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    How likely is it that Pandora's Tower will be released in the US?

    Will it be a Wii or Wii U title if it is?

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    If it ever makes it to North America, I think it will be a Wii game. I guess the developers could pull a Monster Hunter move and simply update all the textures to run in HD, but I don't see it.

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    If it came out on the Wii, it would be the last Wii game I would get. If it came out on the Wii-U, it would be the first game I would get
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    I would love for Pandora to be a WII U game !
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    Well now, Nintendo has stopped publishing games for the Wii, and other companies will see publishing this game as a heavy risk, being that it's for a now last gen system and a genre that isn't very popular in America. Not to mention that they hype for the other 2 games in the Rainfall trio were much higher. So unfortunately, chances are we will never see this game come to America... So feel free to emulate, import or watch a playthrough, because you won't get a chance otherwise.
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