Jun 21st, 2014


Now that E3 is over, you’re probably excited about all the things Nintendo announced at the show. Whether you’re super excited about the Legend of Zelda U preview we got, or you’re ready to start splattering ink in Splatoon, be sure and check out these threads on the Wii U Forums. There’s some great discussion happening there, including the fact that Minecraft might be coming to the Wii U soon, as well as which indies are worth buying on the Wii U.

It’s a great community with regulars that you can team up and play games with, so don’t be afraid to jump in and let people know what you think about all the latest Nintendo announcements. There’s even a section for older Nintendo consoles, if you prefer playing Wind Waker on GameCube rather than the HD remastered version for Wii U.

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  • David Trail

    Minecraft on Wii U makes sense.

    Yes, Zelda U is a system seller.

    I hate online only games. I agree Reggie.

    Meh, thanks but I’ll just play with some randoms online.

    I don’t want Splatoon to learn anything from COD. That is what is the appeal about it.

    I will play smash with the game pad most probably.

    • Nicolas Dorion

      The CoD thing was a joke

      • Gameonfool

        More how splatoon could learn how to not be like cod sounds better.

  • Sdudyoy

    I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, I don’t see the point of buying Minecraft a second time, and with the PC version being so much further in development than other versions I really don’t see the point.

    • David Trail

      I have never played it so I would like to support the Wii U version if it might be coming out. Rather than buying it on the other consoles.

      • Sdudyoy

        Yeah, Minecraft is really fun, if it comes to Wii U I would suggest those who don’t already have the PC version to get it.

        • vexedpython

          this may sound odd coming from a Nintendo fan that loves platformers more then anything but I have always avoided giving it a try because of the hordes of children I see playing it….maybe ill look past that though

          • Sdudyoy

            I can see where you are coming from, but if you don’t know if you will enjoy it, there is a demo for the PC version nowadays, I think there is one for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions also, but I wouldn’t know for sure.

      • palomino blue

        I’d say if you never played it, give it a shot. It’s addictive as hell. Something really soothing about just chopping and digging. And you can satiate your inner hoarder by keeping everything. Personally, I liked the game a lot more when it came out and didn’t have all the leveling and health mechanics (like needing to eat). But I can see the gamepad handling this game well and I’d probably drop some money to play it on wii u.

  • Lewis Te Whaiti

    Yes for sure
    I’m a single player fan
    I’m of the same opinion as David Trail.
    What could it possibly learn considering it’s uniqueness
    I have neither, nor do I play SMSB

  • Moreck

    Minecraft on the WiiU would be great! 3DS, not so much. If it was even feasible with the system’s tiny amount of RAM, the low screen resolution would really mar the experience.

  • Rogelio

    Minecraft+Wii U Gamepad= Endless Possiblities šŸ˜€

  • Jack5221

    Is Nintendo Teasing Minecraft? Yeah, Im calling it now. Minecraft will come to Wii U. I’ve never played the game before, but if it comes to Wii U, and they add some Nintendo themes to it, like Mario skins etc then I’ll give it a try.

    If Zelda U is anything like “A Link between Worlds” It will sell systems. “A Link between Worlds” was the reason I bought a 3DS. So I don’t see why not.

    I didn’t read what Reggie said, but games that are Multiplayer only are not that fun to me. Pretty much all of them require internet, and if your internets down, you can’t join in on the fun – unless you have extra controllers with friends over. Multiplayer mode + Single player campaign is always the way to go, hence the reason Call of Duty is so popular.

    I skipped the last two, but about which controller to use for Smash Bros Wii U. I’ll most likely use the Gamecube controller. Its what I’ve always used. I’ll experiment with the Pro controller, but I’ll probably only be using my good old Gamecube controller.

  • sillybajillies

    The CoD post has me cracking up.

    • leo

      IKR? Made me crack up

    • rp17

      It originally came from a joke website like the Onion. Their next article even better. It was called “Iā€™m Running Out of Ideas to Piss Off Nintendo Fans So They Can Keep Clicking On My Articles”

  • brian

    Just a note: Clicking ‘Yoshi’s Woolly World’, ‘Captain Toad Treasure Tracker’ and ‘Splatoon’ take you to the wrong games. (Under Popular Wii U Games in top right corner)

  • leo

    That COD post though….it makes you wonder about life

  • Joseph Oliveira


    If any game can learn from CoD, it’s, stop using the same game mechanics from early 2000.

  • wiimenonowiiu

    Civ minecraft and final fantasy tactics all winners with the game pad

  • Thedude

    Minecraft is to advanced in terms of graphics for pii pii poo poo to run it.

    • Rinslowe

      Is it a fair assumption that, “the dude” loves “thedude”?
      And that up-voting oneself is an extension of that feeling….?

  • Arthur Jarret

    People actually use the forums?

  • disqus_QNIAqtNpHo

    Good idea even though I don’t like mc still very good idea but plz bring terraria to wii u

  • disqus_QNIAqtNpHo

    Plz bring next gen terraria exclusive content also…….UH OHZ THE DUD IS BACK:O

  • WarioForever

    Zelda U a system seller? Not likely, since Zelda games aren’t selling that good, that’s a job for Mario.

  • Madmagican

    Always a pleasure to come back to Wii U Daily and see forum threads šŸ™‚