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Michael Pachter Wii UThe Wii U “isn’t going to work”, according to prominent video game industry analyst Michael Pachter. He believes the Wii U won’t achieve the same success as the original Wii console, which has sold almost 100 million units worldwide. This isn’t the first time Pachter is critical of the Wii U — he previously said the Wii U could be the next Dreamcast.

“I don’t get it. Somebody had an idea — ’let’s make the controller a tablet’ — and there aren’t many games that are going to take advantage of that” said Pachter in an interview with Edge. His comments are surprising, considering that plenty of third party developers are already on board and we’ve seen what the new GamePad tablet controller can do. Pachter added that Nintendo “got lucky” with the Wii, and they won’t get lucky with the Wii U.

“Hardcore gamers will buy the Wii U, hardcore Nintendo fanboys will buy it. They [Nintendo] could put out a piece of cardboard and say that it’ll play Mario and they’ll buy it”. Pachter added that having the Wii U console being “novel” won’t work this time around.

It’s obvious that the Wii U won’t match the sales numbers of the Wii — the video game market is very different today, as is the economy. The PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox won’t sell more than the Wii either. But Pachter is really pushing it by saying the Wii U won’t work, especially since we don’t know the launch price of the console. On top of that, a lot of game developers seem very excited about the Wii U and the new controller. Not to mention the gamers out there who are looking forward to the new console.

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  • Neonridr

    What a moron. What the Wii just “accidentally” sold 100 million units? LOL at the Wii got lucky. Where do they find these guys?

    “Hardcore gamers will buy the Wii U, hardcore Nintendo fanboys will buy it.”

    that would be considered a success then..

    • Gary Moscheles

      tablet controller or not, everything about the new system sounds so promising. if the weak, watered down Wii can sell a bajillion units, imagine what THIS could do on the market!!

      i guess we’ll just have to wait and see….

      • AKA-Link77

        Yah! The only thing that “Wont Work”, is this guy’s brain!!

        • 007 1/2

          i saw the the e3 presentation on smartglass. based on the number of people taking the wii u’s side on youtube, i think the wii u will do very well. suck it, pachter.

    • Gene

      Most of Wii buyers are causal “gamers”. They bought it to live the fad; motion control, Wiimote.

      Sadly, lots of Nintendo fanboys can’t realize the truth.
      The Gamecube sold less than 30 million units, why? It had many great hardcore games on it… more than the Wii itself.

      • Marmor

        We are going to see the same phenomenon with the Wii U.

        Wii: a friend visits a Wii owner. They play Wii Sports for 1 hour or 2 and the next week the friend says “hey, that experience is unique. I bought (my family) a Wii”.

        Wii U: a friend visits a Wii U owner. They play NintendoLand for 1 hour or 2 and the next week the friend says “hey, that experience is unique. I bought (my family) a Wii U”.

        Only a few people are going to invest 500+ $ for a PS4/XBox8 (even more if the deal is subscription based) because they see it at a friends place. even less people will buy it for your (male) kid alone. It’ll sound like “Hm, it looks the same as your current console and it plays the same as well.”

        • Gene

          Good point. But that doesn’t serve core, deep gaming, unless you think Wii Fit players are the core 😛

          • goldfish brother

            with the possibility to use old controllers, people may feel comfortable to buy the new console and continue to play in groups at home.

        • josh with the truth

          wow man thats a really good point dude really good point

        • Colton

          I personally wouldn’t buy a Wii U for NintendoLand… but I was also totally bummed at how much attention they gave NintendoLand.

          If anything, it’ll be games like ZombiU, the future Zelda Wii U, Mario Wii U games, those things that sell this console.

          I can’t say the PS4 won’t be $500+ since the PS3 was expensive to me, but the Xbox Durango isn’t probably going to be much more than the Xbox 360 was. The economy is too fragile for expensive consoles right now. Going off the “Hm, it looks the same as your current console and it plays the same as well” logic, the Xbox 360 and the PS3 shouldn’t have sold because of the Original XBox and PS2.

          In the end though, it’s the GAMES that sell it. If Nintendo Land is the only game that takes full use of the Wii U Game Pad, then it won’t sell much better than the other two. If all the games use it to their full potential, it might make the CoD player opt into the Wii U for CoDNextGen Wii U edition instead of the CoDNextGen PS4/Xbox Durango edition.

      • gPadWatcher

        Genie baby… you’re sounding like Michael Pachter already. The original Wii was the largest selling video game console in Nintendo’s history. 95.85 million units sold worldwide. There’s a strong possibility the Wii U will be one of the largest selling console this Holiday season and in 2013.

        Get N or Get Out!!!!!!

        • Gene

          I’m being reasonable here.

          PS2 – 130+ million units
          PS3 – 64+ million units

          Just because its predecessor sold well doesn’t mean the successor will sell well…
          Your argument fails.

          • josh with the truth

            aaaaaaaa the Ps3 was over priced dumbo soo of course there going to sell low who is going to buy a 800$ console when they can buy a 200$ super fun Nintendo console so your logic is wrong ps2 was pretty cheep so they sold alot of units soo if Nintendo can make the wiiu as strong as the ps orbas or xbox720 and the cheapest they will make a huge profit

          • Seth A Drekin

            Your an Idiot..

            It took PS2 over Ten years to sell that many consoles…

          • NameUcan’thate

            lets just ignore gene. He is a troll. go look at other articles. if we can, let’s get him blocked off the site.

      • LazerK

        lol,neither the GameCube or Xbox sold well because because the PS2 was the cheapest(and weakest)of that gen.Hardcore games have nothing to do with it
        Weakest system always sells most FACT

        • Gene

          The cheapest?

          Gamecube: $199
          PS2: $299

          The weakest? Looks like you think it was the same situation (Wii vs PS360)
          Sorry but it’s not. Both systems had their pros and cons, the powerful was the Xbox.

          • Matt

            You’re right about the price definitely not being the deciding factor, but you’re also wrong about the system’s power. The PS2 was most certainly the weakest system of the generation (unless you include the Dreamcast). Not about opinion, just pure specs. Take a game like Metroid Prime for instance, that is not looking anything like that on the PS2. It was the same case for the PS1. For some odd reason the weakest system does always sell the best, with the only exception (to my knowledge) being the SNES.

          • Marmor

            Well, a lot of factors come together. Launch line-up and 3rd party support. that sets the base. Then more games will come -> more systems sold. You get your handfull of system-seller games (I bought the ps2 on day 1 with FFX and TTT).
            Then comes the day of the price-reduction. 2nd hand games and/or illegal copies are surely a factor.
            After several price-reductions the system becomes wide-spread all over the world. I think the PS2 is still being sold in South America. Very effordable(?) system with nice looking games for a non-HD environment.
            Still most EA Sports titles are ported for it due to the huge installed base.

            It’s not like the PS2 sold 130 mio. before the PS3 was released =)

          • Daemonrunner

            From certain technical aspects, the PS2 was actually the weakest of the systems. PS2 did not allow on-the-fly rendering (can’t remember that name for it), so EVERYTHING had to be loaded up prior to being displayed – which increased load times considerably and decreased free memory. This also meant that levels had to be smaller (or use less resources) or risk having to load up every section of a map. Xbox, Gamecube, and even Dreamcast did have this on-the-fly rendering, which helped frame-rates.

            On-the-fly meant that any graphical assets on the screen are obviously loaded up, while off-screen assets are dumped – if you didn’t know.

            Resident Evil 4 had to be toned down to run on PS2. Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes, I think, looked better than MGS2. Plus the Gamecube could natively run every game in 480p (though it was rare to own the component cables that hooked into the Digital Video Output on older Gamecubes).

            Where the Gamecube did fail was disc capacity, which didn’t help when it came to packing a lot of game assets into a game. This was mostly seen with lower resolution video than anything else, but I am sure had an adverse effect on certain visual elements.

            I think what really made the PS2 the top of the class of that generation was that it had a DVD player built-in (HUGE at the time), but was cheaper than the Xbox.

    • Jake Barnett

      I can’t take Pachter seriously. He’s making grandiose predictions based on limited information. Doesn’t sound like a recipe for accuracy.

    • fliadaloisio

      Michael Pachter predictions where always bullshit, he never “nailed” a single one. In fact, i don´t know how the fuck this guy still works in anything game related. Seems that the ones that hired him are more morons and stupid that him. ;D

  • ARP

    This guy is an idiot

    • Dan

      that’s just what i was gonna say….i really didn’t like that guy.

    • Thepokemonmaster

      I completely agree with you guys the wii U will rock, This guy is a No life, If you say that I might as well say, That microsoft will make the same in two years (just like kinect)

      • Pokemon Master#1

        He looks like my teacher but this guy is a dumb-a** and there are already thousands of fans that are going to buy the Wii U at launch or close to launch.

    • Sexigarro

      hey guys, I love what this low-ranking economist said, always he makes a prediction the opposite happens. For me, this jerk keep saying crap of the WII U, that means success for our next console.

      We start Wii nning this match, we are Wii pping the competition and is hurting … Pachter, I Wii sh you good luck

  • ARP

    He’s one of those old timers that are stuck in the past and has a no vision of the future.

  • Vulture

    Heavy bribes by sony and microsoft to ruin Wii U’s marketing?…

    • Alienfish

      The Nintendo faithful could keep the company afloat alone even if there were only first party titles released and no 3rd party whatsoever. Sony and MS would literally be flushing their dollars down the toilet even if they did manage to convince casual gamers not to buy it.

      • Gary Moscheles

        this could be the system that gives long lost nintendo fans some new hope.

  • olimar

    Seriously… Again, Patcher, again?

  • Firebro


  • Draco Breach

    Patcher sounds like the debunked media. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and he’s making stuff up. Besides, he just named the largest two groups of gamers, hardcore and Nintendo fanboys. He said they will buy it, but it somehow, magically, mystically won’t work.

    He’ll eat crow, and I’ll play Pikmin 3.

    He’ll eat humble pie, and I’ll play… Who am I kidding? This list is likely to be a long one, and I’m not up for the rage.

    Patcher. Go fly a kite.

  • Man

    WAIT calling it the next dreamcast is a bit noo Very Extreme this Pachter dude 1.HE Must hate nintendo and all they do
    2. And hate inovation “I don’t get it. Somebody had an idea — ’let’s make the controller a tablet’ — and there aren’t many games that are going to take advantage of that” rather he is small minded or im missing something thank god he doesnt make games!!!!

    • Alienfish

      Also people forget that Sega was experiencing failures before the Dreamcast. WiiU simply cannot be like the Dreamcast because it is coming off of a huge success and not a huge flop like the Sega Saturn was. If WiiU does, for some strange reason (maybe the deaths of millions of gamers worldwide), fail, then we’ll talk about the console after that being the next Dreamcast.

      • LordFenix

        not really true alienfish about the dreamcast… if you watched how sales went here in USA and Japan… Dreamcast didnt do well because it wasnt a DVD player and the sheer fact they had almost no media coverage… and right when Sega Announced the Dreamcast sony starting advertising PS2 and the DVD player and every assumed cause it was comming out a year later it would look better… and IMO the ps2 looked like shit till 4-5years later and still only a few games were worth the $$$

        Sony of Japan even admitted all of its PS2 sales in the first 2 years were due to DVD movies and the ps2 was a cheaper DVD player… they had no games for the system

        As for the Wii-U…. sure there are lots of cases where the tablet isnt going to be that useful… like a fighting game…. or a COD style game… sure the lil added stuff like airstrikes and stuff… but as for the main aspect of the game u really couldnt look away from the screen… but that doesnt mean it was a bad movie to have that tablet… Nintendo just gave developers a whole new feature to try whole new things and maybe re-event some Genres… if they allow for a indie market option… im sure there will be TONs of touch pad games hitting the console…

        • LordFenix

          i also would like to add… for the 2 years the DC was on the market it sold over 10.6 million units…. IMO that was not a failure… given the fact Sega didnt have the money to cover mass media…

          and idk if you guys even keep up with history any… but xbox 360 was also labeled the Dreamcast 2.0 because it was releasing a year ahead of everyone as well…. it doesnt matter if the company is well established or even promising the moon (and can deliver) the media is going to constantly label a console doing that a dreamcast. What i love is for the past 6 years at every E3 i hear a developer or publisher talk about the dreamcast in a positive way… and what is really crazy is there are a few companies still publishing dreamcast games today… ill admit i have no idea why… but still a interesting fact

          • Draco Breach

            I’d like to point out that the GamePad adds a more realistic scope to CoD-type games. I think the immersion could add something to the first-person arena, in general.

            The Blaster peripheral, or whatever it’s called, is a welcome change. In my opinion, the best, current-generation console for first-person is the Wii. You gain a visceral experience of holding a ‘gun’ in your hand instead of a controller. If you combine that with the secondary screen offered by the Wii U, you have a certain immersion not present in anything currently available.

      • theaquacharger

        And don’t forget the big flops of Sega CD and the various other add-ons for Sega Genisis/Master System.

        • LordFenix

          the sega CD wasnt a flop LMAO… cause if it was Nintendo wouldnt have tried soo hard to emulate it… and cause the birth of Playstation and that god awful Phillips CD thank you nintendo

          you know nintendo funded most of the creation of the playstation lol…

          as for the saturn… it suffered the same issues as todays PS3… the difference today compared to back then… money money money… back then they didnt want to waste the money learning the design and working with it… the saturn had twice the power of a playstation but due to the design developers couldnt work with it to its full power so you ended up with playstation games same goes for PS3 vs 360 PS3 does have some better hardware… but due to some design issues you rarly see a game outshine on a PS3 vs 360 version… the only games i have seen do it are Rail based games or quick time event style games… but then again those games were sony exclusives so no idea if 360 could run them as well…

          as for the whole gun idea… yes the wii mote would have made a Awesome gun… but the precision isnt there… at least every time i seen someone use the wii mote and every time i messed with one… the pointer is always dancing a bit… and those kind of games are really RAIL shooters… they dont really feel like first person run around shooters… i mean yes the features the showed for Killer Freaks was great but u also notice he is still using standard controller features not the mote… i mean dreamcast offered the same point and shoot style… i think EVERY game console offered the potential… cause u had ur gun and some guns had the Dpad right near ur thumb on the handle so u could control ur character in theory… but it never happened… no one ever tried it… and yes with wii mote and chuck u could move around in a 3d enviroment… but u cant look up or down without really messing with some buttons. and even with the one joystick.. how u plan on turning around and strafing… or would u remove strafing all together and just us precision turns?

          I would love your input on the concept really Draco Breach

          • Draco Breach

            I didn’t see your comment for a while, sorry :p

            Resident Evil 4 and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (and later Metroid Prime Trilogy) made excellent use of the Wii Remote. The pointer was really as jumpy as you were, but the games seemed to both have a stabilizer element. Retro continued the ‘aim assist’ through the Wii conclusion and subsequent rewrites.

            I personally hate shooters. They don’t feel all that impressive to me with either a console controller or the keyboard/mouse interface. I always wanted something of a visceral feel, something more true to holding a real gun. It may be ego, but it’s hard to play Halo or CoD after firing real assault rifles and machine guns.

            Combine the former and latter statements, and you may be a little confused. I hate shooters in general, but I enjoyed – and highly rate – Resident Evil 4 and Metroid Prime Trilogy (both on the Wii)? The reason is simple. The Wii Remote gave me what I wanted to play with. With Wii Motion Plus, scale was only improved.

            One thing to remember. The GamePad has motion control. I can’t remember if the IR sensor on it is Rx only, but I wouldn’t be surprise to see if it had Tx for the Wii Sensor Bar. I don’t know exactly how the controls are implemented in ZombieU (formally Killer Freaks from Outer Space), but I haven’t paid as much attention as I should have been. I’ll admit; I’ve been paying more attention, at this point, to how Ubisoft uses the added horsepower for AI, particle effects, shaders, dynamic shadows, lighting, and general physics.

            It may be how a developer approaches the Wii Remote that determines how sensitive the pointer is. I really think the Wii Remote was the best thing to happen to shooters. It’s a wonderful controller interface for other genre, but the GamePad makes more sense for others. Again, the classic controller makes more sense for still others. I think it really depends on what the developer is willing to put into it – time, money, and even imagination.

            As for the PSx being mostly funded by Nintendo… Yep, I remember that. Sony was originally supposed to make a add-on peripheral for the N64. There was an argument about cartridge versus optical media. I still think that cartridge is better – zero latency, fast read, available write, and huge growth potential. However, it gave birth to the PSx and the optical media age.

          • LordFenix

            yea but draco breach… the big issue with using the gun is yes u can aim up and down left right with the controller… but then ur stuck only looking at ur controller screen… yes still cool… but what about ppl with that 42+” TV that want to enjoy the whole game on the TV then that doesnt work out too well would have to do something with teh controls… that is the main reason why Dual sticks were better for shooters… single stick had to use Dpad as well

          • Draco Breach

            It depends on how they implement it. Again, i personally don’t feel the dual-stick is the best configuration. I think the Wii Remote is. I think the Blaster peripheral might take the lead if it is what I think it is – a way to combine the Wii Remote and Wii U GamePad.

            What I like about the Blaster peripheral is how easy you can design a game around it. You can leave the HUD on it, make it a zoomed-in screen at all times, or simply relegate map and inventory to it. The fact that Nintendo left control schemes to the developers is certainly nice, but I want to see the immersion I can very easily imagine.

            Don’t get me wrong. I said it was probably just ego from using real guns. I can’t get into the dual-stick or keyboard/mouse interface. I even traded in Metroid Prime 1, 2, and 3 for Trilogy, and Resident Evil 4 on the NGC for the Wii version. I don’t regret it.

            I have the distinct feeling I wouldn’t regret trading those games in for Wii U versions. Mind, I don’t think there will actually be Wii U versions, but a guy can dream.

            I saw a demo with the GamePad used as a HUD/scope. I think it was Ghost Recon, but I’d have to double check. You could switch between map and scope freely. In map mode, you could order AI script troops to cover or engage. In scope mode, you could zoom in on your target and look around. The main action was never removed from the main screen.

            The idea of realistically looking around your scope – by either tilting your head or your ‘gun’ – is just too interesting a leap to ignore.

            You might prefer the dual-stick interface even after trying, but that’ll at least be after trying. I think developers just need to try and see what works. If they offer multiple control interfaces, I think things will work well for everybody.

            Also, one thought on buttons. I notice that fewer buttons are required with the Wii Remote, and I’m guessing it’ll be true of the GamePad, too. It’s a nice way to introduce more people. Less complex button schemes


          • LordFenix

            but see we are back to square one LMAO Like i tried to explain… how are u going to have full Forward backward strife left strife right and turn while still having the FULL experience on the main TV. I saw MOST of the gun options of gameplay and all that use the gun u only have access to the 1 stick… sure u can still use the gyro to turn around and stuff and just use the gamepad to see… but that is taking u away from the TV… and all the FPS games that show u running on the TV in FPS and still gamepad sniping… are using the controls on the gamepad controller

          • Draco Breach

            I think I just don’t describe certain things as well as I think I do :p

            No worries, though. I do understand where you’re coming from. It’s a control scheme your used to, but I most enjoy the Wii Remote interface. Admittedly, you still need the Nunchuck to control forward, reverse, and strafe. I think it’s less complex, and it works more realistically.

            We’ll have to wait and see how developers choose to use it, but I have liked a few demos of Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Online using the Blaster peripheral, which seemed to use the Wii Remote and GamePad – maybe Nunchuck as well.

            I still get excited with the possibilities :p

  • titan4

    Nintendo doesnt make sense unless your a kid or a girl, its kinda femenine. Femi-ninty.

    • mac

      LOL i didnt think that you would get so many negative ratings XD lol but i guess that is what you would expect for ripping o nintendo on a nintendo fan page huh?

    • Colton

      You know, titan4, maybe you should stop trolling and find a website that will tolerate you. You could start a Nintendo haters website and troll on it.

      I almost forgot, screw you, Pachter!

      • Colton

        How many Michael Pachters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
        None… Because he’s too busy hating on Nintendo!

    • mac

      lol i love how every1 who commented except 1 person gave this a negative rating XD

    • Shankovich

      Well, aside from being sexist, you’re also very uninformed. Uh, go try out Zelda…or Metroid Prime…or Xenoblade…etc.

      If you’re single, look no further as to the reason -_-

    • Gamer

      Games have been played by boys, girls, men and women alike for years. Then came along bromance xbox and the want to apply their naive approach to gaming. Sounding like ” Alexander the not so Great.” He too was over aggressive to hide his hyper over impulsive desire for boys as lovers. Read history if you think am lying. So you deserve those thumbs down bro.

    • rafael

      Theres a tremendous amount of creativity and inteligence in nintendo games, but you need to know how to apreciate it. If you have an infantile sensibility, you are probably going to be more impressed with action packed gore fests and pseudo-mature stuff.

    • flash4256

      Dude Im an Xboxer and still find your comment completly baseless. In fact it angers me so much it makes me want to pull a CoD online match and start rage cussing and racist commenting you. I however will not. I did enjoy my wii, but to fully make me a Nintendo fanboy again i will have to have options other than Mario and Link. No matter how fun Mario Kart is I also need my GTA 5, My CoD, My Ncaa Footbal 20xx, and others. Are some of these games derivitave compared to Nintendo games? Yes, but dangit I like creating a runningback for Alabama with my name. I like powerslamming WWe superstars, shooting nameless guys while making vulger mamma jokes. Then hangin out with the guys and red shelling each other till the MooMoos come home.

    • LyingTuna

      every human starts as a female during fetal development, so yeah, EVERYTHING is feminen…

  • Britton

    Pachter’s history of predictions speak for themselves. The guy has been incorrect way too many times in the past to be taken seriously. I think to be a video game industry analyst you should be a gamer as well. Seeings how this guy is not one, I will ignore him and buy a Wii U anyway. Based on the negative feedback surrounding the original Wii and the success of that console, I will go out on the limb and say the Wii U will be successful. Even if it does not sell as many consoles as the Wii. To say Nintendo “got lucky” makes Pachter look like even more of an ass. Nintendo will not die. Period.

  • LordiMcKill

    I wish Michael Patcher would keep his mouth shut sometimes. He doesn’t know what he is talking about half the time.

  • Rasta

    Ta wii was no accedint nintendo didn’t make motion controls for nothing they new coming out the gate that the wii was going to kill even with less power than Ps3 and 360. But now with the Wii U u got inivation(Game Pad) and HD graphics. So Wii U is going to maybe stumble due to the confution of casuals and such but when people get there hands on the bad boy let the flood gates open to sweep away Sony and Mic.

    And if anything Sonys PS4 and Mic.s 720 have the chance of being the next Dreamcast(R.I.P) if they so as to copy the Wii U or fail to come up with something better!

  • James Bowserman

    Douche… That is all.

  • JCS

    I don’t get it. Somebody had an idea — ’let’s make the controller a tablet’ — and there aren’t many games that are going to take advantage of that” said Pachter

    Did he see the same E3 I saw? Seems to me all games shown at show used the tablet in one form or other. I agree that not all game will use the tablet or programmers give players the option of using table or game controller pro but to say what he said is just asinine.

  • daniel

    Patcher don`t understand the game console, he just worry about making money

  • mac

    just like the first comment up there…it was an accident that the wii sold 100 million units? the comment saying that it is the next dreamcast was pretty stupid too. the dreamcast is a sega system so hes way off. he must live under a rock or is extremely stupid with the following comment, “Hardcore gamers will buy the Wii U, hardcore Nintendo fanboys will buy it. They [Nintendo] could put out a piece of cardboard and say that it’ll play Mario and they’ll buy it” im sure there is success if hardcore gamers and hardcore nintendo fanboys will buy it. so in short, he retarded nuff sed.

    • LyingTuna

      Yeah, that’s kinda how Nintendo markets it.

  • Jonas

    so how much did microsoft and sony pay him?

  • Smurfman256

    Yeah, well Pachter said that the Wii would fail to sell, so he should probably shut the hell up and find a new job.

  • Frankensavior

    Anybody want to start a petition to get this guy fired? You know just for fun. It’d be hilarious if we could submit a list of people who want this guy to go back under the bridge he crawled out under from. Nothing he says is ever right. I think he’d be more successful as a televangelists.

    • Leeroy

      YAE lets do it!

  • DerikGotro64

    If you ask me, Sony has the likely chance at “Dreamcasting” themselves.

    Nintendo out lived Sega, Atari, SNK and others, they’ve stood the test of time and they will keep on rolling and no old financial analyst douchfags, corrupt critics, paid-off reviewers or whiny fanboys is gonna stop it.

  • Adam Fox

    You can’t have “analyst” without “anal”….you be your own analyst/critic. I hate seeing crappy over-hyped games like Call of Duty getting high scores and phrase when it’s literally the same crap every version with a slight graphics boost….at least Nintendo changes Mario games up. New items, mini games, play-styles depending on the franchise. Honestly, I’d rather play “Rouge Warrior” than over-hyped games from so-called game analyst/critics. I will get a Wii U as soon as I can afford one.

  • DerikGotro64

    Thumbs down if you think Pach-Attack is a douchbag!

  • Jordan

    Someone said: ” Wii will not succesfull, It’s not powerfull as Xbox360 and Play3″……..So…100 Millions wii sold and Microsoft and Sony tried to copy controller (with poor results)
    Now: ” Wii U won’t Works…..”
    Ok Patcher…you’re a great guy but……change job!

    • Colton

      He’s probably saying that stuff just to keep his job. I mean, seriously? I’m pretty sure he couldn’t get another job if he quit. No one would hire him that’s for sure.

  • Jonas

    oh and one more thing mister Pachter: Only because youre old, think you are a famous goodlooking Man, maybe have a lot of money you dont need to think you are better and everyone is gonna listen to you.
    Oh and if you want to hear my opinion. I think the WiiU is going to compete better with next upcoming consoles because it is launching earlier. The wii was launched after Ps3 AND Xbox360 and was not as good as them. But the WiiU will be launched before other consoles come out and the new other consoles might still take a while. So i think the wiiU will be a nice Console in between the other next gen and when they release they, i guess will be very expensive and the wiiu price might be already lower. So i think Nintendo is going to get a lot of casual gamers with it again and a couple of hardcoregamers as well.

  • Alienfish

    If one thing has proven true over the years, it’s that we can expect the exact opposite of what Pachter says. Time to start pumping cash into Nintendo stock.

  • 3dsguy

    This guy talks alot of#%*?#) any we have not seen wot the wii u controller can do.We have seen about 20% of what it can do an nintendo’s fan base will only get bigger from now with hd graphics 3rd party support great online, option to play/watch movies wii backwards compatible,normal controller and tablet control,camera on controller/drawing pics to tv.I could keep going and millons of people are going to buy the first true hd zelda i predict sales of 150 million by the end of its life if u would rarther sit an play an xbox then u have never been a real gamer worst 1st party ever big lol

    • Gamer

      Don’t forget the worst exclusives line up ever! 2 officially! Then the tout COD, hello even the little mighty DS has COD lol. Infact the DS’s menu screen when first bought has more exclusives than the xbox 360 lol. Great contribution by the way 3DSguy.

  • Slipsevenfold

    Why are so many people criticizing the Wii U when it’s not even out yet! People shouldn’t even have the right to criticize it when they’ve probably never had the chance to experience it yet!

  • Michael R

    You are a disgrace to the name of Michael you fool!!!

  • James

    Why even give this idiot a space on the site?

  • amatboy4010

    analysts are educated humans and by percentage likely to be accurate with their forseeing

    • Britton

      Yet he is still wrong most of the time??

  • trainerblk

    …… why he still a analyst counting how wrong he be it most be easy to be one ok im a analyst of analysts & i say patcher punkas* is going to need a new carrer after 2012

  • Gew

    I had no idea Mr Patcher was prescient. Why, Mr Cleo could supplement his income by doing readings on the side. I suspect it could be far more lucrative than his current main gig as Mr Analyst.

    Now, should the Seer of Gaming prove to be mistaken in his predictions, I wonder if he’ll then change careers as his reputation as an “analyst” would be, in my opinion, somewhat compromised.

  • Dereq

    Anyone who mentions a Sega system in the same sentence with a Ninty one is obviously is talking out his ass. Sega was a poorly run, money hemorrhaging company with very little foresight or planning before they launched Dreamcast. Big surprise that it flopped. Even “flops” like N64 sold tens of millions of consoles worldwide, far from a failure, and sold by a company such as N, made a truckload of money. Idiots like Pacter believe the only measure of success is market share, which is just complete garbage.


    Fuck this guy and his couch!

  • Is Michael Pachter from future? I don’t think so.

  • Andy

    What an idiot this “analyst” is.

    He probably bought a 360 when it came out for 400$+, and has spent thousands since then on XBL bills. Hence, he feels the psychological need to vehemently defend his actions by attacking the competition. Facing up to the idea that the Wii was simply a better product, for a better price than the 360 would be too much for his stupid little brain.

    Pachter: creativity and foresight are not “luck”. Nintendo was SMART to release a non-HD system with motion controls rather than the opposite, back in 2006 when only a small minority of households even had HDTVs. That was why they were successful. You,sir, on the other hand, should attribute your success to luck.. because I don’t see how you’re in any way talented.

    • trainerblk


  • TopCat

    We’ll soon see just how ‘good’ this analyst is then… Anyone who could make two mistakes in a row (especially in his position) is a complete moron.

  • Nintengoth

    I think he just hates Ninty, or Microsofty and Phony are paying him to say such crap.
    the Wii is like the best selling console of all time, granted the WiiU might not out sell it but it defo wont be a flop.
    he has no idea about video games or the industry and DEFO not Nintendo.
    Well Michael Patcher heres my analysis of you……ahem you are a twat and you fail at everything.

  • Juan

    I love nintendo.. but seriously.. i think that tablet controll is awfull… Nothing like a classic controller.. I just dont like the idea either but i know a lot of people will buy that console. I’ll buy my wii U when the price is lower in 2 years when smash bros comes out.

    Its my opinion… I just dont like weird controllers. It was cool at first… but now.. meh..

    • Maverick-Hunter

      Oh dude don’t worry nintedo has feelings for your kind check out the wii u pro controller it’s pretty sweet and I think it will win you over 🙂

    • Juan

      I just hope im not OBLIGATED to play with the tablet…

      17 thumbs down on a non rude opinion? Damn… you guys are kinda fanboys…

      (i can understand this comment getting negative feedback)

      • Enigmatic

        Yes, there is a shocking amount of fanboys here.

        • LyingTuna

          On a dedicated Nintendo site? NO, YOU DON’T SAY!!!

  • N’kem

    This guy obviously has something against Nintendo because this is the first and only bad review I’ve found about Wii U, I dont think im gonna count this idiot as one

  • Ninfan

    first of all nintendo is not a group of apes, a piece of cardboard? lol if they did that Nintendo fans woulden’t buy that, were not desperate, and how would mario on it help i can get my little cousin to do that, and im pretty sure xbox and ps would copy the cardboard idea if it works lol. man i wonder how you can get lucky with over 100 million copies of something thats some good luck.

    what idea would you come up with patcher, inventing the new Big mac for Mcdonalds that looks about all you can think of, the only thing that got “lucky” is you qualifying to be an analyst with such low intel on whats happening in the industry loser.

    • Adders

      This has to be the best comment so far, brilliant ninfan just brilliant

  • Biggy N

    He is a joke for being a game analyst!!! What a moron! Wii just sold millions because it is something new on the market (motion control). Which is the Nintendo are sticking on it. “Create something new”. It was not million sold because it got lucky.

    Please play your stuff with your aging controller in your grandma’s basement!

  • Steventalation

    There is no such thing as getting lucky in the gaming industry. Either you make a great gaming console that 100 million people like, of you make a gaming system that is bad, so people wont buy it and it will be a failure. Therefore, the wii was a success because of Nintendo’s great idea of motion control, not because people accidentally bought the console.

  • junker181

    i want to… punch him in the face for this wii u is gonna be amazing and will sell easily but to say tht hardcore and nintendo fanboys will be the only ones to buy it is just shiz really everyone tht bought a wii will want a wii u period but as all ways mic and ps are going to try and copy nintendo and fail as always

  • Death

    Combine idiot and imbecile and you have Michael Pachter.

  • brandon

    Even if all a developer does is use the gamepad to clear the screen of map and healthcare ill be happy. That alone will help with the submersion into the game.. not all games need it though. Taken dev was right I could see that being distracting unless u used it for button combs assigned to a section of screen that was easy to hit quickly. But what I was originally going to say was as long as wiiu keeps getting games like zombiu Batman mass effect deadpool (hopefully) it’ll succeed if it loosed that it’ll be history

  • walterwhite

    Is it me or does this guy only ever appear to berate Nintendo? I honestly think he has a problem with the company. Perhaps he’d like to share his thoughts with the gaming world on what exactly would work instead of flaming a company who’ve been at the forefront of home console gaming for 25 years. What a clown.

    • ConCity Soldier

      Yeah, he said the 3DS & Wii wouldn’t sell too. I think he also said that the DS wasn’t going to sale back then. He clearly doesn’t like Nintendo. He supposed to be an analyst who is fair on all sides with his statements. But he only aims at Nintendo & he’s always wrong about everything he says. For the people who’s saying why analyst are not giving the U a chance, don’t even put Pachter in that category. This guy is a clown!! He isn’t even worth posting about on Wii U Daily.

  • Nintendude789

    This guy doesn’t even know what’s he sayin. Wii U does have many games that would show off the Game Pad. Nintendo only failed ONCE with the Virtual Boy. How can Wii U fail? It’s atractive to hardcore gamers and Nintendo fanboys/ girls. This guy is an idiot, and a jackass. NINTENDO WILL NOT DIE!!!

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      Nintendo Failed with FDS? (I don’t think so) Sattelaview? (don’t think so) and Nitendo64DD. But the Virtual Boy was the worst. (Don’t worry, They will be Alive FOREVER!!!!)

  • Mathieu Lussier

    Rule of thumb with Pachter: what he says is usually the inverse of what will happen. This guy predicted the downfall of Wii at the same time as the coming of a Wii HD every 2 weeks for 4 years (2006-2010).

  • bob

    if they price it right it will sell,

  • Dustin

    This is exactly what I’ve been saying. They came up with a controller without any games they needed it for and without any itch from the public to see this interface. People havn’t been saying of the Wii for years, “If only the controller had a screen.” The criticisms of the Wii were that the hardware was pre-gen, there isn’t a joystick on the remote, and it doesn’t track in 3D.

    “Plenty of third party developers are already on board and we’ve seen what the new GamePad tablet controller can do.”

    There isn’t a Mario 64 type game on this console that has been seen yet. There isn’t a game that has been shown that every game from this point forward on the console is going to play like it. The only game developer with an idea about what this thing would be good for is Miyamoto, who said he wants to make a shooter that exclusively uses the tablet and motion control to control the camera; but he says he has no time to make that game (because he is working on games like Pikmin that make no good use of the tablet).

    It’s like Iwata and others in Nintendo weren’t even paying attention to the fact that their own developers were spending their energy creating games for the remote (Pikmin/Zelda) and that it (the remote) was the interface that needed to evolve.

    • Draco Breach

      I have two suggestions for you.

      1) Do your research first.
      2) Use your brain.

      I know the second suggestion is a little hard for you. After all, trolls don’t exactly have much in that cavity between their ears but air. As such, I’ll help get the ball rolling.

      Super Mario 64: 1996
      Super Mario Sunshine: 2002
      Super Mario Galaxy: 2007
      Super Mario Galaxy 2: 2010

      If we infer from the above release information, the likely release dates for the next 3D Mario game will be sometime between July 2013 and February 2015. As such, Nintendo is working on it and, at the earliest, will talk about it at E3 2013.

      The last console 2D Mario game (the “New” series) was released in 2009. In other words, it makes more sense that New Super Mario Bros. U is further along in development than whatever the 3D game is going to be called.

      The tablet has already proven to add immersion to several genres. It answers the question “how do I create a less obtrusive heads-up display?” rather handily. You increase the number of games you can create with a zero-pause interface by moving map and inventory away from the main screen.

      The pause menu interface is something of an annoyance. The mini-map shown in the corner of some games is a patchwork solution at best. It can be turned on or off, but the mini-map is a necessity when you don’t want to get turned around.

      The action-survival genre easily benefits. I’d rather play Resident Evil 6, The Last of Us, et cetera with the GamePad than a traditional controller. It adds immersion while keeping my main screen clear of unrealistic clutter.

      Nintendo has answered the question of realism, and that’s something Microsoft and Sony were quick to pick up on. Within a year of Nintendo announcing the Wii U, Microsoft and Sony already attempted a miserable copy of the interface.

      The eighth generation is coming soon. It’s immersion, and it’s a call to more realistic interfaces.

      • Dustin

        The Mario 64 type game doesn’t have to be a Mario game, but there is an important fact about Mario 64 that you’re ignoring; that it was there at launch. Take away Mario 64 and you’ve got a five month wait for a killer app in Turok– and that is way sooner than any such killer app is expected for WiiU.

        Even with the GameCube, where the launch lacked a killer app, Nintendo showed Wind Waker, Sunshine, and Metroid Prime before the system launched.

        Using the tablet for HUD, menus, and maps is exactly the definition of gimmick game design. You give not a single name of a game title that is a killer app for this controller because there is not one. If you don’t want clutter on the screen; then turn it off, if there is an option.

        • Draco Breach

          I think the phrase ‘killer app’ has become a bit of a misnomer as late. That, however, is a discussion for another time.

          There’s also some things about the GameCube launch that a lot of people forget. After the N64, Nintendo did not want any, and I mean any, information leaked about their upcoming consoles. They shut up and shut out third parties. With the GameCube they purposely relied on internal development teams, and kits and SDKs were late to developers – as in just enough time for shovelware development.

          The same happened with the Wii, but, by then, Nintendo was starting to trust third parties just a bit more.

          The NDA for the Wii U is a sign of faith that Nintendo hasn’t had in a long time. Really, a bit ironic if you ask me.

          In either case… Nintendo is trying to let third parties take the lead this time. I don’t know how wise the move will be, but several developers are enjoying the initiative. While several don’t have launch window titles lined up, they are exited about it – and the GamePad.

          The problem with calling something a gimmick is, well, a requisite for evidence. The rumble peripheral was considered a gimmick. Nobody thought it would catch on. Guess what’s standard practice now?

          The GamePad does not meet the definition for a gimmick because developers want to use it. Nintendo has believed the next step in gaming is immersion. They tried with VirtualBoy and, sadly, failed. I actually rather liked the system. They tried again with the Wii and found a new sweet spot, but they have realized something lost.

          Nintendo has lots of avenues for R&D – including arcades to try everything out at in Japan. They bring in people to test every controller they are experimenting with. They want VR, but they have to settle on what is currently available to deliver to homes.

          If you want names of games that I am looking at, I can certainly give them to you.

          Pikmin 3
          Aliens Colonial Marines
          Wii Fit U
          Scribblenauts Unlimited
          Assassin’s Creed III

          I’m not typically interested in action-survival (ZombieU) or shooters (ACM), and I haven’t been able to get into the Assassin’s Creed series. However, these games have shown some interesting and immersive uses of the GamePad.

          I’m also thinking I saw a Ghost Recon demo showing among my favorite uses of the Blaster peripheral.

          I’d also like to point out that you’re ignoring some pretty big names in the business that have already stated just how much they like the Wii U and the GamePad – like Gearbox. I remind you; they hated the Wii for it’s lack of power. They are showing immense support and calling out how much better ACM is because of graphics and the GamePad.

          • Dustin

            Nintendo didn’t put their spotlight on Aliens, Ghost Recon, or ZombiU in their press event at E3. Maybe if they opened up with a graphical comparison of Aliens on the WiiU vs 360 vs PC; then CNN wouldn’t have come out of E3 reporting the new add on for the Wii was coming out.

            They have said the graphics will be better in the WiiU version of Aliens, but has anyone seen a side by side? Does anyone know how this game will control on WiiU? My personal opinion of the game is that the multiplayer with the aliens should be in first person when playing as an alien; and the aliens shouldn’t be able to see through walls. I’d rather the alien see in thermal or echo location (picturing the echo visor from Metroid Prime 2, but a little clearer/friendlier).

            I’ve seen videos of Ghost Recon and it looks like a current gen game and the demo I saw played like a normal dual analog shooter.

            We have not seen how ZombiU will actually control. They have shown some concept reels with people with the controller in hand, but it looked like a bag of luke warm gimmicks rather than a commitment to controlling the whole game with the tablet.

            A killer app is a game; specifically a 3D character driven game in this era, that opens a new door for controlling all adventure and shooter games on the console– whether first person or third; running and jumping or flying a starship.

          • Draco Breach

            Nintendo could have done a lot of things to improve their press conference, but only developers can showcase the difference between console versions. I’m pretty sure there’s an unspoken agreement now to show direct comparisons between other versions console versions of a game during a hardware conference – either between hardware developers or the software developers.

            It would also be rather poor form. Not to mention, ACM is probably a month or two (or three) away from prime-time side-to-side comparisons. I also kind of have to chuckle to myself at how much Gearbox is drooling over the Wii U and GamePad.

            I admit. It makes me a tad giddy. I have no regrets ;P

            As for CNN… Eh…yeah… They deserve no comment.

            It’s really hard to imagine the alien creatures without their peculiar vision. I seem to remember it canonically being thermal. It’s been years – a decade maybe? – since I watched the Aliens movies, so my memory may need supplemented by research. Anyway, agreed. Sega and Gearbox need to maintain canon as much as possible.

            I only watched a few Ghost Recon demos surrounding the Wii U. Personally, I liked how they showcased the GamePad. Recently though, I’ve been a little focused on catching up on my role-playing games. I wonder if I could find the video again… I might try for a special request ;P

            Either way, the GamePad scope, HUD, and map interface just looked nice to me. As I’ve said before, I may prefer motion control and subsequent GamePad immersion due to ego. Just so much comparable to a real gun.

            I’m pretty sure we’re seeing more and more gameplay videos of ZombieU surfacing that show just how many interface uses Ubisoft has imagined for action-survival. I’ve seen radar, map, inventory, scope, staged action sequences… Admittedly, the latter was the least impressive. I still reserve judgement.

            Again, I say ‘killer app’ is a bit of a misnomer as late. It’s more suitable to say that a particular game helps move consoles. I think Pikmin is such a franchise. I’m not sure the New Super Mario Bros. IP fits, but it is rather popular.

            We all know 3D Mario, Zelda, and Kirby are such franchise. Metroid hasn’t been in Japan for a while now, sadly. The Smash Bros. franchise has a stellar following, and Star Fox seems to get gamers in a frenzy. We know at least Zelda and Smash Bros. are in development. We know Metroid or Star Fox is in development – likely by Retro.


            With Nintendo, hinting at one of their many popular franchises is like telling the world a ‘killer app’ is on the way. I think part of the reason they haven’t shown any is to try to give third parties a time in the spotlight. They want third parties to develop on the Wii U – no matter the interface mind. It’s a risk. We’ll have to wait and see how that pans out.

          • Dustin

            I guess a side by side comparison is a little vulgar, but they could have shown reels of lighting effects, tessellations, water, refelctions, opacity, draw distance, volumetric fogging, etc like Epic did for Unreal 4.

            Nintendo is releasing new hardware and Epic are the ones showing graphics demos for consoles that won’t be out until next Christmas.

            Nintendo’s opportunity to properly demo the control for this hardware has passed. They painted a picture of a family console with a slate of games designed after Nintendo Land in the coming years. What they said to third parties was, “The audience for this console is not the core gamer. This is for DS owners and DS games.”

          • Draco Breach

            Long comment chains get very difficult to find and reply to XD

            I thus repeat. I’m not sure Aliens Colonial Marines is polished enough – on the Wii U – for showfloor demonstration. I don’t think we’ll see anything more than mini-clips of levels for another two or three months. Gearbox only had PS3 and 360 versions on show at E3, yet the constantly reiterated that it was best – play and graphics wise – on Wii U.

            As for UE4, I doubt 2013 will see it unscaled on any console that costs less than $800 retail, and I’m pretty sure I’m far underestimating the cost. We know it will scale for the Wii U. Though, I haven’t seen the minimum system specs for full-scale UE4. For all we know, the Wii U can handle it.

            Mind, Mark Reins has been told by Epic, effectively, “Shut up! We haven’t announced console support yet!”

            As far as Nintendo showcasing the new controller, they are still in that process. Sadly, video demonstrations do it no justice. Instead, they’ve had several events to allow guests to try it first-hand. From everything I’ve heard, those hands-on demonstrations have gone swimmingly.

            Nintendo is aiming for families, and that includes child-oriented, family-oriented, teen-oriented, adult-oriented, and the whole gambit. Nintendo Land really is a tech demo in the guise of a game. I think it would have served better as apps available through eShop. There are a few games in it I like, but it’s just too reminiscent of Wii Sports.

            If it’s not included with every purchase of the Wii U, I’m unlikely to ever have it.

            I also don’t think Nintendo painted a “this is the DS” picture for third party developers. I saw Nintendo trying to stand back and let them have the limelight for the first time since the N64. Whatever this misnomer ‘core’ audience is, Nintendo wants third parties to show just how serious the Wii U is.

            I think Gearbox especially has stepped up to show this commitment.

    • Juan

      Looks like anyone here that gives their negative opinion on Nintendo instantly gets poorly rated… I dont get why you people are so hurt… Its our opinion… and its the analyst opinion… Lets hope for the sake of nintendo that he’s wrong… but if he’s right… Sony or Microsoft will be buying the Mario/Zelda franchises… MAybe then.. will they have acceptable graphics…

      From the start i disagreed with this “tablet” They should have given more power to the console, and kept the Wiimotes and added a Kinect type camera and obviously kept the new classic wimote as the principal control.

      • Draco Breach

        I’m fine with different opinions, but they need to be backed up.

        You can’t throw around the word ‘gimmick’ without some pretty hard evidence. Considering how excited Gearbox, Ubisoft, and Sega (just to name a few) are over the GamePad, it is impossible to use ‘gimmick’ until, beyond any reasonable doubt, no developer has any idea how to use it.

        We’ve seen uses in nearly every genre except fighting. Maybe there is no use there – except character creation. However, I haven’t given it much thought. I also play very few fighters.

        You can have your opinion, but put it out constructively where it doesn’t appear as insulting.

        Also, some might dismiss your posts simply for saying something like “Skyrim is ‘too adult’ for Nintendo.” I don’t really think such a blatantly untrue comment helps your reputation on a sight of Nintendo fans. Or intelligent gaming fans.

      • Enigmatic


      • Steventelation

        Juan, if Nintendo turned around and copied microsoft’s one original idea(kinect), then it would cease to be nintendo and turn into another Clony. All about more power and bad business plans.

        • LyingTuna

          Kinect was not an origional idea. It was a Wii knockoff. It does more new than PSMove, but still…

  • Ben

    If it was for him we still had the same repetitive non distinctive game play on every console with the only difference the FP games and hardware. Of course it wot sell as much as the Wii did but i would say its a success if it sold at least half as much. People just want to bash on Nintendo, bad launch game lineup? B***h please, what you see is probably the best lineup a console van have at its launch(window) you get a big first party game at launch, you get some awesome exclusive games at launch and behind that, and the non exclusives have updated game play especially for the wiiugamepad. I don’t see what those guys need to see the Wii U has every potential to be a great console. I really really want to punch those people in their faces, with a chair or something. I know one thing and that is that i’m gonna get a Wii U (eventual although i hope its fast :P)

  • Mark Connors

    Man! I can’t believe what this guy is saying. The fact that third party game companies are joining up with Nintendo is proof that something good is about to happen. I liked the Wii, but I didn’t love it. It was a good invention. I want Nintendo to go back to their N64 roots. Nintendo is fixing their mistakes by combining innovative technology with great game companies.The Wii U might become the next N64 or better in my opinion. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • chiapet

    ‘Analyst’ starts with ‘anal,’ and by a strange linguistic coincidence, analysts are paid to pull opinions out of their rear ends.

  • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

    who the heck is this guy?!

  • Adam

    Sorry patcher how exactly do you not see the wii u doing well? It is the most creative, innovative and well designed console to come out in the last 7 years. Pachter i have a question for your lame ass video blog . . . . Are the meds working?

  • brandon

    I would like Skyrim PLEASE

    • Juan

      Game is too “grown up” for nintendo…

      • Draco Breach

        Forgetting Nintendo asked developers for everything they’ve got? Including “grown up” games like Aliens Colonial Marines, Assassin’s Creed III, Batman Arkham City, et cetera?

        I have a “special” place reserved for people who don’t think Nintendo “grown up” games on their console. It’s not exactly a nice place to be, either.

      • Enigmatic

        C’mon now dude. You’ve made some good points before but….

        Ever heard of Zombie U?

        • Juan

          Im just joking… Remember Manhunt?

  • 16der

    U know, the Wii U is so going to be sucessive, that some people, just cant stand that Nintendo is going to be the the top of the three, so they try to make the Wii U look so bad, when in fact, the peolpe who criticize the Wii U now, they will also most likely buy it themselves, including the F.reaky
    up there. Wii U will definetly be cool, and tons of fun!!!!

    • Gew

      You’re homophobia is showing.

    • gary

      lol. team four star reference.

    • Juan

      Im one that doesnt like the wiiU conecpt… but i WILL buy it… only for mario zelda, smash bros, metroid and hopefully an Fzero or starfox…

      From the start i disagreed with this “tablet” They should have given more power to the console, kept the Wiimotes, added a Kinect type camera and obviously kept the new classic wimote as the principal control.

      If the ywould have shown that console at e3… i would have alrealdy preordered…

  • Bucky

    I can’t believe people still publish what this guy says he said exactly the same stuff about the DS when it launched and the Wii when it launch this guy gets proved wrong everytime he opens his mouth he need to shut up and crawl back under his rock cause I for one am sick of see his name and hear his nonsense

  • Mr.Troll

    First of all,how can a piece of cardboard play Mario?!

    If fanboys and hardcore gamers were buying this,how is it not going to work?You never know what is going to become of this system.There’s a lot of hardcore gamers out there that are going to buy this console.

  • Pachter, again with the bullshit? Really?

    Pachter has been wrong countless times in the past, and will most likely be wrong again. He appears as if he has some inside information concerning the big N, seeing as he appearently knows that people will not buy a console with features that have never been tested, and an unamed price.
    He really should just stop saying these things, it’s not very professional of him.

    • UGotWongGuy

      He actually should just quit talking and find a new career. He is obviously not suited to speaking about gaming. Pachter is the kind of guy that plays rock, paper, scissors, but only throws rock because scissors is too innovative, and paper doesn’t have any exclusives…

  • Master Daddy Sir

    I believe what Nintendo has will satisfy most but not all, same way Ps3 has it’s following and 360 has it’s. I for one still play my WII even though I have a 360 some times I like to play a casual game like Rayman or Mario where there is no real pressure to get a 100 kills or find this key to that room to save WTF ever. Now thats not to say that Wii and Wii U don’t still have a few issues I disagree with most notably the Mii’s, I understand It’s a Kid oriented system but would It kill Nintendo to pack in the ability to be more Adult. Thumbs up this post if you would like to see a more detailed less kidish Mii too customize i.e. character model creator from Monster Hunter Tri…

  • Aaron

    I can tell there’s a sony fan right here…

  • Tristan

    The Wii U may or may not succeed, but if it has the quality of games that the Sega Dreamcast had, I’ll be happy.

  • Rabbu

    Why do people still listen to this hack? When has he ever been right?

    • LazerK

      Well,he did say this E3 was going to be boring…and don’t be in denial people,this E3 truly was terrible.Ubisoft’s presentation was better than the 3

      • Draco Breach

        The Microsoft and Sony press conferences were boring. The Nintendo press conferences were lackluster in an entertaining way. However, press conferences make up a small fraction of the total of E3.

        The floor demonstrations are the bulk of buzz from E3 for any gamer paying attention. The Nintendo booth was filled to the brim, and many games had 30-plus minute wait times with excited gamers walking away to tell anybody who would listen.

        I’m not denying that the Microsoft and Sony booths didn’t have similar wait times or excited gamers. However, there was a lot more buzz surrounding Nintendo’s booth.

        What we could see on television and the ‘net was, indeed, quiet boring in comparison to actually being at E3.

        • LazerK

          That’s not what I meant.I know the booths and the like were probably pretty good,but I meant the presentation
          Where were all the developers(other than Ubisoft) that constantly praised the Wii U’s power,the Gamepad’s possibilities and made me really hyped for E3?Where was Resident Evil?Sure there were Arkaham City,Darksiders,Mass Effect,Colonial Marines etc, but they’re basically ports of year old games with just a few new features and better graphics
          Nintendo Land,Lego City,Sing,Scribblenaughts?Seriously Nintendo?You say you want to lure back the “core” gamer and this is what you show at the biggest event of the year for gaming,where you show journalists,the press and most importantly,the fans what the Wii U is capable of?
          Now I know there will be a lot of fanboys here that will disagree with me,but please don’t get me wrong.I really love Nintendo,I’m loving the Wii U and I’m pretty sure all the games mentioned before will be fun to play on the system,but this E3 was a big chance for Nintendo to grasp the attention of the “core” gamer,to show that they(Nintendo)haven’t forgotten about them and convince them to get the Wii U,and I strongly feel Nintendo failed to do just that.Plus this is just my opinion so don’t freak out guys

          • Draco Breach

            Actually, I agreed with you :p

            The Nintendo press conferences were lackluster. I found it entertaining, but time management was an issue. Nothing really grabbed me besides Pikmin 3, Scribblenauts Unlimited, and a few interesting tidbits from Batman, Aliens, and Assassin’s.

            I have two corrections.

            Aliens Colonial Marines is not out yet on any console. It is scheduled for release in February 2013. While the Wii U version might be a port with added functionality and better texture packs, Gearbox constantly reminds people just how much better an experience it is on the Wii U.

            Darksiders 2 is not out yet on any console.

  • Hi8us

    Pachter is notorious for knocking Nintendo and their strategies. He hasn’t been right once and i’d bet he’s wrong again here.

  • joe

    I think I see the “red ring of death” over this clowns face.

  • joe

    This guy fits the description of someone who has no friends. Got beat up alot when he was a kid, and didn’t care. Instigated every beaten he ever got. And found it funny that girls thought he was an idiot.

  • AwayToHit

    The Wii U will succeed. No question about that !

  • Shankovich

    Oh crap, looks like I’m a bit late to comment LOL. Well, the Dreamcast failed because of piracy issues…so yea, it was very successful in its own right anyways (seems like Patcher doesn’t even play games if he doesn’t know even THAT…like, seriously, any gamer born up to maybe 1993 knows that).

    Also, I kind of appreciate the cardboard comment…shows how loyal we are :P. I’m sure if you said “if Sony or Microsoft made a piece of cardboard that could play Halo and COD their fans would buy it.”, which they would, since millions of fans buy any COD/ halo game always. Seriously though, COD, Halo…other shooters?? Are the only IP’s Sony and Mic really have. I do wish Sony kept Jack, Sly, and Ratchet going because they ruled, but at the moment nothing. It’s all a COD and copy monopoly. They’re no better than what Patcher is trying to argue against. Actually, Nintendo has several 1st party IP’s alone (including ones made by Nintendo teams directly), more than Mic and Sony combined….

    And if Nintendo had “an idea” of something new, why did Sony and Microsoft try so hard to copy their previous one? Especially Sony with the move controller, geezz that was just sad. I still like games on the other side, just saying from a corporate/ engineering point of view.

    Anyways Mr. Patcher, unlike you I do my homework:

    Epic: “It will do things current HD consoles simply can’t do…it’s going to be a powerful box.” And now we know UE4 can be ported, so no “current genb doesn’t count” bs.

    Crytek: “WiiU devkits are very powerful,the specs are very good” Don’t know the specs to Cry3? Don’t argue then.

    Vigil Games: “We had the game at the same level as high end pc version in a matter of days and a few lines of code got the game up and running on tablet in 5 mins.”

    EA: “Wii U is not a transitional platform, it is a true next generation system.”

    • Shankovich

      Pachter* sorry, spell checker doesn’t seem to like his name LOL.

    • Draco Breach

      Microsoft might still have Kameo, Banjo, and Perfect Dark if they hadn’t royally messed up those IPs. I think they gave up on them and, instead, only given Rareware license for games Microsoft knows they can direct.

      I realize PlayStation Move is more a photocopy for the Wii Remote than Kinect, but I really don’t know why Microsoft also didn’t go that direction. With a more visceral remote, they could have incorporated it into shooters rather than relegated it to gimmick status.

      You left out the praise Gearbox is giving the Wii U :p Oh, and it’s GamePad. Let alone Ubisoft or Sega.

  • seth

    OH PLEASE people he’s just being the asshole he is i mean really your gonna insult us by saying we’ll buy a piece cardbord woow you must enjoy being asshole don’t you no assholes to grand a word for you uuurrrrrrrrgggggggg people like that get just so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • rafael

      Where can i get this Mario cardboard? Does it come with Zelda too? 🙂

  • The Beeshnu

    What does dreamcast itself mean?

  • UGotWongGuy

    Considering that Pachter is less accurate than a broken clock, I would say that the exact opposite of whatever comes out of his mouth is what actually happens.

    The simple fact is that he is completely in his own reality and how he is labeled a “game analyst” is beyond me. Oh well, I suspect he is related the the guy that said the wheel will never be useful.

    • EvanescentHero

      Broken clocks: accurate twice a day!

  • Manuel

    One does not simply, get lucky.

  • Manuel
  • someshet

    that guy is ugly as fuck anyways 😀

  • Gamer

    Why he bashes Nintendo, is the same reason 3rd grade reaching Americans, respect to those that made it through life with hard work though; try to bash well engineered European and Japanese cars. Sorry for being brash but think and look out every day. If Microsoft needs this kind of support of the devil kind to try and become gaming industry leaders, then they are they dumbest and stupidest corporate company to ever exist. Stupid idiots couldn’t even keep RARE as a major second party developer shake my head I get mad at Pachter and these other fools.

  • Jetty

    These are the type of people that actually get paid to review games and consoles? Stupid me, I still pay to hold a controller. Mark me down as another moron buying a WiiU.

  • rafael

    I think Pachter is annoyed with nintendo because it does not follow what he understands to be a correct strategy. Its like nintendo has its own vision that chalenges conventional thinking and that bugs him.

    One of these days he was talking like a fanboy about the next x-box, saying it will have cable tv, cost only 99$ and basicaly conquer the world hehe

  • Yo

    Pachter.. Fuk you

  • Nintendude789

    This guy has a problem with Nintendo. Nintendo has bin an AWSOME game company for more than 27 years. They only failed once. So, Wii U will be successful. It might fail, but it’s MORE likely to be better than the Wii. So, my message to patcher:
    STFU!!!! You suck! You fail at failing and you’re an butthole! Go troll somewhere else! We hate you and don’t make crappy predictions again! >:(

  • Whatajoke

    I think realistically most peoples problem with Nintendo isn’t Nintendo itself, it’s that asinine Nintendo of AMERICA president. It’s his fault we didn’t get many Wii exclusive games from Japan that may have helped out the Wii from becoming so stale. One can only hope that he learned from his past faults and “allows” more good titles (instead of millions of garbage titles) on the system.

  • goldfish brother

    he is a financial analyst right? with which number is he creating this opinion?
    otherwise, his opinion is as good as guessing. like anyone else.

  • Paul

    what a idoit

    and ill put £250,000 down that microsoft and sony follow suit on there next consoles

    plus does he not know it has a pro controller if your not into the tablet system instead and will be playable on all wii u games except wii games

  • AcesHigh

    First thing that comes to mind seeing his face with his retarded comments,

    Randy: [to Brennan] “I dont know what it is about your face, but I just wanna deliver one of these right in your suck hole. “

  • Jo11yGr33nG!@nt

    Any press that bashes the WiiU clearly has no idea whats it about and has no intention to find out. I think he is trying to judge “success” by the PS360 model, which when compared to Nintendo, doesn’t add up. It’s like judging a fish for not being able to climb a tree.

    I think the WiiU will do quite well, because i know all of you, like myself, will be buying it this year and those who wait to see how it does will be buying it next year and the year after that…etc.

    Other than that, i wonder what was the last game this patcher guy played last?? Pong?

  • Captain snugglebottom

    There are no polite word to deffine my fellings about this person but I’ll try to be objective
    1) Haters gonna hate
    2) for him next gen consoles is all about cpu & gpu power while Nintendo focus on gameplay innovation
    3) Nintendo consoles always change the way we play video games for the better

  • kevin

    what the hell you don’t know anything about the wii u and how would you know the real truth if it really wont work hu this ain’t nothing period……

  • Butts

    I heard Michael Pachter likes it in the ass… It was in some really important and official newspaper that never lies and I forget the name.

  • Seth A Drekin

    Patcher has not predicted a Video Game trend correctly even once this decade. I don’t know why anyone would even let him speak at a developers conference.

    He is the Rush Limbaugh of the video game world. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he just yells inflammatory things to get people’s attention.

    He should be ban from these kind of events.

  • Broku6

    Wow will when will people stop underestimating Nintendo. The wii made xbox and playstation better there systems and make motion controls. Michael Pachter said the wii would fail but turns out the wii is the top selling console ever. So would anybody listen Michael Pachter nah lol. Wii u will sell and may top the wii. Nintendo made it this far with no third party support and looks like a lot 3rd party developers are coming around thanks to ubi soft. I can’t wait till I get my hands on the wii u….

    Everybody right ….. GET N OR GET OUT!!!

  • Enigmatic

    He is correct, the Wii got lucky because of it hitting the casual crowd so well by starting the motion control fad, a fad which has long since faded out.

    This guy is by no means an idiot. His prediction sounds pretty sensible to me. The Wii U is pretty much the same as a PS3/360, but with a tablet controller. I don’t see any reason that this tablet controller is anything big, and neither does he. A conventional controller like the pro would be much better. There is a reason why Activision made Nintendo make the pro controller if they were going to put their Call of Duty franchise on the Wii U.

    Why would someone, in this economy, cough up money to buy a whole ‘nother new home console when they already have a home console(PS3/360) that already plays the games they need by supporting all these 3rd party developers already. with basically the same graphics? Why buy something that has such a smaller library of games then your current PS3/360?

    It just doesn’t make any sense. Think about it.

    • Broku6

      Will cause the ps3/360 network sucks. a few old school games and theyfor still have a high console fail rate. Wii have hundreds of olds school games. I still have my original wii when they first came out and its still running strong . not many ps3/xbox can say the same thing. Of course a lot of wii u line up games are going to be old games but it give ppl a new look into the games and show u how the wii u works. I only have a ps3/360 only a cause some 3rd party games but going to sell them and only have a wii u and pc.ox People say the wii got lucky why cause they they caught the eye of casual gamers plz Nintendo been doing casual for decades. Michael Pachter said the wii was going to fail but it didn’t. Ps3/360 is letting Nintendo set the bar and they are going cut copy and paste. Michael Pachter is a idiot

      • Enigmatic

        “I only have a ps3/360 ”
        You have a PS3/360? So you have both? Hmm. I don’t believe that you have either.

        “Will cause the ps3/360 network sucks”
        How is that? You don’t even know what the Wii U’s will be like, so that’s not even a point.

        “I still have my original wii when they first came out and its still running strong . not many ps3/xbox can say the same thing.”
        Home consoles breaking is rare. I have had my PS3 for 5 years now, no problem. My Wii has been fine too.

        “Of course a lot of wii u line up games are going to be old games but it give ppl a new look into the games and show u how the wii u works”
        We already know how the Wii U works. These 3rd party games that are being ported, or even ones that are not out yet like the AC3, are made for regular controllers anyway, so there is not really any benifit by them being on the Wii U.

        “People say the wii got lucky why cause they they caught the eye of casual gamers plz Nintendo been doing casual for decades”
        I don’t know exactly what you mean by this. Every game company tries to target the casual audience in some way. The Wii was the first big casual targeted console for them really.

    • rafael

      Saying that the wii was lucky is a little like saying Ford was luck to sell cars when everybody wanted one. Nintendo was visionary, not lucky.

      But i have my concerns about the Wii-u…we will just have to wait and see :/

      • Enigmatic

        Ford revolutionized the way we travel, and changed the world. The Wii and Ford are hardly comparable.

        They were visionary huh? Convential controllers are the best way to play most hardcore games. It is just easier to play with a regular controller. MH Tri, and FPS’s on the Wii for example?

        The motion fad was hardly revolutionary. It has cleary died out, for good reason.

        • SethADrekin

          Your a Fool.. The Wii changed the playing field so fundamentally that Microsoft had to build a Motion sensing camera from the ground up to compete.. Kinect, despite being terrible, is selling better than almost anything else out there.

          The Wii was beyond revolutionary. It proved to the world that it takes more than pretty graphics to compete.

          Everyone seems to be forgetting that the Wii U isn’t just a tablet controller. It also incorporated every controller of the Wii meaning Nintendo is still going to be pushing the Motion Controlled Casual Games that put it well over every competitor.

          You “Core” gamers need to wake up. You do not make any money for these companies. You are useless to them. Microsoft had to operate at a loss for the entire life of the Xbox and the first half of the 360 just to please you.

          Nintendo makes things that sell to as many people as they can. They do not care how Hardcore you think you are.

          • Enigmatic

            I’m a fool? Hypocritical much? Haha.

            “The Wii changed the playing field so fundamentally that Microsoft had to build a Motion sensing camera from the ground up to compete.. Kinect, despite being terrible, is selling better than almost anything else out there.”
            No one uses any of the motion control technology anymore. Including the Kinect.

            “The Wii was beyond revolutionary. It proved to the world that it takes just casual gamers to compete”

            “Everyone seems to be forgetting that the Wii U isn’t just a tablet controller. It also incorporated every controller of the Wii meaning Nintendo is still going to be pushing the Motion Controlled Casual Games that put it well over every competitor.”
            Oh? You can see the future? The old Wiimote will probably just be used to play old Wii games, that the system is backwards compatable with. You couldn’t play the old Wii games without it, obviously, so they had to add it. I don’t see them going with the motion control fad anymore. That’s why the sales of the Wii died out, and they are trying to replace it with the Wii U. The fad died out with the casuals.

            “You “Core” gamers need to wake up. You do not make any money for these companies. You are useless to them.”
            So our money is useless to them? That makes perfect sense.

            “Nintendo makes things that sell to as many people as they can. They do not care how Hardcore you think you are.”
            Really?? What have they been saying all this time for the Wii U?? They are trying to aim at the hardcore crowd with the Wii U. They have been saying this countless times. But there’s no point for us core gamers to cough up money to buy a whole ‘nother system that is so similar to the ones we already have. Simple as that.

        • rafael

          Not comparable in scope, but comparable in the sense that offered a product that everybody wanted, wich was my point.

          Dont forget that everyting that u can find in a classical controller, was invented by nintendo…the d-pad, analogue sticks, shoulder buttons, rumble features, snes button layout, what speaks for the argument of them being visionaries.

          And although motion has been explored, its far from being perfected, so i still expect many games improving that.

          (Im not huge fan of fps, but i do play goldeneye on wii ocasionally…its very fun at times and troublesome at other times, but i think it should get better, not discarded. I think that with motion plus, new kinds of fps or ”third-ps” could be done. Being able to control the position of the gun in relation to my body could add some new dinamics. Its a matter of trying)

  • SanPharaoh

    And the Wii didn’t get lucky either and it isn’t a weak system. It’s weak-er than the PS3, and XBOX360 (Gaming PC’s not included), but much stronger than the PS2, which is the console they were aiming to beat, and based on the numbers they were on their way.

    I’m sure some of the Wii’s success came from “casual” gamers, but for those of us who are excited about the Wii U and own/owned a Wii, we are not casual gamers and we make up a larger part of the Wii’s success.

    It is my hope that once you and those like you see the Wii U in action you will open your eyes and get on board.

    Though I find that no matter how hard you try to educate people there will always be those who seem to enjoy remaining ignorant.

  • nintendo gamer 38

    more like his 4 eyes arent working

  • Nintendo Defender #1

    wii u will do well its has lots of 3rd party games a few really good looking 1st party games lots of nintendo fans will buy it and lots of hardcore gamers will buy it. of course it wont sell as well as wii the economy is going down, so is the video game industry market.

  • Chad Mitchell

    This is the same idiot who didn’t think the Wii would continue to sell. I have no idea why he is an analyst. I bet he’s never played a game in his life. Maybe Pong back in the day. I don’t see why they keep quoting him.

  • killerdoggydo

    what a idiot

  • NinTobias

    Hmm, I am confused about the cardboard thing. Surely a piece of cardboard that could play a game would be amazing. Only a dollar in price and super lightweight (also easily foldable). So really, wouldn’t anybody buy a piece of cardboard that could play Mario games (and therefore assumedly,all other games too…)
    I think the Wii U will not fail. It will sell at least 50 million in it’s first 3 years. What Nintendo need to do, however, is get the point out to oblivious parents and casual gamers that the Wii U is a console, not a peripheral. Otherwise, they’ll see the tablet on TV, go to the store to buy it, find out it costs $250 for the ‘peripheral’ and never think about it again. Also, whilst Nintendo have showcased game offereings for both the casual audience and the hardcore gamers, I think they need to put both of them into the limelight, in order to maximise sales. E.g. They could have two advert runnings, the first a white Wii U, with a cool casual game, like Nintendo Land, Pikmin 3 or New Super Mario Bros U. Then they could have a second running straight after, with a black Wii U and a hardcore game, like ZombiU (it has to be exclusive). Then they should also have a separate adevrt running, showing off all the 3rd party games that they didn’t mention in the other two…sorry-I didn’t intend to drag on like this…

    • Dan

      I completely agree. They should definitely have different advertisements running to grab the attention of not only the casual gamers and families but also the hardcore gamers. I think the Wii U will be a beast of a system. I can’t wait for it to come out. I’m so ready to sell my Xbox.

      Another idea I had was that at launch, maybe Ninty should have different versions of the Wii U. One would be for the casual/family gamers and include NintendoLand and the small 8 GB storage. This version would obviously be cheaper($275). The other version would be the hardcore edition with maybe 50 GB of storage and include a Wii U Pro Controller and come with ZombiU. This version would of course be more expensive($375). They should also come in black and white:)

      • NinTobias

        I agree with the idea of having a hardcore edition that comes with a Wii U Pro and ZombiU, but I think the storage should be kept the same as the casual edition that comes with a Wiimote and Nintendo Land. I think, there should be more storage overall (64GB minimum, since this is eighth generation and PS360 has had that forever). I think that this will make the Wii U sell like mad. Think about it like this-if you have all the extra storage space, casuals have loads of space for minigames from the eShop, whilst hardcores have space for DLC for hardcore games (all the eShop games tend to be casual-but they’re still quite fun to play). The question is, will that all fit into $250 (Most people say that it will be $299, but then Ninty went on to say that people would be pleasantly surprised, so i’m expecting $250). The only other problem is that since ZombiU is not a first-party title (it’s so innovative and readily mentioned that lots of people I know have begun to automatically assume this), i’m not sure if Ubisoft would let them bundle it. But there’s no way that the Wii U won’t come bundled with something, especially since everything they showed at E3 2012 was software related and all the other pre-loaded things like Miiverse (which works based on games that people are playing) and Wii Panorama View (probably a pre-loaded as I can’t see anybody actually downloading/buyingthat), won’t convince anybody to buy it. I bet half the early Wii buyers just saw a Wii Sports advert, and knew they just had to have it (casual game do have that power). I reckon Nintendo Land for the Wii , although, I wouldn’t mind ZombiU. What I really don’t expect is New Super Mario Bros U as it won’t convince people with New Super Mario Bros Wii to buy it and doesn’t show off any of the uniqueness of the Wii U, like Nintendo Land.
        I think I may have come across in this post as a bit of a casual game hater. I actually like both casual and hardcore games, and think it’s nice to have a balance of both to compensate your gaming needs.
        I will eventually be getting…
        Aliens Colonial Marines
        Assassins Creed III
        Fifa 13
        New Super Mario Bros U
        Nintendo Land
        Pikmin 3
        Project P-100
        …with my Wii U
        One last thing is that I think Nintendo are really lacking out on one system seller. Mario Kart. The possibilities are endless and with all that power, the game could be litterally, HUGE (I’m talking 64 HD, fully rendered tracks, 32 characters, missions…so on). I don’t understand why they didn’t launch with that instead of New Super Mario Bros U, considering MKWii was the best selling, non-bundled Wii game. I guess they waited for a year or two for the Wii version and 9 months for the 3DS version. Maybe they’re waiting to see how far they can go, power-wise, with the Wii U (this may take a little bit of time) until they see just how much they can cram into MKWiiU.
        Sorry to ramble again…I just can’t wait for the Wii U
        (Oh and so that this relates to the original topic)
        Michael Pachter-Wii Fink U Stoopid

  • Your mom

    The next dream cast more like the next best seller. And maybe he is stuck in the past maybe he’s been playing his dream cast in his basement for too long maybe he finally got bored and decided to own a 2nd console but didn’t have the money and he went and talked all that trash and he wasted all his money on more games for is dream cast.

    • Ninty1

      his 2nd console was a probaly a ps2. FYI

  • claudio


  • ZeldaFan

    He may be old but he’s probably a pothead.

  • Mr.Chimera573

    Hmm, in a way Patcher is helping by setting the competition’s and non-Nintendo people’s expectation’s really low, so when the Wii U comes out and is amazing, everybody will be amazed and more motivated to buy it.

    In short, please keep spewing this garbage, it is just helping Nintendo’s marketing.

  • Lord Carlisle

    My cousin and bro always down on Nintendo’s graphics, and I’m just wondering if the Wii U graphics are really on par or better than the competition. I mean, look at ZombiU. It looks great, but I’m not sure if it looks better than the Xbox could manage. I HOPE the Wii U has better graphics, because I’d love nothing more than shove the system up their rear ends.

    • NinTobias

      Hmm, it runs games at 1080p native if that’s what you mean (60 fps with Pro controller, 30fps with gamepad). It’s stilll unknown if the rumours about it being able to run Unreal Engine 4 are actually true (I sort of expect it, because it has a lot of processing power-but probably only with the Pro Controller).
      A resolution higher than 1080p would be useless, as most people don’t have 4k TV’s or higher than 1080p, so there are no consumers for it.
      And if people do start getting higher resolution TV’s, and Xbox 720/PS4 go on to support those graphics (Wii U will be able to as well, but will not run it natively), it would not be enough for most people to upgrade. Xbox 720 and PS4 could not base their whole console on relatively slight better graphics (graphics are so good and realistic nowadays that it would have to be real-life quality to make an impression), although I have a sad feeling that Sony will try to do this…
      From what I’ve heard about the Xbox 720 though, the AR glasses seem really cool. Sony need to come up with something innovative now.
      I obviously like Nintendo the best, but it’s good to always have competition in the gaming industry, so that games companies and developers don’t get lazy and stop producing top-notch games and consoles. Fanboys who especially like one, and don’t like the others, but don’t disrespect the hard work of othe developers and companies are cool humans, with opinionss Fanboys especially who like one and hate and troll on all the others are stupid, as they clearly can’t see that competition is good.
      Michael Pachter is one of those stupid fanboys.

  • NameUcan’thate


    • Dan


  • Matthew Vogt

    one of the reasons why this console will fail in my opinion is the fact that nintendo is whoring the hell out of zelda and mario they are more redundant than call of freaking duty and the ouya will pwn that console just you wait

  • Sferra

    People say a lot a thinks, but I can’t waint to put my hands on a Wii U!

  • some guy

    One does not simply “predict” the WiiU…

  • Ninty1

    I think this guy really faps to his PS3 everynight, then the next day as a (not really) game analyst and says shit about Nintendo and Microsoft.

  • TTimer

    I really hate people who r like this……it is the same when the Wii came out that “it wont work” and the next thing you know, it sells 100 million units. It wont work his brain.
    I got a Wii cause of the unique gameplay…..which the PS3 or Xbox360 gave didnt give me.
    I only have the PS3 cause my cousin said it has AMAZING graphics….which only a few games gave but other than that it felt like a PS2.
    The WII was a whole new gameplay from the gamecube, the way you can play games. May not be the best graphics but heck, my brother and sister and me had hours of fun…something that the PS3 somehow never achieved. I hate how people go criticize the Wii/Wii U and yet never say anything bad about the PS3/PS4 or Xbox360/720.
    Cant wait for the WII U…… 😀 KH ._.

  • MrK

    micheal pachter’s face looks very punchable right about now

  • MujuraNoKamen

    “Wii U won’t work” oh yeah why is that? “few games will make use of its features” well, not really, Zombi U uses them, it might be the only one to do so so far but hey!, when they do Mario Kart U, it’ll use the gyroscope and touch screen to display/zoom in or out on the map and they can use it to display other data like MK DS. In Zelda Wii U, they could use the touch screen to take notes on like in the DS games, and motion to fly the beetle or even aim the bow. And so what if few games use ALL the features, there’s so many, it could get a little hectic shaking, touching and button-mashing all at once and not to mention, the haters who complain about it “not using enough features” will also complain about it being “not a true gaming experience” if they did use the gamepad “gimmicks” as they sometimes known. I agree Wii U is unlikely to have the SAME success the Wii had, but that doesn’t make it a failure. Then he goes on to say its failure will be due to the fact that we don’t know its price???? Nintendo has already said it’ll be fairly cheap so come on!!! for an “analyst” he doesn’t seem to have done much analysis. And maybe I’m stereo-typing a bit but he’s a middle-aged businessman, not normally the people who play a lot of – and know a lot about – video games, but maybe he is gamer, I don’t know but still; get your act together dude!… But seriously what’s all this recently about investors leaving the big 3 in favour of android and cheap casual games? it’s just stupid, do investors on the stock-market know that NO-ONE turns their back on consoles/PCs in favour of those games (that aren’t really much more advanced than old, old arcade games) a lot of people buy them and I’m not saying they’re bad (they’re not) but why play angry birds when you have Zelda?

  • Badaz86

    microsoft just wants money , that stupid mentally retarded dumb ass probably got paid by microsoft or sony to say that shit.

  • Hugh Quinn

    no no….no no. saying that “the wii u wont work” and “The wii u is the next dreamcast” is like saying that the ps3 is less powerful than the ps1 it dose not make sense

    Michael Pachter (and i hope your reading this) is the biggist dicktard in the history of everything

  • Madmagican

    Sure, the Wii U probably won’t do as well as the Wii, but you can be damn sure that it take out any remaining competitors