Mar 6th, 2013

Lego City: Undercover will be released on March 18th here in the US (March 28th for the EU and AUS), so we’re excited to see Nintendo releasing more character videos to amp people up about the release. The first video in the series was released several weeks ago and featured the main hero, Chase McCain. The latest video is about the dimwit Frank Honey. You can check it out below and let us know what you think.

Should Nintendo do these videos with all of their games? I can imagine showcasing the various powers of the Pikmin in short webisodes like this. Let us know in the comments!

[via YouTube]

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  • Donaalld

    The Nintendo magic is beginning to shine. Sold on Lego City!

    • Diogozaca

      Hoping that this game will become a great success. Maybe if it does, it goes on multi platforms and you will get some fun too :)! If you are not willing to get a WII U or 3DS.

      • Donaalld

        Looking forward to enjoying Lego City the right way on the right system – Wii U.

        • Laud

          You aren’t Donaald…..

          Oh well, you’re better.

          • dylanbob121

            Too bad its not even donaald…

          • Donaalld

            If you actually enjoy being trolled, let me introduce you to our new friend KnowNothn… you can find him in the downvoted aria at the bottom of this post.

          • dylanbob121

            I never said I did…

          • Donaalld

            Correct. As stated before, I’m the new don in town. Pleased to Meetcha!

            ON TOPIC: Lovin my WiiU, wanting my Lego City.

    • andrewjcole

      Right on, Donaalld! Can you please explain something to me. I just recently saw a guy called “Donald” with no extra l’s or a’s. Is this an impersonator? I belive you are the real one though.

  • that looked awesome! the next webisode will probably be about Ellie.

  • Nintedward

    Can’t wait to put this game into my Wiiu. Does anyone know if this game has off screen play ? Not a deal breaker , lbut I would prefer it if it did ?

    • I dont think so. if it did, TT games would’ve announced it by now. I want off screen play too.

  • It got about 8.1 out of 10… so it must be worth it :3

    • Adam Baker

      it doesn’t matter how it scored. If it looks good to you, buy it.

  • It is sad when a Lego game has to be the top game that Wii U owners have to look forward to. Imagine a grown man (16 and up) going to the store to buy this game. Sad.

    • Donaalld

      Don’t be sad, pal. I’m pumped for this game and I feel no shame.

      • Rick van der Linde

        Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha nice trolling the old Donaald 😀

    • guest

      i think its more pathetic when a full grown man pics up a fighting game filled with big breasted woman or the common war fighting game.

      • DK_Hadouken

        There are many folks out there that get the game for it’s gameplay, not because of the over exaggerated women in the game.

        But I see where you come from.

    • derek

      if you’re not secure enough with your masculinity to buy a game that looks like it’ll be alot of fun then i guess that’s your loss

    • Wayne Beck

      There is always Digital Download lol

    • audi lover

      Im 30 mate and im going straight in there to buy,only people with confidence issues would think like that

    • Eli Valentin Villanueva

      Actually ages are not really a matter to buy games, because many grow man already played titles like pokemon or another lego saga like batman and indiana jones. So no shame for this game 😀

    • WiiUltra

      The problem is that you are limiting what you want to make you happy. You no longer have an imagination. I feel sad for you. Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean your only option is rated M games. Thats just stupid.

      • Where did I write that?

        • Adam Baker

          you never said it but you pretty much implied it.

          • I did not imply it or write it, that is just you getting what you wanted to get out of it.

    • Rick van der Linde

      It’s sad that you’re still here under a pseudonym.

      • Aren’t we all?

        • Rick van der Linde

          Nope, I don’t need to hide myself.

    • DK_Hadouken

      C’mon Donaald-Classic…. Every time they release a new Lego game it’s one of the top games to get across all platforms. They’re fun as hell. I’m excited because it’s an original this time, as well.

      • They are fun, but none of them are original..Even though they denied, it is obviously based on GTA 4.

        • DK_Hadouken

          No it’s not. Have you ever gone down the toy isle and seen the Lego City line? It’s been put there for the freakin’ longest! Waaaaaaay before they ever announced this game. So it is. It is not GTA. Just because a game is open world in a City and let’s you do things in a City life setting doesn’t make it GTA.

          • Stop the BS, you know what it is.

          • DK_Hadouken

            How am I BS-ing?

            Tell me exactly how is it like GTA?

          • Listen, I don’t have time to entertain BS. Your question is like your asking me to explain how the 360 is like an arcade machine!

          • DK_Hadouken

            Then we’ll agree to disagree. But seriously, I was not BS-ing.

    • Zelly Jeffers

      What about a 33-year old woman? Because I’m TOTALLY getting this the day it’s released! And my 39-year old boyfriend will no doubt play the plastic out of it when he’s not killing British zombies in ZombiU.

      • A WOMAN – there you go. I am not saying that the game won’t be fun, but let’s get real – it’s a baby game. Grown people don’t play with Legos.

        • Zelly Jeffers

          You should look up Sean Kenney some time. 😉

          That, and let go of the obviously juvenile definitions of being an adult and actually grow up.

          • D Moness

            Didn’t the previous troll learn the hard way that a lot of 25+ people were looking forward to this game

          • You never have kind words, just a bad attitude – beeach.

        • D Moness

          Funny I am 35 and i play with lego. My best friend is 32 and plays with lego. As a grown adult person i myself dictate what i like to do and play with. I do not follow what people think i should do. If you think like that you are not older then 18, if you are you are still very immature in your thinking

          • A grown man should not be playing with Legos, unless you mean the game.

          • D Moness

            Such a shame you are such a close minded person. Life is so much more fun if you fully enjoy it.

          • You know gays always call people closed minded because we are not open to experimenting with gayness. If that is closed minded, I will stay closed minded!

          • D Moness

            Be careful your insecurities are showing 😛

          • WiiLuigi

            Toys are made to be played with. No matter how old you are. Otherwise what’s the point of toys if you can’t play with them.

            Also I’m sure people are buying this game cause of the storyline and it looks fun.

            Remember these people started development long ago. When other 3rd party developers jump on the bandwagon then maybe we will be excited about the games you like. Till then let us like what we have and get.

          • dylanbob121

            Dude…thats nice…

        • Adam Baker

          its a game bro, its not that serious lol.
          grown people don’t play with legos, they play whatever the hell they want. simple as that. Judge them if you want but unless they have insecurities, it means nothing.

    • Adam Baker

      only if you have confidence issues man. games are simply a means for entertainment, thats the game’s job. Nothing more, nothing less. LEGO games are almost universally viewed as entertaining games no matter the age.

      An Adult plays what they wanna play and buys what they wanna buy. They don’t feel insecure about something as trivial as a videogame purchase.

    • disqus_TCujPcjAm7

      I will be the first grown man online to buy this game. Most in society view video games for kids anyway ‘o’ I will be playing this game with my teenage son lol

    • andrewjcole

      You just think you’re so cool and can’t play anything that’s not at least rated teen. You shouldn’t feel shame in playing LEGO games. If you ever actually play it, you might like it but you’ll say you don’t because you set your mind to that opinion.

      • I never wrote that I did not play or enjoy Legos games. I wrote that no grown man can go to the store and buy this game,.

        • andrewjcole

          Well, I don’t want to argue with you. You have a different opinion and that’s alright, just don’t go on too hard saying that it’s babyish or anything too strong since there are lots of fans of it here too. It would be nice to try this game though before buying. It looks fun to me but I don’t completely get it. They need the demo of this in the stores. No demo, no full game for me.

  • I guess theres no multiplayer involved. my little brother and I wont be to hot about taking turns. I thought family games are 2 to 4 players. 😐 I still love the game though.

  • redd214

    This game looks so amazing. This game may just be the one to get me to get a Wii U! will be a blast to play with my sons!

  • Nintenjoe82

    They should get the guys from TT to sort out the voice acting for the next Zelda game. Link still shouldn’t speak. Just grunt.

    • dylanbob121

      thats actually a really good idea!

  • Zelly Jeffers

    I squeal every time I see anything new about this title! Can’t wait!

    • dylanbob121


  • Zombie_Andrew

    I’m seriously more excited about THIS game than GTAV!

    • Zombie_Andrew

      OMG Konami and TT games need to join forces and do Metal Gear Lego :O

    • dylanbob121

      Thats a first…

  • Madmagican

    Anyone else notice at 1:00 the game is in a box instead of the usual Wii U case?

    • Adam Baker

      I believe it comes with lego toys thats why the box is like that but yeah I noticed it too.

  • dylanbob121

    “you two must be old friends” watch out!we got a smart guy over here!

  • jen

    I’m torn between downloading this game from the nintendo eshop when it comes out, or pre-ordering the limited eddition bundle. What are the pro’s and con’s of buying a hard copy vs dowloading a ditigal version?

    • when you download the game you get 5 bucks off into buying more games if you have the deluxe version

  • Christopher Beamish

    I’m 44 years old and I don’t care what people think about me buying this game. I have been waiting for this for ages.

  • WiiLuigi

    Very exited about this game. Can’t wait.

  • dylanbob121

    Lego city undercover is going to be one of the top 10 games of 2013.It may even beat GTA V!My favorite lego game ever was lego batman,And I know that this game will replace it really quickly!Kinda like when My favorite game on the 3ds(at launch)was LoZ OoT 3D…then came starfox 64 3D…

  • Quicksilver88

    I really hope this game lives up. It looks like it will be a blast and to the haters…I mean come on there have been many fun Lego games and they usually pay homage to established brands like movie or comic icons….so what it if this is a light harted version of GTA….if the gameplay is good and humor is cheeky then this will be great. Plus look this is not the only gaming coming this spring…..we will have pikman3, Monster hunter and plenty on eShop. I think Monster hunter is going to be huge with online, Miiverse, 3ds cross play……for those that like this type of thing it is going to be huge. I just hope the secret square port is either Tomb Raider or Sleeping Dogs both great games..Oh yeah how about NFS…..going to be a good spring for Wii-U and just wait for E3