Sep 28th, 2015

Developer GalaxyTrail has had a rough time with the Wii U launch of their game Freedom Planet after a critical bug was found that occurred only in release version of the Wii U hardware, rather than dev-kits. After announcing a delay in order to prepare a patch to fix this critical issue, the team had to delay the game indefinitely until the issue could be fixed.

Now it seems like all the kinks have been worked out, as one of the developers took to Twitter to announce that the game will be launching in North America on October 1.

The developer tweeted shortly afterward that the European release is coming “as early as possible,” but that it might not be ready until November. Freedom Planet is part of Nintendo’s recent Nindies promotion as well, so if you tried the demo of the game that was available at E3, you’ll be getting 15% off the final price of the game at launch.

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