May 13th, 2013

While this is certainly taking it a bit too far, the Melted Joystick crew have created a mock funeral for the Wii U, with all previous Nintendo consoles in attendance. The ending jab at the PlayStation 3 is certainly a good one and while some of you may classify this as more doom and gloom, I think it’s a light-hearted look at how well previous consoles have done versus what’s coming up during the next generation.

Remember, Nintendo has a huge E3 planned for us with plenty of new info from Nintendo Direct announcements and if recent rumors are true, you’ll be seeing some surprises as well. You can let us know what you think of the video and whether or not the PS4 and the next Xbox deserve the same treatment in the comments below.

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  • Super Buu

    Faith in humanity… destroyed.

  • Kyle Jovanis

    What Xbox couldn’t be bothered to show up for the burial?

    • Probably huddled up in a cardboard box like PS3 Bum.

      • Nah, Xbox 360 died 2 days he was released. Motherboard Cancer apparently, runs in the Xbox family

        • Heheh, that’s great. Should have shown it with an IV in the USB slot.

  • Fun fact:
    They couldn’t find the Next Xbox Box so they put it in a Wii U box instead to cut down the funeral costs

    • wiiucompl

      They can not stand that Nintendo fans already have their Next-gen – meanwhile Microsoft and Sony still lives guessing?

      • I’m a Sony fan but I bought the Wii U because I thought it was an awesome system and it truly is a great system. Still, can’t wait for the PS4 but my heart has room for both Nintendo and Sony :3 … Not Microsoft.. they’ve scammed me out of my money for too long

        • wiiucompl

          I think PS4 and NextBox will be cool, but I love GamePad great features (like stick position, off-tv play, tv remote or main menu) and Nintendo’s approach to the games. I have to choose one console and without any hesitation I chosed the Wii U.

        • Nintedward

          I’m kind of stuck between what second fiddle to put along side my Wiiu. It’s between PC , PS4 , 720 .

          It’s odds on I’ll probably get the PS4. But the Wiiu will always be the system I am most excited and enthusiastic about.

          Specs don’t mean shit. I Think the 3DS will end up being better than the Xbox 720 lol. And there is quite a difference between the specs lol.

          • wiiucompl

            Sometimes Nintendo products remind me of Apple products. They are polished, powerful enough to that to which they were created. Playing on the other consoles I’ve never had the same feelings.

          • mikes1025

            sounds like you’re trying to speak of solid design.

          • Adecentboy777

            Wii U is and never was next change. The shadow alone of the PS4 could blow away the little crapy Wii U πŸ™‚ But I have it since I kinda like some first parties, but it’s not on the same level with Shitbox or PS4.

          • Silent

            So you say.

          • Squid

            You obviously don’t understand. Nintendo is a unique company. You don’t get the same charm with Sony or Microsoft. Sony does have some charm though. Microsoft ruined their charm when they ruined Rare. Wii U is a giant step up from Wii.

          • Adecentboy777

            You’re completely right. Nintendo has charm with games like MARIO, ZELDA, DONKEY KONG etc. I love them all and I will buy them. BUT how many consoles can you sell with only this kind of games? Definately less then with PS4 and co. Nintendo made some promises and they just don’t keep their word. I bought the console in the very beginning and hoped and hoped there will be some good games, but appearently I hoped for nothing. The good games will be coming in October or Novermber, at least 2-3 of them, but till then is PS4 out and they offer already more games the Wii U, even been out 1 year erlier. Nintendo is good, but they just make false promises. Winning over the hardcore gamers? With an overpriced “old” hardware and almoust no good games on it it will be difficult.

          • Elem187

            I don’t see what the appeal is of the PS4. I haven’t seen anything that hasn’t been done before on PC.

            None of the games they revealed in Feburary look very interesting or drastically different then we have already seen over the last 6 years…. Its last gen with a higher resolution and tesselation, but with the same boring ass, stale gameplay that we have seen from Sony/Microsoft and other 3rd party publishers.

            What about the PS4 is getting you to get hyped like this? The fidelity of games they shown off in Feburary has already been available to PC gamers for over 3 years…. Again, what is so special about the same games we have seen, with just a shiney coat of paint on it?

            95% of the PS4’s library will be on PC, and it will look ALOT better on PC, and before the gen is out, hackers will have PS4 and Xbox Infinity games running natively on PC’s.

          • Adecentboy777

            Hi Elem187! Well, the PS4 is a unified system, it makes it better, than a PC with the same system SPECS, a lot better. And you’re right, a lot of things has been done on PC, but first Party Games, like Uncharted, GOW and similar games will be unique. Do not forget, SONY has more first party companies than Nintendo and Microsoft together. Games like Drive Club, GT, The last of US and the Last Guardian, Beyond, Deep Down etc. are gonna look awesome on the system. It is easy to develop for, has muscles and offers a lot of features. Nintendo’s Wii U Pad is a great idea, but thanks to Nintendo the companies use it only for map and hacking, avatar etc. It is not enough. Nintendo should have maintain a better relationship to 3rd parties, make a stronger hardver and make some first party games from the very beginning for the console which show the console’s awesome features. None of this has be done!!! SONY is doing now the right thing, they learned from the mistakes they made in the past and that’s why they will sell a lot πŸ™‚

          • mikes1025

            tell that to the vita.

          • You can always spot the trolls… They often cannot spell and substitute profanities in the or change the name of the product they do not like to something insulting.

          • Adecentboy777

            I am not a troll, I own the system too. I am just a realist. I know and see the facts, and that’s why I sad about NIntendo, but since they wanna have it this way…

          • Like I mentioned earlier….when you use terms like Shitbox to describe a product you do not like then it is hard to take you seriously.

            Just saying….

          • Adecentboy777

            you’re right, Bob. It was inappropiate. I just can’t stand companies who fool the buyers, like Microsoft when they didn’t test their consoles before launch and all the xboxes failed πŸ™‚ I do not own the console, but I know what Microsoft capable of to win a race. But you’re right. In the futire I will express myself in a less rough way πŸ™‚

          • I am trying to do the same as we are all guilty of it from time to time. I do not think Nintendo’s intention was to try and fool customers I think they were caught off guard and a little unprepared. They know they do not want to launch along side Sony or Microsoft but they should have known to release their console with a top first party title. When the gamecube came the top title was Luigi’s Mansion and the Wii it was Zelda: Twilight Princess. I guess they thought that they could use SMB U as their launch title and that did not work. It worked back in the NES and SNES days but not now. So if they fooled anyone they fooled themselves.

            As a long time gamer I sincerely believe that Nintendo is one of the few big video game companies that are actually still in the business for the gamers. Companies like EA have lost what they are in the business for and do not care about anything but money.

          • Adecentboy777

            I agree with you completely. I wrote someone before about what Nintendo should have done in the first place and I said the same you did. I just wish Nintendo would do more, in fact, they have to if they want to frow and get hands on even more faithful and devoted gamers. I loved Nintendo back then but Wii U disappointed me. Maybe I will recover from this one day with games like Mario Wii U and Zelda, but it’s not gonna be enough ot convince me completely, that’s why I am happy having PS3, cause SONY didn’t disappointed me, even after a hard start they did proove what the console is capable of. AND soon the PS4 will make it launch with a huge first and 3rd party support and great games. I still hope Nintendo do some adjustments and will improve in the future. It would be a sad thing seeing NIntendo one day as a software company with no hardware.

          • Nathaniel Lopez

            What constitutes a console as being next change?

          • Elem187

            nextgen to adecentboy is anything sony puts out, even though the processor is as gimped as the Wii U.

            A tablet CPU in the PS4, mated with a low end GPU (mobile Radeon 7850), and we are supposed to be impressed with this budget gaming PC…. Sadly Sony fanboys will miss out on games with actual gameplay.

            Every game shown is going to be another cinematic adventure where you watch your game, and press ‘A’ to awesome occasionally here and there…. So gen 8 will be identical to gen 7, but with a pretteir coat of paint, and we are supposed to be impressed.

            If what Sony has shown us in Feburary was “Nextgen” then my PC has been doing “nextgen” for 3 years now.

            Off TV play, Asynchronous gameplay is more next gen to me

          • Adecentboy777

            Not everything is nextgen. It is not about the company. Not me made a statement about what nextgen is, but the world biggest developers. Wii U is not part of it. I love the Wii U features, but all this is not too much without games which impress us with the unique Gamepad features. Well, sadly there are not many games on the console yet and till some of them arrives in October/November it will be too hard to get a bigger slice of the market, since the competors, like SONY and Micro will already have a lot to offer. PS4 in the fact has already more to offer in terms of games. Wii U Gamepad will be used only for little things from the 3rd party side and the graphical differences and unique content, like in case of Watch Dogs will make a huge difference. On Wii U you will not have many special content, believe me. The Game will look inferior compared to so called nextgen and special content, yeah, hacking and city map on the Wii U gamed, but no special content, like in case of PS4, since Nintendo doesn’t pay for such a thing, so you wll have no plus levels. And it’s gonna go this way. I will keep the console though for some first parties.

          • Adecentboy777

            the market and the comparison to the competitors

          • NintendoNoob

            Sounds like you’re just a hater who hates on everything… Stupid child

          • Adecentboy777

            I am not a hater, I am a realist and also flustrated because Nintendo fooled me by making false promises. The actual market position of the console is not what they promised. The marketing department is making mistakes all the time and the crm department is even worst.

          • Want me to bring back the Stocks list again?

          • Adecentboy777

            I know exactly the numbers –> not too much Wii U was sold till now. Reason –> no games. Future: almoust only first parties and some 3rd parties, but how many are gonna be good of them and how long can Nintendo keep their position in this market. The competition is keen and doing a lot better. Nintendo is sadly not willing to win, otherwise they would do things differently.

          • prettypinkpanacea

            Yes. I have a white 3DS XL. I recently acquired new copies of Kid Icarus, Starfox 64, Resident Evil Revelations, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Super Streetfighter 4 for a mere $125 AUD. I couldn’t go past these as a deal … and I must say, as a handheld console, the 3DS XL rocks.

          • Nintedward

            Yeh I love my XL. The original 3DS has a nice looking screen due to higher PPI , But the 3DS XL is bigger , the 3D is easier to see and is deeper and it’s 10 times comfier to hold.

          • I hear you. 3DSXL is genius as many other Nintendo products. They are solid quality. We got (in our family) two 3DSXL’s, three DS lite’s, one DS, one Wii and one Wii U – not to mention the old Game & Watch games. πŸ˜€ And we love them all. <3 πŸ™‚

            [There's also few Playstations around (3x PS1 & 2x PS2 & 1x PS3) + other consoles/devices: Atari 2600 Jr, Vectrex, Sega Megadrive, Dingoo A320 (handheld), C64+1541 and few PC-machines, but Nintendo machines are our top favs.]

          • Elem187

            Get a PC to partner with the Wii U. You wont miss out on multiplatform games (and they will look so good it would embarrass the PS4) and you wont miss Nintendo’s great exclusives.

            PC/Nintendo has always served me well.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Dream on! Do you really believe this stuff you are writing? Wii U is not dead yet, but very close. Its going to be Nintendo’s least popular console, and probably last one.

        • Elem187

          Doubtful. Sony will exit the platform business before anyone else does….. Nintendo will be around for at least another 50 years.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Yes, I believe Nintendo will be around, just not making hardware. They will probably become a software company, making games for mobile telephones.

        • Kaihaku

          It wasn’t that long ago that everyone was saying that the 3DS marked the death of Nintendo. All it took to turn it around was a few high quality first party games. Personally, I’d recommend waiting to predict doom and gloom for Nintendo until after they release their heavy hitters.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Its not doom and gloom. I never said Nintendo will be gone as a company. But I believe the market is changing. People tend to use mobilephones as gaming devices more and more often. This will probably make it difficult for handhelds in the long run. But hey. Yesterdays mobile phones will be even more powerful. Why wouldnt Mario run on them? I think Nintendo’s days as a hardware company is about to end. But as a software company they will still be gigants. They are the Walt Disney of gaming IMO.

          • I love this argument, but sincerely who plays on an 3 inch screen when he can play ona 50 inch TV?

    • Alex

      Then later WiiU will rise from the grave and hunt whoever is against it.

      • Adecentboy777

        as long as NIntendo is doing a really bad marketing and making false promises Wii U will stay dead for a long time and after a while no one will care, since the real players will be on the Market with the best games the biggest developers can offer and Nintendo will only keep their fans with some first party titles. BUT the question is, how long can they do so? A real gamer need real games and not onyl MARIO, ZELDA stoff. It’s good for a while, but not for long.

        • Silent

          Or so you say. Its your opinion after all

          • Adecentboy777

            Yes, it’s my opinion. Unfortunately a lot of analysts and developers see it this way. I wish Nintendo do something about this issue, cause the console has some potential after all. BUT if they wonn’t, than they should not wonder about the consequences.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Well, a little more than just an opinion. Its a fact that WiiU have failed so far on basically every level possible. Nintendo need to get rid of alot of people in their management.

          • Silent

            Again, Its your opinion.

        • The biggest developer is Nintendo themselves and they’re never going to make games for anything but Nintendo systems. They also have huge second party developers bought off, so Sony and Microsoft will again miss out on games like Fire Emblem and Xenoblade. Piss and moan all you want about the games Nintendo will miss out on, but Sony and Microsoft will miss out on some of the best games this gen, just like they did last gen and all the generations before that. Nintendo makes the highest rated games of all time, so regardless of whether or not you think their IPs have gone stale, your opinion doesn’t hold much weight in the gaming world and neither do the opinions of elitist self-described “real players” and “hardcore gamers”.

          • Adecentboy777

            Eric, the Nintendo first party games are great, but the actual console state is not what NINTENDO promised. I bought the console because I believed them, but all I see is that Wii U is dying. I agree with you on qaulity and greatness of first party games. BUT NINTENDO said – we will win over the hardcore gamers – with what? An old hardware, even if the parts new, the performance is not good, just better than PS3 or the BOX. But not even close to PS4. Nintendo will be good at firs parties but as you can see a lot of developers refuse to develop for NIntendo, they didn’t even touch the dev kits. WHY? Because Nintendo didn’t get the message about what the hardcore gamers want. OR they did, but they just unable to do something for it. Bringing out a console with no games on it is a big mistake. By the time they will be games a lot of gamers will already have PS4 and Shitbox. Nintendo should do better since they started earlier then SONY or Microsoft, still they just didn’t get it.

          • How can it be dying, there are 88 titles already out and more is coming all the time. Titles that are on the machine make it the most robust console launch in history. As example 3DS had a slow start, but now it’s a market leader in its own league.

            Check this link out before making any more judgements…

          • Adecentboy777

            Virtal Console games do not count. How many are good from them? I buyed Wii U at launch and since them I followed it’ “rise to death”. Rayman – postponed, Developers – no I am not gonna touch this. Biggest Companies – no thanks. Nintendo – be patient guys, one day there will be games. One day? Yeah, but when, not sooner than in October – forgettable.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Why dont you try google? Write Wii U in the search field and press enter. Then you will see all articles about Wii U, and all of them states the same. Wii U have failed.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            This is so true! I have been trying to say exact the same thing many times on this page.

          • Adecentboy777

            Thanks Magnus! Finally someone who sees through this rosy Nintendo mist and sees the truth πŸ™‚

          • “Eric, the Nintendo first party games are great, but the actual console state is not what NINTENDO promised.”

            They promised an HD console with a touch screen gamepad that is backwards compatible with the Wii, so they delivered in that respect. They do lack 3rd party support and many of the games they had lined up for the launch window were delayed and I agree that’s frustrating.

            “I bought the console because I believed them, but all I see is that Wii U is dying.”

            The great thing about inanimate objects is they don’t literally die. It’s definitely not selling too well now, but that can always be turned around. Right now I wish there were more games, but I also know they’re about to release so many that I’ll have a hard time deciding which ones I want to get first. It’s called patience, boy.

            “BUT NINTENDO said – we will win over the hardcore gamers”

            The problem with that statement is many hardcore gamers turn their nose up at consoles in the first place. Your Skyrim players and your COD warriors are midcore gamers at most. They’re bros and average people who are mainly into whatever the flavor of the month is. A real hardcore gamer either plays obscure, challenging games, or spends large amounts of time playing MMO’s on PC. So Nintendo didn’t win over the hardcore and midcore crowd. Who cares? That has no bearing on whether or not I want to play something.

            “An old hardware, even if the parts new, the performance is not good, just better than PS3 or the BOX.”

            I hate to break this to you but the PS4 and Xbro will already be outdated by high end PC hardware right out of the gate. The next gen consoles will have sufficient power to woo midcore and maybe even some hardcore gamers for a year or so before PC hardware dwarfs every console on the market by leaps and bounds. If you’re buying a console for the latest hardware, you’re bound to be disappointed. Consoles are made to be a cheaper alternative than PC gaming. The Wii U will be the cheapest this gen because it will be the least powerful platform.

            ” Nintendo will be good at firs parties but as you can see a lot of
            developers refuse to develop for NIntendo, they didn’t even touch the
            dev kits.”

            They aren’t expecting to sell enough units on the Wii U to turn a profit. It has more to do with slow sales than anything. And you’re just arguing in circles now. The first party titles make up for whatever else the Wii U will miss out on. I already said as much.

            ” Bringing out a console with no games on it is a big mistake.”

            They have games, just not very good ones. Expect the same thing to happen with Xbro and Playstation. It happens almost every time a consoles launches. You think any of these companies are going to have a smooth launch with a lot of early adopters?

            “By the time they will be games a lot of gamers will already have PS4 and Shitbox.”

            Gee, I wonder why Nintendo is waiting so long on releasing their biggest titles. Hmmmmm. I wonder what they could be thinking. The competition aren’t releasing their consoles until holiday season 2013….right when Nintendo will be releasing all the games that are guaranteed to sell. It’s almost as if slow sales don’t matter so much when the competition isn’t even out of the gate yet. If I didn’t know any better I’d say Nintendo knows what they’re doing.

          • Adecentboy777

            Eric, I agree with you on some topics. BUT saying that PS4 will not have enough good games for the start is not right. They already have more good games to offer than NIntendo after 6 months. Regarding the console power, who cares about PC? I am not buying a console because I think it’s more powerfull than a PC, that’s not what I want, otherwise I would have a monstrum PC to play PC Games since money is no concern to me. In case of PS4 the developers will have enough resources to bring some cool stuff. I am not buying typical games, I avoid them. I buy only first class stuff, so called SONY first party games. They look gorgous and has a lot to offer. Games you will never see on PC, like the Motorstorm Series, Uncharted, Last of US etc. SONY has the most first party developers and they have now an awesome tool in form of PS4. That’s what Nintendo missed. They brought the console too early without some decent games, just because they needed some money. Now they wait till SONY and NEXTBOX come and will publish their games to be able to cmpete with them and win some buyers. AND this means, they just let us wait, us the launch buyers –> great, many thanks Nintendo!!! Buying this overpriced console too early was definately a failure I will never do again and probably no one with sense and this means even harder lunches in the future if Nintendo do not change his strategy in the future, let’s hope they will.

          • “They already have more good games to offer than NIntendo after 6 months.”

            That’s impossible since they haven’t even released the PS4, so as of right now they have zero games to offer. Every console is going to try to paint it’s launch as attractively as possible. Just because they have titles lined up for the launch window doesn’t mean deals won’t be broken, games won’t be delayed or canceled, or that the games will be as good as expected. Basically, you’re making a faith-based argument that everything will run smoothly because you were dazzled by the previews for upcoming games.

            ” Regarding the console power, who cares about PC? I am not buying a
            console because I think it’s more powerfull than a PC, that’s not what I
            want, otherwise I would have a monstrum PC to play PC Games since money
            is no concern to me.”

            If you don’t care that the PS4 is under-powered compared to high end PC’s, why should anyone care if the Wii U is underpowered compared to PS4? Why bring up performance at all if it isn’t an issue with you?

            ” In case of PS4 the developers will have enough resources to bring some cool stuff. ”

            Yes, Sony now has the resources PCs have had for years, and Nintendo has the resources Sony has had for years. Either way, both companies are just playing catch-up. They’ll both come out with cool stuff, but the resources have been around for a while.

            The rest of your post just drips with fanboyism that I don’t care about. I like Playstation and their exclusive games as much as the next guy, but Nintendo’s exclusives are unmistakably more revered in the industry and garner higher reviews than Sony’s exclusives.

          • Adecentboy777

            Hi Eric! I mentioned the launch games when I was referring to “SONY has already more good games to offer, than Wii U in the last 6 moths” – and that’s sad, but true. As for the power, it’s part of the so called PACKAGE. Unique, mindblowing story, awsome graphic, new ways, bringing the gamers in an another charming world, giving them new way of thinking, etc. I could go on and on with describing what a SSS or AAA game is in my opinion. As you see, graphic is part of it and Wii U will miss it, just like on new KI in Watch Dogs compared to PS4 and other things. As I sad before, if NINTENDO changes it’s strategy, then maybe they have some chance, BUT I still think, like many of analysts and game professionals, NINTENDO should have brought out awesome first party games with the Wii U launch and show what the console has to offer with the Gamepad, BUT they didn’t. The developers are not trusting the console, a lot of them didn’t even touch the devkit, many games are missing or posponed. Nintendo will end up with Wii U just like with Wii. BUT selling a lot of consoles only with first parties – that will never happen. You will buy it, some old Nintendo fans too, but taht’s all – No saled consoles –> no new 3rd parties, since it’s not worth it to develop for a console which doesn’t sell good –> Not too much games –> no income for Nintendo. You see where it goes? Now you probably know what I meant with disappointed and sad and it had nothing to do with being SONY fan – In fact I am not, but I know that SONY is doing the right thing and I know that they never disappointed me. AS for SONY first parties being not good enough or not comparable ot Nintendo, well that’s so not true πŸ™‚

          • “Hi Eric! I mentioned the launch games when I was referring to “SONY has
            already more good games to offer, than Wii U in the last 6 moths” – and
            that’s sad, but true.”

            It doesn’t matter, if Sony hasn’t launched the console yet, the games aren’t available, so your statement is untrue. Ps4 does not already have more good games than the Wii U because they aren’t out. Period.

            “As for the power, it’s part of the so called PACKAGE.”

            And you’d be getting more of it out of a PC. A better package. But already expressed you don’t care about power… or do you? You keep going back and forth on this.

            “Unique, mindblowing story, awsome graphic, new ways, bringing the gamers
            in an another charming world, giving them new way of thinking, etc. I
            could go on and on ”

            And you do go on and on. All of these things are subjective anyway, and capable on lesser hardware.

            ” NINTENDO changes it’s strategy, then maybe they have some chance…”

            Look, you’re a decent boy, but you’re not some kind of authority on business strategy. You’re also coming off as pretty arrogant right now. Nintendo has been in the gaming business for over a century. They aren’t going anywhere. They have a surplus of about 10 billion dollars. Even if the allure of a new Metroid Prime and Smash Bros can’t sell enough Wii U units, and even ignoring the success of their handhelds, Nintendo can afford to fail.

          • Adecentboy777

            As for the games, that are not out yet – let me put it that way. SONY will have a lot of good games at lunch, much more than Wii U had and has till today. As for power, it matters, but it’s not everything as I described before. BUT the game package in case of SONY will be better. AND as for Nintendo can afford it :)) Well, well, you should make your home works – Nintendo is having issues and won’t stay on the market for long if they make bullshit – just ask all the guys knowing the numbers πŸ™‚ SO Nintendo can’t afford everything πŸ™‚ They sell the console with minus, one game brings it back and turns it in plus, BUT since all the retailers are selling the console even cheaper now, cause they didn’t sell too much yet so they will push Nintendo down regarding the price even if Nintendo wonn’t do that, they will have to especially when the rivals arrive, cause they will not be so expensive plus the PS3 and Box will be cheaper too. Finally, Nintendo will have to sell it’s console for 200-250 € or $ whatever, cause otherwise not many will buy it –> more minus πŸ™‚ Believe me I know it, since I have 2 college degrees, one in EconomyMarketing and one in IT πŸ™‚

        • Please enlighten us to what these “Real Games” are… I only ask because a Real Gamer appreciates gaming on all platforms and in all forms and does not only play a game for the graphics or Mature rating which I assume is what you mean by Real Games.

          Oh and your comment about Mario and Zelda games not being good for long is disproven by the fact that Mario and Zelda along with many other Nintendo titles consistently top the charts of the best video games of all time.

          • Adecentboy777

            Bob, Zelda and Mario are great games, I playes them a lot and I will, no doubt about it. They are established brands but NINTENDO said they will be bringing different, 3rd party good games soon and look what the biggest developers are doing. They won’t develop for Nintendo, they refuse it. WHY that? It’s because the risk Wii U has. AND winning all the hardcore gamers with first party games only will be not enough. That’s all I said. You need first games that push the limits and for that you need hardware and Wii U is not strong enough. A real game is everything – stroryline, affects, appealing, impression. The graphic is just part of it, not everything, but it contributes to the the whole package. As soon as there are games out like Watch Dogs etc, we’ll see a huge difference between next gen and Wii U. And using the Wii U gamepad just to see the map and hack something is just not good enough. The developers wonn’t do more, why should they. Capcom didn’t do more with Resident and others either. Nintendo should have brought out the console with amazing first parties and awesome Wii U Gamepad features, but they just made some promises. Let’s see what comes in October-November. BUT it will be late a bit, since all the hardcore fans are waiting for HUGE, IMPRESSIVE, BREATH-TAKING Games, like PS4 and Shitbox games. Nintendo will loose a lot of potential buyers, because of their inappropriate attitude and strategy.

          • Well I apologize if I misunderstood your post but when you see someone purposely post something like “shitbox” to refer to the XBOX it is hard to take that person seriously. Each console has their pros and cons and it is unfortunate that some developers and publishers report they are skipping the Wii U but I kind of find it funny on how many are associated with EA either directly or in some way in the past. Also some of these developers never made games for Nintendo in the first place.

            I think the Wii U is going the way of the 3DS and will have a rough start but when the 1st party titles are shown off and released it will boost the console as it always has and developers will rethink their position.

            Also given the state of the gaming world and with the economy I have to agree a bit with Activision and that the PS4 and NextBox will face similar challenges and will have a higher price tag to work with. While some gamers may be ‘Wowed” but better graphics I do not think that will be enough to convince many gamers to jump on the bandwagon right away especially since the old consoles will still be getting games and the new consoles will not play those games. Much like the Wii U you will see a lot of fans as early adopters and then a slow down until the console is established and an incentive to other gamers that may not have $500+ to throw around on a new console.

          • Adecentboy777

            Bob, I am just frustrated and disappointed by Nintendo. They made false promises and have a really bad marketing strategy. I think PS4 will be selling much better, cause there is a bigger core gamer base and beacuse even if the console will be available starting from October/November there are already more games than on Wii U. Wii had just a little core gamers base, since it was made first for casual gamers. Later on came some good stuff, like first party games and that’s all. Almoust no 3rd party titles. Well, in case of Wii U it is just a bit better. But Nintendo has no time to proove what they’ve got, cause PS4 and NextBox already have more to offer in terms of good, quality games made for hardcore gamers.

          • Elem187

            real games to these sony trolls is games where you do not even play. You press ‘A’ to awesome every 5 minutes of cut scenes and QTE.

            In their mind a real game is Uncharted where you really don’t “play” anything.

            I think platformers are too hard for people who play cinematic games. Their hand and eye coordination is so terrible that they need the computer to “play” the game for their eyes with their occasional input here and there.

            But put them in a game without very many cut scenes and it all comes down to 95% gameplay they can’t get passed the first level so they call it kid games.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Nintendo could start to make games to Sony. Imagine what they could do with a Zelda game on a Playstation and a Mario (2D) game for mobile phones.

          • Never gonna happen. I wish people who spew this garbage will give up on this pipe dream.

    • They should mock of Luigi’s funeral because i’m going to kill that guy Ψ¨_Ψ¨

    • Squid

      Yes lol.

    • Elem187

      The video seems premature. Surely the Vita would fit the description of a dead console. Its been on the market for over a year and only moved 4 million units… If Nintendo is still sitting at 4 million next year it would be well deserved, but anything under a year is absurd.

  • CharmanderRulz

    I think we at Wii U daily made it quite clear on the Wii U getting shoot video that random videos over the internet voicing options are just that. If this is as obvious as you say and admit it’s “taking it a bit too far” then why would anyone who gives a dam about random people on the web change their mind over this? WHY?

    • Excuse me, what? It’s not meant to change anybody’s mind. It’s a video someone made of their opinion, which I think is over the top.

      • Michael Jurado

        it is so “over the top” that it’s funny πŸ˜€

  • DragonSilths

    A few “Gamers” who are Xbots or Sony Drones that all threw in some money to buy 1 Wii U just to do this. Pathetic.

    • As a Sony fan, I am disgust at what my race is doing -__-
      Wii U is a good console and is more than welcome to sit with the PS4.

      • I feel the same. They all have their advantages even if the advantage is an exclusive or two unique to that console.

        I had plenty make fun of how I could have a Wii and a XBOX 360 (now a Wii U and an XBOX360) and call myself an experienced gamer. It never really bothered me because I liked each console along with my PC for the games and features I used on them.

        I enjoy the fact that I can play games Rated E through Rated M without classifying myself as HardCore or casual as I do a bit of both IMO. I just like to play games in what little free time I get and play the game for the game and not by who makes it or what platform it runs on.

      • Nintendo4life

        I agree with you on that..I have had my wii u now for almost a week and i have enjoyed it and i will buy the ps4 as well but what is the deal with these debates on which console is best. I say get them all. I now own all the consoles

      • Ducked

        Those are just the Sony fans that jumped on the PS3 call of duty graphics bandwaggon. I’d just ignore them.

      • DragonSilths


    • It’s more than likely just the box. You see the Wii U operating at the end of the video.

  • Nintedward

    Not interested in this doom crap any more tbh.
    Even if wiiu sells low , Nintendo will be fine and come back stronger.

    Need I remind everyone that (my two favorite consoles ever) the Gamecube and N64 were both low sellers and didn’t doom Nintendo. And their Handhelds were kicking ass back then as well.

    Try burying the 3DS you disrespectful idiots. Try burying Mario , Zelda , Pokemon , Smash bros. What’s that ? you can’t because they’re the best franchises in gaming , BY FAR.

    Said it a million times , but as long as Nintendo doesn’t lose all their money then they are unstoppable. Peace πŸ˜‰

    • Steven

      I always enjoy what you have to post Nintedward. It’s either hilarious, awesome, or spot-on. Keep it up πŸ™‚

    • [000]

      Hey Nintendward! Are you still going to make that video where you take a dump on the PS4?

      • Nintedward

        Absolutely! xD
        It’s not going to be pretty though.

        @Steve Mcdonald – cheers mate.

      • Don’t you mean Next Xbox?

    • The Clockwork Being

      Well ill have you know that I buried a 3DS. Why not bury that handheld console. Im burying it in the thing it should be buried in. I buried it in success. Same with Mario and the rest. They are all buried far deep into success you cant dig them out.

      • Nintedward

        I buried my 3DS also…. in games . Awesome ones !

        There is just a big hill of 3DS games with a 3DS somewhere inside of it in my room lol xD

    • The_Last_Metroid

      it was kind of funny though

    • Gecko Altair

      I read something that says (warning don’t know how true this is) that even if Nintendo dosn’t make another dollar in their lifetime that they wouldn’t go out of business until 2040 because they have so much money and investments in other things. don’t troll me and say it isn’t true because I’m not sure myself.

      • Nintedward

        Well you’re almost right.

        But Nintendo could afford to lost $250,000,000 a year for about 30-40 years theoretically. But of course they will be making money from now until then. So they should last much longer than 30 years unless they do something idiotic like invest far too much money and then lose it all

        cough PS3 cough

        • Gecko Altair

          Oh ya! Nintendo power!

    • Kaihaku

      Something people tend to forget is that Nintendo does have over a billion dollars in the bank.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Yeah, WiiUDaily should start to write lying propaganda articles about how great the Wii U is doing just to make you happy. Wii U is dying and its fans looks at it and says “-Nah, its ok!”. With fans like this Nintendo doesnt need any haters. Their fans are their own trojan horse.

      • Nintedward

        What do you mean ”dying” ? This is the sort of over dramatic bull shit that the industry is filled with.

        The Wiiu is not dying at all. None of its major Games have arrived yet , when they do you can almost 100% guarantee Sales will go right up.

        If after a year or 2 the Console is still struggling a bit like it is now , then you can come back with your overly dramatic statement. But 2 years from now the Wiiu will be fine with about 15 million + Sold.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          You just proved my point…

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Wait until Wii U launch, you will be blasted.
          Wait until March, you will be blasted.
          Wait until E3, you will be blasted.
          Wait one or two years…

          Sounds familiar? Its all about waiting to you fans? Well, I and the rest will not wait anymore. We will go for the console that will launch with a lot of great games, thats PS4 and Xbox3. And no, they wont have the same problems, theyve got hundreds of developers working with their finest titles so they can blast us for real with true next generation technology. This is 100% for real, and YOU can just wait and see, because this is actually whats going to happen.

  • Mickey Mouse

    I’m not going to dignify this video by watching it!

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    Fishing for an angry mob today are we Ashley? lol

    • Nah, I just found it interesting. It has some nice stop motion work in play.

  • Some gamers and developers – “Wii U is dead”

    Nintendo – “The Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated.

    Now if the NextBox and PS4 have a slow start will these same people say the same about those consoles or make up excuses for them?? Nintendo has made a few mistakes in this launch which no one can deny but to call it a dead console is just plain silly. Of course proclaiming something is dead or using the end is near type headlines gets page clicks so that is all these people are after.

    • Next Xbox Funeral: Gets thrown in a ditch by Wii U and PS4

      PS4 Funeral: Same as the Wii U’s Funeral, classy

    • Cerus98

      They’ll make excuses when the Nextbox and PS4 launch with bugs, are missing half the announcement features and only have a handful of games. We should all troll that little Xbox fanboy douche Knowledge so hard when his precious Nextbox launches.

      Oh how quickly the haters forget the lack of games/features, bugs and major hardware failures of the PS360. I guess when your head is so far up Sony/MS ass it’s easy to forgive when your console does a light show before bursting into flames.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      “Some” imply a few, why dont you use “Most”? Its more precise.

  • Justis Bistawros

    Dude where is this place i want to dig up that wii u.

  • david jarman

    Right, get your traffic. It maybe light-hearted, but I look at this way- I can’t enjoy the website and console of choice cause I’m to busy defending. By posting this you attract the hate.

  • Edward Dudley

    Nintendo will never die!!! I doubt that they will sell as many consoles as the Wii but it doesn’t have to, to be successful. I think once Nintendo exclusives come out later this year we will look back at some of the things people did and laugh. Don’t bet against Nintendo, people have been doing that since the N64 all the way to the 3ds and look how that has turned out.

  • Ray01x

    LOL, I love these Stupid Nintendo-Hating Drones. They always manage to put a smile on my face whenever they do retarded shit like this. XD

  • Michael Jurado

    honestly it was a well done video loved the sound effects and I loved the fact that ps3 was actually suppose to last 10 years but nintendo forced their hand XD now ps4 is left totally screwed mwuahahahaha and please no one feel butt hurt about this video it’s ment to be funny since we all know the truth πŸ˜›

    • david jarman

      It’s not the video that’s the problem. It’s the people that are going to feed off it. :/

      • I’ve been monitoring the site for people who are being inciteful. So far, the only people on this video are the ones upset that it was posted. No one is saying anything to “troll” anyone, yet.

        • david jarman

          I know. You do an amazing job here on this site, and your article are awesome and informative.

          • Yolo

            I disagree, he’s horrible at this.

          • david jarman

            He? Ashley looks like a lady to me.

        • There you go. Even contributors see that the pro-Nintendo crowd are the supreme haters, not those who prefer to hear it like it is – good or bad.

  • Wolfie

    Fun fact: there’s actually nothing inside the Wii U box. When he hammers the nails on the “coffin” it makes a slight movement upwards. If the Wii U was actually in there the weight would prevent it from doing this movement. So cheer up everyone the Wii U is not dead. Time to move on to another thing.

    • Johny

      haha this made me chucke πŸ™‚
      also the video was shown by frames… so he could have wii u in a box, cover it with a plank, (then take wii u out and put the plank back on) and then proceed with the hammering scene

  • zajac1661

    There is surely alot of focus on the negative opinions on nintendo at the moment. “this developer won’t support” .. “theese people think the future of the wiiU is gone” .. “sales are going bad at launch” .. I think as a reader, that it is a bit boring in the long run, to see so many articles considering theese thoughts. It makes a negative vibe in my opinion, and is mostly unneccessary to keep digging at. It is very hard as a reader to see what the point is. The wiiU is here. Let us play and cheer it. Let us play, support it, and stop jabbering about doom thoughts at every turn. It is so unconstructive as anything could be!

    • Nintendo is an old developer, its like picking of a pensioner because he/she is old. Its pretty stupid and I feel ashamed to be apart of gaming community that just bashes each other.

  • As I see it they are stating nowhere that WiiU is dead, they just refer to the many problems WiiU has had since it’s launch. They merely ask Nintendo to fix the WiiU. But that might just as well be my positive thinking even though I don’t have a WiiU and probably won’t get it either anytime soon, I’ll wait and see what N brings towards the e3 and then decide.

    Again I see by no means any statement that WiiU is dead, or that they want to imply that. So the header is giving the wrong impression in my honest opinion. Sorry Ashley, but I really think you are using the wrong header and header description here…

    • How is the header wrong? They did exactly what I said.

      • Proclaming the WiiU is dead even before e3 starts, that in my opinion is wrong, unless I mistranslate the word proclaming, maybe it’s a us word and means “not claiming” it’s dead not sure as English is not my native language and definitely not USA english. And we all know there is a huge difference between UK English and US english (scribblenauts unlimited anyone?) but looking at the downvotes I get I probably miss-translated the word.

        Nonetheless I still see it as a cryout to Nintendo to fix the many problems WiiU is facing at the moment, bad economy or not, WiiU performance is far below expectations, and with this video imo they say: “Nintendo pls fix the problems WiiU is facing before it really does die to early in it’s life and follows the Virtual Boy.”

        That’s how I see the video atleast and found it rather amusing also.

        • Silent

          I think the video is supposed to be a joke. Few will actually bury the console.

  • dylanbob121

    Lets wait for e3, bet retro has a new STARFOX.

    • That would be cool but the first person description makes me think more Metroid. Unless they are doing both πŸ˜‰

  • must be a slow day over at WiiU Daily.

  • This is some nice news you got here, glad I was informed.

  • juancamiloarq

    I found it interesting, yeah. And just as the say by the credits, “please, Nintendo, fix the problems!”.

  • Wait, so the GameGear and Dreamcast don’t count as failures? Why didn’t I see a grave for the PSP Go?

  • Cerus98

    Saw the title and thought it was another troll bait J.K. article. I was wrong.

    • Silent

      Same thought. I screams J.K to me.

  • Johny

    I have a Wii U, Loving it. its 8th gen. you’d be stupid to say otherwise. Wii U is not dead yet.ο»Ώ This video is hilarious, well done, thumbs up!

    I love this video and how its made…. EVERYTHING.. but it will feed trolls.

  • Marius Valasinas

    only on Wiiudaily can we find such articles. The only Nintendo website that hates Nintendo

    • No one hates Nintendo.

      • Cerus98

        The amount of troll bait, hate fueling articles posted here says otherwise. Though there are bigger offenders here than you for sure. If the writers aren’t going to ban the instigators like Knowledge then at least stop giving them fuel.

  • Nintendofreak

    You can’t kill the Nintendo
    The Nintendo will live on
    Sega tried to kill the Nintendo
    But they failed, as they were smite to the ground
    Sony tried to kill the Nintendo
    But they failed, as they were stricken down to the ground
    Microsoft tried to kill the Nintendo Ha,hahahahaha
    They failed, as they were thrown to the ground
    Aargh! yeah! [x2]


    No-one can destroy the Nintendo
    The metal will strike you down with a vicious blow
    We are the vanquished foes of the Nintendo
    We tried to win for why we do not know

    Atari tried to destroy the Nintendo but Nintendo had its way
    Sony then tried to dethrone the Nintendo, but Nintendo was in the way
    Sega tried to destroy the Nintendo, but Nintendo was much too strong
    Microsoft tried to defile the Nintendo, but Microsoft was proven wrong

    It comes from hell!

    (took a while to edit)

    • Nintedward

      hahaha! that’s awesome bro! Youtube video please πŸ™‚

      • Nintendofreak

        its just edited lyrics of the metal song from tenacious d

    • Peter Rogers

      ahhh long live the D, long live dio and most of all long live nintendo.

    • ZoomJet

      Hahaha, nice one.

      I think it should be a poem rather than a song; some epic ballad.

      Then we can all sing it around a campfire one day when the WiiU hasn’t died.

  • Nintendo4life

    Hey with super mario 2 coming this thursday check this link out this was the game before they changed it to mario 2 for the states

  • Archiq09

    people hate WiiU just for graphic or they think wiiu just have mario and zelda… incult

    • briwas101

      How can anyone think the wii u has just mario and zelda when they DONT EVEN HAVE THAT?!?!?!?!
      2d mario is a joke, and zelda is a long ways away from being released.
      If nintendo had mario and zelda they would actually be able to sell a few systems. But they dont, so they can’t.

  • Guest

    Does anyone here frequent MMO fourms?
    if you do, youll know what im talking about.
    Every minute of every day, someone posts
    “(THIS GAME) is dead”
    “(Other game) is dead”
    “(BLAH BLAH BLAH) is dead”

    These kinds of people are the biggest exaggerators.
    I instantly dont read and think the person is a troll when they say anything is dead.
    Wii U is not dead, If you think so you are seriously fucking stupid.

    Inb4 Nintendo fanboy, I am a PC gamer.

  • Nintendofreak

    fucking ps2 wanted to get ip…n y did the n64 wasnt invited….n why does the dreamcast isnt buried also…n y is the 3ds floating…those n more answers to these question will not be answered in the next episode

    • mikes1025

      good questions.

  • Well this is insulting! For Nintendo, the console, the fans and me!

  • nu

    im gonna wait until tonite n dig it up

  • Shelim Uddin

    Too many ppl hate on nintendo even though they have the best exclusives

    • Off.Sh

      The betters are hated, because of jealows thats why every body attacks Nintendo, . . . thats why nobody cares about the PStupids and Xtupids.

    • briwas101

      HAD the best exclusives.
      Sony has the crown now.
      I grew up on nintendo, ate up all their games like a good little nintenboy, and then i moved on when a better system came along.
      You’ve been living under a rock if you think nintendo has the best exclusives.
      10 years ago you would be right, but not now or ever again.

  • Bob Singh

    How bout the Wii U reboxing video?

  • Adecentboy777

    YEAHHH!!! WELL DONE! πŸ˜‰ That’s waht Nintendo deserves! πŸ™‚

    • uPadWatcher

      Go to hell, Nintendo hater!

      • Adecentboy777

        I am not a hater, I’ve got the console and will buy some first parties, BUT since Nintendo made false promises and fooled a lot of guys, incuding me, I think it’s appropriate to teach them a lesson so that Nintendo can fix this shaby marketing of his own and change their attitude towards 3rd parties and tell no lies! πŸ™‚ Thanks GOD I like SONY too and till PS4 arrives I play PS3 games πŸ™‚

  • miketernet

    Took 4 minutes where 2 would suffice.

  • LopsidedPasta

    To the morons who did this: The Wii U has sold more units in its first 6 months on the market than either the PS3 OR the xbox360 did in their first 6 months. The Wii U is poor, but it is anything but dead.

    • How many times must we hear that?

      • LopsidedPasta

        As many times as it takes for morons like you to get it through your thick skulls.

        • Silent

          Considering they have no brains, nice comment. Exactly my reply.

      • Silent

        It is never enough for people who have no brain.

      • You don’t have to hear it at all if you don’t want to. It’s possible, though not likely, that you can get a life and stop reading articles and comments on a system you don’t like.

        Don’t you see how pathetic you are?

        • Nintedward

          XD !

    • briwas101

      How many of those units were bought by speculators?
      I was considering buying 3 of them and then i came to the conclusion that the wii u would be an epic failure and i would sell them at a loss (which is what people had to do on craislist).
      Im willing to bet 25% of the units sold in the first 6 weeks were speculators hoping to make money just like on past systems.

      • LopsidedPasta

        25%? Wow. To think that 1 in 4 Wii U’s haven’t even been turned on is a HILARIOUS statement. 1 million people bought a Wii U at launch and they plan to sell it 10 years later? Why not wait for a price drop to buy them? Lol. Morons like you fail at economics.

        • oontz

          Morons like you failed at reading.

  • Ducked

    Yay lets plan a funeral for a 7 month old console that hasn’t even revealed its big titles yet. Maybe these guys were on crack.

    • discuss

      Indeed, a 7 month old who still hasn’t revealed any big titles!?!?

    • briwas101

      1. Revealing titles does not mean playable games in the near future.
      2. Video game systems are meant to play games; release a system without games and it becomes a failure.
      Nintendo could reveal this monsterously AWESOME game……that comes out in 2015……and it wouldnt help Nintendo one bit.
      Who would go out and buy a wii u RIGHT NOW just because nintendo announces that there will be a nintendo game in 2014 or 2015?????
      REVEALING games won’t do anything for nintendo.
      RELEASING games is what will help nintendo.
      Until they RELEASE games, nintendo will just become sadder and sadder until ps4 and xbox kill it off.

      • Ducked

        Your missing the point. Nintendo is planning to reveal Mario Kart U, Smash Bros, and more at E3. Mario Kart U is expected to come out this year, so if that doesn’t help, then what will? You people panic so easy.

        • oontz

          I think you missed the point

          • Ducked

            Thinking is different then knowing. I meant to say release in the first place anyways.

  • Cesar Barroso

    Great, now the I will be able to see a phoenix for the first time in my life!

  • discuss

    It was a funny vid to watch. I’m afraid you aggro’d every Nintendo knight out there πŸ˜€

  • Archiq09

    At the beginning people buy console for games
    Today people buy console for graphic and power….

    I like playstation but when playstation is happened the videogames world it just graphic, graphic, power, power. And we forget games ….

    • briwas101

      No, we dont forget games, that is just something that loser nintendo virgins say because they hear other loser nintendo virgins say it and it becomes an echo chamber.
      Guess what? More good games have come out for ps3 than the past 3 nintendo consoles COMBINED.
      Nobody has forgotten about “games”, in fact we moved on to real game systems because they give us GAMES.
      Im a gamer. I play GAMES. I play ps3 because it has the best GAMES.

  • Adam Fox

    It was clever, but I don’t think the Wii U is dead, alot of systems suffer when they are new on the market…I remember when my brother and I got a PlayStation back in the early 90s and the ONLY games they had on the shelf at the store we got it from was Toshindin, ESPN Xtreme and Jumping Flash…..thats all they had….

  • Maximus

    Ashley is so ugly… eww

    • Guest


    • Silent

      O_O HOW DARE YOU!!!??? SO RUDE.

    • discuss

      And so far out of your league.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Didn’t know this was a personal dating site. What do you care how she looks? We’re here to talk about games.

  • Goheels999

    Bought a Wii U for my 9 & 4 year olds for new Mario & Smash Bros games. Those are coming soon, to heck with EA and blood thirsty shooter games, Nintendo makes games for kids that adults can enjoy.

    • briwas101

      Mario isnt coming soon.
      Smash bros MAY be released in 2013.
      Just because you want a game and know that they are working on it DOES NOT mean it is coming soon, unless your definition of soon is “sometime in the next few years”.

  • Goheels999

    Have 2 360s and I will buy the next Xbox at release, just sayin that all consoles need not play the same games. Nintendo has different exclusive titles.

  • NintendoNoob

    People like these believe bull sh*t. Ps3 and 360 did worse than Wii U yet no one announced them dead. I bet they’re just jealous (Because they’re Microsoft fanboys) that Ps4 and Wii U will be hundreds of dollars cheaper than Infinity and will be a lot better.

  • Mark Thom


  • zhenyaivan

    i actually liked the video…

  • Didn’t the neo geo give us Metal Slug? It surpassed it’s limits. Also, the wii u is not going to fail. They just need to showcase at e3 to get up and running!!!

  • TheGamenerd5

    I thought it was funny cause it really only says that the wiiu will be a huge winner, every time they say something is dead it sell great , examples wii and the 3ds

  • Well, I think this one was a little premature. I mean once the Mario Kart, Mario 3D, new Retro game, and Zelda game hit the market, then we should see more and more systems selling.

    Plus, when the $400 to $500 Xboxes and PS4s come out, that 350 Wii U won’t look so ugly anymore.

    • briwas101

      Mario kart: 2014

      Mario 3d: 2014 or 2015

      New Zelda: 2014 or 2015

      You are talking about games that are at least a year away.

      You are talking about games that come out AFTER the ps4 and xboxInfinity are released.

      You would have a little bit of a point if those games were being released soon, but theyre not.

      Whether you want to accept it or not, Nintendo released a system a year before their software division was ready to support a new console.

      In that one year that they lack software they lose ANY advantage they would have had by being the 1st new system in a while.

      By the time Nintendo can actually support the system we will all be busy with our ps4 and/or xboxInfinity.

      Nintendo needed games in 2013, not 2014.

      • Well unless you are just working for Nintendo, then I would say any prospective date would be pure speculation.

        I don’t honestly think that we will see a new Zelda this year, but we very well could have Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart out by the end of the year.

        I am pretty sure that Nintendo knows they need to have some games out for the release of the PS4 and Next Box. Otherwise, they would have squandered their best chance of even making a dent in the next gen market.

        What will those games be and when will they be released, we probably won’t know until it is closer to E3. However, if I am wrong and Nintendo goes weak, then they deserve to struggle.

  • Kamon

    They should make another that takes place 3 days later when the Wii U will rise from the grave because it loves us gamers ever-abundantly.

  • Cameron

    This is stupid. I mean I get that Nintendo’s at fault for not providing a bigger catalog at launch, but christ, it’s not like Nintendo isn’t supporting the console at all. They could have at least waited until after e3, when we know what’s coming for it. I mean Pikmin 3, new 3d Mario, new Zelda, Wonderful 101, new Smash Bros, and I could go on. The console is having a really slow start, but so did the 3DS and look where that is. This console is not dead yet, just be a little more patient.

    • briwas101

      E3 is going to be showing concepts and pictures of games that will come out in 2014 and 2015.
      Nintendo needs games NOW, not in 1 or 2 years.
      So no it isnt too early to be burying the wii u.
      By the time the games come out it will be too late.

      • Cameron

        Actually, Nintendo and Sega have a torrent of Wii U releases planned starting in August (July in Japan) that spreads into 2014, a lot of which are to be shown at E3 and released this year. Nintendo isn’t hemmoraging money so its not like they NEED to release everything now like Sega did with the Dreamcast. Nintendo is just sticking with there old “Quality over Quantity” approach which, unfortunately, takes time. I highly doubt Nintendo is planning to kill the console because of poor sales early on.

  • error

    Blasphemy from insecure, rookie gamers with no respect for the Picasso of our time. FPS ADD hexbox drones.

    • briwas101

      Hey, Michael Jordan is the best player ever but he wouldn’t be able to beat Lebron 1-on-1 right now.
      Nintendo is a very important part of video game history, but they can’t keep up with the competition.
      Nintendo is an old smoker using an oxygen tank while receiving dialysis with terminal cancer and dementia.

  • Jeovany

    this is funny

  • Cloud Windfoot Omega

    these people cannot be called gamers.

  • MΓΈhΓ₯mmΔ™d JΓ₯rmΓΈn

    PS4 and WiiU will be the leaders this gen watch. People will leave the money scam of Microsoft and Xbox Live behind

  • jlenoconel

    Really sad how things are going down for the Wii U. I would have gotten one by now if it weren’t for it doing so poorly. I’ve always liked Nintendo because they don’t focus on first person shooters, and the like, as much as the others. I am not gonna bother with the next PS4 or Xbox whatever it will be called, just because its going to be all first person shooters and crap. I think part of the problem with Nintendo though is having too much shovelware, particularly on the original Wii. Its mainly the West that seems to be responsible for this though, as Japan didn’t have anywhere near as much shovelware on the original Wii over there. I thought the release games on the Wii U looked promising though. I guess the public decided not to bite though, because they’re anticipating the next Xbox and PS4 so much. Ah well.

  • Shreckle

    Time will tell. They could have done the same for the 3ds after it was launched. We’ll see what happens next.

  • Martijn Plasmans

    I liked the soundeffects from Super Mario World, but why are we giving attention to this clip? There are already too many negative rumors, opinions on this site. How about being positive for a change and place some nice and positive stuff?

  • FlyingBoat

    who cares about what a couple of randoms did for views on youtube?

  • Guest

    The fact that WiiUDaily keeps showing these types of articles and videos just shows their true color. They are now the apprentice of the sith lord.

  • PachterStation

    It’s not looking too good for Nintendo. Unofficial price drops are not good news. In the UK, the 8GB model is selling for Β£149, but not sure if sales have picked up. Saying that, only Asda and Amazon have reduced the price. Nintendo will just throw out the same old games, thirdparty support will be poor. The Wii U can keep up with current consoles, but it won’t be able to keep up with the Xbox 720 and PS4. Nintendo builds consoles that are up to their standards. When it comes to thirdparty support, it’s a different story all together. Nintendo could have went on with the Wii for a while longer, not forgetting they released a new model. The Wii U should be up there Xbox 720 and PS4 tech. Nintendo could have released the Wii U just after the Xbox 720 and PS4, no excuses. All this talk about the Xbox 720 and PS4 costing around Β£400 maybe true, but if Microsoft and Sony can do it, so can Nintendo, not forgetting that nearly 100 million people bought a Wii, so the user base is huge. But looking at the Wii U, the gamepad has bumped up the price of the console. By the time you add the extras, the Wii U is expensive, more so when shelling out for a hard drive. The range of games is fairly poor and I just can’t see the situation changing much. Mario Galaxy 3, Mario Kart 8 and a new Zelda will boost sales, but I can’t see the Wii U being up there with Wii sales. Even at Β£149 in the UK, it’ll probably still struggle. I can’t see the Wii U going the same way as the Dreamcast, but it may end up going the same way as the Nintendo 64 and GameCube (didn’t sell enough). Thirdparty support is the key for next gen. The Wii outsold all other consoles with poor thirdparty support, but next gen will be different. Nintendo’s own games won’t be able to save the Wii U.

  • Merham Limba

    The fact that WiiUDaily keeps posting these types of articlea and videos just shows their true color. They are now the apprentice of the sith lord.

  • This is funny but dumb. It’d be more appropriate to do square-enix, thq, ea, sony, the list goes on. Gaming companies are going down, and it’s a real shame.

  • Agree or disagree with the message, the video is brilliantly made.

  • devmiles

    this is epic!!! πŸ˜€

  • Bryce Harvey

    That’s just like, your opinion, man.

    Honestly, the Wii U is going to be swimming in games even though it obviously won’t beat out PS4 or Next Box. Just do some research of the companies on board with Nintendo. It will be like another Gamecube; I’m okay with that.

  • Sakurai

    Why do you report on this shit?

  • Kaihaku

    Insert mandatory ZombWiiU joke.

  • Tim van Broekhoven


  • Linskarmo

    The whole concept reminds me somewhat of Faramir.

  • I am very disappointed in the Wii U. I guess I expected more out of the console that came out years after the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and is still not as powerful as them. The Wii U should have bested them both with ease, plus it should have been released with enough content for consumers to be happy.

    Just like my Vita (which I love) I’m keeping it around and hoping for a turn around.

  • andrΓ©

    why didnΒ΄t nintendo create a equal console so they can match up with ps4 and nex xbox