another one or two games after Bayonetta, from Platinum for the wii u.

          Ps4 owners can expect to see nothing other than games from western devs.

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    You act as if Sony and Microsoft are somehow excluded from this “gaming drought” because they’re not.

    Excluding all the re-releases of games that are barely a year old, i.e Tomb Raider:DE and FFXIV:Realm Reborn. There’s Titanfall and Infamous:SS, which came out back in February. And that’s pretty much it so far.

    There are those Indie games you mentioned, but most of those usually range from mediocre to crap, and the few good ones that do exist aren’t going to move consoles.

    Then there’s “Third-Party support”– it ain’t happening, get over it.
    There hasn’t been any significant 3rd party support on a Nintendo console since the SNES days. Anybody expecting that fact to change anytime soon is clearly delusional.

    The fact that the WiiU’s architecture is vastly different from PS4 & XBone and graphically less powerful, deters most 3rd Parties from putting any real effort/money into producing titles for it. And on top of that, 3rd Parties have no real incentive to do so. The majority of their target audience play on Sony and Microsoft consoles(and PC), and the numbers show it. For the past 3 console generations, multiplats have ALWAYS* done poorly on Nintendo console.

    If Nintendo wants to succeed, then they have to do it themselves.

    However, people seem to forget(especially on this site) that unlike Nintendo’s competitors, they have far more titles and projects in development than any of them. And the thing is, it takes time to do these things, and it takes even more time to perfect them(or at least get as close to it as possible).

    I could go on, but damn this post is long enough as is.

    • Spaniard0069

      Agreed with just about everything you said….However, both the N64 and the Gamecube had great third party support. Lets not confuse overall shitty third party sales with shitty third party support. The Wii not so much. The hardware wasn’t on par with the 360 and PS3 and it became a haven for shitty ports and shovelware. It did have a several original quality third party releases but unfortunately they sold like crap compared to Nintendo’s software.

  • cool1706

    This drought is mostly because the lack of third party support. With the Wii, there was a new third party game coming out pretty much every week, some weren’t even that good! Without it Nintendo isn’t doing well on its own.

  • Zuxs13

    Wow even Zorpix has fallen into the pessimistic abyss that is Wii U daily writers. I guess we should just all give up on gaming because none of the systems are perfect!

    • Gabe Hoffman

      While he does make a valid point I kind of feel he isn’t considering what could potentially be going on behind the scenes. Nintendo could at this very moment be working on a plan to reverse Wii U’s fortunes

    • Mario

      Nah! It’s not like to like me to give up on things I love. Video games being one of those.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Nintendo did acknowledge the problem. What many people are failing to see here is that the Wii U’s problem is not the kind of problem that can be fixed overnight with the snap of a finger. Iwata sort of laid out the plan this last January. They intend on revealing titles that will cater to the gamepads strengths more and are looking at ways to broaden and improve Wii U’s appeal. Such plans take time to execute. You shouldn’t act like Nintendo is just sitting around and doing nothing. Obviously they would want Wii U to succeed. They wouldn’t just let it shrivel up and die. Its way to early for that

    • Rinslowe

      I agree in that there’s no quick fix for their issues and patience is required by us consumers before making any doom and gloom claims with conviction.
      BUT, Nintendo needs to be open and communicative of their plan in order for consumers to exercise patience in that respect. Because for all intents and purposes we’re all in the dark on their strategies…

      And every Wii U owner deserves better treatment, from the company they’ve invested in…

      • Mario

        For some reason, I just think they love keeping secrets from us to mess with our heads. :-/

        • Rinslowe

          Mess… with … our … HEADS!!!!

          28 weeks later… 28 months later… Zombie U.

  • Corn

    I’m amazed that a gaming journalist focused on reporting Nintendo/Wii U news is acting like a troll and thinks nothing of it but a joke.
    A hint: Acting like a dick doesn’t make you funny, it just makes you look like a dick.

  • ETeach

    I’m convinced now that most people who comment of these sites just post contrasting views for the sake of argument. Seems like every other post on this site is full of Wii U doom and gloom, and then there’s this article, which I was sure would attract all sorts of negative comments.

    Lo and behold, it had the most optimistic, pro-current-strategy WiiU posts I’ve ever seen on this site 0_0

    • AlienFanatic

      I’m convinced that while there are those that just want anarchy, most of us coming to sites like Wiiudaily are longtime Nintendo fans distraught at the wholesale mismanagement of the Wii-U system.

      I’ve been a fan of Nintendo for decades. Heck, I even used to work in their customer support center. One of my favorite memories was walking up and down the aisles of Toys ‘R Us back in the early ’90’s and seeing all the kids staring lovingly at the little plastic signs for NES games. They’d get so excited when they grabbed the claim slip (this is how you bought games back then) and took it up front to buy their game.

      What bothers me is that over the past ten years, I feel like Nintendo has lost its way. I freaking love their franchises, but I’ve been less and less interested in their games. Ever since I played the Mario on Wii that required me to flip the Wiimote in the most unnatural gesture I’ve ever used, I’ve played fewer and fewer games. I was excited to play the Wii-U, but found the Mario game more of the same and not terribly fun.

      I may criticize them in most of my posts, but it’s only because I’ve loved them in the past and I’m sad to see where they are right now. They should be DESTROYING Sony and Microsoft. I suspect most of the people here on the site feel the same way. Nintendo has fans because it’s been making amazing games for thirty years. I think most of us are pulling for them to fix their problems, especially with the Wii-U, and get back to their glory days once again. I’d dearly love for Nintendo to blow us away once more.

      • ETeach

        Yeah, I get that. 10 years ago I felt the same way. But now, I’m just kinda chill with it. I think maybe it’s just because I’ve seen Nintendo ride this rollercoaster up and down for years now. Knowing they have bajillions of dollars in backup helps too.

        I think I’ll be more freaked out if their next console is a failure, since that could start to spell an end of console-making. But for the near future, I’m just gonna sit back and enjoy the ride.

  • Leo

    Elmer is my favorite villager. Ever since he told me β€œI think it’s fine if boys wear girls clothes!”, he’s always been my wonderful gay pony.

    Hahaha i love Animal Crossing!!!

  • ben

    I want to express something that has been bothering me for

    I live in Japan.
    Here the Wii U is really not doing that bad at all.

    I mean it could be doing better, but the shops have lots of games, large shelf
    space and it has awesome games coming in the next 3 months. Mariokart and
    Bayonetta. Bayonetta has a release window of summer 2014. I guess that will
    also be the release date for America
    and Europe.

    Hyrule warriors is one of the most anticipated games of the year at Famitsu.

    X is going to be as big as Xenoblade.

    Apart from that there are many Japanese Indy titles hitting
    the eshop.

    In stark contrast the PS4 is in a terrible state. Most shops are barely giving
    it shelf space. There are no games. Early adoptees have only Watchdogs to look
    forward to. Watchdogs is barely registration as a must have preorder. In
    comparison Mario kart has a limit on only one copy per customer for preorder..

    So my point is just imagine, if you will, how strange it is to read doom and
    gloom in all the western media. Surely it is the PS4 that is in trouble. One average
    game in 6 months, and then one remaster in the summer… really?

    • Cyntheta Luis

      I find this very interesting too, but I’m glad its doing well in Japan. In China the gamers don’t even know it existed, and there are a few games they know.
      I can’t even find half of anything I want. It makes me so happy that some place still value nintendo games like in Japan. πŸ˜€ I thank you for commenting this.

    • FutureFox

      That’s no where near the same. The PS4’s been out in Japan barely 4 months and AFTER the holiday season, which should have been a boon for Nintendo. I’d say the PS4 is doing well (in Japan) considering missing the holiday window and offering titles that seemingly is more divergent from Japanese gamer’s usual tastes.

      Let’s give PS4 a fair 18 months (same as Nintendo) before we call it a failure, which is not outside the realm of possibility.

      • ben

        First, I have to ask you if you can read Japanese?
        The PS4 has sold less than half a million consoles in 2 months. That is worse than any console in recent history.
        And I agree it needs 18 months, however, I see a big issue. It seems like Japanese devs would prefer to make games for the vita and the ps3 than the ps4. They have a good vita audience, and the coding is almost the same as the Ps3.
        Easy to port. The PS4 has no reason to exist in Japan. One exclusive western game is not going to make anyone buy that console. All the other western games are multi-gen releases.

        So when will the devs in Japan begin making PS4 games?
        Maybe never.

        • FutureFox

          No I can’t read Japanese, but I can read news outlets that report on PS4’s performance within Japan in English.

          • ben

            There is no supply issue. Most sites have incorrectly reported this, however, they have later corrected this misinformation.
            Japan has zero supply issues. It does have a tax increase issue, but considering the PS4 is a hundred dollars cheaper than the PS3 was these sales are really bad.

          • FutureFox

            I don’t know what you’ve been reading (Japanese or otherwise) but this quote was taken directly from Sony’s spokesman, “A spokesman for the company in Tokyo would not elaborate on the issue, saying only that ‘PS4 sales have been very strong and as a result, PS4 is temporarily in short supply.'”

            Also from a Sony head honcho….

            “We are still facing difficulties keeping up with the strong demand worldwide,” Andrew House, SCE president and group CEO, said in a release.

            Both comments from an article posted last week.

          • ben

            Look at the weekly sales for the PS4 in Japan. They are freely available. Do you really believe they have less than 30,000 PS4 units in Japan a week?

            They are still selling the launch edition.
            As I told you I live here.

            Go to Amazon Japan. you can see that the console is easy to buy from many outlets. http://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B00FJ08HQU/ref=s9_simh_gw_p63_d0_i2?pf_rd_m=AN1VRQENFRJN5&pf_rd_s=center-2&pf_rd_r=1JQ7XXNF1TR3EFBVDTW7&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=155416469&pf_rd_i=489986

        • Rinslowe

          The Japanese dev’s preferring the PS3 is a good point. As the install base is still looking to have games supported. It suits their design idea’s within the technology and within the budget of the typical Japanese studio. That will change over time like everywhere else, just a little slower…
          I’m just next door practically/ China…, the console gaming scene is a distant second to mobile and PC but that may well change in the next few years.

          Wii U & PS4 has just as much chance for success here, as peoples tastes are not centered around the most powerful hardware. It’s a matter of tailoring the game experiences to the market.
          Arguably one the existing issues with Wii U in the west today…

          • FutureFox

            Sounds like you’re in Taiwan.

          • Rinslowe

            On occasion….

  • smash420

    I agree with you all the way. I bought the Wii U at launch date promise with some amazing games but still I’m waiting. I bought myself a Playstation 4 early this year and last month I trade in my Wii U for a Xbox One. I lost all patients with the Wii U and Nintendo but I still have my 3DS though gotta have a really good handheld system. haha

  • anthony optimo

    The 2 Nintendo titles per year trump the 5 3rd party and first party games of PS4 and XBO. Just saying that Ryse and Knack couldn’t hold a candle to Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.

  • Dwayne Ford

    It’s simple. The games aren’t ready. Nintendo is obviously sticking with the Wii U, and are going to tolerate it having low sales. They aren’t going to rush anything out just to make sales go up (who says they will, even if they do?). You seem to be regretting your purchase, and that’s understandable. But releasing games when they’re done is always the right choice.

  • Itzo

    By the end of the month there should be Spiderman 2, Child of Light, and Pier Solar HD. That should ease the boredom til Mario Kart and Watchdogs is released.

    • ben

      Looking forward to child of light. I will probably pick up some more game boy advance games too.

  • angel

    I am saving up to make a demo video(trailer) of a game of what i am trying to sell you guys and my vision of it, still a long way to go. I Have to pay people and that requires money that i am currently saving and going to work 2 jobs this summer just to reach my goal soon. Then put it on kickstarter, wish me luck. (For the WiiU and maybe other consoles)

    • angel

      Just wondering, what would you guys want in return for your contribution. this will help to attract more crowd if the return favor is juicy enough.

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    I have been busy with my wii u alot recently, i bough lego the hobbit, and ofc as always i want to complete a game 100% so that will take a while, also im still working on 100% on donkey kong tropical freeze, wich is probably the best sidescroller i have ever played, does no one show their apprecation for tropical freeze. and i been busy with some indie titles and some virtual console titles. honestly there are plenty of new great games on the eshop, tho maybe not all are first party titles, but they are really good, i also play pure chess and COD ghosts alot with friends, even tho i hate COD i play it xD But people look around the eshop, or miiverse and maybe you find some new cool game to enjoy until mario kart 8 comes out, also i rather want nintendo to take time with their games, so they arent half assed as other rushed games that are releasing on xbox and ps4 with like 100’s of DLC and so called microtransactions. NIntendo has quality games, thats what make me stick with nintendo.

  • Steve Warner

    Totally agree with all your thoughts on the matter, does anyone consider Amazing Spider-Man 2, Transformers New game or maybe One World Unlimited. All 3 will be released in the next 2 months on Wii U. Let’s not forget MK8. Nintendo has a lot to improve but there are some games coming quite soon even if they are not the most eagerly anticipated titles. Definitely has been a slow start to the year since I didn’t own a Wii and this is my first console in about 10yrs Xenoblade Chronicles and Zelda have been keeping me busy in the interim.

  • linxz

    The fact that the next BATMAN game isn’t coming to the WiiU tells me how much DEAD this console is. Nintendo will release their titles regardless, make some money off them, and move on to the next console, make more money. They don’t care, never did, about the console or gamers and funs alike.

    • ben

      the attachment rate is over 5 games a console on wii u. that is two games more than ps4.
      These figures show that the wii u has sold 30 million games. compared to 21 million. Mariokart will sell close to 4 million copies by the end of the year. There is no game for the PS4 that will do those figures.

      The batman game is a mess according to the giant bombcast. That game is frame rate nightmare. What’s more, The last 2 games have been hardly brilliant.

      • leo

        yea but PS4…. wiiu..

  • mysub

    If they put out a major game every other month you could imagine the quality of that games .. i rather wait a little longer and enjoy that game for months! Like i did with 3D World, (Pikimin 3), Mario Bros U and Donkey Kong (I am still not finished with donkey kong and i still love it). I just bought NES Remix 1 and i also love that game, also i still didnt start on AC Black Flag. Today comes out NES Remix 2 and i even think about buying some VC games.
    I am actually happy that there are not more first party games i dont find time to play..

  • Andrew Hoback

    It gets worst after may, cause then ps4/xb1 go into a game drought

  • Roman

    The next game I am excited for is Child of Light. It may not be AAA, but I am very hyped for it.
    Too bad Watch Dogs was delayed (please come out this year!)

    Guess I will go back to playing DotA.

  • fireheartis1

    Just curios, but how man games do you guys by a month? Man I wish I could afford every Wii U game that has come out so far. I still only have 8 Wii U games and I’m saving up to buy more. I know there’s a major drought and that really does suck, but there are even Launch titles I don’t have yet. Games like Ninja Gaiden 3 I still haven’t picked up. I have an extensive Wii collection, but that took me most of the Wii’s live span to acquire. It’s going to be the same with the Wii U. Plus isn’t there a ton of Virtual Console and Indie games on the eShop right now? I would suspect that would hold people off. I’m sure it’s different for other people, but for me since I haven’t gotten many games this drought doesn’t bother me.

    • Serria

      I think a big issue I’m running into (and maybe some others) is that I have to buy a separate hard drive if I want to download anymore games. I’ve used up all the space on my deluxe Wii U so now I can’t get anymore VC/Indie titles until I can afford to get an external hard drive πŸ™


    I think the real problem is we are getting impatient with Nintendo and want/expect instant results.It doesn’t work that way people. Game development takes months if not years for them.

    Let’s think about this for a second…is this really anything new people?
    Nintendo has always had drought periods on pretty much every home console since the N64. This is nothing new. The only reason why we are noticing it now is because we have fewer 3rd party games to fill the gap.
    Not excusing this or anything but I’d rather they take their time with their games instead of making half finished peaces of garbage.
    It’s only the second year people. If they don’t show anything note worthy at E3,then I would worry

  • Cyberus

    Conception II just came out

    • Cyberus

      Oh wait, people expect there to be Wii U games too

  • I don’t think Nintendo TVii could provide a DVR service without giving away free TV. Same with displaying the TV on the gamepad, there’s not a way to do it without an accessory to plug in the source of the TV output into the Wii U. It’s simply intended to be something to help you find what you want to watch across your services and something to do while you watch it (with the comments and such).

    From a marketing point of view, it might be good to unload a bunch of games at once to kind of overload consumers with options and make them crave the console so much that they give in. Say during holiday they put out Smash Bros (which will already be on 3DS..), Beyonetta, X, Yoshi Yarn, Zelda, Sonic Boom, Project Cars, and whatever else might be given a release window during E3. Would that be more helpful in the long run or less than monthly releases of key games? I was looking at it as if doing several small attacks or one big charge attack.

    But hey, it is still early in the year and I doubt their fiscal year has ended yet. In the meantime there are more indie games coming to the eShop. Personally, I’m trying to male this an opportunity to catch up on some games.

    • Suraj Alexander

      Playon is a great service i found that allows you to watch different tv channels and watch netflix, lovevfilm etc. on different devises including the wii u. It works as each a subscription service or you can do a one off payment.

  • Steve Rees

    Great article as always Zorpix. I hate to say it as I also love my WiiU, but I agree with everything you said. TVii still isn’t even available in the UK, 18 months after release. It’s starting to make me lose faith, but I’m holding on in there.

  • swic11

    Totally agree. Nintendo alone has let their console die. I understand delays, it happens. But holy hell we have nothing. I will buy Mario Kart 8 when it comes out because its a great franchise… but what else is there. Where are the games. I play more Wii games on the Wii U than anything else. Quite sad actually. The Wii U is doomed, and all you naysayers can downvote me all you want but its the truth. 3rd party support is all but nonexistent. HELL 1st party support is nonexistent. I am going to be pissed if this years E3 or next years E3 reveals a new console. The console is not the problem. Nintendo is the problem.

    • ben

      Leading the 8th generation in game sales by 9million units is hardly bad news.

      Dont believe any of these sites. The wii u is the most successful 8th gen console by a country mile.
      The key is attachment rate.
      Game sales are the most important thing to a console, currently the wii u has an attachment rate of over 5. the poor ps4 is below 3. Casuals bought the ps4. they dont buy games.

      • Assassinated23

        5 games after a year and a half! At that point in the WiiU’s life, I bet it was well below 2 games per console. Where is 9 million units ahead coming from? Last I checked 9 million was what they projected for the 1st of April, but were really around 5-6 million. PS4 is incredibly close to overtaking WiiU lifetime sales, overcoming a full year head start. Next year, I wouln’t be at all surprised if PS4 is at double WiiU’s current attachment rate.

        • ben

          No it had 4 within 2 months.

          Troll harder.

          • Assassinated23

            That definitely doesn’t sound right. VGcharts has WiiU’s Tie ratio (software divided by hardware) at 3.81, compared to PS4s 2.31, which is a far cry from the 5 you claim. I’ll admit, the double the attachment rate was a bit hyperbolic, and unreasonable after seeing the highest Tie ratio is the xbox at 11.01.
            I don’t actually own a PS4, but it is quite clearly doing better than the WiiU had at any point in its lifespan so far.

          • ben



            VG charts in a nonsense website that has no evidence apart from that reported by other websites. IGN is a professionally run site. I advise you to stop sighting a site that has no numerical data sources.

          • Assassinated23

            I don’t know, I’m seeing a lot of conflicting reports from all different sources, some saying its high some saying it’s low, I don’t care enough to bother with it anymore. Maybe you’re right, and WiiU has a relatively high tie rate, maybe it doesn’t, but the problems the WiiU is currently facing have very little to do with that to be honest. Nintendo is facing a crisis of confidence, due to its loyal fans ceasing to believe that Nintendo can pull out a victory from this one. That the general perception is that WiiU’s failure is now inevitable. And people won’t buy a new console that they believe has already failed.

            Last year I weathered the drought thanks to the 30 cent promotion, and Rayman Legends challenge mode, and knowing that games were coming later in the year.
            This year there has been nothing to hold me over from DK to MK, and there are exactly zero games on the horizon with firm release dates beyond that. I’m dying in this current drought, and I know i can’t possibly survive the gap between May MK and holiday SSB if nothing comes out in the mean time.

          • ben

            Well, the IGN writer is Colin Moriarty. He generally is known for his love of Sony. He, however, is a trusted journalist with good sources on statistics.

            Just be thankful you have a wii u and not a PS4. The PS4 has Watch_dogs, which looks nothing like the kind of game I want to play, and then nothing until October.
            We will get MK, Bayonetta and I’m hoping for some more good news.
            I can understand your frustration, and i’m sure that if Ninty made some more multi player online games that frustration would be less.

            I live in Japan, just picked up Famicom remix. It is fun, not a AAA game, but it has its moments. I will also get CHild of light.
            So there are games.

      • swic11

        your making light of the amount of hardware sold. You mention the PS4 having a bad attach rate…. the PS4 has already outsold the Wii U with the Xbox One right behind it. These consoles have not even been out for a year yet.

        • ben

          No one is saying that the wii u is selling how it should. What I am saying is that the people who have bought the console spend a lot more money on games.

          What’s more, vgcharts is not a very good website. The wii u had sold 5.9 million consoles in January. This site has not updated the 6 million figure in over 3 months. Vgcharts are known for being out by millions at times. This is a site run by 3 guys with no sources, other than stealing stats off other sites.

      • swic11
  • Raptok

    The reason the Wii U is failing is quite simple. Nintendo’s old Youtube policy meant gaming channels didn’t play Nintendo games, thus meaning that it never got any publicity, and as a result meant it could not push beyond the ‘early adoption’ phase of people buying it.

    • sanic gtgfast

      but hey, it’s just a theory… a game theory

    • Gabe Hoffman

      You do realize that they pretty much dropped that policy long ago and that many people have been doing LPs of Wii U games

      • WT Herrod Jr.

        Yeah I recall watching a “lets play” of the Monster Hunter demo when that dropped and that was, what, a year ago?

    • leo

      oohh so you saw game theory? That obviously solves everything

  • c-s-a78

    ive bn saying this for a long time now…they need to go back to basics!!!the old wii I turned on just for the mii voting channels.and horoscope channel.the weather channel.they need to bring them back!!!all of them!when I first turned on my wiiU,,,I was like WTF…wheres the channels gone!?!

    • Serria

      Really? You liked those channels? They always annoyed me. The “everyone votes” channel (or w/e its called) was a joke and pointless, as well as the weather channel. If I want to know the weather, it was faster to go to my computer or heck, my TV. I don’t think those channels got as much use as you might think. But that’s just me πŸ˜›

  • Grendelmon

    I whole-heartedly agree with the article. I love Nintendo dearly, but my Wii U is starting to collect dust. I play my 3DS almost daily.

  • C4

    I’d rather talk about the future to be honest. What can Nintendo do? As someone pointed out below, even if the Wii U sold 25 million units until now, there wouldn’t be more 1st party games, and I wouldn’t even expect that much more games from 3rd parties, maybe more support from Activision or one of the japanese publishers (which had (time-)exclusives on GC and Wii)

    “All I know is that if you’re still saying β€œMario Kart 8 and Smash will turn the console around”, you’re being very optimistic.
    Nintendo said it themselves, a steady stream of high quality releases
    is all a console needs to find it’s footing. I agree with that
    wholeheartedly. Nintendo needs that steady stream, but they’re not
    making many strides to make that happen.”
    November ’13: 3D World
    May ’14: Mario Kart
    ??? ’14: Smash, Bayonetta, ?

    Those are the only potential system sellers that I see. Of course it’s a bit Mario-heavy until now. Their “main” IPs are not enough to drive sales. The Wii, DS and (to some extent) 3DS didn’t sell because of a Mario platforming game. It looks like Nintendo expected otherwise for some reason…?

  • Nothing5555

    This game drought does not affect me as I do not own a Wii U (yet). I still need to play and beat all the games from last gen, which should be cheap as dirt by now. Once i finish with that I’ll think about purchasing a Wii U. It should be cheaper by that time and so will the games I have missed.

  • Barters

    The difference is:
    1.) HD games are taking ages to make
    2.) “Back in the day” you rarely had a game that had a START and FINISH. Most NES games you played and played and played. So 3 new games in 6 months, or a new game every 2 months was more than sufficient.

    • FutureFox

      Games (AAA titles really) have become 20-30 hour campaigns where after you beat it, its kind of like why bother. Excluding RPGs of course given the nature of the genre.

      Back in the day I could play Contra in an hour (45 minutes on a good day), feel good and have another go at it in the same day. It was a good deal because it meant you could experience the full game in one sitting, contemplate its awesomeness or your own awesomeness for having conquered it and move on. Nowadays it just drains your energy and time.

      It’s like listening to a joke with a drawn out punchline. It might still be funny when you finally hear it but you’ll never what to listen to it again.

      • MerryBlind .

        Your comment reminded me of Heavenly Sword on PS3. So many people complained of its length, but nobody seemed to realized just how good what was there actually was. If you have a PS3, like action/hack’n’slash games, and haven’t played Heavenly Sword, I highly recommend it. (It’s about 5-6 hours if I remember well)

  • thedeciderU

    these pretzels are making me thirsty

  • ben

    Zorpix, look at the attachment rate. It will make you smile. The wii u is doing awesome.

  • khalid

    It took you this long to write this. Seriously?!?!? You didnt think to write this a month or two ago. Even at the begining of this year it wasn’t a surprise we wouldn’t have any games for the Wii U. It’s not only Nintendo’s fault for the lack of 1st and 3rd party games. Some of the 3rd party companies(cough cough EA cough cough) are assholes, and because they hate Nintendo or have some probelm with Nintendo they won’t put games on the console. It also ddoesn’t help when one company ownes half the companies that make the games we look forward to every year. it is Nintendo ‘s fault too though. If the Wii U doesn’t do better this year I’m selling my Wii U , saving up some money and buying a PS4 or just getting a 3DS and just not buuy a home console for a while until the home consoles get cheaper.

  • beez1717

    Nintendo had a huge opportunity that they completely botched. After the success of the Wii, all eyes were on them and what they were going to do for their next system. Nintendo then choose a name that actually got consumers confused about what they were doing, Then they showed a few exclusive games and then the finally had their big announcement be Nintendoland, which was exactly what everyone didn’t want to see. Nintendo could have instead taken the time to do one of two things: 1) Distanced themselves as far away from the Wii and all other companies, declared something along the lines of “the graphic wars are over!”, proved their claim, and then gotten the media to seriously question the need for shiny new graphics. 2) In knowing that they were riding the tidal wave created by the Wii, they could have roped in developers and had them creating the top hardcore games you couldn’t play on any other system for at least a year, if at all. They also could have chosen a name for the system that reflected the fact that they were going into the next generation fully locked and loaded. Finally they could have made a situation in which after EA didn’t get Origin or some critical games on the system, forced them to come crawling back.

  • leo

    Wii U is a disappointment to me Nintendo just does not have the mind set needed to WIN

  • Rob

    I agree with many of the points, and yes Wii U has not had many releases lately at all. However, how many games do people want? Do you want like hundreds of games that you just play a few times and move on to the next game? Are people even finishing the games they start anymore? I make it a point to actually get to the end of each game I buy, that way I don’t care if there are a lot of games, because it takes a while to get through all of them.

    • Assassinated23

      You’re missing the point. A console cannot survive on 5 games a year, no matter how good or big those games are. Not everyone who owns the system buys every game, most buy only specific genres they are interested in. The more games in a particular genre a console has, the more likely a gamer who likes that genre will want the system. The fewer games come out for a system, the fewer gamers are going to be attracted to buy it. The games that do come out for it must average a reasonable level of quality, else the perception will be that the system is flooded with shovelware (a la the wii). When months go by without a single notable release, the general percepton is that the system is unsupported, and their money would be better spent elsewhere.
      I’ve 100%’d the campaigns of NSM/LBU, Rayman Legends and SM3DW, and unlocked the challenge mode in DKTF, collecting everything. Since then My WiiU has been sitting unused. Nintendo is one mistake away from killing even the remotest possibility of the WiiU being a success.
      How many new games do I want? I think at the very least 3 boxed games a month would be enough to inject some life back into the WiiU. Less than that, and it’s living on borrowed time.

  • felony211662

    and what games pray tell do the ps4 & Xbox 1 have coming out every week?

    • Jim Peterson

      Theres at least 17 games coming out on the PS4 and XB1 before the end of the year that Im very interested in. Theres practically an avalanche of massive titles, a lot of them brand new IP’s and a lot of highly awaited sequels like Batman, coming in the next 6 months, with it set to kickoff in the next few weeks with Watch Dogs. And in the meantime we’ve had Titanfall and Infamous SS, both far better than any Wii U offering this year, plus tons of indies, particuarly on the PS4.
      Not trying to troll here, but when it comes to games the other next gen systems are looking pretty damn good in comparison to the Wii U.

      • felony211662

        I stand corrected sir

      • felony211662

        What Titles are you most looking forward to?

        • Commander Jim

          Just off the top of my head, I’ll be picking these up (unless any get terrible reviews)

          Arkham Knight
          Watch Dogs
          Murdered: Soul Suspect
          The Wolf Among Us
          Assassins Creed Unity
          MLB14: The Show
          The Division
          Alien: Isolation
          Shadow of Mordor
          Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture

          • Commander Jim

            The Order 1886
            Sunset Overdrive
            Quantum Break
            Hall 5

  • Jim Peterson

    Well said, couldnt agree with you more! Im lucky enough to have a PS4 and a PC too, but I know a lot of people can only afford the one console and I really feel for those people who chose the Wii U and have nothing else.

    Ive been playing Nintendo since the NES days, and buying the latest console has become automatic. But the Wii U just feels like a massive failure. At this point we should be excited about a new generation of Nintendo upon us, but it really feels more like sitting in a hospital waiting room while the patient is on lifesupport.

  • Assassinated23

    Nintendo has barely got a chance to save WiiU from failure. If the WiiU is going to be saved, first Nintendo needs to make the best E3 presentation it’s ever given. Second, from then on it needs to do everything perfectly with no mistakes, bringing in 3rd parties, boosting advertizing, no delays, and releasing spectacular first party games hat are better than every game releasedfor the other two consoles that month. Third they need to end the drought in a huge way, releasing several boxed WiiU games per month, from June until at least well into next year.one or two won’t cut it. They need three or more every single month. At least one of those games needs to average at least 85% from most reviewers. First party offerings should all be 90% or better scores. All their as of yet unannounced first party games must utilize the gamepad in unique and meaningful ways.
    If they do all this, I guarantee, the WiiU will not only survive, it will thrive. If they miss any one of these, its prospects look dismal. If they give a lackluster E3 (let alone if they skip the conference again) the WiiU is dead in the water, and will become a joke on the level of the Virtual Boy representing Nintendo’s failure.
    Unfortunately, many of these things seem practically impossible given Nintendo’s current standing and behavior.

  • Primordial Sludge

    Hold on, hold on. All this doom and gloom, I don’t know. You kids have no patience. Nintendo isn’t doomed. Battles are won and lost but the war is never over. I’ve been gaming since the Pong days. Yes, I’m an old fart. But I’d rather be an old fart than a young dick head. All this talk about what Nintendo should do. Ye of little faith! You all bought a Wii U, now you’re moaning about it. Nintendo isn’t some casual fling you know. You are buying into a Philosophy, a Religion, a Way of Life. Leaving is not an option. Now grow a pair and get some nous. All will become clear to those who wait.

    • Commander Jim

      I’ve also been playing since the Pong days. In fact my first console only played Pong. But it’s evident that the Nintendo of today is a far cry from the Nintendo of old.

  • Commander Jim

    I really regret buying a Wii U. First time in 30 years of Nintendo gaming I’ll say that about a Nintendo console (though the Wii was a disappointing direction). There’s literally nothing announced coming out this year I’m interested in, so that will be a ful year without a game, and the way things are going the system won’t even last another year.

  • Soltera

    I definitely agree with you, sir. We shouldn’t be afraid to share these thoughts because this has become a true reality for Nintendo fans/Wii U owners. Honestly, you could have elaborated on the GBA releases and the ridiculous $8 price tag for each game. That angers me more than anything. It’s bad enough that the Wii U has barely any games, yet on top of that Nintendo has released 10 year old Game Boy games for $8.

    As with you and other Nintendo fans, I love Nintendo. Lately, however, I’ve felt neglected by it. Hopefully Mario Kart 8 and E3 will turn this all around.

  • i have this terrible feeling that Nintendo has every intention of abandoning the Wii U. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe they’ll have an amazing array of games on show for the console at E3, but it seems like we say that every year. I’m at a point where I consider Reggie to be nothing but a spin doctor, and I don’t really believe a word he says. Iwata is even worse. I think his Quality of Life platform speech was utter nonsense, intentionally designed to be vague and confusing. The investors may be getting tired, however. I’m thinking that by the end of the year, heads may be rolling at Nintendo. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything, but I definitely took notice of Iwata’s absence from the last Direct. The step after you take a 50% pay cut, is that you take a 100% pay cut. Nintendo is in serious trouble here, but they seem too afraid to actually do anything. Partnership with Sega? great idea, but hey lets just keep making Sonic games. Sega doesn’t have any other franchises, do they? The only people besides Nintendo and Ubisoft that are making games for us are indies? quick, let’s alienate them so they won’t want to work with us. Today’s Nintendo is being run into the ground, and the company as well as many of their blindly loyal, “die-hard” fans won’t admit it. I love the Wii U by the way, and it will be a real shame once it has finished failing. This will be the most important E3 maybe ever for Nintendo, and if nothing else, we will be able to guage whether or not they’re even willing to try anymore. if they aren’t,
    neither am i.