Jan 7th, 2013

In a recent interview with Gamingbolt.com, Trine 2 developer Frozenbyte talks about their experience porting their game to the Wii U and Nintendo. The developer believes the Wii U has great potential and says Nintendo effectively creates consoles around their first party titles:

“…They create their own standards and have huge IPs to fall back on. As for untapping the hidden power of new consoles…I think Nintendo personifies that in all of their first party titles, regardless of the actual CPU or GPU performance.”

This statement seems to ring true as proven by games like Super Mario Galaxy and Skyward Sword for the Wii. These two titles were critiqued as creme of the crop for the console, showcasing some of the best visuals and gameplay, despite the Wii’s inability to produce high definition graphics and limited power.

When asked about whether there were any difficulties in porting Trine 2 over to Wii U, despite it having a slower clock speed to the Xbox 360 and PS3, Frozenbyte said:

“None whatsoever…The whole architecture is running very well and we were able to ramp the Trine 2 art to a higher degree than with the other consoles.” So for porting no issues at all and there is a nice base for future original development too. Maybe some were looking for a larger leap in terms of pure power, but in the end I believe most developers will be quite comfortable with the system.”

So far, third party developers seem to be either very disappointed with the Wii U’s capabilities or like Frozenybyte, very pleased. As with everything in the world of gaming though, it’s the gamers who have the final say about a console.

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  • Troy Layman

    to be honest ive been a die hard xbox fan since there first console and have owned the ps3 an the wii so i was reluctant when my children asked for the wii u… but to my suprise even though the graphics are pretty much equal to what u would see on a ps3 or xbox 360 ive now found myself playing the wii u more then my xbox for the simple fact that the new game pad adds so much more to the game making it more enjoyable an in some point more challenging in games such as zombi u were ive seen people being dissapointed at the visuals an fighting aspects having to use the game pad an main tv screen at the same time makes it more challenging and enjoyable. if u comepare it to dead island i believe zombi u has it beat by a long shot just because the game pad adds so much more then you can get out of a normal controller… in my opinion when xbox an playstation launch a new console they have work to do if they want to catch up to nintendo is this aspect of gaming nintendo has successfully put the player into the game useing the new game pad so i hope xbox figutes out something better then the weak smartglass app that had alot of promise but as of yet has done anything…. so great job nintendo although i have no intentions on disbanding from my xbox i will be useing the wii u alot an hope to see more great games…

    • Kcasillas190

      >Even though the graphics are pretty much equal to what you would see on a PS3 or Xbox360.

      Yeah,a new console using NEW MODERN technology is totally the same amount powerful as 7 year old consoles.

      I’m being sarcastic, it’s easily a lot more powerful. We’ll probably end up seeing games that look a lot better and next gen during Q2 of 2013 or E3 2013 with Wii U at the same time the Nextbox and PS4 come.

      • Sidney Majurie

        No need to insult the guy like a raging fanboy. He’s an Xbox fan and ended up really liking the Wii U. That is what Nintendo has to do to capture the market share they want. They have to convince hardcore fans of other consoles to get Wii U. See the big picture and be happy Nintendo’s strategy is working on him instead of being a callous a-hole.

        • Kcasillas190

          I’m sorry, but if someone is pulling out statements like “The Wii U is just as powerful as 7 year old systems” which isn’t even true, i’m gonna call it out and correct them. I know I look like an asshole by saying that but I don’t want him to also give the wrong impression of the Wii U’s power since he’s completely wrong.

          • Kuzon

            Then tell him with out saying he’s a fucking dumbass. Yes, Wii U’s GPU is much much more capable than 360’s, but that’s not how the story is told mainstream to people who don’t know the difference between memory and storage.

          • Kcasillas190

            Alright. Fair enough. But it’s amazing to me how people can think that a console that’s using a modern GPGPU and other newer tech is ONLY as powerful as last gen. When people tell things that aren’t true like “The Wii U is only as powerful as last gen systems” they’re giving the wrong message of the system to potential customers with a blatant lie.

            Such as if someone wanted a Wii U but didn’t know much about it, so someone told him/her a lie like “It’s only as powerful as last gen systems” that could turn them off the system even though it’s completely not true.

            I know I was being an asshole with that so das’ my bad though. But at least the guy who wrote that comment can at least do some research to know the Wii U is tons more powerful than the PS3 and Xbox360 can ever be. [That coming from a PS3 fanboy].

          • The guy said the GRAPHICS are on the same level as ps3 and 360….and right now that is correct.   Unfortunately nothing for Nintendo fans to point to that looks drastically better then their versions

          • Kcasillas190

            Well they are just launch games. I know everyone uses this example but look at the launch games of the PS3. They didn’t even look much better than PS2 games. Then during the PS3’s long life cycle we get The Last of Us which looks amazing. Imagine what games Wii U could do in the next generation in about 3 years time when developers get used to the hardware.

          • It’s too soon to say.  It may very well be equivalent to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, or only a little bit more powerful.  Think about the extra cost of manufacturing that gamepad and it actually makes sense, especially when you consider that the Wii was essentially as powerful as the GameCube.

            I believe games for the Wii U will probably look better over time (Pikmin 3 already looks gorgeous from what I’ve seen), but Troy’s point is still valid.  Graphics aside, the gamepad adds a whole new dimension to console gaming, and that is a very big deal, probably a bigger deal than a giant leap forward in raw power.  The fact that this praise is coming from a longtime Xbox fan really says something.

          • Kcasillas190

            I agree though. That’s what I was saying. It’s too late to see what types of games and graphics we can get out of the Wii U since it’s only been 2 months since launch. Like I said, compare a launch PS3 game to a game that has come at the end of the PS3’s lifetime like The Last of Us. 

    • MujuraNoKamen

       Well said sir, you’ve risen above the murky depths of fanboyism and seen the light – a true gamer. Fear not, Wii U will give us some great looking games within a couple of years (like a new Zelda/ Metroid etc built from scratch for Wii U – not to mention Nintendo do a great job with efficiently squeezing the best from even weak hardware e.g. Skyward Sword, Mario Galaxy Twilight Princess and Metroid Prime 3) Man I can’t wait till a new Nintendo Direct and E3 roll around, it’s gonna be awesome to see what N, Retro and Monolith announce.

  • Kuzon

    You forgot Xenoblades, another Nintendo first party title that was pretty gorgeous. Emulated to be played in hd it looks like a 360 game from the art style and effects they used. 

    • Cordell Wooten

      like a 360 game? thats a stretch. it does look good though.

  • LonDonE247

    its funny that whenever a developer says something positive about wii u you hardly see it on the mainstream websites, but as soon as someone says something negative about wii u its everywhere!! LOL at the bought off losers,its why i only come to gaming sites like wii u daily for nintendo related news!!

    • And we thank you for your support! 

  • RattleGore

    If the i5 and i7 is anything to go by you can have a slower speed processor and it runs better and more streamlined because it a new architecture… 

    • Wildman

       CPU speed isn’t all about MHz or GHz anymore. It’s all about efficiency. I think that once devs catch on to the Wii U’s CPU ability and GPGPU computational power, the games will be great!
      So much potential. The launch games prove it.

  • Linskarmo

    First party Nintendo games have usually been a lot better looking than third party, and that’s pretty noticeable on the 3DS as well as the Wii. Trine 2 looks amazing, so hopefully third parties will take advantage of Nintendo’s hardware on the Wii U.