Jun 1st, 2012

Morgan Webb Wii UMorgan Webb, the pretty presenter at G4 TV’s “X-Play” show, believes that gamers are still confused about the Nintendo Wii U, and that the console has an “uphill battle” against the iPad and other tablets. She compares the Wii U a lot to the iPad, because the Wii U controller features a tablet screen. Webb told CBS:

“It’s really a branding problem. I think a lot of people are still confused about the Wii U. They’re going to have a hard time convincing people that this could be a better gaming experience than the iPad.”

Webb seems to forget that the Wii U isn’t just a tablet, it’s a tablet controller connected to a powerful console, which gives it a lot of possibilities when it comes to designing innovative games. Webb continued, saying that she believes Nintendo can win over the core and casual audience by introducing must-have games at E3. Many expect Nintendo to do just that at E3 next week.

Do you agree with Webb’s opinion? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • alienfish

    You know what convinces me that WiiU is a more capable gaming machine than an iPad? Buttons.

  • deku

    thats why she should be in the kitchen

    • Nintengoth

      Haha! awesome! yeah shes just stupid the WiiU is a million times betters than a crappy ipad, it has power, a controller, proper games she should just fetch me my pipe and slippers šŸ™‚

    • Ravyu

      Thats’s what I wanted to say!

    • Marq

      People still watch G4?

      Normally, I’d find this a disgusting, sexist comment. But in the case of this dumb broad, that’s probably where she belongs. But not preparing anyone’s food; we don’t want anyone getting food poisoning. She should be on dish washing duty or something.

      • silenceyoufools

        “Normally, Iā€™d find this a disgusting, sexist comment.”

        But instead you decided to act like a disgusting sexist? The author of this article should delete these and the several other misogynistic comments in this thread – and while you’re at it, delete “pretty” out of your description of Webb, which was irrelevant if not outright dismissive.

        Personally I don’t agree with Morgan, but wherever this goofy iPad criticism is coming from, it isn’t from the fact that she’s a woman. Attacking her along those lines doesn’t do anything to further the discussion.

        • david6

          You think thats bad, you havnt seen what other sites are like. But yes i agree like bunch a hyenas. And really if g4 voices, should listen. Just like many reputable sites have voiced. But nintendo doesnt hear.

          • david6

            P.s. and thats not a proper handel name. But its better to have chaos than bias. Biased sites get bad press. Both sides should speak. Plus its more fun ha ha šŸ™‚

  • seth

    personally i think that the wii u has a hard road ahead but with some determination it can win the fight against the xbox and playstation but it will take some hard work because of nintendo’s rough episode with the wii a lot of hard-core gamers lost there trust in nintendo but it’s absolutely possible for them to make up for the mistakes they made with the wii not that the console was entirely bad it did have some good times but it wasn’t one of nintendo best moments

  • endo

    What do she know about games,looking like Wednesday from Addams Family

  • gabe

    Good thing considering G4 has been rolling out of control down hill for years.

  • hedges

    Sadly, I think she’s somewhat right…

    But only because people can be that dumb.

    Personally? Ipads are fine, but I’ll stick with buttons for game systems and a keyboard for computers. Touch screens just haven’t proven to be better yet

  • Dan

    I can say to G4 Presenter, Wooooppeeeeee Dooooo, its a gaming console with a tablet CONTROLLER which is different, that u cannot compared that to an ipad.

    • alienfish

      Not to mention the fact that Apple’s entire line of touch devices owe their popularity to what the DS started. Nintendo is doing its own thing and will continue to be the first and best in innovation in the industry, period.

  • omar

    in other news, ps4 will have trouble against everything with a controller that plays games. this is so stupid. why would i buy a wii u because it is like an ipad. i would buy an ipad to get an ipad. either this statement by her is stupid or the consumers of today are stupid. eventually most people will not buy things they want unless people like her tells them to

  • omar

    not to mention she is from G4. does anybody remember what they said with skyward sword vs assassins creed revelations game death match.

  • Chris

    Can someone please tell me why these supposed “experts” think gamers are idiots? I’m sorry… is there any kind of confusion to anyone about what the Wii U is? It’s a gaming console with a controller that has a huge frikkin screen on it. And as others have mentioned here, it’s a controller with BUTTONS!!!! You know, the things that iPads are sorely missing?! Why is this any different in concept than the DS? Were people “confused” about the DS cus it had two screens and one was a touch screen?

    And thanks captain obvious… yes, this console – as with every other console in history will need to have killer must-have games. I’m so glad these people are here to help me understand such complex concepts…

    No mystery here. Maybe we all should have our own video game shows?!

    • Bruno

      HAHAHAHA, you’re spot on, sir! I thought exactly the same thing. I was like “Does she really think that we’re retarded morons that can’t differ an iPad from a very powerful console with a tablet as a controller?”. She must be really stupid and nobody will have a hard time explaining us anything because we already know. I’m so glad these experts are here to help us understand such complex concepts, indeed.

  • david6

    I dont think anyones confused, its just a nice way of saying we dont like the controller or wii u name. I think xbox and ps3 will do it right, if, and have more normal controller that looks better. 3ds and vita better design, than this thing. I cant sell myself on it. I tryed so people wont get mad, but i dont like it. And as usual, ‘USUAL’ we all know ps and xbox will be better. Inside and out. You can thank Reginal fils worship of clayton christenson. P.s. puppets would love it if they came out with a bubble gum machine. Like it doesnt help the company with fake smilys šŸ™‚ bought and paid.

    • Skozo

      Holy sh-t you’re Morgan Webb with just the name David. Next time you want to call others puppets, don’t act or be one as you do it.

    • Miks

      As usual? The N64, and the GameCube were both better than the PS1 and PS2. I see that you don’t know much about Nintendo, just look at more things on here, and you’ll be convinced to buy a Wii U.

      • david6

        I strongly disagree with “disruptive innovation” since i first learned that thats what regginal does and is following cristenson’s teachings.
        And i always had a nintendo and liked it, but ps2 was better probly. And part of the reason i like nintendo cause i think the games are fun. But this time they just wont make it look better. And reginal fil started 2003, that is why wii bad hardware and no new hardware on ds, ds lite, 3ds. Be honest, i saw no new difference from n64 to cube to wii, now wii u looks like wii with hd, like a cartoon in hd. And the worlds arent bigger, same amount levels. So its time for nintendo fans to demand better, and they are, unless all em walk away. So im fine with the wii u, but the console and controller design is ugly, uglier than the wii.

        • Paladin

          Just out of curiosity, are you opposed to the idea of disruptive innovation in general, or are you only opposed to it being applied as far as Nintendo is concerned? Because I have to tell you, any type of innovation in the market place is a risk. It does not matter whether it is sustained (evolutionary, revolutionary) or disruptive. The only real difference is the amount and quality of risk involved. The simple truth is that many products today would probably not even exist if it were not for disruptive innovation. An example of this would be personal computers. Before they were initially produced during the 70’s and 80’s, the only computers to be found were in universities and other research institutions. The personal computer changed that to the extent that the Average Joe could start purchasing and using his own PC at home. This was a disruptive market. The laptop followed this trend. I will give Nintendo credit for having the cajones to actually innovate with new ideas that other companies (Sony, Microsoft) are willing to steal from them. I hope their risk pays off, but I have no important reason to doubt that it will at this point in time.

  • Skozo

    This is why non-gamers shouldn’t talk about games.

  • Miks

    You know what? If someone is too stupid to Google the words ”Wii U”, then he/she deserves to be confused.

    • Jat


  • Thomas

    One thing to convince core gamers is easy to achieve (but pretty expensive): Get GTA V exclusive for 6 month, Nintendo.

  • Youtube-KingsizeMKay

    She confuses herself, you can’t even compare the wii u to the ipad!
    The wii u is a console like ps3 and xbox360, it’s only better. the tablet is just 1 of this 2 controllers (cuz you can use the wiimotes aswell).
    It’s WAY better than ipad cuz ipad isnt a console ;’D She had to say it WILL better than ps3 and xbox360 (not could).
    Stupid girly n00b who has to be in the kitchen.

    • christopher robin

      Noobs? I once caught one hopping about, and I put it in a cage and fed it. My Mum said it would give me warts but it never did. I wouldn’t however suggest keeping one in the kitchen.

  • Saltfisher

    Why is everyone so pissed at the wii u’s name? Is it any worse than putting super or 64 next too your nintendo? People didn’t really confuse those systems for add-ons. People largely didn’t think the 3ds was an add-on for the ds either. No matter how stupid your systems name might be (i almost bought a freaking gizmondo) what’s important is how you treat it, and Nintendo is not being encouraged when most of the negative critical reaction is a result of people being idiots.

  • darkfox

    the show is sponsered just like video mags and web sites and guess what nintendo does not sponser them. Thats why no one defends the big N and EVERYONE talks trash and doom and gloom.

  • retlanx

    I think she should be talking orders at taco bell

  • Ravyu

    Difference between iPad and Wii U controller she’s asking?

    I bet she didn’t know which was the 3D screen in the 3DS.

  • Heelincal

    I don’t care what she thinks, all of the good people from G4 have left now that Sessler is leaving after E3.

  • leo

    man , i tell my friends about the wii u and they are all like” who cares it gonna suck anyways buy an xbox leo” I think the whole Wii part is what messing things up.

  • darkfox

    a rose by anyother name, its not like playstation doent sound like a preschool toy, or xbox 360 is a awsome name that makes me think its the best thing out there

  • psychokiller1545

    obviously she doesn’t know crap about video games. yes, the iPad is a multifunction super-tablet. but it is not built for games. the Wii u controller is an intuitive design that incorporates a tablets fantastic touchscreen and a gaming controller’s buttons. although it is not a mobile device like an iPad, it still has a very versatile touchscreen that is HD. a camera and mic. and also, buttons. so overall Webb doesn’t know crap about video games because she mistakes the obvious differences between a crappy emailing iPad and a high capacity next generation video game system and controller made by Nintendo.

  • dc5jdm2006

    Some women don’t deserve rights…she should be one of them. Now go fetch me a Samich bitch and get me a god damn liter of cola!

  • esby

    I get what she means and to a certain extent I agree with her – The U may seem like it has been around for ages but we really know very little of it, very few games have been revealed for it so far and what the controller is capable of doing in new and intuitive ways. If the public are going to compare it to a iPad I think that works in Nintendo’s favour since they are selling like hotcakes right now