Aug 23rd, 2013


Every Friday here at Wii U Daily we’re taking the time to highlight some of the most captivating threads on our forums. We’ve got a great community of people there who talk about a variety of things, some of them Nintendo related, some not. Still, we think it’s a great community to talk about gaming in general, so why don’t you see if there’s something you’d like to discuss below?

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  • Linskarmo

    I think these weekly highlights are a good idea. I like interesting threads on the forums.

    • Mariokartfann

      I like the idea too, even though I’ve seen them before, might bring in new people with a new perspective on things!

  • Sdudyoy

    Just a heads up there is a new WWHD trailer that features hard mode, and at the end of it there is a Zelda themed gamepad, I can’t tell if it’s just a skin or not though.

    • jay

      It’s from the Wii U Wind Waker Bundle.

      • Sdudyoy

        Probably but it hasn’t been confirmed.

        • John Smith
          • Jack5221

            They should have done a little more to make this Wii U special. Just my opinion, but I feel like they should have made the console + pad a light blue color, and put some decals on the console too, not just the pad.

          • Jon

            anymore special and I’d be even more annoyed, us early adopters get nothing special but those who waited/been asking for a price drop can get a special Wii U

        • jay

          Things are easy to figure out 😉

  • Justis Bistawros

    Thats good that the wii u community can speak out and say whats on their minds.

  • Rafael Saldana

    127 comments about how excited people were about Cod ghosts freefall map confirmed in a wiiudaily post but the actual COD website says otherwise, is it still confirmed wiiudaily? Or were we lied to? I was so excited I pre ordered it right after that post

    • SonicLucario

      Yea I heard the same thing, its even removed on the official CoD Ghosts sight and GameStop

      • NkoSekirei

        lets wait and see how the free fall map for ghost plays out and activision alrdy stated their giving wii u full support but who knows we might still get it or we ll get screwed again its a 50/50 percent chance of getting it and dlc

        • Rafael Saldana

          I think Activision doesn’t know the definition of “Full Support” and wiiudaily doesn’t know the definition of “Confirmed”

      • Rafael Saldana

        I’m hoping that if we don’t get it as a pre order bonus maybe it will be included in every copy of the game, I’m still going under the Confirmation that wiiudaily made about freefall being “Confirmed”

        • SonicLucario

          I just hope we get some kind of DLC this time

    • kevin nun—-

      Take back your preorder so Activison see’s the unhappy consumers, then they might add it.

      • Rafael Saldana

        I wonder if we can sue Activision for false advertising, we have all the evidence we need, everything from “DLC” in the back of my blops 2 copy to pictures of their website with the wii U copy of ghosts listing “pre order now for free bonus map ” and also gamestop advertising freefall and then removing it after we pre ordered, it all sounds like false advertising to me and that would definitely get Activision’s attention

        • david jarman

          Why not? If a lady could sue McDonalds for burning herself with hot coffee that she poured herself! I think we should be able to sue a company for false advertisement and expectations! Not to mention discrimination.

        • Andreas Sunde

          Contact a lawyer, get a bunch of pissed off consumers, and sue the hell out of them.

          • Rafael Saldana

            Yea I’ll hit up one of those lawyers that say “If you don’t win you don’t pay” haha, if they take the case it means they know they’ll win , I’m also waiting for wiiudaily to give a statement about the false information

    • david jarman

      What makes me upset is why is there a free map? Why isn’t it just part of the game to begin with if its already made. This dlc bullshit has gotten out of hand. I understand keeping the game alive and the community, but damn I feel ripped if they were made the same time the game was created.

      • Rafael Saldana

        Yea that pisses me off how it’s a free map and it might not even get included, it’s free which means there’s going to be no profit because of it but more people will buy the game if freefall is included

      • jay

        Nintendo Gamers:

        Not used to this shit.

        • david jarman

          I play all systems, but love the nintendo the most.

          36yr old gamer:

          Doesn’t want to be use to this, and wants this trend to end.

  • jay

    Geez Wii U sales have doubled since Pikmin 3.

    Wheres IGNorant or Game Infarcer when you need em??

    • GI is the WORST with bias against Nintendo :/

      • Mariokartfann

        What’s worse? I joined last year, living under a rock as to who is biased against who, and left the next day! God was that day awful-“Burn your Wii, it’s failing” or “kill yourself” or worse “go suck a d*** and die”
        The last one proved the ages of the users

        • jay

          OH NO But Nintendo fans are the immature ones! lol

          If I had a dollar for every childish “mature” gamer, I would be swimming like Scrooge McDuck.

        • eh. Just the articles are OKAY, but some of them just have these stupid unnecessary jabs.

          • Mariokartfann

            Yeah, few articles are bad, it’s the members

      • jay

        Oh I’ve heard the worst against Nintendo. One magazine considered UMD disks the most revolutionary invention the same year the Wii remote was announced. A silent jab against Nintendo.

        One article once tested the DS’ durability against the PSP. The DS won in EVERY single category but instead of praise the editor wrote “The DS is for kids to spill their juice and color with crayons on, that’s why it’s durable”.[paraphrase]

        I could go on forever but I’ll end it here.

        P.S. a leaked document showed that ms possibly pays IGN for articles. They’ll pay IGN to call something “Game of the Year” without actually playing it.

        • can I see said leaked document? You have a source?

        • sd

          Erm i disagree with your last comment. As a wii U owner that has pre-ordered the xbox one I can say that IGN has not been that supportive. It is only now that they are finally starting to release positive news about the X-1. Seriously they were so against the Wii U then the Xbox One came along and BAM. They were on it like a fly on a turd. Annoying as I just want unbiased,decent and factual articles. The Wii U is awesome, but the xbox one and PS4 will also be great. What people buy is simply personal preference.

    • sd

      Hopefully they will maintain their increase and pick up a touch more when (and now) 101 is released. Then scribblenauts to keep the sales going followed by another increase once zelda is out. I think 50k weekly by zelda. Then 75-100K by christmas.

  • MrBuney

    All the topics IMO:

    -Nintendo Achievements: A gimmick to get players to play game fully but im nintendo til i die, i play em fully already
    -Pikmin 3’s sales effect: idk pikmin 3’s a good game so it should boost sales
    -3rd party games: umm idk maybe some if they have demos
    -Splinter Cell: Never played any of em
    -eShop games: $5 for every $50 spent plus no tax (for alaskans) equals digital all the wAy
    That means wind waker hd will practically be $50 for me

    • jay

      No achievements please.

      I know the Nintendo crowd is more mature but I already can’t stand 360 losers who brag about their gamer score and the elitism in wasting your life trying to reach 1,000,000 points.

      I also HATE the notifications. If the notifications could be turned off then I wouldn’t mind as much.

      • Arthur Jarret

        I don’t know what microsoft does, but playstation allows you to turn off trophy notifications since the last update. I really enjoy my games more because of this, too!

      • sd

        Achievements would be good if you actually got something for your effort. What about a free game in recognition of your time (and money) spent earning the points. Otherwise for me it has always been pointless.

  • John Smith
  • goldmrmber

    Lol at anti nintendoizm based on great build qoality

    Only an insane petson could try to slander a company for great build quality


    For kids lol NO FOR EVERY DAY LIFE
    Lol indudtry lol fanboys