Jul 2nd, 2014


Every year after E3, the Game Critics Awards seeks to award outstanding games showcased at E3 with best of show awards for their genre. There was fierce competition for each of the categories this year, but the real winner seems to be Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky, which won several categories. Nintendo wasn’t left out either, managing to claim the Best Fighting Game award with Super Smash Bros., as well as best  handheld game for Super Smash Bros. 3DS. Nintendo also claimed the best Casual Game with Mario Maker. Here’s a look at the results for all the categories.

Best of Show

  • Evolve

Best Original Game

  • No Man’s Sky

Best Console Game

  • Evolve

Best Handheld/Mobile Game

  • Super Smash Bros. for 3DS

Best PC Game

  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

Best Hardware/Peripheral

  • Oculus Rift

Best Action Game

  • Evolve

Best Action/Adventure Game

  • Batman: Arkham Knight

Best Role Playing Game

  • Dragon Age: Inquisition

Best Fighting Game

  • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Best Racing Game

  • The Crew

Best Sports Game

  • NHL 15

Best Strategy Game

  • Civilization: Beyond Earth

Best Social/Casual/Family Game

  • Mario Maker

Best Online Multiplayer

  • Evolve

Best Independent Game

  • No Man’s Sky

Special Commendation for Innovation

  • No Man’s Sky
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  • oontz

    No Man’s Sky looks amazing.

    • Epicstuf

      It’s Minecraft, IN SPACCE!

  • I suppose I can agree with Evolve being best of show. It looked pretty cool, and coming from the creators of Left 4 Dead, I expect good things from that game. It looks awesome!

    • Rich Garriques

      i still to this day dont see anything special about evolve , looks like left 4 dead all over again except with monsters.

      • L4D’s gameplay (but really a butt ton more gameplay, because of the classes and whatnot.) stripped of the cliche zombie genre and given a mystical monster/fantasy feel? I’m on board

  • The Unkown

    They won 3.

    Best Handheld/Mobile Game
    -Super Smash Bros. for 3DS

    Best Fighting Game
    -Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

    Best Social/Casual/Family Game
    -Mario Maker

    • Yeah, I mentioned that in the article, but I had written the title before I made the change and forgot to change it. It’s fixed now.

  • TheAnimal Fleming

    Here go the ps4 comments on a another nintendo site


    Smash bros to the competition:

  • CydeFxt

    Honestly Nintendo should look at these awards to Smash Bros and maybe put that same amount of focus and generate that same amount of buzz for their 2nd party games and even other 1st party games.

  • Ducked

    Evolve looks so freaking simple, what’s with all the praise for that game? No Man’s Sky, The Division, Splatoon, Sunset Overdrive, and even Yoshi’s Woolly World looks way better. Those are just a few.

    • Yoshi’s Wooly World is fun if you like previous Yoshi games. I wasn’t too impressed with it on the show floor, but I recognize that’s because I don’t care for the Yoshi spit n’ shit mechanic as I like to call it.

      • Ducked

        I was pretty impressed with Woolly World compared to the previous titles. Yoshi’s New Island was a disaster. But Woolly World feels different . I love the animation of the game, and the two player co-op feature. I understand it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

        • rp17

          I don’t know why Mario Maker is on the list. It was by far the most boring thing to me. I feel the same way as Ashely does about Yoshi games, but I still think Woolly World should have been Best Casual/Family Game.

          • Ducked

            I like the concept of Mario Maker, creating your own Mario levels sounds really fun. But I too think Yoshi Woolly World should’ve won.

    • What I saw about Evolve was quite cool actually and I’m not even really interested in that genre. Personally I didn’t really feel anything at the whole E3 to be really outstanding. Next year, with Zelda, there’s one title in for me for sure, but this E3 was full of ‘maybe I’m going to play that, or maybe that one’ nothing that really encouraged me to trigger the buy button, especially on the competition’s side. Although I understand that Stuff like No Man’s Sky, the Division and the new Rainbow Six deserve some kudos.

    • rp17

      Yeah the Wii U comes out = “Asynchronous gameplay is too confusing and boring!!!”

      Evolve is shown = “Async gameplay is the way of the future!!! GAME OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

      • FutureFox

        To be fair Nintendo did really have great examples, if any.

    • ScrewAttack

      Asymmetric gameplay mate. It’s done by the L4D team iirc, and if it’s anything like that it’ll be evergreen.
      Not saying some of those titles you mentioned don’t look better, but Evolve has potential too.

    • nigeriangamer

      yea i fully agree with you.there were better games out there, i just dont see anything impressive about it.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Looking forward to Mario Maker.

    • MerryBlind .

      me too!

    • jjbredesen

      I am to, but i am hoping that it is not as simple as what has been shown now, because there are way better level editors for mario on the internet, Mario Flash is a great example of a fantastic level editor, so i would expect Mario Maker to have even more futures than that if i am going to buy it.

      Still looks great, and the skin future is really cool to!

    • ScrewAttack

      I’m gagging for SMB2 assets in NSMB style…..or if they just added shy guys to the NSMB set. Really really wanna recreate that game.

    • Yousif Alromaithi

      Awesome. Hey buddy you watching World Cup or no.

  • Link00

    When has Nintendo ever not won Best Social/Casual/Familly Game? 🙂

    • David Trail

      Mario Maker is hardly a casual game as well.

  • David Trail

    Evolve best at the show? You’re having a laugh. These critics don’t know anything.

  • David Trail

    Modern gamers make me puke and vomit.

    • TheBoldman67

      I know, right? I mean seriously, I like that Nintendo won some awards, but to put Evolve as best game? Like, what is that?

      • David Trail

        It won best action games and online game too. I would personally play Splatoon than that garbage. Splatoon has online right?

        • Christian Schoff

          Yes it will be online.

          • David Trail

            And Evolve won?

    • ScrewAttack

      My problem lies with the fact that “the kids of today” only care about “winning” and belittling their fellow players. It’s not about the fun any more.

      Hence, little bitches camping in the corner of a room with shotguns all match. Why? Seriously. It’s pretty much killed shooters for me.

    • Modern people in general make me want to go back to the 80s.

  • David Trail

    Evolve won so many awards. I bet when it comes out. It will sell well for a week and be forgotten as quickly as Titanfall.

  • Turtler

    Did Evolve really win? It seems like a game that people would get tired of quickly.

    • David Trail

      Another Titanfall by the looks of it.

      • ScrewAttack

        Ouch, that’s harsh. Titanfall is an epic fail of a game. The concept remains a good one, but the execution is so poor it makes CoD look amazing. Sloppy as fook!

        • Dallas Gooch

          Exactly what I thought when I saw real gameplay after it came out xD
          It had wayyyyy too much hype which is part of what killed it. People expected too much of it. I too liked the concept alot but the execution was very poor.

  • David Trail

    Mario is more hardcore than a lot of sh%t these days. Anyone played New Super Luigi Bros and some levels in NSMBU are tough as hell. Gamers don’t know what they are talking about these days.

  • David Trail

    I would have put Splatoon as the the most innovative game

  • David Trail

    Give me Bayonetta 2 over Batman anyway of the week.

  • Christian Schoff

    Evolve really did look amazing to me and they’ll have multiple monsters and levels and lots of customization. It’s a spiritual sequel to Left 4 Dead which is a good game and still played a lot. My issue is with No Man’s Sky which was 100% conceptual. That game, if it ever comes out, won’t be seen until at least 2016.

  • Denis Ceti

    Im supriced Evolved didn’t win Best Hardware/Periphal award..

  • Rinslowe

    Can’t wait to get my hands on No Mans Sky, Batman Arkham Knight, Civilization: BE and Smash from that list/ categories…
    Just to name a few upcoming games that is, that have me excited to play yet more games.

  • HorizonChaser

    I was hoping Splatoon would win its category, but kudos to Ninty for the wins.

  • Vorpal Blade

    Dat Evolve doh.

  • wober2

    Wow Evolve is racking up some wins, this game was barely on my radar. Maybe it is the game that jumps me over to ps4 or xboxone. I do love to see nintendo win, it is just weird to me that they are staying out of the most popular genres, where a new metroid would of been more likely to win Best of Show.