Jan 18th, 2013

Frozenbyte expected the update for Trine 2: Director’s Cut to be ready before the holidays, which includes better graphics, Wii U Pro Controller support and voice chat, but that certainly hasn’t happened since the game was released. The developer recently published a video on their own website that you can find below that confirms that the update should be rolled out in the final week of January.

The other good news here is that Australian and New Zealand gamers that have been waiting to get their hands on Trine 2 will finally be able to do so. The delay for both the update and the lack of release for the Pacific is attributed to the slow down of the holiday season and further on into the New Year.

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  • Cool !

  • I was wondering what happened!

  • Even better graphics? This game looks very epic as it is, can it be better? We’ll see when it’s there, <3 love pro controller support, voice chat is somewhat unneeded imo, but a cool addition. Bring it on Frozenbyte 😀

    • Fred

      What are you talking about voice chat is needed. I played with a buddy online yesterday and we had to talk on our cell phones while we played.

      • Well Leo I’m talking from my perspective, not all of us have friends who like Nintendo as much as I do, my friends prefer the Nintendo handhelds, for consoles it’s PS3 and XB for them.

        Perhaps I should have written it a little different, for me in person voice chat is unneeded, as most likely when I get that wiiu, I’ll be the only one playing Trine on it and most other games, except some great fighters (tekken, smash brothers etc) I’ll play with friends, so for me it’s not needed, it’s great they add it for many people who DO play it with friends, my apologies for giving the wrong idea.

        • RyuNoHadouken

          and not even that….you can play with random people online…voice chat is a must when trying to tell them how to cooperatively solve the physics puzzles

      • Mark Thom


    • MetroidZero

      Yes, well said.

      P.S. Loved your post against the troll, Neutron.

      • Thx. He asked for it and still does. Some people never learn, but it really does give me (and others) a good laugh. Fight fire with fire I believe they call it, stupid posts/replies deserve stupid responses 🙂

    • I think what they mean is ” enhancements to both its vivid and dark colors” as featured on this article http://wiiudaily.com/2012/12/trine-2-wii-u-update-coming-soon/

  • SethLaw

    Better graphics, wow !! Achievement unlocked:’Can it Run Crysis’

    • Actually yes Wiiu can run crysis and cri-engine with ease has been confirmed months ago. Not that It’s coming though, O well can’t have it all can we?

      • Nick Kulakovskiy

        Well, at the moment we’re not actually getting much. We Have been anticipating the same games for almost a year now, I really think even though Nintendo loves to post their releases onto E3, they should actually get people hyped up in order to get better sales. Surely Nintendo have a lot up their sleeve, and maybe it’s a good thing that they’re only willing to post it on E3, but for me, I want to get hyped up way before the game’s release. That will make me buy it with passion. 

        As for Cry Engine I believe that if they’re not going to put Crysis 4 on the console or anything, because it’s Ubisoft, they will make something more exciting for the Wii U due to their excellent relations with Nintendo. They might as well take some concepts and besides Ghost Recon Online they will implement WarFace onto the Wii U as a free to play?

        My anticipations is a ModDB and Half Life 3 Release on Wii U (Because Valve has shown a lot of interest in the Wii U), also Steam and a LOOOT of Free to Plays to keep myself entertained waiting for the next highly anticipated game for the Wii U.

        • All I can say on your comment is that I 100% agree with you, N really needs to hype up the system more. It can do a lot more but it’s not shown and as you said also, I too am not hyped at all for WiiU, just two games have my interest as of now, Aliens collonial marines, and Trine 2.

          Read earlier that tomorrow their will be a special Nintendo Direct only on wiiu, maybe they have something to hype about then 🙂

  • Torrez Hillard

    bang bang

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    This news made my day

  • Revolution5268

    man i need to get this game, but i don’t have enough memory for wii u, and i only got the basic ver….i wonder how many gig it takes to download this game?

    • Threinfhir

      About one.

    • alex

      it take 1.3g to download

    • Elem187

      I got the 8gb version as well.. Didn’t care for the stand, the reviews for Nintendoland wasn’t stellar (I bought it used for $35 after the fact) so I figured since I have a few 32gb cards sitting around, might as well put them to use…. I have downloaded all the indie games, demos on the e-shop and Scribblenauts as well, and I haven’t filled the drive up yet.

      With how cheap external storage is these days, having the 8gb version isn’t hampering anything.

      On a side note Sony/Microsoft fanbois think its a drawback not to have a harddrive, you would have to be NUTS to want a mechanical harddrive in a console for three reasons:
      1. Mechanical harddrives are slow
      2. It boosts the price of a console to the atmosphere
      3. SD memory is several leagues faster than harddrives and the game will load up MUCH faster.

  • Cathy Klemm

    I downloaded it for 15.00 there was a good deal for a little while. Awesome graphics

  • SoulSilverZero

    Do an article about Pandora’s Tower coming to North America, it’s a Wii game, but it’s nice to have everyone know.

  • LukeBlackburn

    it was to easy

  • Nintendude

    I just got this game yesterday. So far it is really great!