Aug 16th, 2013


Our forums have always been a great place to discuss upcoming Wii U games and news that may not hit here on the front page of Wii U Daily. We’ve got a great community of members, many of them active longer than the the site and the forums have been merged. We’re taking the time on Fridays to highlight some of the best topics from the forums and hopefully you’ll take the time to check them out.

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  • ezquimacore

    Yes, by a lot of the biased gaming media. Nintendo is not paying money for advertisement in their websites like Call of Duty or Sony, and that’s what happen.

  • Emufred

    Woah wait a minute. Candle uses directx11 and it still being adapted to wii-U?

    Damn, square-enix got some explaining to do…

    • Jon Turner

      That’s right. Although the whole DX11 thing was a scam from the start. It was just a journalist who blew it out of proportion. The truth is Square-Enix dodged the question.

      • CharmanderRulz

        This would explain a lot! As the Xbox was made to show direct X techniques (it’s even in it’s name) so you can only get equivalents for other platforms (like PC OS direct X) and I thought it was dumb for Square to make such a claim but this cleared things up.

        • Jon Turner

          Square-Enix does deserve flak for the DX11 comment, but on the other hand, so does the person who misinterpreted that comment and blew it out of proportion into the “KHIII/FFXV not coming to WiiU” BS that we’re hearing. The truth is that we don’t even know if these two are coming or not. Square-Enix hasn’t confirmed nor denied either. But if they’re that desperate for cash, when the WiiU is selling more, chances are we’ll see them.

          • Marcell Wade

            I sir, hope you are right, would be epic.

          • CharmanderRulz

            Why does Square “deserve [the] flak for the DX11 comment” if they actually “dodged the question”? I’m not trying just disagree but “when the WiiU is selling more, chances are we’ll see them” isn’t gonna happen. I want FFXV more then almost anyone but if Wii U sales where too low why is it on XB1 and PS4? The direct X isn’t a problem too as I could even fix it myself! I don’t want to support an anti consumer, pay for online box of a console (PS4 had the DRM BS too) anymore then the next person but the only way we could get these games is with constant badgering of Square.

          • Jon Turner

            It’s not just increasing of sales that we need to alert Square-Enix. We still need to show demand. I’m not saying that we should drop our guard.

    • bizzy gie

      PS4 doesn’t even have that API.

      It uses OpenGL (4.0 to be exact).

      Granted OpenGL is far superior to DirectX.

      It’s still not the same API nonetheless.

      • Orto

        Lol at how you always bring up the ps4 in some way fony boy. Your fan boy like nature sickens me. Go and play average games like killzone whilst we stick with amazing titles such as pikmin 3.

        • bizzy gie

          I have a Wii U. And for a long time I crapped on PS4 before XB1’s reveal.

          The last Sony console I owned was a PS2.

          I’ve never even played Killzone.

          PS4 will be my first, true Sony console.

          Something is wrong with you.

          • Clel

            Aren’t Orto and Guest100000000000 so weird?

          • Guest


      • I’m curious: aside from the open nature of OpenGL, what about it is “far superior” to DirectX?

    • Donaald

      The funny thing is that translating the inputs from directx to OpenGL is rather simple, there’s even tutorials for it.

  • Mariokartfann

    Haha yep all of these are a hot topic on the forums :p I saw it first
    but as for the sabotaged business, I think there is a small chance that Truthteller is telling the truth-sorta. He’s saying people are paying money for the article writers to say positive things about the wii u, I think that people are being paid from Sony/Microsoft positive communities to hate on the Wii U here or anywhere that is pro-Nintendo.
    Then again I could be thinking too much, 90% of trolls hardly think…

    • Clel

      If every day I yell that the it’s going to rain tomorrow, I’ll be right eventually.

    • Joel Lopezz

      Of course… it’s more than just possible, it’s pretty damn accurate lol.

  • Super Buu

    NoJ is better than NoA anyday, everyday.

  • Mochlum

    I wish people would stop saying Ubisoft “betrayed” Nintendo and is sabotaging them. Yes, the Rayman delay was annoying. But they still have the most third party support out of most companies, as it seems…

    • Mariokartfann

      Yeah, just because they delayed a game doesn’t mean they hate the company…

      • Jon Turner

        Yes, and they’re giving us “AC4”, a sequel to a predecessor that only cleared about, what? 120k? And “Splinter Cell.” And “Watch_Dogs!” And they even were backtracking from statements of Ubisoft losing faith in WiiU. Seriously, why can’t people look at that?

        • Because to some extent, the people who regularly post on this site feel they belong to a “community under attack”, and will completely externalize all blame, ignore any information that challenges the narrative that Nintendo is a “victim”, and attack those who point out the obvious, or make very reasoned arguments that Nintendo has utterly (and continues to) dropped the ball with this console.

          Much like conspiracy theorists can accept a certain cognitive dissonance (even going so far as to believe two conflicting things at the same time), some hard core Nintendo fans can listen to Nintendo officials apologize for the poor handling of the launch, yet still ruminate on the idea that there’s some kind of conspiracy involving every major publisher in the world, because publishers care more about some vendetta against Nintendo than… making money? I don’t know, it’s weird.

    • Daniel Carvalho

      I wouldn’t say they “betrayed”, but what they did with Nintendo and with Wii U owners was indeed a slap in the face. They built an enormous hype with Rayman Legends on the Wii U, which was a sure buy alongside Assassin’s Creed III and Zombi U when all three of them were out on the market (two of those games were exclusives for Wii U). We understood the first delay, that’s not rare at all when a game is in development, but the last delay of 7 months to make it for the other two platforms?! That was a sure foul move n their part.

      Their reasoning for that was: “ZombiU didn’t sell enough to make profit, so we believe Rayman Legends won’t sell well either”. There are so many flaws on that reasoning. First of all, what I stated above: just like me, most gamers were eager to get the three games together, or almost at the same time, specially the two exclusive titles. Since they delayed Rayman for so long, people were just patiently waiting for when it launched to buy the others. And what did Ubisoft do? 7 month delay, not an exclusive anymore!
      Now there was only one exclusive title, ZombiU. Why should I bother buying a Wii U if those two titles I wanted the most are coming for a platform I already own?

      Another flaw: ZombiU and Rayman Legends are two different games. You can’t predict the sales of a colorful side-scroller based on how well a survival horror performs. Let’s be fair here: although I hate it when people say Nintendo consoles are for kids (which I believe is just someone who has never played a Nintendo game before, or never got past the first stage of Super Mario Bros.), Rayman Legends is the title that fits Nintendo image the most. It was one of the most anticipated games on the launch window, if not the most.

      Third flaw: ZombiU is a new title. Rayman is a long term series (at least in comparison). ZombiU’s proposal was to show how the Gamepad behaves on another kind of game different from side-scrollers. We had maps and menus accessible through the touch screen, we could aim and shoot with the gyroscope, and so many other features. It was a field of test, both for developers to understand this new piece of hardware, and for gamers, to understand what that little tablet can do to make things better. They were supposed to use it to see how people react to each of those features, and polish them on the next titles.

      When we talk about a series and a new title, the most correct would be the new title being used as the field of test, and the series playing safe. Ubisoft made it right on that, but the results they expected from ZombiU were form the series: sure profit on something entirely new to everybody. They thought that since what they tried to do as something new failed, playing safe wouldn’t do any better either. Those games are completely different , either regarding the gameplay, experiences, the public they’re directed at and their proposals. Even so, Ubisoft thought they could foresee the sales of one based on the other.

      I blame Ubisoft for the poor sales of ZombiU. Nintendo made it right at the start: bundles with the game, advertised it right, Ubisoft was happy, and everybody lived in peace. A few games got delayed (most system sellers), and Ubisoft thought no games would sell on Wii U. After that, the games announced on this E3 skipped Wii U. Ubisoft may not have betrayed Nintendo, but their strategy regarding the console sure is stupid.

      • Jon Turner

        Yeah, the delay WAS stupid. Still, I’m getting RAYMAN ORIGINS not necessarily to support Ubisoft’s bizarre choice, but for the development team’s dedicated efforts. What I played of the game looked incredible.

      • Mochlum

        Yes, the Rayman delay does annoy me, but I still plan on buying the game a little after it comes out, and maybe a few other titles like AC4, Watch Dogs, etc.Yes, the delay’s logic was stupid, but their support for the Wii U and the addicting Challenge App made up for it for me.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Don’t feel bad, Wii-U has a lot of exclusives that won’t be coming to Xbox or Playstation like : “Barbie’s Pet Vet Extreme Makeover”, “Elmo’s Adventure in ABC-land”, “Big Bird’s I can count to 7!”, “Teletubbies in Space”, “Dora’s Excellent Adventure in Pasta Art”. The future looks bright for Wii U. πŸ™‚

      • Mochlum

        Man, I love those games, but I won’t be able to afford them with all of the third party multilplat games, exclusive third parties, and the TON of first party exclusives.

      • Orto

        Ha ha yet another fony fan boy. How is killzone or resistance doing over there lol. Like playing unoriginal and mediocre games?

        • Resistance is a fun game (fun series, actually). WTH are you on about?

  • Stephen Davis

    These are very interesting reads, thankyou Ashley for pointing these out πŸ™‚

  • crocodileman94

    I don’t know about these speculations, but it’s clear that EA and the media have something against Nintendo.

  • david jarman

    Ok, here’s my thought 2cents. Why is it all third party companies put lazy ports of older games on the wii u. Yet they are making fresh games for xbone and ps4. So having a killer app with first party games had nothing to do with it cause they don’t know for sure if the other two consoles first party games will be ready for launch and yet they were damning willing to bake fresh new games for them.
    If the third party companies really wanted to make good sales they should have made fresh new games for the wii u that look awesome and nobody has ever played!

  • FungalSpawn

    If you don’t build it, they wont come. The story of Nintendo’s life.

  • Michael DeVore

    I buy that the WiiU maybe being sabotaged, but not for the reasons the forum goes into. I believe it has more to do with the fact that Nintendo doesn’t do anything against the Used Game market. I believe EA helped write up MS XBox One Online DRM policy, and was sure they’d be able to get Sony on-board since Sony put the Online features behind a pay wall. That’s why EA dropped their Online Pass after all. If you look at it that way that also explains why the games brought over to the WiiU are also missing features that otherwise are behind the Sony and MS Pay Wall.

    I don’t believe Ubisoft is against Nintendo, but I think they are a bunch of half assed hacks when it comes to online multiplayer. As a note I bought AC3 only for the online multiplayer, and I’ve only ever got into a game 3 times. The match making system was designed by a 4 year old. The delay of Rayman is going to cost them a sale because I was interested when I had no games to buy, but now I’ll probably have 101, and Watch Dogs. They get a single sale instead of two. I’ve also seen the footage of the 360 version and anyone buying legends outside of the WiiU will be getting the ripped off gimped version. So it’ll be a nice turn of the table for once.

    Nintendo needs desperately to get Online Play up and working. I believe that the problem is mostly with a lack of talent for online programming. All their local multiplayer games should have online multiplayer as an option. I’d love to play Bingo Battle all day if I could play it randomly matched with thousands of players. As it stands I can only play it with my wife, or the occasional friend who comes over. That gets boring quick.

  • Silent

    If the forums have the same idiots as the main site, No thanks, I’ll stick with the main site.

    • Nintendude

      Most of the time it’s quite peaceful. However there are some Vietnamese spammers that sometimes get it. :/

  • supo hakate

    It’s obviously sabotaged. Wii U launches, gets Sub-currentgen Ubisoft third party support, the innovating, but gimmicky, horror game with sub-currentgen graphics, Zombie U, not mention of Ghost Recon online ever again, no exclusives from EA, sports games that run on old, 2011 engines, no battlefield, and A trimmed down, graphics wise, version of NBA 2k13. Results: developers get mad because the games didn’t sell. PS4 and Xbone launch( not even launch, but at E3, New Ubisoft IPs running on a Nextgen engine, that totally revolutionizes gaming, Multiplats with enhanced engines and added content, Battlefield, EA multiplats that run on a new, ”nextgen” engines, nextgen third party exclusives, and nba 2k14 running on a new, next-gen engine. Also, tech demos, and lots of them. It would be a lie to say Nintendo wasn’t screwed by third-party from the get-go, yes by Ubisoft too, especially Ubisoft, and if you believe otherwise compare the quality of launch Wii U multiplats to other 8thgen systems. Compare the overall effort, and R&D put into them too.

  • Nintendude

    It’s been a while since I heard the main site talk about the forums.

  • Sasori Obinna Onuorah

    too bad

  • Donaald

    I do have my reasons to believe EA and m$ sabotaged the Wii U.

    First of all, publicly alleging that frostbite 3 can’t run on Wii U, then saying it is possible after all. Also during the investors meeting Peter Moore, the guy who sabotaged Sega, said that the console was done for and not worth developing for it. Then this sorry excuse for an engineer, bob summerwill, ranting like a 12 old with autism would, all this right after Nintendo declined to use Origin as their system for the eshop.

    As for m$, they exposed themselves when they were advertising their spybox during a very important Nintendo event, this isn’t the first time they do something like that (remember the “Xbox 360 loves you” boat at the PS3 launch). And don’t get me started with what they did to Netscape.

    • crocodileman94

      What did they do to Netscape?

  • Baum γ€Œγƒ„γƒͺー」

    I stopped reading the last after “Xbox One started the crash” (or something like that, I don’t want to look it up again)

  • Joel Lopezz

    Lol. People you really don’t need anyone’s approval of what you prefer to play. When you take the stage away fom drones and trolls… there’s nowhere for them to act. Screw them. I love Nintendo!

  • Mbele

    The Wii U is being sabotaged, but by nintendo. It seems like they dont listen anything to the forums. Ive seen a few opinions shared by 90% (my estimation) on neogaf and alikes.

    * People want something new because they claim nintendo only reuses their old franchises

    – Nintendo shows Super Mario 3D World.

    * People ask for a more “open world”, with lots of secrets, Super Mario 64 alike game

    – Nintendo shows the very dumbed down Super Mario 3D World.

    * People ask for a mature Zelda, like the best selling Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, without the childish Skyward Sword graphics

    – Nintendo does a remake of Wind Waker no one asked for.

    * People get excited about retros new project and discuss that it has to be metroid

    – Nintendo does another 2d sidescroller (which people seem to have had enough of).

    * People ask for a system selling game, like a new Zelda or Mario

    – Nintendo releases Pikmin 3 before them, one of the worst selling nintendo franchise ever.

    The list goes on, these are just the opinion I think you hear the most.

    • crocodileman94

      Um… a real Zelda game is in the works. Wind Waker HD is just an appetizer.

      Also, Retro made 3 Metroid games in a row, nobody complain. But when they make a second Donkey Kong game in a row, people complain.

      Also, first you say people are tired of the same games over and over again. And then you say at the end that people are disappointed in Pikmin because they wanted the same thing over and over again.

      • Mbele

        Well its not just that its the second DK. I think its about nintendo milking the 2d side scrollers. With tons of indies and games like duck tales remastered coming out, the genre starting to get very washed out. Did anyone get excited from the trailer? How have the sales from Super Luigi U been?

        I didnt say people were disappointed over the reason you stated. People were disappointed because the interest in Pikmin is very low, even among the nintendo fans. Just look at the sales outside of Japan. People need both new games and the big games with a formula that dont change too much. I didnt say they should throw away all old games and release new IPs. I just think the feeling among the gamers is that they should release more new ones.

        You can think what you want, but Pikmin and Wind Waker will never be system sellers. Thats my opinion anyway.

    • Super Buu

      The first two and the Retro Studios game one I agree with but Wind Waker HD is there to keep people busy until the actual Zelda Wii U comes out, until the Wii U game is shown, you really can’t complain. Pikmin is a million seller. Considering Nintendo has many franchises, many of which sell less than 1 million units per installment, Pikmin is actually one of the better selling ones. Not to mention a game like Zelda takes a very long time to make, I mean Skyward Sword just released at the end of 2011, while Pikmin 3 began development in 2008, what do you expect? All in all, you have some good points and some illogical ones. Work on that.

      • Mbele

        I would refrase “Pikmin is actually one of the better selling ones.” to “Pikmin has sold well in Japan”.

        I’m very excited to see what they have coming with the new Zelda U. Right now its the only reason I bought the console. I know its gonna sound overly dramatic, but if its they push for the more manga/cartoonish graphics and childish storyline they did in SS and WW I will sell the console. I dont think its a coincidence that SS is rated E. I also hate the fact that Iwata said gamers want easier games. If they make a business strategy out “dumbing down”, pumping out new 2d side scrollers I think the charm of retro nostalgia dies.

        A new graphically mature metroid (after all, the typical gamer is around 30 years old nowadays) with darkness and a new twist. Same goes for Zelda. A couple of new IP:s on top of that and nintendo should be better off. I dont think the big 3rd party developers will jump on the train no matter how the console sells, considdering developers (eg CryTek, 4A games, Dice) said what they want the most is more powerful hardware. Nothing nintendo can do about that now.

        • Super Buu

          I agree with you to a certain extent. We have enough cartoony and colorful Zelda games as it is and now is the time for a Zelda game for a more mature audience (I dream of having Dark Souls’ developer making a Zelda game for Wii U) but at the same time, it’s a bit unfair to not give a game a chance just because it aimed at a younger audience. But yeah, I don’t think Iwata truly knows what the hardcore Zelda fans actually want. That’s why we should go to MiiVerse or something and tell Aonuma what we actually want to see in the Wii U Zelda game. What I want is an huge open world and mor challenging Zelda game. Maybe something more challenging that Skyward Sword’s Hero Mode would do the trick. Yeah, 2D side scrollers are coming wave after wave. I would be much happier seeing a 3D DK and Kirby game.

          • Mbele

            Zelda director Eji Aunoma says hes thinking of “capturing the feeling of skyrim” in the new Zelda. I think that could be a positive thing for us.

            A 3d donkey kong, thatd be something πŸ™‚

    • 00EpicGamer00

      I think your taking things WAY out of proportion. First of all, what is Nintendo suppose to do? Create new franchises every time they make a game, and never use their already existing franchises? That makes no sense.

      Super Mario 3D world is open-world, in a way. It’s not a side scroller so that’s good I guess. And their are secrets in the game.

      Zelda Wind Waker is just to hold us over until the actual Zelda game comes out. Which I believe will release in 2014 (at least I hope it does.) Nintendo even said, that they expieremented with other Zelda games in HD, like Zelda Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword. But when they tested Wind Waker, they said that it had the best result, or something like that.

      Retro confirmed that they chose to do Donkey Kong because they weren’t familiar with the Wii U, so they wanted to do a simple side scroller, to test the Wii U, and get familiar with it, before they do something intricate.

      Pikmin is not the worst selling franchise, as of March 31st, 2002, pikmin (the first one, obviously) sold over one million copies. Take in recognition, it
      released December 2nd, 2001. Not sure what it is now, but I’m pretty sure it’s much higher. And besides, I don’t know about you but the announcement of Pikmin 3 made me buy a Wii U at launch, even though I had to wait quite a bit, the wait was worth it πŸ™‚

      • Mbele

        Of course not. But since they managed to scare away 3rd party developers with hardware and low sales, they pretty much depend on themselves and indie developers. Nintendo needs new IP:s. Its nit

        About Mario, sure i was exaggerating a bit, I know its not a 2d game of course. I think you know what I mean if youve played the previous 3d Mario games.

        I think the only reason they chose WW was because it required the least amount of work. The art style is more forgiving and doesnt need high res textures (the download size is just 2.6GB). Its also the Zelda game played by the fewest (together with MM?), which makes it easiest to release as a “new” game.

        Sure, Pikmin its not the worst selling game in history, but its still 3 times worse than Zelda MM. It will never be a system seller in the west either. All of the games largely depended on Japan. Just look at the sales in europe…

        • 00EpicGamer00

          Well, Miyamoto said that he’s working on a new IP.

          And yes, I knew what you meant by “3D Mario games”, you were talking about games like Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy. I to want another 3D Mario game like those. But who knows? Maybe Nintendo is secretly working on a 3D Mario game. Cause I remember that their was an article on this site, saying that Nintendo has other games in development, that they didn’t reveal, or talk about yet.

          I agree with your Wind Waker argument. I (and probably lots of other people) never played the game before. So, in a technical sense it’s a new Zelda game to me, but I know it’s a remake.
          I do hope that the new Zelda is a more darkened tone. Like Twilight Princess. Heck, that Zelda tech demo showed us what Zelda TP would look like in HD on the Wii U. But, I’m guessing it’s going to look like Zelda SS and TP mixed together (what Link looks like in the new smash bros.)

          • Mbele

            We can only dream πŸ™‚ Id be fine with a TP/SS mixed Zelda. I think the games needs both elements, darkness and vibrant colors. Id love it if the games had varying areas, where the dark ones get really dark, and the forests are filled with magical things that gives it a fantasy feeling. Dont mean to sound like a pseudo poet, but I think we need the darkness to apreciate the colors πŸ™‚

  • Squid

    I haven’t even joined yet, whoops.

  • starwars360

    Wii U need have GTA V!!!

  • Hipster Victor

    Well the video game crash thing seems unlikely, the sabotage however, it is rather a possibilty, with EA and Microsoft being a part of it (maybe Sony but unlikely since they’re havingvita problems). American buissness these days are just plain dirty dirty on nintendo because they are different :/,

  • Since when did things turn into My Nintendo News in the comments? ‘_’