Jul 25th, 2014


This week Comic-Con is underway in San Diego and Nintendo is live-streaming the event, so there’s plenty for Nintendo fans to talk about. We also got tons of new information about the upcoming Hyrule Warriors, including the fact that Ruto, Darunia, and Sheik will all be playable characters when the game is released in September.  With so much to talk about concerning new and upcoming games for Nintendo, perhaps you might like to take a look at our Wii U Forums? We have a highly dedicated group of members who just love engaging new people, so why don’t you pop in and say hello?

Here’s a quick selection of topics that are hot on the forum right now.

As always, be sure to check out the forums for any questions you may have related to your Wii U system, whether you’re having trouble with the range on your GamePad or just want a suggestion for the next game you should try on the eShop!

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  • nintendogamer


    • nintendogamer

      I’m so proud of myself! 🙂

      • Phoenix Maybe


        • nintendogamer

          I was just playin’… you don’t have to be rude.

          • me

            like you expected people to be nice to you after saying “first” which everyone hates lol

          • nintendogamer

            Don’t pretend you haven’t tried to be first in the comment section.

    • Ninty The Rage Kid

      Blue Shell.

  • Guest

    So it’s live streaming now? Er… I don’t get it. What’s happening!?

  • Bob Charlie

    From the footage provided by IGN and Nintendo from SDCC, Bayonetta 2, Toad’s Treasure Tracker, and Smash are looking really, really, really, really, good!
    Five big Wii U exclusives coming before 2015!

    • Fred

      Are you implying that Hyrule Warriors isn’t looking good (I don’t know I haven’t watched the coverage

      • Bob Charlie

        I have not seen any coverage of HW at SDCC, but it too looks really good. I’m seriously trying to figure out how I am going to be able to purchase all of these upcoming exclusives without my wife finding out.

        • Clel

          Haha, good luck then 😉

  • alyssa

    the only thing i want from this game is the confirmation of ness !!!!! i love him so much why wont the reveal him. i hope he’ll still be in the game

    • MagcargoMan

      He’ll be in. I don’t get why people worry about characters who won’t be cut. It’s like how before Robin’s reveal people were worried for Captain Falcon, and before the Smash Direct people were worried for Yoshi.

      • alyssa

        Yea i guess you’re right but seeing your favorite character (since the first super smash) not be revealed this close to the games release …you can’t help but worry for ness. But I do see your point ..A Japanese magazine said on August 12 they are planning to show all characters and stages I just hope ness is on that list ….of course its just a rumor

        • MagcargoMan

          They actually clarified on that recently and said they meant they’d show every CURRENTLY revealed character, so you’re gonna have to wait a little longer for Ness.

          • alyssa

            Mannnnnnnn…. oh well ill guess I’ll just keep hoping for ness lol

  • hkjfjdghjg

    Hyrule Warriors coming in September ….wicked,,,,

  • Milky Bacons

    Still no big announcement? No? Okay.

    • Clel


      • Milky Bacons


      • Purple

        I thought you changed your name! When I saw Milky Bacons I thought … hmmm Clel?

  • To be honest, I just want to s33 some Mother/EB news for Smash, today is Earthbound Zero’s 25th Anniversary after all, plus it’s Earthbound’s 20th next Month… I’d be so happy if Lucas, Ness, Claus and Ninten were all confirmed, that’d be so great…

  • Arthur Jarret

    It’s funny how these ‘from the forums’ articles get more traffic than the actual forums.

  • TheSneakyLizard

    I can’t believe nothing happened! This is E3 2008 all over again!>_<